Friday 25 October 2002

Stop Your City — Stop The War

"I've never said this before. Non-violent resistance to the government will show they cannot claim to do this in our name. We should stop the buses, stop the trains, stop the schools."
-= Tony Benn =-

October 31st - Don’t Attack Iraq Day of Protest

George Bush and Tony Blair are determined to attack Iraq. It will not be a war for democracy — it will be a war to control the oil-rich and strategically vital Middle East. It will not be a war to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, because Iraq does not possess such weapons.

The majority of people in this country oppose war. Yet their views are being ignored by the government and marginalised by the media.

There will be no vote on war in parliament and only public outcry forced Tony Blair to allow even a “consultative” meeting of the House of Commons.

George Bush and Tony Blair are determined to attack Iraq, but they have a problem. Us. The anti-war movement is the great democratic movement in this country. It is the only movement in the country that can force the government to stop the carnage and bloodshed that now threatens peace in the Middle East.

We now have to move from words to deeds. We have to move from demonstrations to direct action.

We have to make our numbers count. That is why we are backing Tony Benn’s call for civil disobedience.

On Thursday 31 October we are calling on everyone who opposes the war to organise:

1. Meetings in or near your workplace with anti-war speakers, perhaps with a local march.

2. College occupations and teach-ins.

3. In the evening join us for a central protest in the town where you live. Bring banners, sit down and block traffic.

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