Tuesday 25 July 2006

The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

by Michael Collins Piper

"A nation that is afraid to debate it's issues in a public forum, is a nation that is afraid of it's people." - JFK

French intelligence officer Herve Lemarr once wrote that:

"President Kennedy’s assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared. But the magicians were not illusionists but professionals, artists in their way."

Since November 22, 1963 many have spent vast amounts of time researching the assassination, putting forth a wide variety of theories.

Most of the research has been devoted to what one more perceptive critic described as "a consuming preoccupation [with] the microanalytic searching for facts of how the assassination was accomplished," while at the same time, he points out "there has been almost no systematic thinking on why President Kennedy was killed."

So while people have focused on how many assassins were involved, and how many shots they fired at JFK and where the shots came from and where the bullets hit, the real question of who was ultimately responsible for the assassination—not who fired the bullets, but who sponsored the assassins who fired those bullets—has been ignored.

Thus, to find out who is responsible for JFK’s murder, we have to find out WHY he was murdered—what motivated those who orchestrated his assassination.

Consider the wide-ranging array of suspects that have been put forth:

• Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone;
• The Soviet KGB;
• Fidel Castro;
• Anti-Castro Cubans;
• The "Mafia";
• Rogue CIA operatives and anti-Castro Cubans in collaboration with elements of "the Mafia";
• J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI;
• Lyndon Baines Johnson;
• Former Nazi intelligence officers;
•†The Texas Oil Barons; and
• The Military-Industrial Complex.

Ten years ago, in 1992, a new suspect was added to the list. Former Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) made the little-noticed but intriguing comment in the March 1992 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that "it is interesting but not surprising to note that in all the words written about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned, despite the obvious fact Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories."

What Findley did not know was at that very time I was in the process of preparing a volume contending that the Mossad role alongside the CIA in the JFK assassination, was, in fact, the big secret—the "missing link"—that explained the entirety of the JFK conspiracy.

The Mossad role is what I have also called "the secret picture on the other side of the jigsaw puzzle" of the JFK assassination conspiracy. My book summarizing this theory is entitled Final Judgment.

What I find quite remarkable is that while many Israelis today believe that Israeli intelligence played a part in the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, many of Israel’s friends in America have reacted quite hysterically to my contention that the Mossad played a role in the assassination of America’s president.

In addition, although there are many who believe that the CIA had a hand in the JFK assassination, quite a few of those same people are fearful of mentioning the likelihood of a Mossad role. Yet, as journalist Andrew Cockburn has pointed out:

"There has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence did jobs for the CIA and for the rest of American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations until you understand this secret arrangement."

Cockburn’s words are a rough overview of the thesis that I have presented in Final Judgment.

Although Final Judgment has never been in any major bookstore since it was first published nearly a decade ago, some 30,000 copies are in circulation—more copies than more widely-publicized books on the topic. It is truly an "underground best-seller." It is now in its 760-page fifth edition, documented with 1,114 footnotes. And on November 9, Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin, the oldest and largest privately-owned publishing house in the Middle East released the first-ever Arabic-language edition.

In many respects, Final Judgment is more than a book about the JFK assassination. It also reveals the hidden global power politics of the last half of the 20th century.

Final Judgment documents that in 1963 JFK was embroiled in a bitter secret conflict with Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s drive to build the atomic bomb; that Ben-Gurion resigned in disgust, saying that because of JFK’s policies, Israel’s "existence [was] in danger." Then upon JFK’s assassination, U.S. policy toward Israel began an immediate 180-degree turnaround.

Israeli historian Avner Cohen’s new book, Israel and the Bomb, confirms the conflict between JFK and Israel so powerfully that, Israel’s Ha’aretz, declared Cohen’s revelations would "necessitate the rewriting of Israel’s entire history."

In any case, Cohen pointed out, "the transition from Kennedy to [Lyndon] Johnson . . . benefited the Israeli nuclear program."

Ethan Bronner, in the New York Times, called Israel’s drive to build a nuclear bomb "a fiercely hidden subject."

This explains why JFK researchers never considered an Israeli connection until Final Judgment supplied the missing pieces, assembling "the secret picture on the other side of the jigsaw puzzle."

While all of this presents a strong motive for Israel to strike against JFK, Final Judgment also documents what Israeli journalist Barry Chamish says is "a pretty cogent case" for Mossad collaboration with the CIA in the assassination conspiracy.

The fact is that when New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted trade executive Clay Shaw with conspiracy in the assassination, Garrison had stumbled upon the Mossad link.

Although (after his acquittal) Shaw was revealed to have been a CIA asset, in 1963 Shaw served on the board of a Rome-based company, Permindex, which was actually a front for a Mossad-sponsored arms procurement operation.

A primary shareholder in Permindex, the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, was not only the fiefdom of Tibor Rosenbaum, a high-level Mossad official, but also the chief money laundry for Meyer Lansky, "chairman" of the crime syndicate and long-time Israeli loyalist.

Chief executive of Permindex was Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, a top figure in the Israeli lobby and an operative of the Bronfman family, intimate Lansky associates and leading patrons of Israel.

Permindex was clearly the Israeli link to the JFK assassination, so much so that Jim Garrison himself later circulated the manuscript for a never-published novel in which he fingered the Mossad as prime mover behind the conspiracy although Garrison never otherwise mentioned a Mossad connection publicly.

You may ask why Hollywood’s so-called "radical film-maker" Oliver Stone, whose film JFK was a virtual tribute to Garrison never mentioned any of this.

I would contend that Stone failed to mention these details in JFK because the film was financed by Arnon Milchan, an Israeli arms dealer linked to smuggling of materiel to Israel’s nuclear program—the very point of contention between JFK and Israel.

Milchan’s role in the production of JFK is no secret, by the way. He is listed in the credits as "executive producer," which, in Hollywood parlance, means that he was the "money man," so to speak, behind the film.

The Permindex link investigated by Mr. Garrison in New Orleans also explains the "French connection" to the assassination featured in the widely-seen documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy, but which failed to tell the entire story told in Final Judgment. For example:

That the aforementioned Permindex operation (involving Clay Shaw and other CIA assets often publicly connected to the JFK assassination) was also involved in assassination attempts against French President Charles DeGaulle by the French "Secret Army Organization" (the OAS) which itself had close ties to the Mossad.

Like the OAS, the Israelis hated DeGaulle not only because he gave independence to Algeria, a major new Arab state, but also because DeGaulle, who had assisted Israel’s nuclear development program, had withdrawn support, objecting (as did JFK) to Israel’s drive for an atomic arsenal.

In the course of my writing of the book, a former French intelligence officer—Pierre Neuville, the son of the former French consul general in Jerusalem—revealed to me that he had learned that the Mossad contracted out one of JFK’s assassins—probably a Corsican hitman—through a French intelligence official disloyal to DeGaulle and who hated JFK for supporting Algerian independence.

JFK was also planning a strike against Red China’s nuclear bomb program—a plan scuttled by Lyndon Johnson within a month of JFK’s assassination.

During this same period, in fact, Israel and Red China were involved in joint secret nuclear bomb research with a key player in the Permindex web, Shaul Eisenberg, serving as the Mossad’s liaison with China.

Final Judgment was first to point out that James Angleton, the CIA liaison to the Mossad, was a devoted partisan of Israel who not only orchestrated the scenario linking accused assassin Lee Oswald to the Soviet KGB but who later circulated disinformation to confuse investigations into the assassination.

This is a brief overview of some of the more salient points made in Final Judgment—points that have otherwise been largely ignored in the massive amount of material that has been published on the topic of the assassination.

The response to my thesis has been predictable. Israeli diplomat Uri Palti, based at the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles, has described my thesis as "nonsense."

Pro-Zionist columnist George F. Will, in a column in Newsweek on Sept. 1, 1997, has referred to the thesis as being "vicious intellectual licentiousness."

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (the ADL) one of the foremost elements of the Israeli lobby, has repeatedly attacked me in a most malicious fashion. Most notably, the ADL called me a "Holocaust denier"—although my book mentions nothing about the Holocaust—this so as to distract attention from the very powerful thesis that my book does present.

However, one article about the controversy surrounding my thesis and one educator who has endorsed it, appearing in the Los Angeles Times on November 25, 1996 made the assertion that the thesis was "novel indeed" and that it managed "to weave together some of the key threads in a tapestry that many say is unique."

However, as we all know too well, the reason why the theory presented in Final Judgment is "controversial" is simply because it dares to say something less than flattering about a foreign nation—Israel.

The truth is that the single tie that binds all of the most commonly-believed theories about the JFK assassination is the little-known Mossad connection.

Israel, however, is the central player whose role has been consistently ignored.

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Monday 24 July 2006

It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World

I can't think of anything the majority of the planet would like to see more than to boot out their ruling class. The issue is that we're talking about a Revolution the likes of which have never been seen on planet Earth, how do you make something like that happen? How do we take power from the hands of those who wield it against us? Mass demonstrations are ignored, individual populist leaders are assasinated and mass-action movements are subverted by government spies and corporate donations. The System has become very adept at removing threats to its existence. Maybe the only way the Revolution will happen is for the System to destroy itself.

I am saying this on the record, as an American born person, with both Jewish and Christian heritage: I could not imagine being more ashamed and disgusted by my government (American), the government of Israel and my ignorant fellow Americans. I am stunned at my friends and family members who support Israel regardless of what they do. These people do not even realize that every “news item” that comes from Israel must be approved by Israeli military censors (bull shit democracy). I am sickened and infuriated at the members of the corporate entity known as the U.S. Congress and the U.S. media. I am sickened by the portion of the American public that remains embarrassingly ignorant to the history of lies and atrocities perpetrated and/or supported by the United States. But I am most angry at the press for making people like me have to stop their lives to alert the American public about real world that remains hidden from them by the media.

The press has been complicit in covering up the obliteration of the U.S. Constitution and it has covered up the inhuman assault on the citizens of the world conducted by America and its allies. Even if you simply ignored every gunshot fired and simply focused on the obliteration of environmental protections by the Bush administration you can see the devastating evil that is being perpetrated on mankind by the son of a bitch known as George W. Bush and the behind the scene people in the real shadow world governing body for which he works.

History aside we are witnessing a new level of American hypocrisy and inhumanity; a level that we can no longer simply stand by and permit. To watch Israel destroy Lebanon, a nation smaller than the state of Connecticut, and to watch the Bush administration step up the delivery of munitions to the most arrogant bigots every to walk the Earth, the Israeli government (not the Jews…the Israeli government…settle down you abusers and misusers of the anti-Semite label), makes me want to organize a complete overthrow of every single nation on Earth. I have had it with these vile maniacs! (Calm down you Department of Homeland Security Nazi bastards…I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING THIS!!! I am just expressing my anger here! )

It is time to replace very leader of every nation on Earth. It is time to replace every member of every ruling body in every nation on Earth. They have failed. They are responsible for death and hatred beyond human comprehension. They are leading us to extinction. They are destroying the very planet on which we live. These “deciders” make decisions and pass laws that no citizen of the world would approve. They make decisions that would outrage people of all political and religious beliefs and would vehemently oppose. They force people to hate one another and then they send us to commit atrocities against eachother while they reamain out of harms way. It is time for the people of the world to wake up from this insanity and stop fighting for these evil people!

If the U.S. had a real news media the people of this nation would be kept apprised of the actions of their leaders. And if they were really aware of what has been taking place perhaps they would become outraged enough to stop the maniacs who are leading us to doom. If the media did their job, perhaps we would have justice in this world. Let me rephrase that…if we had a journalism entity in this nation or on the planet, one that is truly independent from the ruling bodies (governmental and corporate/financial), perhaps we would have a just world.

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Dr Kelly's death was not suicide, and Blair's inner-circle arranged the cover-up

This whole saga is a measure of just how stupid the government thinks we are! More to the point why can't the whole of parliament be filled with men like Norman Baker, he seems to me to be the only one of those "people" who actually fullfills the maxim "Right Honourable" the rest are, IMHO, utterly and completely hopeless!

New questions over death of David Kelly

Alarming new questions about the death of Iraq weapons inspector David Kelly have been raised as a major investigation cast doubt on the official verdict that he committed suicide.

The inquiry by campaigning MP Norman Baker will spark renewed speculation about how the Government's leading expert on weapons of mass destruction was found dead in a field in Oxfordshire three years ago.

In particular, the dossier compiled by the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes shows that the method of suicide said to have been chosen by Dr Kelly, far from being common as was claimed at the time, was in fact unique.

Dr Kelly was the only person in the United Kingdom that year deemed to have died from severing the ulnar artery in his wrist, a particularly difficult and painful process as the artery is deep and Dr Kelly had only a blunt garden knife.

The MP reveals that the Oxfordshire coroner held an 'unusual' meeting with Home Office officials before he determined the cause of Dr Kelly's death.

And he claims that a 'cosy cabal' of Mr Blair's friends, including Peter Mandelson and Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, hand-picked Lord Hutton, a retired Law Lord from Northern Ireland, to lead the official investigation in 2003.

Writing exclusively in The Mail on Sunday, Mr Baker insists it is time to question the findings of the Hutton report. He says: "I challenge the conclusion on the basis that the medical evidence cannot support it, that Dr Kelly's own behaviour and character argues strongly against it and that there were grave shortcomings in the legal and investigative processes set up to consider his death."

Dr Kelly's body was found shortly after he was named as the source for a BBC report which claimed Downing Street 'sexed up' the official dossier on Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological arsenal.

The six-month inquiry that followed concluded that the pressure of being exposed prompted the scientist to take his own life through a combination of an overdose of painkillers and slashing his wrist.

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Friday 21 July 2006

The Summer of 1914

This is a superb article. What's happening to the Lebanese is an outrage. What the US and UK are doing is worse! More war crimes on our collective conscious, but wait, one of the big brother vermin is about to get evicted, better watch that instead...

Update 21/07/06 @ 18:49 - It's official, Condi Rice is on Sky News talking about "the birth-pangs of a new Middle East" we are so fucking screwed. I feel really sorry for all the Arab people, Jewish people and Christian people (plus Buddists, Hindus and everyone else) that are going to provide the blood that nourishes this particular bastard from hell. In fact, God help us all.

by William S. Lind

With Hezbollah's entry into the war between Israel and Hamas, Fourth Generation war has taken another developmental step forward. For the first time, a non-state entity has gone to war with a state not by waging an insurgency against a state invader, but across an international boundary. Again we see how those who define 4GW simply as insurgency are looking at only a small part of the picture.

I think the stakes in the Israel-Hezbollah-Hamas war are significantly higher than most observers understand. If Hezbollah and Hamas win – and winning just means surviving, given that Israel's objective is to destroy both entities – a powerful state will have suffered a new kind of defeat, again, a defeat across at least one international boundary and maybe two, depending on how one defines Gaza's border. The balance between states and 4GW forces will be altered worldwide, and not to a trivial degree.

So far, Hezbollah is winning. As Arab states stood silent and helpless before Israel's assault on Hamas, another non-state entity, Hezbollah, intervened to relieve the siege of Gaza by opening a second front. Its initial move, a brilliantly conducted raid that killed eight Israeli soldiers and captured two for the loss of one Hezbollah fighter, showed once again that Hezbollah can take on state armed forces on even terms (the Chechens are the only other 4GW force to demonstrate that capability). In both respects, the contrast with Arab states will be clear on the street, pushing the Arab and larger Islamic worlds further away from the state.

Hezbollah then pulled off two more firsts. It responded effectively to terror bombing from the air, which states think is their monopoly, with rocket barrages that reached deep into Israel. One can only imagine how this resonated worldwide with people who are often bombed but can never bomb back. And, it attacked another state monopoly, navies, by hitting and disabling a blockading Israeli warship with something (I question Israel's claim that the weapon was a C-801 anti-ship missile, which should have sunk a small missile corvette). Hezbollah's leadership has promised more such surprises.

In response, Israel has had to hit not Hezbollah but the state of Lebanon. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, referring to the initial Hezbollah raid, said, "I want to make clear that the event this morning is not a terror act but the act of a sovereign state that attacked Israel without reason." This is an obvious fiction, as the state of Lebanon had nothing to do with the raid and cannot control Hezbollah. But it is a necessary fiction for Israel, because otherwise who can it respond against? Again we see the power 4GW entities obtain by hiding within states but not being a state.

What comes next? In the short run, the question may be which runs out first, Hezbollah's supply of rockets or the world's patience with Israel bombing the helpless state of Lebanon. If the latter continues much longer, the Lebanese government may collapse, undoing one of America's few recent successes in the Islamic world.

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Friday 14 July 2006

Israel Crosses the Line

And you read it here first…

by Justin Raimondo

The Israeli offensive against Iran – until now, purely polemical – morphed into military action the moment the IDF crossed the border into Lebanon and took on Hezbollah. As our regular readers know, this turn of events was predicted in this space three months ago:

"War with Iran will probably not begin with a frontal assault by the U.S. and/or Israel on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons facilities, or even a skirmish along the Iraq-Iran border. Look to Lebanon and Syria for the first battlegrounds of this developing regional war. The Israelis know perfectly well that Iran's nuclear ambitions, if they ever materialize, are not an immediate threat: their real concern is their volatile northern border, where their deadly enemies – Hezbollah – are an effective obstacle to Israeli influence. The Israelis are also looking to exploit growing opportunities to make trouble in Syria, where the restive Kurds are their reliable allies, and the brittleness of the Ba'athist dictatorship is an invitation to regime change."

The suggestion, by Professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, in their now famous "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," that the Iraq war was fought for Israel's sake, and against our own interests in the region, was received in many quarters with outright horror, and not only from the Amen Corner. Noam Chomsky and Stephen Zunes both objected to this thesis of an Israel-centric foreign policy: Israel, they insist, is the "junior partner" of the American hegemon, and is only acting at the behest and under the de facto control of its masters in Washington.

The war's aftermath, however, tells a different story. Examined in light of Israel's postwar actions – the unilateral "withdrawal" from Gaza, the absorption of more territory and the building of more settlements on the West Bank, the war against Hamas, and now the re-invasion of Lebanon – the chief (and only) beneficiary of the new regional balance of power is clear enough. The American invasion and occupation of the Mesopotamian heartland has empowered the Israelis as never before – and now they are on the offensive, carving out a greatly expanded sphere of influence extending into Kurdistan as well as Lebanon, bringing closer to fulfillment the old Zionist vision of an empire stretching "from the Nile to the Euphrates."

The U.S., on the other hand, has considerably reduced leverage in the region. Our troops in Iraq are exposed, vulnerable to the Iranians – and stalemated by the Iraqi insurgency, which shows troubling signs of extending into Shi'ite areas. As the Israelis advance, with American support, Sunni and Shi'ite factions in Iraq – including those in the governing Shi'ite coalition – are radicalized, and turn their fire on the Americans.

Yet the U.S. is still shilling for the Israelis, blaming Syria and Iran for acts that occurred well outside the purview of the mullahs and the increasingly isolated regime of Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, in the UN, we are bringing the issue of Iran's nuclear power program to the Security Council, pressing for a confrontation that can only end in $200-per-barrel oil.

In 1996, a group of pro-Israeli Americans – including Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser – prepared a policy statement for then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that proposed a strategy of regime change as the only solution for Israel's growing encirclement and isolation. The main problem, they averred in "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," was Syria, and the troublesome border with Lebanon:

"Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran, as the principal agents of aggression in Lebanon."

But this could occur only if Iraq was taken out first:

"Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria's regional ambitions."

With Saddam out of the way, the second phase of the "Clean Break" scenario is unfolding before our eyes. And the propaganda war is going just as well as the military aspect of the campaign: the Israelis are no fools. They realize they can't proceed without the tacit complicity of the U.S. and the Europeans, who must be made to look the other way as the IDF commits war crimes on the ground. Under the pretext of avenging the "kidnapping" of one of their soldiers – and, more recently, two more – they have unleashed a military assault planned well in advance of the allegedly precipitating incidents.

This is surely one of the most threadbare excuses for a war ever uttered. One wonders how Israel's spokesmen can say it with a straight face. Soldiers in wartime are captured, not "kidnapped." If Hezbollah has "kidnapped" those two Israeli soldiers, then how do we describe the jailing of thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of women and children, on the basis of their alleged sympathy for Hamas – now the democratically elected government of Palestine? In any case, it appears, according to this report, that Hezbollah has some Israeli competition when it comes to the business of kidnapping.

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Tuesday 11 July 2006

Connecting The Dots - Zionists & 911

Do you really want to understand 9/11? Really? Honestly? Truly? Well then, ask yourself one question: QUI BONO? The following is a really succinct explanation of why the official story of 9/11 is the biggest load of horse-shit since Mr Ed the talking horse had amoebic dysentery!

by Douglas Herman

Exclusive to Rense.com

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservatives, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."
-Ari Shavit Ha'aretz News Service (Israel) April 5, 2003

Masterful Plan Or Masterful Crime?

Was it only a coincidence that so many rich and powerful Jewish Americans played a pivotal role, or performed a supporting role in the alleged "terrorist attack" on September 11, 2001 and the "War on Terror" that followed? Likewise, under closer scrutiny, why do we find so many Israelis, in the exact same locations as the alleged Islamic plotters and terrorists? Curious coincidence or clever design?

For nearly five years we have been permitted a piecemeal glimpse, partial views of 9-11, but without seeing the bigger picture. Is there a Big Picture, you ask? This essay will attempt to connect the dots, identify some of the curious players, individuals and groups who, quite often, seemed to serve a dual loyalty. The peculiar irony was the principle loyalty seemed to be to Israel.

Let us begin with what we know. Later we shall speculate. Still later we shall draw logical conclusions.

What does the masterful motto, "By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War," mean to the average American? Surprisingly, most Americans have never heard of the Mossad motto.

It means a war within a war, enclosed by a greater deceptive war. If you understand the clever goals and can comprehend the tactics, one then might begin to grasp the bigger picture. We might then begin to understand 9-11 and all that happened since and continues to happen.

The clues abound; the players still enjoy the spotlight; many have enriched themselves; others have been awarded honors, medals and lofty positions. Almost all those lofty positions and awards were awarded by other like themselves. Those awards and accolades were paid for with the blood, sweat, toil and tears of others.

By Way of Deception

Wealthy Zionist Larry Silverstein built World Trade Center Building 7 in 1985. The building was part of the WTC complex, owned by the New York Port Authority. WTC-7, ostensibly a US government building, housed offices of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Secret Service, CIA and Security & Exchange Commission (SEC). Late in the afternoon of September 11, 2001 Larry Silverstein, for all intents and purposes, had WTC-7 demolished.

Only months before, well-connected Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the New York Port Authority, which owned the WTC, leased the complex for 99 years to fellow Zionist Silverstein. How or why that transaction took place was never discussed. At the time, the WTC was considered, by many, as an architectural white elephant and less than desirable piece of real estate.

Meanwhile, well-connected Zionists had attained top positions of power throughout the Bush administration, and within the three branches of the US government. Many had signed a sort of Globalist Declaration of Independence. The document mirrored an earlier Israeli manifesto. The signers slowly consolidated power in America, unbeknownst to most Americans.

The PNAC-Project for The New American Century---was first written by Zionists in Israel as an Israeli policy papers, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," before becoming an important blueprint for foreign policy here. Many of the same authors contributed to both papers. On the surface both papers seem pragmatic, almost admirable, filled with diplomatic language. Yet if we understand the motives and comprehend the methods-By Way of Deception---we may discern the Big Picture.

Douglas Feith ascended to power at the Pentagon, as did fellow Zionists Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim and Richard Perle. Most, if not all, of these top military strategists curiously possessed dual passports: Israeli and US passports.

"He served Likud interests," said Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski of her superior, Douglas Feith, head of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans (OSP). "I don't think those are the same as Israel's interests, but instead those of a faction within Israel. He engineered Likud (Right wing Israeli party) outlined and desired actions by the US and, in Feith's mind, I think he did it for Israel. I just don't have any countervailing information that would suggest he has ever done anything for America."

Likewise what role did Wolfowitz play? And Perle? And Zakheim? All Pentagon top officials. How does one hold a foreign passport---Israeli---while holding Top Secret US security clearances? Does anyone see a conflict of interests here? One could argue these men were great patriots---but for which country? Philosophically they all shared the same goal: Strengthen Israel; weaken the tyrannical Islamic states; hasten US hegemony of scarce resources for key global players and multinationals.

And they all worked at the Pentagon. If America was ever to be attacked---perhaps by a team of Islamic fanatics---what better symbolic target than the Pentagon? Curiously, only a year before, the Pentagon had war-gamed just such an attack. You would have thought someone would have been prepared.

The Underlings

The alleged Israeli art students in Hollywood, Florida (They sold cheap Chinese art) lived on the EXACT same street, only blocks from the alleged Islamic hijackers (who flunked flight school). What were the odds of that happening? Was there a shared connection, a common link, a series of dots perhaps (strip clubs)? Or was it simply a massive coincidence that a team of possible Mossad double agents posing as art students, lived blocks away from alleged Islamic fanatics who just happened to train next to US military bases?

What about those dancing Israeli furniture movers in Liberty State Park? They filmed the event from atop their white van, while celebrating the successful attack. Later, two other vans were stopped in key access points to Manhattan. The FBI kept these Israelis for weeks before eventually releasing them. In the horrific days following 9-11, other vans were stopped. Other Israelis were arrested. Dogs detected traces of explosives in the vans. If not for the vigilance of local law enforcement officers in several states (unlike the FBI), how many other targets in America would have been destroyed?

The US media actually performed quite well for 24 hours following the attack. Unbelievably, even Fox News.

"What is striking about Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron's portrait of Israel's spy network in the U.S. is the sheer vastness of his subject," wrote Justin Raimondo, in The Terror Enigma: Israel and the September 11 Connection, "In the months leading up to 9/11, Cameron claimed Israel was waging a covert war against its principal ally and benefactor, the United States."

But aside from smaller newspaper, like the Bergen Record, few reports of these obvious false flag-black operations by Israeli double agents appeared anywhere on cable news giants CNN, MSNBC or Fox in subsequent weeks. Nor did the appear in the mainstream newspapers. Why didn't they?

A quick glance at the masthead of any daily New York newspaper reveals a preponderance of Jewish editors and publishers. What was most revealing, after 9-11, was not so much editorial reluctance but an overwhelming self-censorship, a stony silence, by all the New York City newspapers. They refused to mention---EVER---the probable connection of Israel to the 9-11 attack. Even though seven prominent NYC steel scrapers were demolished under exceedingly suspicious circumstances, not ONE Judeo-centric newspaper launched even a semblance of an investigation. Given the fact that Israel possessed the greater motive, means and opportunity to carry out the 9-11 attack, one had to wonder about the criminal complicity of the big New York dailies.

Other NYC periodicals went out of their way to debunk any attempt to get at the truth. Periodicals like Popular Mechanics, edited by a cousin of US Homeland Security head, Michael Chertoff, mouthed the official (Zionist) version of events. According to every New York periodical, Islamic terrorists hijacked the planes. How they attained the means, not to mention the opportunity to attack, was rarely broached.

Compromise security and you can conquer a city, state or nation. The Trojan Horse being a good example; America being another.

If indeed hijackers somehow got past airport security cameras and avoided normal flight check in procedures, wouldn't the suspicion fall on the Israeli-owned security company at Logan airport in Boston? How would hijackers have access to gates and terminals otherwise? No Mainstream news reports indicated hijackers got past airline employees working flight check-in counters. Somehow this remains a minor detail to the US media.

Even more suspicious, regarding security, how exactly did Islamic terrorists manage to gain access to the interior structure of WTC-7, in order to place obvious demolition charges? Wealthy real estate mogul and Zionist Larry Silverstein, the new lessee of the entire WTC complex, would have had final say in any security, wouldn't he? Additionally, the WTC-7 was, for all intents and purposes, a US government building. How could an enormous building, housing offices of the CIA, Secret Service and the SEC be left unsecured---unless the new landlord chose the "security" outfit.

Even more strange, flaming debris somehow scattered across a city block from the collapsing Twin Towers and set afire the 11th floor of WTC-7, where the SEC was located. Why this floor? What was located there?

"Odds are the SEC records in WTC 7 that were fortuitously destroyed when that building was 'pulled' included this.bogus Brady Bond deal," wrote Karl Schwarz.
"Our sources have informed us that there was a group of ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] working in this part of the Pentagon (that was destroyed) that were investigating the $120 billion Brady Bond scam I have reported on recently."
A masterful crime or a diabolical yet masterful spy operation? Probably both.
Instead of a terrorist attack, the crime begins to look like a huge scam with billions in profits and thousands dead.

If one were to examine this enormous evil iceberg further, and not just the tip, one might discover a monumental mass of icy Intelligence-connected players below the surface. Very likely, the entire WTC operation was a combination insurance scam (Benefiting one wealthy Zionist), false flag "terrorist" op (benefiting one Zionist nation), and billion dollar gold heist (Benefiting various operatives from many branches of intelligence possibly). Difficult to believe the CIA and Secret Service---not to mention Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management--- had NO prior knowledge of the impending destruction of their offices.

According to the London Times: "The Comex metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange kept 3,800 gold bars - weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million (£70 million) - in vaults in the building's basement. Comex also held almost 800,000 ounces of gold there on behalf of others, with a value of about $220 million (worth more than $560,000,000 today). It also held more than 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million (Worth $1.5 billion today). The Bank of Nova Scotia, which kept gold in the Comex vault, reported $200 million of gold lost in the wreckage (Lost-!). Comex also held precious metals for Chase Manhattan Bank, the Bank of New York and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking."

Not surprisingly, one massive gold-filled truck was discovered, crushed, in the tunnels below the WTC complex. Perhaps, in the eight hours, between 9 AM and 5 PM, when WTC-7 was demolished and Americans were glued to televisions, horrified, masterful planners heisted hundreds of millions in gold bullion. Before Silverstein finally "pulled" the US government building, that is.

Which leaves us only THREE final questions: Who leased the building only months before? Who hired security at Logan and the WTC? Who covered up the subsequent crime in the US media, not only in New York City but the nation?

Still not convinced that key, dual-citizenship "Zionists" played a pivotal part? Perhaps THE pivotal part? The final footnote, indicating overwhelming involvement in the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent power to cover up any involvement, occurred 18 months later. That signature event was the War with Iraq, launched with whole-hearted White House, US Media and Congressional support on March 18, 2003.

On Purim, a significant Jewish holiday, a day signifying destruction of Israel's enemies.

USAF veteran, Amateur historian and student of Spinoza and Thoreau, Douglas Herman questions authority. Shouldn't you?

Full story...

Evidence of a controlled demolition of the WTC towers on 9/11

A History of America's National Reconnaissance Office

Part VII

by Trowbridge H. Ford

The sudden death, perhaps even murder, on January 22, 1973 of LBJ threw a pall over
Washington despite the fact that it had just celebrated the inauguratation of the re-elected Richard Nixon as President. He claimed when he returned to Washington for it that he wanted to clear up everything else so that he would be free to handle all the details of the settlement of the Vietnamese War with the North Vietnamese, and South Vietnam's again most reluctant President Nguyen Van Thieu to any deal, but Nixon took off for Key Biscayne as soon as the state funeral - reminiscent of what former Director Hoover had experienced after he too had suddenly and most conveniently died the previous May - for the fallen President was finished. Nixon clearly did not want to be available for any troubling questioning.

Eleven days before the deadly collapse of the former President - going back on the plane to his Texas ranch - all the recording machines in the White House complex were turned off to make sure that there were no damaging discussions about its probable cause. Once there, Nixon was telling everyone that JFK and LBJ had handed him the poisoned chalice in Vietnam, and alluding to the prospect of fixing it and them. The day after Johnson died, a vindictive Nixon told his Cabinet hardly the unvarnished truth: "This is not Johnson's or Kennedy's war. They did start it and they did handle it badly, but the United States was involved. We have now achieved our goals - peace for Vietnam, the right of the South Vietnamese to determine their future without an imposed Communist government." (H.R. Haldeman, The Haldeman Diaries, January 23, 1973, p. 572)

The last recorded meeting in the Oval Office on January 11, 1973 had recounted Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman and the President apparently locking up the hard evidence that former FBI Assistant Director Cartha 'Deke' Deloach', now working for Nixon-controlled Pepsi Cola, had obtained of LBJ ordering the bugging of Nixon's 1968 campaign plane - what former
Texas Governor John Connally aide, and now working for Democrats for Nixon George Christian was to pass along to Johnson when he arrived in the nation's capital. The message was clearly intended to force the former President to make sure that there was no threatened congressional inquiry into the Watergate break-in. Former Attorney General John Mitchell informed Democratic National Committee Chairman Larry O'Brien similarly.

The conversation between Nixon and Haldeman was a most hard-hitting one where
Haldeman suggested following counsel John Dean's plan to go on the offensive with the claimed hard data, "...which is to use it on Johnson, because a lot of the problem we're dealing with on the Hill stuff, and all you get (Joseph) Califano and some of those people into, and if Johnson turns them off, it could turn them the other way." After Nixon became more interested in blackmailing the former President, Haldeman added: "...we've got to get this turned off, because it's going to bounce back to the other story and we can't hold them - and scare them. And at this stage and with his attitude right now, he's strutting around like crazy." (Quoted from Stanley I. Kutler, ed., Abuse of Power, p. 203.)

The White House's actions clearly did not overtly stop LBJ's threatened moves, as Haldeman's diary recorded the next day: "A (Fort Worth) Star reporter was making an inquiry in the last week or so, and LBJ got very hot and called Deke, and said to him that if the Nixon people are going to play with this, that he would release (deleted material - national security), saying that our side was asking that certain things be done." (The Haldeman Diaries, p. 567). 'Deke's version of the material - the leaking of which, he considered, would lead to a "direct threat" by the former President - was an order to bug Nixon's plane, which the Bureau apparently refused, to check Mrs. Anna Chenault's messages, and to bug her phone.

Both Nixon and Haldeman were most interested in hearing from the Bureau official who actually did the bugging, hoping that he would confirm their version of what was ordered and done. The official was apparently former Assistant Director William Sullivan. Nixon was most desirous of getting DeLoach to confirm the fact, "...and then (acting Director L. Patrick) Gray should nail him with a lie detector and get it settled, which would give us the evidence we need." (Ibid., January 11, 1973, p. 565) Whatever resulted, it could not have been favorable to what the Oval Office wanted, as there were no more references to 'Deke' and what he could do, setting off, it seems, a desperate chase to find an assassin to kill LBJ.

With almost all the Plumbers in the process of pleading guilty to various crimes before Judge John Sirica, the only Agency one left to make the necessary arrangements was ORD project chief Dr. Sydney Gottlieb aka America's "Official Poisoner". He was noted for making hand-deliveries of poisons to suitable targets, especially the Congo's Patrice Lumumba, Iraq's
Abdul Karim Kassem, and Cuba's Fidel Castro while the DCI Richard Helms ran interference for all the covert operators concerned. And Gottlieb had been most responsible for getting former 'Executive Action' director William King Harvey involved in arranging the assassinations of MLK and RFK while he was working for Jim Garrison's inquiry into the Dallas one. (For more of this, see Part III in the series.) Now it was Gottlieb's turn to make sure that King's role in the whole process did not leak out, and destroy the Agency.

Gottlieb had developed a friendship with the Air Force's Dr. Walter Tkash, former President Eisenhower's personal physician who was made Nixon's when he took office in January 1969. Tkash was not the typical armed service doctor who would usually give the complaining serviceman a placebo, and send them back to duty. Tkash was known for giving patients what they wanted or needed. He believed in new cures and their radical testing. During Nixon's visit to China in 1972, Tkash was so persuaded about the medical benefits of acupuncture that he was able to get an ad hoc committee formed to see that it became accepted practice.

It was Tkash - thanks to testing by the Dreyfus Medical Foundation of phenytoin aka dilantin, and to entrepreneur Jack Dreyfus's claims about its benefits as an anticonvulsant - who got
Nixon taking it daily. Dreyfus had persuaded his doctor back in the late '50s to give him the drug to deal with his depression, and it miraculously worked. According to Anthony Summers in The Arrogance of Power, Dreyfus supplied the Preisdent with 1,000 dilantin tables, and Tkash saw that it was refilled when they ran out. Dreyfus even came to the White House in July 1971 to see that it was approved by the Federal Drug Administration for a variety of aliments, not just the treatment of epilepsy. It was quite probably, though, the cause of Nixon's increasing slurred speech, decreased coordination, mental confusion, and ultimate phlibitis.

The trouble with dilantin really surfaced, though, if it were given to someone suffering from some heart aliment like angina or cardiac arrhythmia - what LBJ suffered from. The pills could cause pulmonary hypertension, resulting in increasing blood pressure, and ultimate heart failure, especially if the patient went on an airplane flight. It was while the former President was returning to Texas by plane after Nixon's inauguration under Dr. Tkash's care that Johnson fell into a coma, and died, as Haldeman explained:

"Tkach couldn't get any confirmation, until finally Lady Bird called an hour and 15 or 20 minutes after our first notice and officially informed the P. We had been informed just a few minutes before that by Tkash finally, that he was dead, but they had tried to revive him on the plane and that they couldn't get Mrs. Johnson to notify her and they didn't want to put any word out until she had been told." (Ibid., pp. 571-2)

It is possible that Johnson's death did not occur this way - LBJ expired naturally because of his own medical difficulties or because of an innocent mistake in giving him or prescribing the drug, what he might well have wanted - except for two things. Gottlieb suddenly canceled Project Ord just at this time - a program looking for just the right drug to simulate such an apparent natural death in a targeted individual - making it look as if the Agency thought it was responsible for LBJ's sudden death.

Moreover, Gottlieb, having just decided to retire from the Agency - assisted former DCI Richard Helms, before departing to Tehran as Ambassador to Iran, who "...presided over a wholesale destruction of documents and tapes - presumably to minimize information that might later be used against him." (John Marks, The Search For the 'Manchurian Candidate', p. 219) Gottlieb even got Agency archivists to destroy all records relating to MK-ULTRA. It was because of their failure to destroy seven boxes of invoices and financial records, particularly document #455, dated May 6, 1974, regarding the experimentation regard Project ORD, apparently because of misfiling that Marks had been able to vaguely reconstruct what Gottlieb's people were doing.

The White House itself behaved in a most suspicious manner too after LBJ's demise. In March 1973, Dreyfus was invited again to visit by Dr. Tkash, this time being allowed even to see the President, as if everything was in order for dilantin to be approved for treatment of just about anything serious, as is recorded in Dreyfus's The Story of a Remarkable Medicine, though researchers will find no mention of the visit on the tapes or in Haldeman's diary. The famous investment banker touched a most sensitive nerve by suggesting to Nixon that Vice President Spiro Agnew lead a task force on the subject, but the President settled for the Health Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, doing the job.

Again, nothing substantive was achieved, and it just looked as if Tkash and the Oval Office were looking for an abili for not having given LBJ the drug on the plane. This suspicion is strengthened when finally the drug was not adopted by the FDA for such treatment since it had never been properly tested by Dreyfuss's foundation, and its manufacturer had never recommended such use. It was not until 2001 that the FDA finally agreed to the general use of dilantin without a prescription, but suppliers still list its side effects, recommending
consulting a doctor before using it, and calling an emergency line at the first indication of trouble.

LBJ's demise, however, instead of solving the Oval Office's problems, merely increased them. As soon as it recording system was back on the air - four days after Watergate burglars G. Gordon Liddy and James McCord had pleaded guilty to eight criminal
counts before Judge John Sirica after a sixteen-day trial - Nixon and adviser Charles Colson were plotting how to head off Senator Sam Ervin's proposed congressional inquiry into the break-in. They decided upon presidential counsel John Dean taking the lead in threatening Senators inclined to go along with Ervin's inquiry with disclosure of financial improprieties if they persisted. Three days later, as calls for an investigation grew, Nixon told domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman that he may well have to "...throw in the Johnson wiretap" (Abuse of Power, p. 207) to stop the rot.

When the Senate approved the Ervin committee, and was involved in determining its composition, Nixon and Haldeman discussed the use of Dwayne Andreas, whose campaign contributions to re-elect the President had been used unsuccessfully the previous June to provide CIA cover for the break-in, to spread panic among its supporters by playing the NRO "Johnson wiretap". When the President suggested Andreas doing so, Haldeman replied: "Andreas took it to Hubert (Humphrey), and Hubert took it to Ervin, and Ervin was totally unimpressed, couldn't care less." (Ibid., p. 208)

While the Republicans did attempt to make the conduct of previous campaigns germane to the inquiry, they failed, leaving the Oval Office with plans for delaying it as much as possible, claiming that hearings would still jeopardize the rights of the defendants to a fair trial as they were considering appealing their alleged unfair convictions. It still wanted to use the "Johnson wiretap" rumors for all they were worth, especially with swing legislators like Barry Goldwater and Maryland's Daniel Brewster, but its potential was muted by Judge Charles Richey, who was hearing the civil suit that DNC Chairman Larry O'Brien launched against CREEP, releasing all the secret depositions taken in the case because of the hard-line approach that Judge Sirica was taking with the burglars.

This step induced the Oval Office to use acting Bureau Director L. Patrick Gray's unprecedented release of raw FBI files to bolster his faltering confirmation hearings as raising the matter of executive privilege, threatening to disclose what Nixon's advisers had advised in a confidential capacity. In early March, Nixon and counsel Dean were also discussing how to pressure former FBI official Sullivan into making DeLoach reveal LBJ's dictating to the Bureau that it change its files about the wire-tapping during the 1968 presidential campaign, and to prime friendly Senators into asking Gray leading questions which would oblige him to lie about the matter, furthering the White House fightback. When Dean seemed slow in catching on to what Nixon was suggesting, he added: "In other words, raise questions....(For example), ' in the 1968 campaign, has the FBI, at the request of the White House' - never say who - ' at the request of the White House did some electronic surveillance of Vice President Agnew's phone when he was in Phoenix? Is this true or not?...' " (Ibid., March 7, p. 223)

Soon Nixon was so enraged by Gray's apparent confirmationitis in his discussions with Dean that he even forgot that LBJ was dead: "...Do you see what I mean? He's pissed on the White House enough, frankly....Maybe you don't want to pull in Bobby Kennedy, but, Goddamn it, he's dead. But certainly you could pull in all the Johnson crap...It will worry Gray to death. And then if he does lie, he's to be called, and say, all right. I mean, that was a lie. Under the circumstances, you just have to paddle your own canoe up there." ( Quoted from p. 225)

Dean's efforts to blackmail the Senate into giving up the Ervin investigation for fear of revealing LBJ's alleged wire-tapping of Nixon's plane during the 1968 campaign were completely negated by the Plumbers', particularly Hunt, blackmailing the Oval Office into paying hush money for their sentences - what caused a flurry of new fundraising, legal and illegal, to finance it, and growing inquiries and information about who at the top was involved in the break-in, and the expanding cover-up. In the process, Dean's efforts to run with Sullivan's allegations about LBJ's manipulation of the Bureau for Humphrey's political benefit simply disappeared. Instead the President's counsel was increasingly shown to be the center of the Watergate cover up because he himself had played a key role in the operation's very inception, resulting in his hiring a criminal lawyer for his own protection.

The new crisis had been triggered by the stiff sentences for the Plumbers that Judge Sirica had handed down, thanks to McCord's turning state's evidence in order to minimize his punishment. While Liddy was quite tight-lipped about the 20-year sentence he received, and the White House was sure that McCord's most damaging claims were only based upon hearsay, Hunt and the Cuban-Americans were not about to spend a good part of the rest of their lives in prison, and Sirica had given them a way out by reviewing their sentences in three months, based upon whether they cooperated with his grand jury and the Ervin Committee. McCord had heard that Mrs. Hunt had told attorney, William Bittman, that her husband had information which would "blow the White House out of the water."

Soon "all the trees in the forest", to quote McCord, began to fall - Dean, Campaign Manager and former Attorney General John Mitchell, and his assistant and former Haldeman aide Jeb Stuart Magruder, and the axe McCord was wielding so effectively was based upon the agenda that Erlichman, Deputy NSA Alexander Haig, and special counsel Charles Colson
had given Plumber mastermind Harvey to carry out to insure Nixon's re-election. None of them apparently realized the lengths Harvey was willing to go to achieve this objective - what the Agency's 'Executive action' director incorporated his own hatreds into, especially towards former Director Hoover - and they soon had to cover up the original cover up for fear that Harvey's mission would leak out.

While students of Watergate have concentrated their attention on the original cover up - what McCord triggered exposing by claiming that the defendants had been pressured by Dean and Mitchell into pleading guility, and remaining as silent as possible, resulting in perjury which corrupted the structure, orientation and impact of the government's case against them - much interest was lost in the process about who the others were who were involved in the operation, and the fact that Watergate was not a CIA operation, as Nixon vigorously tried to establish. The new cover up stopped short of implicating Haig in the covert operation, and establishing that Harvey's role was the basis of the Cuban-Americans thinking that the Agency was behind it.

Harvey's role was behind the claims that Hunt and McCord were still somehow working for the Agency. Hunt, while he had worked for CIA - notably during the ill-conceived Bay of Pigs operation - was currently employed by Robert Bennett of the Mullen Company as a writer in the effort to blacken the Democrats, especially JFK, for the Vietnam fiasco (Gemstone Papers), and as a consultant of Colson's to see that the libels achieved results. Hunt's wife Dorothy, who had acted as the bagman with the hush money until she was killed in a plane crash, had told a secretary at the Mullen firm that "Howard is being made a scapegoat" (p. 205) for what the Plumbers had done, as Bob Woodward reported in All the President's Men. A desolate Hunt was restrained by a friend from telling much more when he met Woodward during his trial.

And McCord had been the chief of physical security at CIA but had been retired for a few years. He was now running McCord Associates, a Rockville private security firm, and teaching a course on it at Montgomery Junior College.

Colson was responsible for making the most of Dorothy Hunt's death when UAL flight 553 stalled after being waved off its first landing attempt at Chicago's Midway Airport on December 8, 1972. The pilot had failed to activate the wing spoilers - what deprives a plane of almost any lift for landing - and he managed to activate them when he went started to go around for another approach, indicating that the mechanism had been sabotaged. Colson apparently had Harvey, feigning to be an air traffic controller at Midway, call conspiracy theorist Sherman Skolnick, and claim, though, that it was the result of a bomb and cyanide poisoning. Then Colson got Mark Felt to rush the FBI disaster squad, led by Beverly Ponder, to the scene, justifying the Bureau's intrusion in the investigation of an airplane crash because it was an act of sabotage. It was all very reminiscent of how Colson and the FBI had acted after the attempt on Governor Wallace's life.

The crash not only eliminated the White House's most dangerous whistleblower, a former CIA agent herself who knew all about Harvey's cowboy activities for the Agency from their inception, but also two most knowledgeable people desirous of exposing them: CBS black reporter Michelle Clark and black Chicago congressman George Collins. Clark had covered the 1972 presidential campaign, and Collins had worked in the Cook County Sheriff's Office in several capacities before going to Washington in 1970. Its chief investigator was Richard Cain, Sam 'Mooney' Giancana's former driver, who had helped provide Harvey with all the Mafia assets he needed for his assassinations, going all the way back to the Dallas one.

Clark was most interested in picking Collins's brain about what the White House was so interested in finding by the Watergate break-in. Dorothy Hunt, Clark and Collins, it seems,
were putting together an indictment of the President having been complicit in the whole secret agenda, stemming from Larry O'Brien's knowledge of NRO operations, when they were deliberately killed.

Harvey's having made Flight 553 uncontrollable when it went to land was also intended to kill former CIA agent Lucien Conein who had helped Hunt fabricate for the White House JFK's involvement in the overthrow of South Vietnam's President Ngo Dinh Diem. While Hunt botched his meeting with Concein since Colson sat on the tape recorder he used for recording the alleged details, Nixon soon had Egil Krogh, Ehrlichman's chief aide, demanding that Concein be released from his silence by the Agency so that he, Nixon, could use this material to stem calls for overthrowing Thieu because of his foot-dragging over a settlement with the North. "...I would remind all concerned," the President told a September 1971 press conference, "that the way we got into Vietnam was through overthrowing Diem, and the complicity in the murder of Diem." (Quoted from Fred Emery, Watergate, p. 71.)

Conein was ushered out of the Agency when the shit started hitting the fan from the blowback from the break-in. In October 1972, DCI Richard Helms offered Conein and
"several former CIA assets to obtain strategic and operational intelligence for BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) on Cuban drug trafficking in the Caribbean." (Quoted from Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall, Cocaine Politics, p. 28.) Harvey was most undoubtedly one of the group too, and the transfer was intended to get its most dangerous agents, ones involved in its assassination program, especially the domestic ones, as far away as possible. Conein, apparently aka Harold Metcalf, was on Flight 553 in the hope of recruiting Mrs. Hunt as a BNDD clandestine operator, it seems, only to discover that they all had been set up for murder.

And while Conein managed to miraculously escape alive, Skolnick and a growing chorus of conspiracy theorists, especial Tom Valentine, made him out to be the flight's saboteur. By the time the official investigations, especially the one by the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB), were completed, Skolnick et al. had raised so many false explanations of the plane crash that the real cause of sabotage - the reversal of what the wings' spoilers were supposed to do - escaped notice. Given the public confusion, Nixon then got rid of his most dangerous assets: Krogh was immediately named Undersecretary of Transport, the agency which was to oversee the inquiries by the NTSB and the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) into the crash ; Alexander Butterfield, Haldeman's aide who knew of the Oval Office's secret tapes, and who was managing the payment of "hush money", was soon made chief of the FAA; and Dwight Chapin, Nixon's appointment secretary who knew all about the "ratfucking" - doing anything to win an election - was appointed chief executive of UAL's Chicago office.

Ultimately, Colson, thanks to becoming a born-again Christian while spending time in the cooler for his excesses, admitted as much, stating in the July 8, 1974 issue of Time magazine: "I think they killed Dorothy Hunt," though notice that he still does not go to the trouble of identifying who "they" were.

While the death of Dorothy Hunt turned her husband around - thanks to new claims
implicating Howard as being one of the bums arrested in the railroad marshalling yard nearby Dealey Plaza in Dallas when JFK was assassinated - the crash drove 'Deep Throat' aka Al Haig to take stronger measures against the Oval Office, as Woodward and Bernstein have described in All the President's Men. While the Watergate break-in had caused him to tell tales which led to the arrest, and successful prosecution of the burglars - as I have described in my article "How and Why Al Haig Torpedoed Richard Nixon as 'Deep Throat' " in the Trowbridge Archive, the crash killing nearly 60 people was too much for the former DNSA. This was when Woodward had the meetings with 'Deep Throat', now Army Vice Chief of Staff at the Pentagon, during which he described the scope of the White House's 'ratfucking':

"On evenings such as those, Deep Throat had talked about how politics had infiltrated every corner of government - a strong-arm takeover of the agencies by the Nixon White House. Junior White House aides were giving orders on the highest levels of the bureaucracy. He had once called it the 'switchblade mentality' - and had referred to the willingness of the President's men to fight dirty and for keeps, regardless of what effect the slashing might have on the government and the nation." (Quoted from p. 130.)

These meetings show convincingly that the Bureau's Mark Felt was not 'Deep Throat' - what Felt, along with Woodward and Bernstein, have recently been claiming - as he had volunteered the 150 agents immediately to cover up the cause of the crash without any prodding from anyone in the Nixon administration.

Viewers who still find this claim dubious at best should compare what Woodward and Bernstein wrote about 'Deep Throat' in All the President's Men with what Woodward grudgingly volunteered about him in The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat.
Woodward's "old friend and sometimes source who worked for the federal government" (p. 23), and Bernstein's "former official of the Nixon administration" (p. 27) was reduced to this soon after the denouement about 'Deep Throat's true identity was claimed in David Von Drehle's article, "FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat' " for The Washington Post: "Woodward had a source in the Executive Branch who had access to information at (Nixon's campaign committee) as well as at the White House." (addition Von Drehle's.) Von Drehle was not even willing to list Haig as a candidate of the secret source. Little wonder that Bernstein was reduced to this by all the news manipulation: "Felt's role in all this can be overstated."

While Haig was leading the hunt to bring down the White House as 'Deep Throat', he also was also instrumental in bringing about the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew, the manager of the "November Surprise" which assured Nixon's election in 1968, and had been recorded by the NRO - what had been Nixon's albatross ever since he entered the White House in 1969. While Nixon thought that he had finally shed the problems of Watergate by accepting the resignations of Erlichman, Haldeman, Dean and Attorney General Richard Kliendienst - what was more than offset by Butterworth's acknowledgement to the Ervin Committee of the existence of all the tapes - than Haig, now back at the White House as Chief of Staff, was given the responsibility by the new Attorney General, Elliot Richarson, of determining Agnew's fate.

Agnew was increasingly facing indictment on 40 counts of bribery, tax evasion and corruption, back in Maryland where he had been governor, and Nixon was unwilling to make any effort to shield him from prosecution. The charges were for the White House surrogates for what Agnew had done to stop the peace settlement while he was the Vice Presidential candidate for the 1968 Republican ticket. Haig, who had taken responsibility for the Vice President's strong-arming of Thieu to go along with the peace terms, was to make sure that there was no double impeachment - what would have given the White House to Speaker of the House Carl Albert, a Democrat.

While the White House was going to considerable lengths to get the Vice President to agree to a plea-bargain for a lesser offence - what would require his resignation - Agnew personally delivered a letter to Speaker Albert, requesting that the House decide his fate, as it had back in 1827 when Vice President John C. Calhoun was charged with having profited from War Department contracts.

Gerald Ford, the House Minority Leader, determined Agnew's and his own fate by telling Albert that the House would not save the Vice President - a verdict that Haig, despite all the pleasantries about the Vice President, was most happy to endorse because of his "ratfucking" the South Vietnamese President, but not so happy as to be his successor in Nixon's sinking ship of state. That was left to the new Vice President Jerry Ford.