Friday 24 October 2008

The Rothschilds and their 200 years of political influence

From the mainstream UK press if you can believe it. Reading this story is like looking at an iceberg, only a minscule proportion of it can be seen above water.

Nat Rothschild, the financier at the centre of allegations that threaten to engulf the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, is no stranger to laws which forbid politicians from accepting donations from abroad.

Political donations from overseas are also illegal in the US, where John McCain's campaign team is under investigation for allegedly accepting a benefit in kind from two mega-rich British citizens, namely Nat Rothschild and his father, Jacob, the Fourth Baron Rothschild.

In April, Mr McCain passed through London and spoke at a fund-raising dinner for expatriate Americans, where seats at the cheapest tables cost £500 a head. What caught the eye of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based foundation dedicated to combating corruption, was that the event was held "by kind permission of Lord Rothschild and Hon Nathaniel Rothschild" at the family home in Spencer House, St James's, the only privately owned 17th-century palace in central London.

The US Federal Election Committee is still investigating the allegation that Mr McCain's campaign team broke electoral law by accepting a benefit in kind from the Rothschilds. "We haven't heard from the FEC yet, and don't expect to until after the campaign," Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said.

The Rothschild family and politics have been intertwined for generations, ever since Nathan Rothschild, who founded the English branch of the family business, financed Britain's war against Napoleon two centuries ago. Nathan was the son of Mayer Rothschild, who founded the family business in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt during the 18th century.

Serena Rothschild, Nat Rothschild's mother, was one of the largest individual donors to the Conservative Party last year. She gave £190,000. She has also helped fund Mr Osborne's office.

When another member of the clan, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, married the New York businesswoman Lynn Forester, they spent the night of their wedding dinner in the White House as guests of Bill Clinton. Lady Rothschild was a fund-raiser for the Democrats, but defected to the McCain camp after her friend Hillary Clinton was beaten to the nomination by Barack Obama.

So it is nothing new for a Rothschild to be mixing with prominent politicians – but generally they do it in a way that does not invite unnecessary publicity. What is unusual about Nat Rothschild's sudden intervention in the affair of the oligarch and the Corfu yacht is the way he has placed himself centre stage. His presumed motive is anger at Mr Osborne's bad manners in passing on what Peter Mandelson had said about Gordon Brown, when Lord Mandelson, Mr Osborne, and Mr Rothschild were guests of the Russian aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

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Thursday 23 October 2008

Jorge Haider Smear Campaign Underway

As we reported elsewhere, there are strong indications that Austrian politician Jorge Haider may have been assassinated and a car “accident” effectively used to cover the crime; in much the same way Princess Diana met her end.

Now a reader informs us that Austrian authorities are going to some considerable lengths to cover the crime and effectively blacken Haider’s name.

They have to, particularly after an estimated 25,000 mourners turned up at his funeral in Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian province of Carinthia where he was governor for more than a decade. If they don’t Haider may become an icon.

So for a start, the Austrian authorities are changing their story about the circumstances leading up to his death. Now they are saying Haider drank a bottle to vodka before he left on his fatal trip, instead of the vast quantities of Italian white wine, as they originally claimed.

There are now also allegations that he fondled a man at the gay bar, for which the police have now kindly provided a picture of Haider simply in a bar to help substantiate those claims.

Moreover, the mainstream media is now reporting that Haider’s driver, Friedrich Schager was sent home after the magazine launch at the nightclub. This is in contrast to earlier reports that claimed Haider dropped him off at home.

Perhaps more significantly, in the immediate aftermath of his death party deputy Stefan Petzner said Haider was “drunk” when he crashed.

This was before any formal investigation into Haider’s death and before police had even completed their investigations.

Well now the very same Stefan Petzner has admitted having a “gay affair” with Haider.

Of course, Haider is in no position to dispute those claims, made by Petzner who appeared tearfully lamenting his death on Austrian TV recently.

Can he be believed? Or is Petzner simply being used to cover a political assassination, blacken Haider’s memory and prevent him from becoming a martyr?

Haider's death came just weeks after the beginnings of his political revival. In last month's Austrian general election, his party more than doubled its share of the vote, prompting speculation that he would return to the national political scene – possibly with a role in a ruling coalition.

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Monday 20 October 2008

The Most Mind-Bloggling Cover-Up Ever

by Trowbridge H. Ford

While cover-ups of murders, espeically assassinations, are commonplace, never has such a big, quick one been arranged as in the killing of Austrian, right-wing party leader Jörg Haider. It took only a week to complete and legalize it - the same amount of time as it took to arrange a state funeral for the struck-down troublemaker. By comparison, the assassinations of leaders like JFK, MLK, RFK, Dr. David Kelly, Greater Manchester Police's Chief Constable Mike Todd et al. took months if not years to achieve the same status, and some of them don't even have it yet.

By the most reliable accounts, Haider set off home a little after midnight on Saturday morning, October 11th, after having attended a government reception, and a magazine launch at a nightclub, 'Le Caberet' where he sipped a glass of champagne, and had his photograph taken while smiling along side a scantily-dressed female performer. In taking leave of the nightclub, Haider not only said his goodbyes to assistant Alliance for the Future of Austria leader Stefan Petzner, but also got his government driver Friedrich Schager to agree to let him drive his government-provided VW Phaeton V6 - about the most powerful, electronically operated car in the business - home by himself after having left Schager off at his home.

After Haider dropped off Schager, and started going up the highway west of Klagenfurt towards Lambichel - a road Haider hated because he had had a narrow escape with death there in a 1993 accident - the vehicle continued to accelerate, apparently reaching a speed of 88 mph, and became impossible to steer, moving further and further off to the right of the highway until it finally hit a concrete pillar, approximately 150 meters down the road, was flipped up into the air, and rolled over twice before ending up back on its wheels on the highway. In the process, the car lost both the doors on the left side, the lugs on the tires on this side were knocked off, its whole left side was severely smashed in, and there was a strange hole in the roof right over where Haider sat. He, though protected by air bags, and strapped into his seat, still suffered a broken neck, his left arm almost sheered off, and severe injuries to his head and chest.

A woman reported the accident, it seems, though she apparently had trouble making making contact with the rescue services. This woman said that Haider had veered off the highway after he had passed her car, though there is no evidence to support her claims, as the marks off the highway's right side showed the tire marks going straight toward the pillar without any indications of either the car's direction or speed being changed. Given the unbelieveability of her claims, it is hardly surprising that the Austrian police have not only not identified her but also have not had her come forward to elaborate upon her claims. She apparently is part of the problem rather than its solution.

Then the chief prosecutor, Gottfried Kranz, quickly ruled out any "foul play" or "electrical glitches", even refusing to answer a question about Haider's alcohol level in his blood. By doing so, Kranz showed that he had already determined the death to be the result of an accident - what would oblige him to withhold evidence so as not to cause undue heartbrake and embarrassment for Haider's survivors. This is part of Austria's protection of human rights. Of course, by not explaining why he was not answering the question, Kranz only fuel suspicions that Haider was DUI. There was, consequently, no need for either an autopsy or an inquest into this private tragedy.

When Petzner did not speak of Haider's alleged DUI while making his tearful, final goodbye to Haider the following day on tv - what would have certainly resulted in a great deal of self-castigation if he had thought that Haider had been drunk when he left the nightclub, and had not made sure that Haider was not allowed to drive himself home - and the media started posting stories, especially about the accident itself, Austrian authorities began spinning the story about the alcohol content in his blood, getting Petzner to agree that Haider might have been over Austria's strict .5 limit. Then Kranz apparently said that the autopsy showed that it was at 1.8, over 3 and a half times the limit - what the press, starting apparently with Der Spiegel, then attributed the finding to Petzner, though he continued to maintain that Haider was not drunk when he last saw him.

Then rumors started, claiming that Haider had visited a gay bar for all sorts, the 'Stadtkramer', before going home, though there was no mention of what happened to driver Schager in the process. While at the bar, Haider apparently just simply guzzled down Italian wine. While there was no attempt by him to pick up a gay, he was reported to be in bad enough shape when he left that another unknown person volunteered to drive him home, but Haider declined the offer.

Ultimately, posted a story, "Was Jörg Haider drinking in a gay bar before death crash," in order to keep up the pressure on there being no "foul play" in his death by alluding to his apparent "foul play" in life. There was much more uncertainly about how much he had actually drunk as it would have taken at least his guzzling down 15 glasses in about a half hour to get up to the blood level rumored. The gay bit was obviously intended to keep his family, the gay bar operatives, and local officials from saying anything untoward about the matter for fear of blowback about Haider's true sexuality, what the local fathers were permitting the bar to do, and what they had permitted of this nature in the past.

Then the Volkswagen people sent down an investigative team, headed by Peter Thul, to inquire into the massive failure of its most sophisticated car, both in terms of electronic gadgetry and safety features. After inspecting the crash scene and the vehicle, the VW team was at a loss to explain it, suggesting that it was possibly caused by someone in its garrage, unlocking its electronic brain, and programming it to go full speed ahead when certain driving conditions were reached.

The VW suggestion got nowhere in the media, however, until Thul mentioned that the Haider crash recalled the Princess Diana one - what allegedly sent Britain into a rage about the comparison, thanks to a story in The Sun. Of course, it was only an understandable allusion under the circumstances. And who knows, it might be the real one as nothing much was made of a programmed car in her case: it was all the papparazzi, DUI, The Duke of Edinburgh, another missing car, MI6 agents, especially Oswald Le Winter, etc. (Remember in the sudden death of FBI Director J. Edgard Hoover, no one thought that he might have been poisoned to death by Nixon's Plumbers until the full scope of their agenda and capability, particularly inducing a heart attack by a pill the CIA had just developed through its Often program, was disclosed.)

At this point, there are just too many unidentified people in the story - i. e., the woman who reported the crash, the person who offered the drunk, it seems, Haider a ride home, and who the people are at the garrage where the Phaeton was kept, and what did they do. Then there has been no follow-up about what Schager and Petzner really know, and think about the tragedy.

It seems certainly quite possible that a team of assassins - like a Mossad kidon - set up Haider for a programmed kill where he was strapped into his death vehicle while it went down the predetermined way, helped along by the car of the missing witness, as if he were a war criminal, getting his just desserts while still fully conscious.

Little wonder that the elite of Austria's current establishment made the most of it by turning up at state funeral that it had arranged for Haider since their hated opponent was truly finally dead.

If more is not investigated and explained about this still most suspicious death, it will become one of the favorites for future conspiracy theorists.

Monday 13 October 2008

UK interpreter 'spied for Iran'

They used the same description for David Kelly (Walter Mitty style fantasist) why the fuck is everyone who disagrees with the warmongering bastards who run this country a "fantasist" - it's like holier-than-thow Great Brighton can do no evil and her public servants are always honourable, wonderful people who really care about the people and the country. Bull-fucking-shit! What I want to know is: what's really going on here?

How can you tell when a member of the government is lying? Their mouths are usually moving!!

An Army interpreter serving in Afghanistan, described as a "Walter Mitty" style fantasist, became an agent for Iran, a court has been told.

Tehran-born Daniel James, of Brighton, translated for Gen David Richards, the former UK commander in Afghanistan.

It is alleged he sent coded messages to an Iranian military attache in Kabul telling him "I am at your service".

Mr James, 45, denies two charges under the Official Secrets Act and wilful misconduct in public office.

Mark Dennis QC, prosecuting, said Mr James' role, working for the general, put him in an "unique position".

He said Mr James was a "Walter Mitty"-style fantasist who thought he had been snubbed for promotion.

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Why Austria's Jörg Haider Was Assassinated

by Trowbridge H. Ford

The death of Jörg Haider, Austria's maverick right-wing leader, in an early morning accident on a road leading out of Klagenfurt is just too convenient and suspicious not to have been an assassination, either by his former Freedom Party supporters, especially leader Heinz-Christian Strache, because of the challenge he represented to their survival or the Mossad's Meir Dagan because of the threat he represented in the safe prosecution of the Josef Fritzl case, particularly when the police and the media are so quick to dismiss it as simply an accident with all the suspect bits left out.

While Haider earned his neo-Nazi credentials justifiably as a youth, Carinthian politician, and governor, he became increasingly unpredicable in the 1990s, leading one to suspect that he had been compromised by the Mossad because of his child abuse and gay sexual activities. Haider had certainly been involved in trying to prevent the election of Kurt Waldheim as Austria's ninth President in 1986 - what the Mossad had apparently 'sexed up' by supplying forged documents about Waldheim's alleged war crimes in the Balkans during WWII, and Alfred Worm's Profil magazine had disseminated to the electorate. This campaign was apparently to get back at Waldheim because of his criticism of Israel's actions in Lebanon, particularly by Ariel Sharon, while he was Secretary General of the UN.

After Likud Party politician Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Ambassador to the UN, found the forgeries, Austria was obliged to appoint an International Committee of Historians, led by Simon Wisenthal, to investigate the claims - what turned out to be a complete exoneration of Waldheim. The World Jewish Congress and later Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, a Jew, had justified the inquiry by stating that they "won't allow the Jews abroad to order us about and tell us who should be our President." The Chancellor at the time of the election, Frantz Vranitsky, had threatened to resign if the riots against Waldheim's winning continued - 5,000 protesters, including Haider, had gathered outside St. Stephens Cathedral, and had marched to the Hofbrau to protest the prospect.

About this time, the spying by the Mossad's Zev Barkan aka Bruckenstein, its agent in Brussels, started to kick-in. For quite awhile, the infamous Marc Dutroux had been kidnapping kids, particularly girls, for Europe's leading child abusers, especially screwed-up right wing politicians. When Barkan learned what was going on, he had Bernard Weinstein infiltrate the operation, resulting in the blackmail of those exposed for Israeli purposes - particularly stopping anyone questioning The Holocaust, and those interested in isolating the Jewish state. Ultimately, Dutroux owned several empty houses in which he conducted his dirty business, even building an underground dungeon for the most prolonged torture and sexual abuse.

When Dutroux found out what Weinstein was doing, he tortured him to death, smashing his testacles in the process, and burying him while he was still alive. Still, Barkan was pleased with the result, and he moved on to Vienna in 1996 to take advantage of what was known about Haider. On March 21, 2000, at the height of Haider's political progress, the Berlin-based Tageszeitung reported that the Freedom Party leader was a homosexual - a charge he refused to answer. Then the "Homosexual Initiative" in Vienna added that his 'outing' was the result of inside information which had been known for a decade, and justified publishing it so that other closet gays could be exposed.

The decline in Haider's neo-Nazi activities was dramatic while he was obviously being blackmailed. While the son of rabid Nazis during the lead-up and conduct of WWII - who were punished in the post-war period for their activities - Haider started out as a good son of his suffering parents, only to become a most unpredictable maverick during the 1990s. While he said rather banal things like there were "decent people" in the SS, Hitler's pre-war employment policies solved the problems of The Great Depression, and undesirables, like the Jews, were locked up in punishment, not concentration, camps, his more disturbing acts were to hire Peter Sichrovsky as his private secretary, and to allow him to set his agenda. The consequences of this were Haider running off to Iraq to settle the looming Anglo-American ouster of Saddam Hussein just before it happened, and his cozying up to Libya's dictator Muammar Gaddafi when he was still the leading target on their hit list.

Of course, Haider's antics made him less and less popular with the Party's faithful, resulting in its growing split - what he tried to bridge by popular appearances with Austria's growing youth. The shit hit the fan, though, when Sichrovsky was exposed as working for the Mossad, as this link describes:

Sichrovsky's exposure was based upon an exposé that Haider's old associate, publisher Alfred Worm, had written in the News. Its most explosive revelation was that Sichrovsky had accompanied fellow, Freedom Party member, the Austrian Defence Minister, on a trip to Syria in the autumn of 2000, alleged to achieve the release of three Israeli soldiers being held by Hezbollah in Lebanon. It seems to have been spying on what the country was up to after the death its leader, Hafez Assad.

Of course, Haider dismissed the claims about Sichrovsky as worthless, as Israel had apparently gained nothing by it, even if true about his working for the Mossad. When Haider was apparently finished politically, Worm confirmed it, claiming surpringly in A Dispute with Joerg Haider that Haider was a true neo-Nazi throughout - what resulted in Worm being given the journalist of the year award by the Österreichische Journalist 2006 . Someone, it seems, took violent offence to Worm's 'rehabilitation' of Haider since Worm conveniently died of a 'heart attack' three days later.

Haider could have suffered a similar attack on early Saturday morning when he was driving home to celebrate his mother's 90th birthday. His car skidded off the road uncontrollably in Lambichel, and he never regained control of it before hit a concrete barrier 150 meters further on. I know from similar experience what can happen when one is poisoned. I nearly drove off the road, and down a mountain when I nearly lost control of my car as I was driving between Porto de Mos and Mire da Aire in the early spring of 1996 on my way to Spain. If I hadn't managed to safely stop before I nearly went unconscious, and had simply crashed down the mountain, the Portuguese police, as the Austrian immediately did in Haider's case, would have immediately written it off as just another death through an accident.

But then, Haider's official car could have been tampered with - e. g., the buttoms on the computerised driving system having settings he was not familiar with, and didn't know how to change while the car veered out of control, the wheels on the left side having had their lugs loosened, the steering mechanicism sabotaged, the undisclosed woman who reported it having been involved in pushing Haider off the broad road, etc. Of course, these probabilities would be rendered less likely if Haider's body was given an autopsy, and the car was given a rigorouse inspection - what did not happen since the police dismissed any possible problems.

These suspicions are increased when Chief Prosecutor Gottfried Krantza, while denying both "foul play" and "technical glitches" in the crash - announced to a press conference that Haider was driving at twice the authorized speed on the wide highway; yet, he was unwilling to answer a question about whether his blood had been tested to determine its alcohol level. By not answering, everyone ignorant of the fact that Haider almost never drank would assume that he was drunk at the time.

Then the description by the undisclosed woman who said that Haider lost control of the VW Phaeton V6 while overtaking her car - who has since conveniently disappeared - hardly matched the video which showed that Haider's car crashed into a concrete barrier on the passenger's side of the road before spinning back left onto the highway. Then the press has contended that Haider was returning home late after having visited a nightclub when witnesses claimed that he had gone to a local government celebration, and a book promotion launch where he sipped a half glass of champagne before returning home.

Then Haider's driver, Friedrich Schager, said that the provincial governor persuaded him to let him drive home by himself after he had dropped off Schager at his house, though Haider seemed tired - something that he regrets now. This was the same route - one Haider "hated" - because he had a similar accident on it back in 1993, one he miraculously escaped serious injury from; yet, everyone now is willing to contend that he was willing to test fate yet again. Actually, it seems more like someone wanting to teach Haider a deadly lesson for having betrayed them back then.

As for who would want Haider murdered, the most likely suspects seem those who wanted to see the end of Worm - i. e., its former followers in the Freedom Party, especially leader Strache. Right before the most recent parliamentary elections in September, he showed the greatest emnity to his former mentor: "Haider, he says," when Marion Kraske asked Strache if there was any chance of a reconcilation with his former boss in "The Populist and His Protégé" on SpiegalOnLine on September 26, 2008, "would sell 'his own grandmother' for his political ambitions. No, he says, he's had enough of liars and cheats."

While Kraske never asked him to explain what he had in mind when it came to Haider's lies and cheating, it is clear that he was referring to Haider's betrayals of the movement for the benefit of Israel. And Strache's anger must have turned to fury when Haider made a political comeback when his Alliance for the Future of Austria did far better than anyone expected in the polling, drawing nearly 12% of the vote, and making his party the key to any coalition government in Austria. Certainly, the Freedom Party had enough on Haider to want him killed.

But there is more to the story, and it makes the Freedom Party look like the convenient fallguy for a Mossad murder. When Barkan was building up his case against officialdom around Brussels, thanks to Marc Dutroux's efforts, similar ones had been made in Austria, given its Nazi past, especially among the Catholic Church's bishops. Israel was looking for, and recruiting persons who could assist the process, particularly people vulnerable because of their own sex crimes. They are the best grounds for recruiting anyone because of the potential of blackmail.

Josef Fritzl was apparently recruited by the Mossad because his past was made so readily available to it. Son of an Austrian mixed marriage aka Mischlinge during the Hitler days - one between a Gentile and a part Jew - Josef grew up, like Haider, feeling that he too was an outsider but for just the opposite reason - i. e., being too little Austrian rather than too much. Fritzl is apparently one-quarter Jewish since his maternal grandmother was completely Jewish. While mixed marriages generally fared better than fully Jewish ones during the Third Reich, officials still tried to force the break up of mixed ones by forcing the non-Jew in it to seek a divorce - and Josef's father left home in 1939 when he was just four - or to criminalize them for real or fabricated legal violations. The most broken of these families were the ones like the Fritzls where the non-Jewish father was allowed all kinds of liberties in the hope that he would permanently split.

As a result, the young Josef developed an almost incestuous relationship with his love-starved mother, forcing him to seek marriage in 1956 when he had just reached his maturity. His wife, Rosemarie, had more than she could handle with his sexual demands, having seven children in only ten years. Apparently, Josef's sexual needs were so great by then that he is suspected of having raped and killed youths Martina Posch and Anna Neumayr in 1966 when he and his wife were running a restaurant and hotel across Mondsee Lake from where Posch's body was finally discovered in 1986, and Neumayr's was found near her home in Pfaffstaett bei Mattinghofen, near Salzburg. Then Josef was convicted of another rape, attempted rape, and indecent exposure, serving 18 months in the slammer for the first offense.

During the 1970s, Fritzl was more careful about committing violent sexual acts because of his record, turning more and more to prostitutes and visitors to the hostel that he and Rosemarie ran for Israeli tourists who visited the area. It is hard to imagine that Josef did not have sex, of some sort or another, with many of the female tourists. When his daughter Elisebeth reached puberty in 1977, Josef started abusing her sexually, and building the dungeon in his cellar for taking full advantage of her sexual charms when she became an adult.

And Peter Sichrovsky obtained a good picture of what he was up to when he interviewed persons about how children of German and Austrian survivors of The Holocaust, and Nazi war criminals fared in the post-war world: Strangers in Their Own Land: Young Jews in Germany and Austria Today (1986), and Born Guilty: Children of Nazi Families (1988). Josef was one of the few German-speaking children who fell into both camps.

Once Elisabeth was confined to Josef's dungeon to satisfy his essential sexual needs, the Mossad knew that it a convenient fallguy aka cutout for any operation planned, what became necessary when Washington and London decided to assassinate Sweden's Olof Palme for stopping the shipment of Israeli arms to Iran through Sweden on November 17, 1985, and were looking for a convenient scapegoat. Israel was pressured to do so because of all the spying that Jonathan Pollard had done for Tel Aviv in the runup to the non-nuclear showdown with the Soviets - what was to be triggered by the killing, and required all kinds of communication changes to facilitate. He had supplied the Israelis - and, consequently, the Soviets, thanks to the Shamir government's own agenda with Moscow - with the latest version of America's Radio Signal Notations, the 10-volume manual of its global electronic surveillance network.

Israel was forced to provide some scapegoat when the CIA's Rod Carlsson failed to persuade Stig Bergling, the Swedish convicted Soviet spy, to flee to the USSR on the night of the shooting while he was on compassionate leave from prison in order to get married.

The Israelis apparently supplied Fritzl, aka Wilhelm Kramm and the "Mad Austrian", as the fallguy for the real assassin. Kramm sent a letter to Hans Holmér, the Social Democrats' leading crime fighter, sometime before the assassination, stating that he hated him, should be killed, and had associates in Wiesbaden who were prepared to do it. When Palme was shot, the police, led by detective sergeant Börje Wingren, quickly assumed that Kramm had done it. Then Wingren picked up the statsminister's son, Mårten - who had seen a possible suspect before the shooting - and tried to persuade him that the man he had seen was the "Mad Austrian", by using a old photograph of the "wild-looking character with staring eyes, thick lips, and a hugh beard." (Quoted from Jan Bondeson, Blood on the Snow: The Killing of Olof Palme, p. 60.)

The only trouble with this quick, connived solution to the assassination - what all the important Swedish investigators were prepared to believe - was that the "Mad Austrian" had an alibi for the shooting - i. e., he was stopped by the police in another part of town when Palme was killed, drunk and on his way to an appointment at 11:30 PM, nine minutes after the shooting, with a notorious, rough prostitute, known as "Marjatta". He was still in bed with her the next morning when the police pulled in for the killing, only to be totally disappointed when he proved to have an iron-clad alibi. The police let him simply disappear - like the woman who first observed the Haider accident - though he had threatened public officials when a most serious crime was committed.

Back in Austria, though, Fritlz was continually obliged through blackmail to mount protests against Waldheim as its President, and Haider as a leading politician, and Barkan was clearly calling the shots from his post in the Israeli Embassy in Vienna. The kinds of actions where Haider was concerned was when many of Austria's 9,000 Jews said in the runup to the 1999 election that they would leave if he and his Freedom Party became part of any coalition government. Then 50 people were injured in February 2000 riots in Vienna when this became a real possibility. A year later, following the Opera Ball, 42 people were arrested in another disturbance, including many Germans and Americans, causing Haider to refrain from taking part in any government.

It seems that Fritzl's role was to recruit anyone he could for such action, thanks to directions that he received from Barkan outside the country while the Mossad agent was still serving in Vienna and then moving on to the Far East, especially Thailand, and then Barkan seeing that they were provided with false identities to avoid any serious problems if they were caught. While Barkan ultimately became notorious for the process - particularly getting false identities for Mossad agents in New Zealand so that they could, it seems, assassinate its PM, Helen Clarke, without serious risks of capture, Fritzl helped carry on a similar, less risky process in Austria to make sure than Haider never got anywhere really serious.

After 24 years of abusing his daughter because of this, Fritzl was relieved of it by exposure only of his perverted family life. The only problem was it would become more of a problem if he or Haider decided to make something of it - what successful criminal charges against Fritzl, and successful electoral changes for Haider now

As usual, the Mossad took the appropriate prophylactic action, taking out Haider when he least expected it through apparently electrical glitches in the car - what left Fritzl without a paddle when he attempts to justify what he has done. The 'false flag' operation will be blamed at best upon the Freedom Party and Heinz-Christian Strache. And the Mossad did it on the 21st anniversary of the murder of German political and publisher, Uwe Barschel, another person who threatened to talk out of turn about the whole Iran-Contra operation.

United States of America - R.I.P.

If only they'd listened to their own founding fathers...

If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.

-- Thomas Jefferson

Friday 10 October 2008

How to save your economy in easy steps

Modified "Cook Plan" tailored to suit your country.

1. Non-taxable vouchers should be issued at the rate of [Your Currency]1,000 per month per adult and [Your Currency]500 per month per child which may be used for food, housing, fuel, communications media, utilities, and educational services provided at outlets within the [Your Country]. Distribution of vouchers may be delegated to state and local governments.

2. Vouchers will be deposited by service providers and vendors only in a new network of local chartered savings banks—one for each county in [Your Country]. Deposits will be made to the bank in the county of the local point-of-sale.

3. Banks will lend locally at zero-percent interest using voucher deposits as capitalization. The banks may create loans at a 1:10 reserve ratio with borrowers paying administrative fees only. Borrowers must provide a 20% down payment as collateral or purchase default insurance at 2% of the loan principal.

4. Lending will be made only to business entities, including family or commercial farms, operating from an established location within the county.

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department. His articles on economics, politics, and space policy have appeared in numerous websites and print magazines.

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Credit Default Swaps Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction

By Gary Dorsch

The latest downward spiral in the global commodity and stock markets, coinciding with several high profile bank failures, is conjuring up fears of the calamities of the Great Depression of the 1930's. European and Asian stock markets are plunging as terror and panic hits Wall Street. The US Congress finally passed a massive $700 billion rescue package to unclog the credit markets, yet US stock markets have continued to plummet, shedding $1.5-trillion in value last week.

Hindsight is the best sight, but the chaos gripping the markets started with US Treasury's reckless decision to allow Lehman Brothers (LEH) to fail, which set-off an unstoppable chain reaction that unleashed a torrent of panic selling on global stock markets, and froze the European and US banking systems. LEH left its creditors holding $150 billion of near worthless bonds, and common and preferred shareholders were completely wiped out. “Until the day they put me in the ground I will wonder, why we were the only one that was not rescued,” former Lehman chief Larry Fuld told Congress on Oct 7 th .

However, there were also huge losses for companies who wrote credit protection on LEH's bonds over the past five-years. Those sellers of credit protection are now staring down the barrel of billions of dollars in claims, and are scrambling to raise money by selling anything they can get their hands on, including commodities and stocks. Warren Buffet has referred to these credit defaults swaps CDS's, as “weapons of financial mass destruction,” and the fuse on the time-bomb has been lit.

Many financial companies are on the hook for risky credit-default swaps, or private contracts that let firms bet in a completely unregulated market, on whether a borrower is going to default. When a bond default occurs, one party pays off the other for the principal amount. However, in an unregulated market, no one knows which bank issued these swaps. For OTC contacts, buyers of insurance rely on the counterparty to make good on their promises. Ominously, c redit-default swaps have mushroomed to $55 trillion today, up from $144 billion a decade ago.

In contrast to the clandestine world of OTC trading, the Chicago Board of Trade launched a cash-settled and highly transparent credit default swap contract in June 2007, with the ticker “CX,” tracking the top-50 North American Investment Grade Bond Index. Hedge funds were particularly fond of selling these CDS contracts, when corporate defaults were at record lows over the past few years. That made selling CDS contracts a very profitable endeavor.

However, with the meltdown in the S&P financial sector, XLF, the CDS insurance for top investment grade companies at the CBoT has risen 50% in the past four weeks to around $363,000 per contract, reflecting the heightened risks from a sharp downturn in the US and global economy. Elsewhere, average high-grade corporate bond spreads hit an all-time high of 510 basis points over Treasuries this week, while junk spreads reached a record 1,300 basis points. Worse yet, the cost to insure $10 million of Morgan Stanley's 5-year bonds is $1.9 million plus $500,000 a year.

AIG, formerly the world's largest insurance company, had written credit-default swaps on more than $446 billion in credit assets, including mortgage securities, corporate loans and complex structured products. Last year, when sub-prime mortgage delinquencies triggered default swaps that AIG had insured, the firm was forced to book large write-downs. That spooked investors, who reacted by dumping its shares, and made it impossible for AIG to raise the capital it needed to survive. Without a Fed rescue for AIG, the CDS nuclear bomb would have exploded.

The New York Fed is aiming to rein-in the nuclear CDS market, by establishing a centralized credit default swap market with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and London 's Intercontinental Exchange. The LEH bankruptcy has revived calls to move CDS trading onto an exchange trading floor, to remove the system risk posed by a counterparty failure, provide greater price transparency and offer simpler, more standardized settlement of contracts when an issuer defaults.

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