Friday 25 October 2002

Sailing on an Ocean of Lies

by voxfux

We'll folks, it's a shitty world, no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean you have to have a shitty life.

VOXNYC will be bringing you a series of pointers on successfully navigating the oceans of bullshit and lies that comprise the New World Order.

It's a rough and tumble place out there and each of us needs any advantage we can get to protect ourselves and our families from the crushing effects of this world of lies and liars.

Some of the things we will be recommending are not pretty (Like wearing power suits and power ties when dealing with ANY government bureaucrat) but these recommendations are necessary to avoid getting fucked over by the New World Order and the stifling mentality is has brought with it

The, New World Order elite has been fabulously successful in turning neighbor against neighbor, country against country, ideology against ideology. These so called elite are so few in numbers that the ONLY way they have to maintain their power is to diminish ours. It's a zero sum game, which means, the more power we the people have, the less power they, the New World Order elite, have - And that just won’t do.

They have designed it now, so that we do the hard work of maintaining their power for them - We police each other, we fight each other, we kill each other, we snitch on each other, we jail each other. All for them. All so that these aging dying geezers can keep their grip on power.

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