Thursday 31 October 2002

Administration Making Riskier, More Volatile Moves To Begin 'All or Nothing' Gamble For Iraqi Oil fields

by Michael C. Ruppert

All over the world, both internationally and here at home, the wheels are coming off of the Bush Administration's plans for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And Bush Administration responses to recent events appear to be moving a tense international situation into a new phase where chaotic, scattered and increasingly bloody violence may spread risk to civilian populations and the estimated 80,000 to 100,000 U.S. troops that have been forward-deployed in anticipation of the attacks for months. U.S. troop deployments in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Djibouti, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a Kurdish controlled region of northern Iraq -- once offensive staging points or strategic postings -- are now becoming vulnerable defensive liabilities as world sentiment mounts against the U.S. invasion. Britain is also reported to have troop deployments in Oman on the Southeast tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

At stake is a nation which holds 11 percent of the world's oil and which is one of only two nations capable of quickly increasing production in time to avert a major economic collapse for the U.S.

A recently reported coup attempt in Qatar, perhaps the most vital country to a successful U.S. invasion plan, has raised serious questions about whether the administration can afford to wait much longer without risking the entire collapse of both its prestige and a plan which has recently been shown to be years in the making.

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The People Must Protest

by Paul Foot

Forty years ago, I sat down proudly in Trafalgar Square alongside Bertrand Russell and thousands of others in protest against Britain's weapons of mass destruction. We were all breaking the law.

There was a lot of civil disobedience at that time, organised by the Committee of 100. The committee's arguments were founded in the horrific nature of nuclear weapons and the urgency of alerting the government to widespread public disquiet about them. The square was cleared by police in the early morning and the committee eventually vanished.

Now, however, 40 years on, a monstrous war looms in the Middle East for which there is not the slightest justification. Every single charge against Saddam Hussein - that he has nuclear weapons, repeatedly breaks international law by invading his neighbours, and is a constant threat to peace in the region - applies tenfold to the client state of the United States in the region, Israel.

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Coverups Uncovered

This is absolutely superb stuff, a very concise and well written explanation that ties a lot of different threads together, THIS IS A MUST READ!

The Secret History of America The Greatest Conspiracy On Earth

Do you believe in a GRAND CONSPIRACY? Do you believe Oswald acted alone? Do you believe that government is corrupt? If so, then to what DEGREE? That may depend on how willing you are to open your eyes and mind to SEE. Why is it that the more things change, the more they stay the same? Why doesn't society ever seem to grow up? Most people grow up thinking that the world is very big and we believe the world exists the way it does today because this is the direction humanity has taken and chosen.

The road that we are taking as a nation in America and as a human race on the planet Earth is being paved for us in advance and sold to us for a profit.

Many people talk about conspiracies such as WATERGATE, IRAN-CONTRA, THE S & L (Savings and Loan) SCANDAL, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, OCTOBER SURPRISE, KENNEDY, THE FREEMASONS, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, and even GREY ALIENS, but very few people know the real facts enough to explain them because they are not researched themselves. As information comes down the pipeline it becomes distorted and confused because most of the people passing along the information do not know the entire story, they have not researched much information themselves, and they tend to be biased as well. (They tend to have an angle in the information they put out, usually because they have an ulterior motive. ) I can only state from research of seven years, WHAT I BELIEVE to be the TRUTH based on mostly HARD FACTS.

For AT LEAST five- to ten thousand years, mankind has been aware of MORE scientific and spiritual facts than we are currently aware of today as a great society and nation. The libraries of Alexandria, which held the collection of the world's greatest knowledge, existed in Egypt thousands of years ago. The Essenes were just one secret sect of Gnostics (Knowledge Holders) that existed around two thousand years ago. Since the earliest times of Pagan groups and Nature religions, the SUN has been considered a SYMBOL for LIFE. The Ancients believed that when the SUN gave off it's energy, it was giving IT'S life for US. They believed that the SUN of GOD, the LIGHT of the WORLD is ALL SALVATION because He has RISEN. He is therefore our ETERNAL SAVIOR. There has always been a struggle between LIGHT and DARK forces in the world. When the SUN goes down and it becomes DARK, we cannot SEE. We naturally fear what we do not know and since we cannot SEE in the DARK, we do not know what's there and we fear. When the SUN would SET (Satan), it would get DARK. But when the SUN was on the HORIZON (Horus, translates to Jesus), it would be called THE SAVIOR. This formed the basis for early Christianity.

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Palestinian Holocaust in the Holy Land

After the downfall of Nazi Germany, the German people "washed their hands" of any complicity in the Jewish extermination camps by pleading ignorance. Lower rank German soldiers excused themselves by saying that they were only following military orders. Today, in the Holy Land, the Zionist Jews, with the support of the majority of Israel's population are themselves perpetuating a holocaust against the Palestinian people. After the bodies are counted and the atrocities documented, how will the Jews excuse themselves for committing these crimes against humanity?

Presently, the suffering of the Palestinians is heartbreaking and should trouble the souls of every decent human being. The Israeli blockades and brutally enforced curfews are effectively stopping Palestinian bread winners from going to work. The bulldozing of Palestinian owned olive and other agricultural fields is having a horrific effect on the Palestinian people's ability to survive. The bulldozing of Palestinian homes by the Israeli military and police forces is throwing hundreds of families into the streets. It is collective punishment of a people and the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children and women is a policy of genocide!

The architect of the genocidal policies against the Palestinians is the newly elected Prime Minister Ariel Sharon or "The Butcher of Sabra and Chatila" as he is known in the middle east. He is known as the "Butcher" because, as an Israeli military officer and as a former Minister of Defense, he was responsible for a series of massacres of Palestinians that, in some cases, included the torture and rape of women and the disembowelment of Palestinian children. Some of the atrocities he has committed against innocent Palestinian families are much more horrific than any committed against the Jews by the Nazis. The world should demand that Ariel Sharon be tried as a "War Criminal" as was done with some of the Nazis after World War II. It is incredible that some Jews are now doing worse things to the Palestinians than the Nazis ever did to them. If there are any good Jews left in the world, they should speak out loudly against these atrocities.

Hopefully a courageous nation, possibly Mexico, will introduce a resolution before the United Nation's Commission on Human Rights to condemn Israel for its human right abuses of the Palestinian people. It is curious that the U.S. has proposed a resolution against Cuba but not one against Israel where real and despicable abuses are occurring every day. The military enforced closures that are sealing most Palestinian towns and villages is starving the people and it should be considered a human rights abuse of the worst kind.

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Wednesday 30 October 2002

The Coincidence Theory's Fatal Flaw

"In politics nothing happens 'by chance. If something happens, then you can bet that it was planned that way."
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

It has become standard technique for debunkers of conspiracy theories to counter with the coincidence theory. The coincidence theory assumes that if an act or series of acts seemingly benefits certain individuals and ideologies, it's all explainable as random chance or an act of God.

I'm sure that the unelected President Dubya's Christian base firmly believe that God himself is felling Democrats from the sky with righteous anger. Mel Carnahan, JFK Junior, Paul Wellstone. No doubt, God himself also mailed the anthrax to Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

The obvious comparisons to the death of Mel Carnahan, the Missouri Democrat who was running against John Ashcroft two years ago, have been avoided like the plague by the mainstream media. Also, Mr. Wellstone died 11 days before the election. If he had died 10 days before, the Democratic Party could have left his name on the ballot. He would be a shoe-in as a sympathy vote, then the Dems could find someone later to take his seat. As it is now, the Dems must replace Wellstone. This might be how Karl Rove envisions a Republican victory.

Coincidentally, this time the wife of the prospective Democratic Senator has also died. Fat chance of Mrs. Wellstone running in the place of her husband, as Jean Carnahan did in Missouri.

My belief is that if too many coincidences happen too many times, concurrently and benefiting a select group of sunsofbitches - then coincidence theory goes out the window. Conspiracy is afoot, my friend, and those involved have become emboldened by their deceitful successes since the stolen election and the 9-11 (The great deception) terror attack. Now they have become so arrogant as to be blatantly obvious.

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How Industry Intends To Kill The Internet As We Know It

The Internet's promise as a new medium -- where text, audio, video and data can be freely exchanged -- is under attack by the corporations that control the publicâs access to the 'Net, as they see opportunities to monitor and charge for the content people seek and send. The industry's vision is the online equivalent of seizing the taxpayer-owned airways, as radio and television conglomerates did over the course of the 20th century.

To achieve this, the cable industry, which sells Internet access to most Americans, is pursuing multiple strategies to closely monitor and tightly control subscribers and their use of the net. One element can be seen in industry lobbying for new use-based pricing schemes, which has been widely reported in trade press. Related to this is the industry's new public relations campaign, which seeks to introduce a new "menace" into the pricing debate and boost their case, the so-called "bandwidth hog."

But beyond political and press circles are another equally important development: new technologies being developed and embraced that can, in practice, transform today's open Internet into a new industry-regulated system that will prevent or discourage people from using the net for file-sharing, internet radio and video, and peer-to-peer communications. These are not merely the most popular cutting-edge applications used by young people; they also are the tools for fundamental new ways of conducting business and politics.

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The Global Howler features two multimedia presentations concerning the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

"9/11 ....connecting the dots", is a PowerPoint slide presentation featuring a timeline of controversial and underreported news stories surrounding September 11th.

"Bush Knew", is a Macromedia Flash video, which follows the words and actions of President George W. Bush on the morning of September 11th. Mac version here.

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LaRouche - Moonies Are Target Too Big To Be Missed

This article appears in the Nov. 1, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

by Jeffrey Steinberg

During an Oct. 19 webcast with Democratic candidates, Lyndon LaRouche responded to a question about how to force a purge of the lunatic neo-conservative and Christian Zionist apparatus from the Bush Administration, and, thus, stop the pending U.S. imperial military mis-adventure against Iraq. LaRouche's response undoubtedly shocked most among the 300-plus participants in the Internet broadcast:

"I think, if you wanted to clean up the snake-pit," LaRouche began, "what you'd do is, you'd hit it on the flank.... The place to hit, is the Moonies. The most important, and most significant nut-factor, which is a serious threat to our political order, inside the United States, is the Moonies." Reverend Moon bought up Jerry Falwell, Richard Viguerie, the whole racist far right in the country, LaRouche said, and now Moon is buying up many African-Americans. "You pull that out, and I guarantee you, the biggest factor of loose, religious, and other kinds of nuts, in the United States, will scamper. And the rest of the mess will be cleaned up."

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A Big Difference

by Charley Reese

Iraq's Saddam Hussein doesn't have nuclear weapons, but President George Bush wants to use force to disarm him (and actually to dethrone him). North Korea does have nuclear weapons, but President Bush thinks we should use a diplomatic approach, without threats.

What's the difference?

North Korea has no oil; Iraq does. After a bloody war in North Korea, you would have nothing but a poor, devastated country. After a much easier war in Iraq, you would be sitting in charge of the second-largest known oil reserves in the world.

Saddam Hussein is cruel man, but he seems - to me, at least - a lot saner than Kim Jong Il. Recalling the image of Kim in what looked like a 1970s leisure suit cavorting with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright makes me nervous to think of him with nuclear weapons. Saddam looks like actor Walter Matthau; Kim John Il looks like a character out of an Austin Powers movie.

Of course, another reason the president prefers diplomacy in dealing with North Korea, despite its now-revealed lying and deception, is that this little country is one mean, tough little dragon with very sharp teeth. A military officer friend of mine who has seen the U.S. estimates of casualties in the event of a war with North Korea said the estimate for the first few hours of combat is 72,000.

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Tuesday 29 October 2002

The Enemy Within

Gore Vidal is America’s most controversial writer and a ferocious, often isolated, critic of the Bush administration. Here, against a backdrop of spreading unease about America’s response to the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath, we publish Vidal’s remarkable personal polemic urging a shocking new interpretation of who was to blame.

by Gore Vidal

On 24 August, 1814, things looked very dark for freedom's land. That was the day the British captured Washington DC and set fire to the Capitol and the White House. President Madison took refuge in the nearby Virginia woods where he waited patiently for the notoriously short attention span of the Brits to kick in, which it did. They moved on and what might have been a Day of Utter Darkness turned out to be something of a bonanza for the DC building trades and up-market realtors.

One year after 9/11, we still don't know by whom we were struck that infamous Tuesday, or for what true purpose. But it is fairly plain to many civil-libertarians that 9/11 put paid not only to much of our fragile Bill of Rights but also to our once-envied system of government which had taken a mortal blow the previous year when the Supreme Court did a little dance in 5/4 time and replaced a popularly elected president with the oil and gas Cheney/Bush junta.

Meanwhile, our more and more unaccountable government is pursuing all sorts of games around the world that we the spear carriers (formerly the people) will never learn of. Even so, we have been getting some answers to the question: why weren't we warned in advance of 9/11? Apparently, we were, repeatedly; for the better part of a year, we were told there would be unfriendly visitors to our skies some time in September 2001, but the government neither informed nor protected us despite Mayday warnings from Presidents Putin and Mubarak, from Mossad and even from elements of our own FBI. A joint panel of congressional intelligence committees reported (19 September 2002, New York Times) that as early as 1996, Pakistani terrorist Abdul Hakim Murad confessed to federal agents that he was 'learning to fly in order to crash a plane into CIA HQ'.

Only CIA director George Tenet seemed to take the various threats seriously. In December 1998, he wrote to his deputies that 'we are at war' with Osama bin Laden. So impressed was the FBI by his warnings that by 20 September 2001, 'the FBI still had only one analyst assigned full time to al-Qaeda'.

From a briefing prepared for Bush at the beginning of July 2001: 'We believe that OBL [Osama bin Laden] will launch a significant terrorist attack against US and/or Israeli interests in the coming weeks. The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against US facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning.' And so it came to pass; yet Condoleezza Rice, the National Security Advisor, says she never suspected that this meant anything more than the kidnapping of planes.

Happily, somewhere over the Beltway, there is Europe - recently declared anti-Semitic by the US media because most of Europe wants no war with Iraq and the junta does, for reasons we may now begin to understand thanks to European and Asian investigators with their relatively free media.

On the subject 'How and Why America was Attacked on 11 September, 2001', the best, most balanced report, thus far, is by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed ... Yes, yes, I know he is one of Them. But they often know things that we don't - particularly about what we are up to. A political scientist, Ahmed is executive director of the Institute for Policy Research and Development 'a think-tank dedicated to the promotion of human rights, justice and peace' in Brighton. His book, 'The War on Freedom', has just been published in the US by a small but reputable publisher.

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Hostages On A Hijacked Planet

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

As I predicted last week, the D.C. sniper attack ended after 13 shootings. Chief Moose read the trigger words ("like a duck in the noose") and the mind controlled Illuminati agent allowed himself to be caught.

I admit I'm just guessing here. But I know that the Illuminati brainwashes children to eventually become assassins. As occultists, they honor Lucifer and show contempt for Christ and his 12 disciples by using numbers like "13."

Meanwhile another Illuminati puppet, George W. Bush was in the White House rose garden to sign the "Defence Appropriations Bill." He intoned the trigger words "freedom," "terror" and "defence" to activate the mind-control programs of the American public. They are now on the hook for a $355 billion loan to finance world subjugation and eventually their own.


Senator Paul Wellstone, a thorn in the side of the Bush cabal, was probably assassinated. President Putin neglected to have an antidote handy for the deadly gas attack that killed more than 120 hostages. An American diplomat was gunned down in Jordan.

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Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated by Covert US Terror Group Linked To Bush

Although it originally appeared on Sunday, I'm keeping this posting current for the time being because it's important and I'm adding updated links as I find them.

This case is not unlike the John F. Kennedy Jr and Ron Brown crashes, both of which involved planes already descending towards landing that suddenly wandered off the approach path and crashed. In all three cases, radio contact appears to have been cut off while the planes were still in the air, indicating total electrical failures on board coincident with the event that drove them off course.

by voxfux

The eerie resemblance to an identical Senator assassination two years ago goes completely unmentioned in the media.

America is gripped in a protracted, internal power seizure - this much is certain. The whole world is united against the policies of this shadow American government. Yet it appears that each and every violent act since 911 and including 911 has been perpetrated by Americans, NOT Muslims.

And now, Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone is the latest victim of this clandestine assassination group, racing to consolidate total power in the hands of George Bush.

In my May 25th Article of 2001, I laid out an explicit warning that a Democratic Senator would meet an untimely death by either an Anthrax hit or in a plane crash. (Click here for the article which predicted Wellstone's assassination) This article was written four months prior to the Sept 11th attacks and six months before the anthrax letters to Daschle and Foley.

Wellstone was assassinated under the exact same circumstances as Mel Carnahan, two years ago. Carnahan the Democrat was beating John Ashcroft, but with just two weeks remaining before election day, Carnahans plane conveniently crashes. It is still not enough for the widely un-popular Ashcroft - When the voters considered the prospects of another six years with this Ashcroft, the voters voted for the deceased Carnahan anyway (actually his wife) rather than have Ashcroft for another term!

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Was Paul Wellstone Murdered? (Updated: 29/10/02)

Witness reports Wellstone plane suddenly "veered" off approach to runway
Death of a Senator
Foul play suspected in Wellstone death
It could take long time to determine cause of (Wellstone) crash
Wellstone's Plane Gave No Indication Of Trouble
Witness To Wellstone Crash Reports Plane Had Control Problems In Last Moments.
Intense fire after Wellstone crash
Last radio communication from Wellstone plane to ground did not indicate any trouble.
Wellstone Crash Investigated - Replacement Pondered
Defeating Wellstone Was Bush, Cheney, Rove 'Passion'
Wellstone's death a blessing
Wellstone Was Bush's Number One Enemy
Mysterious Group Spent $1 Million On Anti-Wellstone Ads
Bush White House embraces assassination

Blair's Jaw Jaw means War War

by Mark Curtis

New Labour may talk as if it holds the high moral ground, but the reality is that Blair's policies are to protect British interests abroad, whatever the cost, says Mark Curtis

Poised for war over Iraq in a new phase of the supposed "war against terrorism", the states that profess their commitment to the highest values continue to resort to the basest of policies in practice. Current British policy towards Iraq is a microcosm of foreign policy over the past five years -- contempt for international law, support for US aggression, a gung-ho military interventionism, with the public viewed as a threat, whose opinion needs to be managed by concerted propaganda.

Never before has the public of a democratic state been subject to such a tirade of propaganda about a government's moral motives than Britain under New Labour. And never has the gulf been so vast between that message and the reality.

Britain's foreign policy under Blair is composed of five dominating facts.

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The Armageddon Wall

A simple bulge in an ancient wall of Jerusalem’s Old City has some Israelis fretting about Armageddon. It’s not just any wall. In this case, the old rocks help support an enormous stone platform that holds the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, among Islam’s most sacred shrines.

When thousands of worshippers flock to the area at the start of the holy month of Ramadan next week, the extra weight could cause the wall to collapse, says prize-winning archeologist Gabriel Barkay. Parts of the compound could then tumble down with it. Barkay’s fears fall short of doomsday, but only just: he imagines many dead worshipers, and perhaps riots around the Middle East. “All you need is a big group to congregate up there for the equilibrium to start shifting,” he says. “It’s a matter of time.”

Israelis and Palestinians have known about decay at the wall for at least a year. But while the bulge is an engineering problem, repairing it is a political one. The two sides are bickering over not only who has the authority to fix the damage but also what caused it and how serious it is. Then there’s a broader dispute. The mosque compound is believed to be the site of the first and second Jewish Temples destroyed in antiquity. Some Israelis, like Barkay, complain that Muslim religious authorities have been given too much autonomy to run a shrine that is sacred to both sides (Jews call it the Temple Mount). Muslims counter that Israel is quietly encroaching on Al Aqsa. “When you have competing claims to a holy site, as these two sides do,” says Gershom Gorenberg, who wrote a book about the site, “it becomes very difficult to do even simple, mundane things.”

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Fax the UN

Please use the link below to fax the United Nations and tell them that you're opposed to this war.

Click here to send the fax

US weapons secrets exposed

Respected scientists on both sides of the Atlantic warned yesterday that the US is developing a new generation of weapons that undermine and possibly violate international treaties on biological and chemical warfare.

The scientists, specialists in bio-warfare and chemical weapons, say the Pentagon, with the help of the British military, is also working on "non-lethal" weapons similar to the narcotic gas used by Russian forces to end last week's siege in Moscow.

They also point to the paradox of the US developing such weapons at a time when it is proposing military action against Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein is breaking international treaties.

Malcolm Dando, professor of international security at the University of Bradford, and Mark Wheelis, a lecturer in microbiology at the University of California, say that the US is encouraging a breakdown in arms control by its research into biological cluster bombs, anthrax and non-lethal weapons for use against hostile crowds, and by the secrecy under which these programmes are being conducted.

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Monday 28 October 2002

Shaylergate Update

David Shayler is a former member of MI5 (Britain's domestic security intelligence agency) who became disillusioned, quit, and started spilling secrets. [Read more here.] He seems to be telling the truth, because the British government has been trying to nail him for violating state secrets, "infringing" the copyright on intelligence documents, etc., all of which indicates that he is the real McCoy. He's currently being tried under the Official Secrets Act.

Since the government is having a hard time shutting him up, it's doing the next best thing: muzzling the media. The UK press now risks prosecution if it reports on Shayler, his trial, and his accusations. Already, the Guardian, the Evening Standard, and the Scotsman have either pulled or sanitized their articles. [Read more here.]

It also appears that someone has done a number on Shayler's Website, called Shaylergate and formerly located at . The site is simply gone.

Not only that, but there is not a trace of it in Google's cache. Go ahead--do an advanced search at Google for any page in the domain The result is absolutely nothing.

But it gets even weirder. Go to the Internet Archive and search for If you try to get the most recent archived version (26 Jan 2002), you'll be greeted with this puzzling message: "Path Index Error. Sorry, we can't find the archived version of this page. The URL has been archived but not indexed." Say what?

Now try to access the version before that (24 Sept 2001). It takes you to a porno Website.

Clicking on the prior versions produces sporadic results. A page here, a page there. The most intact single version is from 8 June 2000, but even that is mostly incomplete.

Below, I have mirrored every Webpage I could find from any version of Shayler's site. If anyone has more of it, please get in touch.

View the Shaylergate website archive

New Book makes the "X-Files" look like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

"The Templar Revelation" Review by L.D. Meagher

Everything you know about Christianity is wrong. The Nativity is a myth, the ministry of Jesus has been misrepresented and the Crucifixion may have been a publicity stunt that went awry. The truth has been purposely suppressed for two millennia by men who were bent on promoting their own agenda, beginning with early church leaders including the Apostles Peter and Paul. Who says so? The same people who claim the Shroud of Turin is a photograph of Leonardo da Vinci.

In "The Templar Revelation," authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince lay out the clues that lead them to make those bold assertions. They are as diverse as the decorations on Gothic cathedrals, the Gnostic texts discovered in Egypt half a century ago, and works of art from the Renaissance.

It was Leonardo, in fact, who prompted Picknett and Prince to investigate these matters. Their earlier book "Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?" concludes that not only is the Shroud a fake, it was manufactured by da Vinci. They claim he used his secret knowledge of alchemy to concoct a primitive form of photography and create the enigmatic image on the Shroud. Moreover, they claim the face of the "Shroudman" is that of da Vinci himself.

Their research into the Shroud convinced them that Leonardo was a leading member of a mysterious society called The Priory of Sion. They believe the Priory arose in the Middle Ages alongside another secret order, The Knights Templar. Unlike the Templars, however, Picknett and Prince claim the Priory of Sion is alive and well and carefully manipulating events today.

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Bush Says He Does Not Support Independence For Taiwan

Bush is trying to get China onside against Iraq, they want the oil and don't care about the people who will suffer in the process. He doesn't care about Democracy or Freedom or any of those much vaunted American ideals; it's sick.

President Bush said on Friday the United States would use its influence to ensure China and Taiwan settle their differences peacefully and promised to make it clear to Taipei that Washington does not support independence.

In a news conference with Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Bush said the United States stood by the "one China" policy, which acknowledges that Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China.

"The 'one China' policy means that the issue ought to be resolved peacefully," Bush said.

"We've got influence with some in the region. We intend to make sure that the issue is resolved peacefully, and that includes making it clear that we do not support independence," Bush added.

Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, has voiced support for a referendum on formal independence from China.

The move outraged Beijing, which views the island as a renegade province and a linchpin in Sino-U.S. relations.

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The World Trade Centre Demolition

On the 11th September, 2001, three steel framed skyscrapers, World Trade Center One, World Trade Center Two and World Trade Center Seven, collapsed entirely. Other than structures bought down in controlled demolitions, these three buildings are the only steel framed skyscrapers, in the entire history of high rise buildings, to have suffered total collapse. World Trade Centers 3, 4, 5 and 6 also suffered significant damage, but none of these suffered the total collapse seen in World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 (in fact, these other buildings showed amazing survivability given that they were repeatedly hit by hundreds of tons of pieces of World Trade Centers 1 and 2, which on impact were traveling at well over 100 miles per hour).

On the 23rd July, 2001, just seven weeks previous, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey signed a deal with a consortium led by Larry Silverstein for a 99 year lease of the World Trade Center complex. The leased buildings included WTCs One, Two, Four, Five and 400,000 square feet of retail space. The Marriott Hotel (WTC 3), U.S. Customs building (WTC 6) and Silverstein's own 47-story office building (WTC 7) were already under lease. Silverstein is seeking $7.2 billion from insurers for the destruction of the center. One would estimate that the chances of the insurers paying out anything at all, are close to zero.

It should be emphasized that World Trade Center Seven suffered total collapse. World Trade Center Seven was neither hit by an aircraft nor by falling debris from the twin towers. If the claim that it was destroyed by fire were true (it is not) then it would be the only steel framed skyscraper ever to have collapsed exclusively due to fire. Although the WTC Seven collapse warrants the writing of a book, we will deal only with the collapses of WTCs One and Two.


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Google censoring web content

Since its creation in 1998 Google - at, as you probably know already - has become the world's best search engine and the starting point of choice for almost all my web queries.

It has even generated its own verb - to do some googling around means sitting there playing with queries and exploring the obscure parts of the Web that are revealed by looking for odd or even improperly spelled phrases.

Nobody expects Google, or any index, to be perfect, since the Web is growing and changing so fast and many parts of it are generated from databases and therefore essentially impossible for a search engine to find or classify.

However, researchers at the highly-respected Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University have found that the company is actively removing sites from its database, and that this censorship is going unnoticed.

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Also see Google Watch

The CIA's "Operation Cyclone"

Stirring The Hornet's Nest Of Islamic Unrest

Zbigniew Brzezinski not long ago revealed that on July 3, 1979, unknown to the American public and Congress, President Jimmy Carter secretly authorized $500 million to create an international terrorist movement that would spread Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia and "de-stabilise" the Soviet Union...
The CIA called this Operation Cyclone and in the following years poured $4 billion into setting up Islamic training schools in Pakistan (Taliban means "student").

Young zealots were sent to the CIA's spy training camp in Virginia, where future members of al-Qaeda were taught "sabotage skills" - terrorism.

Others were recruited at an Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York, within sight of the fated Twin Towers.

In Pakistan, they were directed by British MI6 officers and trained by the SAS.

The result, quipped Brzezinski, was "a few stirred up Muslims" - meaning the Taliban.

The Wall Street Journal declared: "The Taliban are the players most capable of achieving peace. Moreover, they were crucial to secure the country as a prime trans-shipment route for the export of Central Asia's vast oil, gas and other natural resources."

No American newspaper dares suggest that the prisoners in Camp X-Ray are the product of this policy, nor that it was one of the factors that led to the attacks of September 11.

Nor do they ask: who were the real winners of September 11?

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Sunday 27 October 2002

Gore Vidal Claims 'Bush Junta' Complicit In 911

Well people I'm back from old London town - only after a near-miss nightmare with the trains and our wonderful British weather! Fabric was, is and always will be the best club on the planet, we had a superb night. Great people, superb music and lots of codshit conversations with complete strangers; just the way I like it. If you're reading this coz you met me at Fabric then email ewar[at]codshit[dot]com and say Hi!

America's most controversial novelist calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks to happen...

America's most controversial writer Gore Vidal has launched the most scathing attack to date on George W Bush's Presidency, calling for an investigation into the events of 9/11 to discover whether the Bush administration deliberately chose not to act on warnings of Al-Qaeda's plans.

Vidal's highly controversial 7000 word polemic titled 'The Enemy Within' - published in the print edition of The Observer today - argues that what he calls a 'Bush junta' used the terrorist attacks as a pretext to enact a pre-existing agenda to invade Afghanistan and crack down on civil liberties at home.

Vidal writes: 'We still don't know by whom we were struck that infamous Tuesday, or for what true purpose. But it is fairly plain to many civil libertarians that 9/11 put paid not only to much of our fragile Bill of Rights but also to our once-envied system of government which had taken a mortal blow the previous year when the Supreme Court did a little dance in 5/4 time and replaced a popularly elected President with the oil and gas Bush-Cheney junta.'

Vidal argues that the real motive for the Afghanistan war was to control the gateway to Eurasia and Central Asia's energy riches. He quotes extensively from a 1997 analysis of the region by Zgibniew Brzezinski, formerly national security adviser to President Carter, in support of this theory. But, Vidal argues, US administrations, both Democrat and Republican, were aware that the American public would resist any war in Afghanistan without a truly massive and widely perceived external threat.

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Friday 25 October 2002

The milky bars are on me!

"The weekend has landed. All that exists now is dubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man ... I'm gonna blow steam out of my head like a screaming kettle. I'm gonna talk codshit to strangers all night. I'm gonna lose the plot on the dance floor. The free radicals inside me are freaking, man! Tonight i'm Jip Travolta, i'm Peter Popper - I'm goin' to Never Never Land with my chosen family man. We're gonna get more spaced out then Neil Armstrong ever did. Anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life! I've got 73 quid in my backburner, i'm gonna wax the lot, man! The milky bars are on me! YEAH!" ::: Jip, Human Traffic

Once again that time has come, the time to put the seriousness of the world to one side and blow steam out of your ears like a screaming kettle! Fabric awaits and a night of merriment with my chosen family. As a result this blog will be dormant for a few days but there's a lot of stuff here so have a look through the archives.

The News Insider

Sailing on an Ocean of Lies

by voxfux

We'll folks, it's a shitty world, no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean you have to have a shitty life.

VOXNYC will be bringing you a series of pointers on successfully navigating the oceans of bullshit and lies that comprise the New World Order.

It's a rough and tumble place out there and each of us needs any advantage we can get to protect ourselves and our families from the crushing effects of this world of lies and liars.

Some of the things we will be recommending are not pretty (Like wearing power suits and power ties when dealing with ANY government bureaucrat) but these recommendations are necessary to avoid getting fucked over by the New World Order and the stifling mentality is has brought with it

The, New World Order elite has been fabulously successful in turning neighbor against neighbor, country against country, ideology against ideology. These so called elite are so few in numbers that the ONLY way they have to maintain their power is to diminish ours. It's a zero sum game, which means, the more power we the people have, the less power they, the New World Order elite, have - And that just won’t do.

They have designed it now, so that we do the hard work of maintaining their power for them - We police each other, we fight each other, we kill each other, we snitch on each other, we jail each other. All for them. All so that these aging dying geezers can keep their grip on power.

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Quote for the Day

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history with the possible exception of handguns and tequila."
-= Mitch Ratcliffe

Stop Your City — Stop The War

"I've never said this before. Non-violent resistance to the government will show they cannot claim to do this in our name. We should stop the buses, stop the trains, stop the schools."
-= Tony Benn =-

October 31st - Don’t Attack Iraq Day of Protest

George Bush and Tony Blair are determined to attack Iraq. It will not be a war for democracy — it will be a war to control the oil-rich and strategically vital Middle East. It will not be a war to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, because Iraq does not possess such weapons.

The majority of people in this country oppose war. Yet their views are being ignored by the government and marginalised by the media.

There will be no vote on war in parliament and only public outcry forced Tony Blair to allow even a “consultative” meeting of the House of Commons.

George Bush and Tony Blair are determined to attack Iraq, but they have a problem. Us. The anti-war movement is the great democratic movement in this country. It is the only movement in the country that can force the government to stop the carnage and bloodshed that now threatens peace in the Middle East.

We now have to move from words to deeds. We have to move from demonstrations to direct action.

We have to make our numbers count. That is why we are backing Tony Benn’s call for civil disobedience.

On Thursday 31 October we are calling on everyone who opposes the war to organise:

1. Meetings in or near your workplace with anti-war speakers, perhaps with a local march.

2. College occupations and teach-ins.

3. In the evening join us for a central protest in the town where you live. Bring banners, sit down and block traffic.

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Strike Two...!

Another Hero of Codshit is definitely Hugo Chavez, a new breed of Latin American leader; THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS! It shows how much power the people can have if they put their minds to it!

Venezuela Troops Ignore Revolt Call

The military ignored calls by 14 dissident officers to rise up against President Hugo Chavez, officials said, and the Venezuelan leader appeared to have fended off yet another attempt to boot him from office.

Thousands of Chavez opponents rallied at an eastern Caracas plaza, and there were smaller protests in other cities, but there was little indication so far that the officers' demands, made Tuesday, would force Chavez from office.

``We've been in contact with every barracks throughout the country, with every command ... and there is absolutely nothing happening,'' Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel told The Associated Press. ``Every commander totally repudiated these coup plotters who decided to go on an adventure.''

Even the so-called Democratic Coordinator, a coalition of opposition parties and civic groups, distanced itself from the dissident officers. The group had backed a general strike Monday by thousands of Chavez opponents.

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Have we learned anything...??

This is sick... WE are letting this happen people and IT is happening all over again...


A new exodus for the Middle East?

Rightwing Israelis are talking about 'transfer' - the expulsion of all Arabs. Shocking as it sounds, the idea once had support from British and Arab officials, reveals distinguished Israeli historian Benny Morris. And, continuing our series on the Arab-Israeli conflict, he argues the Middle East might now be at peace if Israel's first leader had driven out all the Palestinians in 1948

Once again, "transfer" is in the air - the idea of helping resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict by transferring or expelling some or all of the Arabs from Palestine. During recent weeks Israeli newspapers published an interview with Shmuel Eliahu, the chief rabbi of Safad and the son of Israel's former chief Sephardi rabbi, Mordechai Eliahu, in which he called for the transfer, to "Jordan, the Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union, or Canada," of Arabs who are unwilling to accept Israel as a Jewish state; and a large advertisement, by Gush Shalom (the Peace Bloc), a coalition of ultra-left groups, warning that prime minister Ariel Sharon is pressing the US to attack Iraq and intends to exploit the chaos that will follow "to carry out his old plan to expel the Palestinians from the whole country ("Transfer")."

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Thursday 24 October 2002

Wolfowitz: The Israeli Zionist Wolf in the Whitehouse

Wolf by name, Hawk by nature...

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz occupies the 2nd highest position in our Defense Dept. And his pal Richard Perle is the chairman of Pentagon's advisory Defense Policy Board,a group of outside-the-Pentagon military advisors to the Department ofDefense. Paul Wolfowitz/ Richard Perle are both on Board of Advisors of "Washington Institute For Near East Policy" which was founded bythe most feared, most ferocious ISRAELI Lobby AIPAC in Washington .

They both are the MOST DANGEROUS people in the world and themost Hawkish of the Hawks according to many reports. A letter fromJude Wanniski to Secretary of Defense : "Richard Perle and his palPaul Wolfowitz have been calling all their friends in the press corps, urging them to beat the drums for WAR WITH IRAQ. ".

There is no counterbalance to the influence of Paul Wolfowitz in the Department of Defense, Richard Haass in the National Security Council, or Richard Perle in
the Department of State, to name a few.

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Israeli made C4 explosive used in Bali bombing

Now try and tell me this wasn't a false-flag operation! I don't know about the micro-nuke theory, Joe Vialls' conclusions would still fit with this claim of Israeli C4 because he asserts that the C4 discovered was from the two smaller bombs that went off just before the main one. The main one was -he claims- a Sub-Atomic Demolition Muntion (SADM). Read the Vialls Report here.

The discovery of the explosives suggests a sophisticated bombing operation. Reports from the French news agency AFP say that the head of Indonesian intelligence, Hendropriyono, has disclosed that the explosive was a type known as C4, tracked to a manufacture in Israel.

Identifying components of explosive have been matched to the fascist C4 manufacturer in the rogue state of Israel. Tests for matches with explosive are conclusive. Tracking the manufacturer through analysis of components in residue. The agency also cited Indonesian police spokesman Brigadier-General Saleh Saaf as saying that "we have processed the data and we are now really certain that the C4 explosive was made in Israel".

Mossad operations have been exposed in a series of leaked CIA documents and in statements by security officials in the US and Singapore . And are linked to the bombings in Bali

The Saturday night blasts, which are a suspected mossad terror operation followed persistent reports that mossad was operating in the area. After the massive peace rally in Australia that same weekend, these mossad operations where put into high gear in a deadly way. Mossad terror network operations are working hard to draw the western world into war for Israeli and U.S conquest.

The discovery of traces of Israeli made plastic explosive could be a vital clue to who was responsible.

The Israeli made C4 explosive used in the Bali bombing is a powerful agent manufactured in Israel by the fascist United States and is used widely by the American led axis of evil military forces around the world.

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Challenging the Growth Gurus

A message to all those believers in Free Market Economics; YOU'RE WRONG - GET OVER IT!

We should all listen long and hard to what Joe is saying, this guy knows his shit.

BUY THIS BOOK TODAY As the chief economist of the World Bank in the late 1990's, Joseph E. Stiglitz got a firsthand look at how policy was made at its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund, and he was dismayed. Decisions, he said, were made on the basis of ideology rather than sound economic reasoning.

The fund was made up of "third-rank students from first-rate universities," as he once put it. Frank discussion was discouraged, and developing countries were expected to accept fund prescriptions without question. And those prescriptions too often failed, leaving many nations sunk in poverty.

The experience convinced Mr. Stiglitz of the need to reassess the ingredients of growth. As he wrote this year in "Globalization and Its Discontents," "If the developed countries were serious about paying more attention to the voices of the developing countries, they could help fund a think tank — independent from the international economic organizations — that would help them formulate strategies and positions."

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The Jews of Iraq

by Naeim Giladi

The Link interviewed Naeim Giladi, a Jew from Iraq, for three hours on March 16, 1998, two days prior to his 69th birthday. For nearly two other delightful hours, we were treated to a multi-course Arabic meal prepared by his wife Rachael, who is also Iraqi. "It's our Arab culture," he said proudly.

In our previous Link, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe looked at the hundreds of thousands of indigenous Palestinians whose lives were uprooted to make room for foreigners who would come to populate confiscated land. Most were Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe. But over half a million other Jews came from Islamic lands. Zionist propagandists claim that Israel "rescued" these Jews from their anti-Jewish, Muslim neighbors. One of those "rescued" Jews-Naeim Giladi-knows otherwise.

In his book, Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah & the Mossad Eliminated Jews, Giladi discusses the crimes committed by Zionists in their frenzy to import raw Jewish labor. Newly-vacated farmlands had to be plowed to provide food for the immigrants and the military ranks had to be filled with conscripts to defend the stolen lands. Mr. Giladi couldn't get his book published in Israel, and even in the U.S. he discovered he could do so only if he used his own money.

The Giladis, now U.S. citizens, live in New York City. By choice, they no longer hold Israeli citizenship. "I am Iraqi," he told us, "born in Iraq, my culture still Iraqi Arabic, my religion Jewish, my citizenship American."

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The Money Machine

A Review of Ari Ben-Menashe's Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S. - Israeli Arms Network

According to Ari Ben-Menashe, Iran spent $82 billion in its war against Iraq from 1980 to 1988. Where did Iran get its weapons? Who profited and what was done with the profits? These are some of the questions addressed by this very readable kiss-and-tell account of the author's years as a spy for the Israeli intelligence services.

Here are some of the other issues Ben-Menashe sheds light on, sometimes in detail, others merely in passing: why and how the Iran/contra scandal broke in the first place; Israeli nuclear weapons development; Israeli "black operations" in support of Palestinian terrorist acts; Israeli involvement in black-on-black violence in South Africa; and the U.S., Israeli and British role in subverting sanctions against South Africa; the reasons behind the exposure of Jonathan Pollard's activities; Robert McFarlane's role as an Israeli mole feeding top secret information to Menachem Begin's office; Oliver North's role in "delivering" to Rudy Guiliani the indictments of arms dealers to Iran; Robert Gates' role in selling arms to the contras and insuring the supply of chemical weapons to Iraq; Israel's illegal resale of American weapons; and more.

The author claims that as an operative of the most elite unit of Israel's security services, the External Affairs Department of the IDF/Military Intelligence division, he played a key role in implementing the huge Israeli effort in supplying weapons and war materiel to Iran. According to Ben-Menashe, Israel began selling equipment to Iran for enormous profits, almost from the beginning of the hostage crisis -- even against the wishes of the Carter administration.

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The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 20

by Sherman H. Skolnick

For many months prior to the year 2000 Presidential Election, I mentioned on various radio talk shows, that we may not have an election in the usual manner. Those who called in to the programs, asked "What do you mean? Emergency proclamations? What?" I simply answered we may be surprised.

George W. Bush was installed as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office by the strangest means. A military style Junta of 5 persons on the U.S. Supreme Court installed him. In the process, they said that their ruling on the 14th Amendment's guarantee of Equal Protection of the Laws is NOT to be a precedent in any other case, which was a great oddity.

This is being written and posted two weeks before the year 2002 Congressional Elections. Like for the 2000 Presidential Election, I have stated on various radio talk shows that we may not have an Election in 2002, in the manner that we ordinary Americans have become accustomed to.

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Wednesday 23 October 2002

The Scramble for Africa (Part Deux)

"The state of Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world. But if the world as a community focused on it, we could heal it. And if we don't, it will become deeper and angrier." - Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, Tuesday October 2, 2001

Multinationals in scramble for Congo's wealth

Dozens of multinationals including Barclays Bank, De Beers and Anglo American have been accused of facilitating the plunder of the Democratic Republic of Congo's wealth in a scathing UN report published yesterday.

An independent panel of experts reported to the UN security council that 85 multinational companies based in Europe, the US and South Africa had violated ethical guidelines in dealing with criminal networks which have pillaged natural resources from the war-torn central African country.

According to the panel, a scramble for gold, diamonds, cobalt and copper by army officers, government officials and entrepreneurs from Congo and neighbouring African countries had generated billions of dollars which found its way to mining companies and financial institutions.

The panel did not detail the accusations against the 85 multinationals but said it had evidence that they violated OECD ethical guidelines, to which Britain was a signatory. The British government will be expected to take action because 12 of the companies are registered in Britain.

"Home governments have the obligation to ensure that enterprises in their jurisdiction do not abuse principles of conduct that they have adopted as a matter of law," said the 59-page report.

The panel's report accuses a Zimbabwean businessman of procuring military equipment from BAE Systems (part of the former British Aerospace) in violation of European sanctions. The report named John Bredenkamp as a key investor in the Aviation Consultancy Service Company, which represents BAE Systems. The report alleges that he offered to mediate sales of British Aerospace military equipment to Congo. The panel said he procured aircraft parts for Zimbabwe, which was propping up the Kinshasa government.

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Bali? Blame 40 Years of US State Terrorism

by John Pilger

"What passing bells for these who die as cattle?" wrote the great First World War poet Wilfred Owen. His famous line might have been written for those who perish in today's secret wars and terrorist outrages.

His generation never used the word "terrorism", but the slaughter they suffered was terrorism on a breathtaking scale, whose perpetrators were not shadowy zealots but governments: men who spoke up for king and country while blowing millions of human beings to bits.

Last week's atrocity in Bali, like the September 11 attacks on America, did not happen in isolation. They were products, like everything, of the past. According to George W Bush, Tony Blair and now Australia's prime minister, John Howard, we have no right to understand them. We must simply get the criminals, dead or alive.

The fact that the Bush posse has caught no terrorist of proven importance since September 11 makes a grim parody of Bush's semi-literate threats and Blair's missionary deceptions as they prepare a terrorist attack on Iraq that will be the horror of Bali many times over. "Terrorist attack" is not rhetorical; the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, has told the government it could find itself before the International Criminal Court if it goes ahead.

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CNN Involved in Jesus Box Hoax

News service is major pipeline for Illuminati propaganda

by voxfux

Now, when these Illuminati, New World Order, types want to inject a lie directly into the brains of billions of people simultaneously - CNN is one stop shopping.

The flags went up along time ago and point to a chilling conclusion - That indeed the CIA has full operational control of CNN news operations and has transformed the news organization into an instrument of the high religious orders and billionaires they (CIA) currently answer to.

A few months back, this religious order needed to build a stronger case against Osama Bin Laden, (to temporarily prop up their flagging puppet Bush, so what did they do? Through CNN they "Discovered us" some juicy dog gassing murder tapes just in time to distract us from what a dismal world it has become since this agent for the illuminati religious order, George Bush, seized the reigns of power.

This month, it’s the Jesus Box!

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On the Subject of the Sniper

by Mike Rivero

I am watching the non-stop coverage of the sniper, and frankly, the whole thing reads like a bad "B" movie story line. By this point it is clear that this is not a terrorist act. Terrorists (real ones, not the fakes created by spook shops) always identify themselves and take credit for their actions. Otherwise, there is no linkage between the terror and the terrorists' socio-political intent. So, rule out terrorists. However, from the latest "communication" implying the targeting of children, it is clear that maximizing fear is the intent, with the media fanning the fear as hard as they can. The numerical reality is that more people, children included, will die today in car accidents than from the sniper. Fear is the goal of the sniper and the media.

The most likely explanation is that this is a staged government incident to justify a gun ban. Columbine on a national scale if you will. Certainly the timing with the release of "Bowling For Columbine", Michael Moore's anti-gun epic, is almost too close to be a coincidence. Other reasons to be suspicious of the official story is the manner in which suspects have been released almost immediately, and the strange handling of the phone number story.

But the most damning reason to suspect that the Sniper is a covert operation targeting the Second Amendment is that there are already systems in existence which could locate the sniper in seconds!

Full story...

Also read this previous codshit post...

Carter's Less-Known Legacy

With all the liberal columnists singing the praises of Jimmy Carter in honor of his winning the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, I’d like to contribute a somewhat dissident note. Only somewhat, however. I am very pleased Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize and believe it is well deserved. I also enjoyed the subtle send-up by the Nobel committee and the not-so-subtle criticism by the committee’s chairman in contrasting this former American president with the current American president.

However, though criticism of Carter’s presidency has often centered upon his alleged weak governing, the sad truth was that his administration was a disaster when it came to the areas for which he is now best known: peace, international law and human rights.

President Carter, who came to office in early 1977, not long after Indonesia invaded and annexed the tiny island nation of East Timor, increased military aid to the Indonesian dictatorship by 80%. This equipment including OV-10 Bronco counter-insurgency aircraft that was crucial in the rounding up of much of the country’s civilian population into concentration camps. Most of the 200,000 East Timorese deaths as a result of Indonesia’s occupation took place during the Carter Administration, in large part as a result of this military aid.

Carter also dramatically increased military aid to the Moroccan government of King Hassan II, whose forces invaded its southern neighbor, the desert nation of Western Sahara, barely a year before the former Georgia governor assumed office. Carter fought Congress to restore military aid to Turkey that had been suspended after their armed forces seized the northern third of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. Carter promised that the resumption of aid would give Turkey the flexibility to withdraw. Turkish occupation forces remain there to this day.

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America, Open Your Eyes!

Evil cannot root out evil!

A stranger has been terrorizing the American capital for several days in a row already. A sniper is killing innocent people. Americans are afraid to go outside of their houses or offices. No one wants to become the next victim of the invisible terrorist. Washington authorities recommended that people move in zig-zags, not to stand on one and the same place motionless.

The sniper has reportedly killed nine people and wounded four. It has just been informed that a sniper has started shooting again. The British television network Sky TV said that there a man was wounded in the chest. The incident happened around the same area where the sniper has already “appeared” five times. FBI agents and police officers are trying to find out if it was the Washington sniper who struck again.

Nevertheless, it does not really matter what the police are determine. It was rumored that the sniper was a cadet from a French school. Those rumors are not relevant either. We won’t talk about the details of the whole mystery – how someone sends notes to the police or gives more threats of more murders. News agencies and the television will tell you all about it.

We would like to point out the fact that the American capital is now living in fear. Everyday living has been broken, completely destroyed. The United States has to deal with the fruit of its misanthropic policy against the rest of the “second-best” world. Will the sniper turn out to be a fanatic Arab Muslim or just a European radical (who went crazy over the “welfare” of Western democracy). This is very significant.

The United States and its population gradually realize, what pain, fear, and horror are. These are not the feelings that Hollywood has been exploiting in its movies. This is the real life.

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Subjugation - The Plain Truth

Obey! History bears witness that many individuals seek extraordinary power and wealth at the expense of others. For those who are the most aggressive, government provides the consummate vehicle to maximize an egregious rise to power, and an unmerited accumulation of fortune.

When the lusts of organized power mature into stifling oppression, opposition ripens as well. Invariably the grumblings of the people fall upon deaf ears. In response, secret political organizations and militias form to combat this institutionalized parasitism and represent the interests of the people with greater legitimacy.

The French Revolution of 1789, is a classic example of the people releasing themselves from bondage as they simultaneously hold the privileged tyrants accountable. The French people, in an orchestration of unmitigated rage, summarily converted their overlords into myriad feasts for the eaters of carrion.

This, and other revolutions remind us, that there are limits to governmental authority, and that justice resolutely stalks the practitioners of tyrannical excess.

Rogue politicians cultivate enhanced power, elitist privileges, and wealth. It is readily understood that knowledge is power, and power money, by considering the vast riches that are within easy grasp to insiders who operate on “Federal Reserve” ¹ interest rate tips and “presciently” play the option market. But, tyrants must remain cautious. GOVERNMENT GAINS (taxation), must remain balanced by the SERVICE that is provided, in conjunction with the PROPAGANDA, CONCEALMENT and FORCE necessitated when taxation is exploitative. Control of the masses, i.e., oppression, a.k.a. “law and order,” must be judiciously applied lest the sleeping masses be roused.

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'I couldn't believe I was doing this'

It was in Gaza that Major Rami Kaplan, a 29-year-old "veteran" of Israel's prestigious Armoured Corps, began to feel that he had had enough. He was increasingly uneasy about the orders he was given, and the next time he was called up for his annual reserve duty, he said no. Now, after a month in a military prison, he has gone on the attack. Along with seven other refuseniks, he is taking an unprecedented petition to Israel's supreme court. Their case is not that they have a right to conscientious objection. They are going further. They claim that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories on the West Bank and Gaza is illegal, and that as soldiers they have a duty not to take part in an illegal enterprise.

This marks another leap forward in the story of the refuseniks, who first came to public notice earlier this year when some 200 reserve officers signed an open letter explaining their case. The number of signatories has now reached 491.

Michael Sfard, one of the refuseniks' lawyers, acknowledges that the petition has a large degree of chutzpah: Israel's supreme court has already issued judgments on the legality of various army practices, from the demolition of houses of suicide bombers' families to the deportation of suspected terrorists. But using the courts to strike at the whole basis of Israel's 35-year-long occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is unprecedented.

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Drugs smuggling pilot says he was on CIA mission

A pilot from the Westcountry accused of smuggling £22 million worth of cocaine into Britain has told a jury that he had been working for an "arm of the CIA" when he was arrested by Customs officials.

Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, of Wellington in Somerset, was flying a Boeing 707 aeroplane which landed at Southend airport, Essex, in October.

Six suitcases packed with cocaine were dropped from the plane as it taxied along the runway, Basildon Crown Court heard. Customs officers were lying in wait after a tip-off and arrested Barrett-Jolley and two other people on board the plane.

Mr Barrett-Jolley, a freelance pilot who has been flying for nearly 40 years, told the court that he was not involved in drug smuggling, had no knowledge of unlawful drugs being on board the aircraft and was not aware of suitcases being thrown on to the runway.

He said the 707 had been chartered by a company called Air America which was an "arm of the CIA".

Full story...

Tuesday 22 October 2002

Who Finances the State of Israel?

Short answer; WE DO! Personally I've stopped buying anything that has Made in Israel on it.

In the face of Israel's defiance of world public opinion, and its refusal to permit any international humanitarian organization to examine the results of its murderous destruction of the towns and refugee camps in the Occupied Territories, who is financing the Israeli state and why does that financing continue in the face of world opprobrium?

The attempt by the United Nations to investigate Israel's total destruction of Jenin has evoked the hostility of the entire Israeli political class. Shimon Perez (the self-styled labor moderate in Sharon's government) accused the 170 plus member United Nations Organization of "blood libel" presumably including the U.S. which voted in favor of the resolution creating the investigatory commission.

The question of who is financing the Israeli state is basic because, Israel as we know it today, is not a viable state without massive external support. Billions of dollars are raised from a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish institutions to sustain the Israeli war machine, its policy of generous subsidies for Jews enticed to settle in colonies in the Occupied Territories and in Israel, and the high living standards of Israel's Jewish citizens. Without external aid Israel's economy would require severe cutbacks in living standards and working conditions, leading to the likely flight of most Israeli professionals, businessmen and recent overseas immigrants; the Israeli military budget would be reduced and Israel would be obligated to reduce its military interventions in the Arab East and the Occupied territories. Israel would cease being a rentier state living on overseas subsidies and would be obligated to engage in productive activity - a return to farming, manufacture and services minus the exploitation of low paid Asian maids, imported Eastern European farm workers and Palestinian construction laborers.

Europe continues to privilege the importation of Israeli exports and financial services, despite overt and malicious attacks by leaders of both parties in the Sharon regime. Prominent Jewish organizations in France and England, linked to both major parties have muted any efforts to use the "trade card" to pressure Israel to accept European Union or United Nations mediation. European trade and financial ties to Israel however are not the basic prop for the Israeli war machine. The principle basis for long-term, large-scale financial support is found in the U.S., among public and private institutions.

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The Latest from Voxfux...

I think we should nominate vox for a Nobel Peace Prize! If you agree, email ewar at and we'll get a petition going!

How Is Bush Going To Protect Us From Terrorists When He Can't Even Protect Us From His Oil Company Buddies?

by voxfux

Solar and wind energy production is ready - now - to solve many of our problems, but this truth is being systematically wiped out by an oil industry, keeping close tabs on the "alternative" energy models. Turns out that solar Isn't "Alternative" at all. In fact it's potentially our primary source. But this fact threatens to imperil the fortunes, privileges and destiny of our industrial oligarchy... and they are fighting to keep their hands on power - their fingers wrapped around our necks.

Time for a paradigm shift A new Manhattan Project. The goal - Complete energy self sufficiency in five years. We could do it with the money this Bush nitwit will waste pursuing another desert boondoggle, another oil war. The Technology is here now for free clean energy forever - All it takes is leadership...

But don’t expect it from the Bush cabal, soaked in oil and cowering under the petrochemical industry juggernaut, they can barely think beyond their usual profiteering and looting of the US treasury to set us on the right track towards free and clean energy self sufficiency. (In fact they make a big effort to assure that these technologies will not come to light.)

Full story...

Bali Micro Nuke - Lack of Radiation Confuses "Experts"

"The bomb flashed and exploded like a micro nuke, but our Geiger counters don't show any radiation"

by Joe Vialls

It was precisely 11.30 p.m. on Saturday 12 October 2002, when someone somewhere pressed a button that sent a single coded radio-squirt to an underground aerial located in a monsoon drain outside the Sari Club in Bali. An unseen circuit closed and a primer fired, then one-millionth of a single second later, a terrible fireball formed under the street. Less than six inches in diameter and burning at a staggering 300,000 degrees centigrade, the fireball was a perfect shimmering sphere, made possible by 99.78% Plutonium 239 manufactured at Dimona in the Negev Desert.

Five microseconds passed while this fission monster from hell expanded, then the already-cooling fireball tore its angry way out into the street above, vaporizing all victims standing within thirty feet while simultaneously spreading two tons of deadly microscopic roadbed shrapnel in a lethal arc across Kuta Beach. Every survivor standing in direct line-of-sight of its awesome ultraviolet emission received terrible flash burns, the like of which three eminent Australian burns surgeons would later claim on TV they “had never seen before”.

Less than ten-millionths of a second after the monster achieved critical mass, its searing thermal wave set fire to twenty-seven buildings in the immediate area, and spontaneously ignited automobiles parked two blocks away from ground zero. But as you will read later in this report, no ordinary Geiger counter from any nation could detect any radiation from the weapon.

This atrocity was the “punishment” meted out to Australians and others opposed to the Judeo-Christian Crusade against Islam. Ordinary everyday people, Australians in particular, who had earlier been sensible enough and brave enough to speak out against their Prime Minister’s slavish obedience to Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush in their ruthless quest to loot and destroy the Middle East. But the fission monster from hell was also designed to send a very clear and unmistakable message to like-minded dissidents in Britain: “Jump on the crusade bandwagon quickly, or our Dimona thought-reform folk will pay you a visit.”

Political and paid “academic expert” whores were quickly thrust in front of television cameras to explain the inexplicable. How and why the bombing happened in the first place, and increasingly as harsh reality kicked in and facts became clearer, why dozens of full-size human victims had vanished completely without trace.

Every bomb expert in the world knows that conventional explosives lack the heat and velocity to “vanish” complete bodies in this manner, except perhaps when crushed into total oblivion by a million tons of masonry as happened at the World Trade Center. When the dust from the biggest IRA bomb ever detonated in Northern Ireland finally cleared, the victims were still in the local area. Many were disassembled into large bloody body parts, but they were still generally recognizable.

When a diminutive member of Hamas recently detonated thirty pounds of TNT strapped tightly around his own chest in Palestine, emergency services still had to remove large recognizable chunks of his dismembered body from the area. Believe me people, believe me, conventional explosive cannot “vanish” citizens without trace, and Bali simply did not have a million tons of masonry available to fall on their heads. Only a nuclear weapon has the heat needed for instant cremation, combined with the incredibly fast shock wave needed to completely remove the resulting cremated particles from the local area.

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Add Me to Your Lists Mr Bush

Add me to your lists Mr. Bush. Send my name to Mr. Ashcroft. Forward it to the FBI, the local police, the INS and the IRS.

Make sure your Secret Service takes note.

Copy my name to every blacklist, enemies list, security list, and watch list your scribes scribble.

While you detain activists at airports, I am ashamed to travel unchallenged.

While you abduct untold, unnamed foreign-born Americans, I am ashamed to sleep in my own bed.

While you steal food, not just rights, from millions of families, I am ashamed to eat.

I am ashamed to wear new clothes; ashamed to drive; ashamed to share ill-gotten wealth with your kind; even ashamed I can provide better for my little daughter than almost any father on earth.

I am not a threat to you, but I stand with billions. God is not on my side–or yours–but the best traditions of freedom, right, and non-violent resistance are with me. I stand alongside the Senator your intern calls senile. I stand with the Congresswoman your operatives unseated in the primaries. I stand with the loud but lonely voices of those in print and broadcast media who are not afraid to challenge you. I stand with the growing number of principled government clerks who quietly undermine you. I stand with countless noble people across the world who are no longer cowed by bully-America.

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