Tuesday 29 November 2005

Shayler: Tony Blair Was an MI5 Spy

Why does this not suprise me in the slightest? In fact if you think about it, it makes a lot of fucking sense!

by Tony Gosling

There has been much speculation as to how the most right wing and powerful elements in the Labour Party used to be such left wing radicals.

Did they have a change of heart?

Apparently not, according to Ex MI5 Counter-Terrorism Officer David Shayler.

It would also explain why the spooks have been so busy trying to blacken Shayler's name.

Ex MI5 anti-terrorism officer David Shayler, who spent three days with us in Bristol recently, when his car got brake failure while parked up at the University, said at his Cube cinema presentation that he had access to information contained in Blair's Security File while in 'the service'.

"Tony Blair worked for MI5 before he became Labour leader."- Evening Post.

The day after Shayler was arrested in France the Mail on Sunday came out with the Headline 'Shayler Could Bring Down Government'.

On the Monday, Shayler says, Blair Summoned the editor to Downing Street and asked him into the Garden (to avoid bugs) demanding to know what Shayler knew about him (Blair).

The editor wisely explained that due to a government injunction he could not tell Mr Blair anything that Shayler knew or he'd be breaking Blair's government's own injunction.

Blair, according to Shayler, had documents in his file which clearly meant he had been spying on his comrades in CND and The Labour Party before being made Party Leader - which explains his so-called radical left activities as a young man - he was a spy reporting back on Communist 'subversives' in CND and in the Labour Party!

Shayler says his secret state agent past would make Blair utterly unreliable to hold public office - particularly in the Labour party and would make him a puppet of the hawks in MI6.

The same hawks I guess who cooked up the dodgey dossier at our expense which has been used to kill nearly 150,000 Iraqis and open the gates of hell in the Middle East. (oh yes and boost the profits and margins of every single Western Arms business leaving not enough to pay our pensioners and treat people on the NHS properly).

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Wednesday 23 November 2005

Venezuela gives US cheap oil deal

Oh how the mighty have fallen... No wonder Bush wants to oust Chavez, the Venezuelan president is making Dubya look really bad - not that Junior needs the help of course.

Officials from Venezuela and Massachusetts have signed a deal to provide cheap heating oil to low-income homes in the US state.

The fuel will be sold at about 40% below market prices to thousands of homes over the winter months.

Local congressman William Delahunt described the deal as "an expression of humanitarianism at its very best".

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is one of the Bush administration's biggest adversaries in Latin America.

He first announced his plan to provide cheap heating oil directly to lower-income Americans while visiting Cuba in August.

The deal involves shipping some 45m litres of heating oil from Venezuela to Massachusetts at a discounted rate via Citgo Petroleum, a US-based subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company.

At a signing ceremony in Massachusetts, Mr Delahunt - a Democrat who helped broker the deal - rejected suggestions that it was politically motivated.

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Friday 18 November 2005

A Glimpse at America's Efforts to Make Earthquakes

by Trowbridge H. Ford

On August 11, 1984, Jane's Defence Weekly, a new magazine printed by the authoritative Jane's Fighting Ships, published high quality photographs of the Nikolaiev 444 shipyard in the Crimea's Sevastopol, one on the weekly's cover and three more on the inside, showing the Soviet aircraft carrier Lenoid Brezhnev under construction. Then many newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, reprinted them. When US Navy Captain Captain T. Fritz of its Naval Intelligence Support Center (NISC) noticed them while reading his paper over breakfast, he immediately called the FBI to report that they were ones missing from its facility at Suitland, Maryland.

The photographs had been taken by the National Reconnaisance Office's new KH (Keyhole) -11 satellite, the first to suppy digital imaging of targets, and developed by the National Security Agency's Program 1010 aka Kennan. KH-11 used systems developed by the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, the previous Keyhole project, and were later the basis of the Hubble Space Telescope. In keeping with the National Security Decision Directive 84 - what the Willard Group, appointed by President Carter, had proposed to stop leaks resulting from Watergate, and in the assassination of CIA covert operatives, and President Reagan had adopted - the FBI was contacted so that if no criminal laws were broken in the leak, at least the leaker could be weeded out of the government.

When the Bureau's agents contacted Jane's editors about the leak, they simply handed over the photographs which had had secret classifications snipped from their tops and bottoms.
Once a fingerprint was identified as that of Samuel Loring Morison, son of the famous Harvard historian who had written, with Henry Steele Commanger the standard survey of American history, and who was working at the NISC, "Morison was arrested as he was about to board a plane on his way to vacation in England," Angus Mackenzie has written in Secrets: The CIA's War at Home. "He was charged with theft and espionage." (p. 136)

When Morison's trial finally occurred in October 1985, it was most baffling, as Mackenzie has recounted. The charge of espionage seemed most unjustified since a real spy, William Kampiles, had already been convicted of selling the operating manuels for KH-11, so it could be assumed that the photo in Jane's Defence Weekly had told Moscow nothing new about the photo reconnaissance obiter, but the prosecution begged to differ, contending that knowing nothing new about a highly covert program was in itself potentially harmful to the United States. Then the defense finally found an expert who would testify on behalf of Morison, Professor Jeffrey T. Richelson, but his testimony about how easy it was for even the average person to spot a KH-11 in the sky was quashed by the trial judge.

Once one of the defense witnesses, CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology Richard Hineman admitted that Morison's disclosure did inform Moscow that the satellite was still working, as all satellites have a limited life span, the jury found that he had potentially damaged America's security, especially since he had done so for money, and he was sentenced to two years in prison, though he ended up only spending eight months incarcerated.

While Mackinzie was understandably upset about the verdict, he never got round to explaining why Morison ended up spending so little time in jail. The reason seems to be that the Reagan administration decided to make Morison's disclosure a positive bit of disinformation as the planned showdown with Moscow by the US Navy was finally taking shape - what an Anglo-American conspiracy hoped to trigger with the assassination of Sweden's statsminister Olof Palme, sink the Soviet nuclear submarines while they went on station in response to the surprise, and then clear out all the naval facilities on the Kola Peninsula by American and NATO air and army operations. Where Morison, either deliberately or ignorantly, fitted into all this is determined by just considering what Moscow had learned from all its spies at the time.

Since Kampiles had given the Soviets all the capabilities of the KH-11, they could at least take all the necessary countermeasures while it was passing overhead, if not even arrange to blow it up. Then the John A. Walker Jr. spy ring had resulted in Soviet attack submarines being almost as difficult to spot as American ones - what enraged Navy Secretary John Lehman, Jr. so much that he called publicly for Walker to be drawn and quartered instead of given a life sentence, with eligibility for parole after merely 10 years in prison. Then Ronald W. Pelton, another NISC employee, had told the Soviets about the tapping of their land lines in Sea of Okhotsk to their naval base at Petropavlovsk (Operation Ivy Bells). (For more about this, Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew, Blind Man's Bluff: The Story of American Submarine Espionage, p. 351ff.)

For good measure, the Reagan administration allowed failed Agency agent Edward Lee Howard to escape to the USSR - hoping that Moscow would think that he was another Kim Philby - and Jonathan Pollard, another NISC employee, was sentenced to life in prison for supplying Shamir's anti-American government in Israel with satellite and signal intelligence
regarding the structure of US deterrent forces in case there was some kind of Cold War showdown - what Tel Aviv exchanged with Moscow for the release of more Soviets Jews who wanted to immigrate to the Holy Land.

Of course, this information would hardly help Moscow for what Washington and London had planned, as it was a question of the Soviets spotting Lehman's attack submarines as they sought out the Soviet boomers and their own attack subs, stopping communications to the West by double agents and from bugging other communication lines, and stemming the planned attack over the Finnmark region of Norway with some kind of defense in depth. Defector Vitaly Yurchenko was even programmed by Moscow into the whole deception operation by telling tales on various agents, especially Pelton and Howard, when he came over, and then being allowed to escape back to Moscow by the CIA with the most important double agent, Valeri Martynov, in his entourage. It was the most important, complicated deception operation in the history of the Cold War, and who would ultimately triumph was not known until the very end.

While we now know that the spying for the Soviets by the CIA's Rick Ames and the Bureau's Robert Hanssen saved everyone's skin, as I have described in many articles in the Trowbridge Archive, the role of Morison in the process has not been told. His conviction was to reassure Moscow that any KH-11satellite which showed up over the Black Sea naval base was just another photo reconnaissance one - what the Soviets would neutralize one way or another.
Little did they realize that it was airborne with a laser accelerator, feigning to be a Magnum satellite - what could cause massive earthquakes in the unstable area if necessary. As it circled over the area 15 times a day, it could make a devastating earthquake there in little time at all.

As with so many conspiracies - what results in so many cock-ups - the best laid plans were destroyed by a foul-up. When the space shuttle took the laser accelerator aloft on August 28, 1985 (No. 7 in the Kennan program), it failed to be launched because of a premature engine shutdown. NASA did a rush job to prepare another space shuttle, Challenger, for a replacement mission on January 28, 1986 but, as we all know, it ended in tragedy with the space craft separating from the booster rockets almost immediately, and plunging into the Atlantic, off the Kennedy Space Center. While the Reagan administration made much of the loss of life, especially woman astronaut and school teacher Christine McAuliffe, Washington was more concerned about the lost satellite.

Instead of the White House scrubbing the operation, it pushed ahead with reckless abandaon despite the fact that it had lost its most crucial element in any surprise showdown with the Soviets. The CIA's Rod Carlson recruited Stig Bergling in the hope that he would be the fall guy for Palme's assassin by fleeing to the USSR while on prison release to get married, the Agency's resident in the Stockholm Embassy Jennone Walker got the Swedish security service Säpo to bug the Soviet Embassy telephones and KGB residence in the hope that Bergling would call to arrange his escape - what would confirm Moscow's being behind the assassination - and Britain's SOD George Younger was on hand when NATO's Anchor Express Exercise commenced in Norway, so that he could direct it against the Kola Peninsula when America's carrier battle fleet, Operation Eagle, arrived off Narvik.

Fortunately, the whole conspiracy went a cropper when Bergling declined to flee, Operation Eagle never arrived because Atlantic Fleet Commander Admiral Carl Trost refused to follow Navy Secretary's orders, and Anchor Express Exercise immediately got caught in devastating but expected avalanches which killed 17 Norwegian engineers. It was all just as well, though, as KGB Chief Viktor Chebrikov had announced on the morning of Palme's assassination that it had uncovered the plot, and taken appropriate counter measures. If Washington and London had succeeded in triggering the showdown with conventional weapons - what they attempted on several occasions - the result would have been devastating to us all, as the Soviets had 82 nuclear-armed SS-23 missiles in East Germany and Western Russia which the vaunted Western intelligence knew nothing about.

Little wonder that when the scope of the whole cock-up began to emerge, and the political atmosphere between Reagan and Gorbachev began to change dramatically at the Reykjavik meeting in October 1986, Morison was released early from prison. It was a far different matter with the Walker gang and Pelton, however, Admiral William Studeman, a former NISC chief and the current director of the Naval Intelligence Service, writing an affidavit for the trial of one of the former in California in late September 1986, claiming gratuituously and falsely that Pelton's spying had presented the Soviets with war-winning possibilities in any showdown with the West. Of course, Studeman did not explain what war he was referring to.

Studeman was the driving force in Navy ranks behind the whole confrontation that Secretary Lehman sought, directing the attack submarines in the latest Ivy Bells Operation, having CNO James Watkins coordinate the planned attacks with the British MOD, and seeing that Admiral Frank Kelso's Sixth Fleet in the Black Sea tried to make up for the absence of the KH-11 (No. 7) satellite. (For sanitzed details about the whole fiasco, see Gregory L. Vistica, Fall from Glory: The Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy, p. 213ff.)

Of course, while America lost the satellite on Challenger, it had the capability to make more, and once the problems with launching the space shuttles safely were solved, it sent two more KH-11s into orbit in 1987 and 1988, and a more advanced one, called LACROSSE, into space on an orbit which flew over the Middle East all the way to North Korea, as this was the area of concern with the USSR and the Soviet bloc going down the drain. China was now the hot target, especially after its leadership intensified and institutionalized its repression of dissent after the forceful clearing on Tiananman Square on June 4, 1989. The new Bush administration was most interested, though, in keeping on talking terms with Beijing, "constructive engagement", because of what it had planned for Iraq, and the now independent oil-producing nations of Central Asia.

Despite the Chinese crackdown, Washington wanted to persuade the Chinese leadership to ease up on the protesters, especially on the Uighur, Muslims, in Xinjuing province where vast new deposits of oil were discovered, and worked to persuade Congress not to invoke sanctions on Beijing but to maintain China's most favored nation status in trade as bargaining chips. In return, China's Foreign Minister Qain did not block Washington's UN approach to punishing Saddam for his invasion of Kuwait.

And by this time, Admiral Studeman had managed to become NSA's director, and was interested in what KH-12 satellites could really do rather than make them simply survivable in the event of a Soviet attack - what the previous director General William Odom was obsessed with. Studeman was able to work easily behind the back of his nominal superior, DCI Judge William Webster, who had been selected to clean up the Agency's image after the Iran-Contra scandal.

While the world was occupied with the Gulf War, Washington pulled a surprise on the troublesome Chinese by causing an earthquake in Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, on June 20, 1990 - reminiscent to what the Russians had done 14 years earlier in North China. The 7.7 quake on the Richter scale killed or injured 370,000 people, and opened up the area to outside disaster reconstruction, especially by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization - a consortium of Chinese, Russian and Central Asian interests which hoped to open the whole country to free trade and global capitalism. The quake rendered the monoply that the Hans were trying to maintain throughout China through the military, state petroleum companies, and state-run construction firms completely untenable.

While Washington's role in the tragedy escaped completely unnoticed, Jeffrey Richelson, the professor who had tried to help Morison in his espionage case, published an article, "The Spies in Space, in Air and Space magazine, which raised all kinds of questions about its possible role - what NSA tried to quash by classifying the article 'SECRET', and Representative Geroge Brown tried to make light of by bringing up the matter in Congress on November 26, 1991. By this time, Richelson had become a leading authority on America's satellite capability, having written many books on the subject, especially The Wizards of Langley: Inside the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology which showed that it was involved in much more than just trying to find "The Manchurian Candidate".

Richelson, after having explained the role various KEYHOLE satellites had played in some confrontations and wars, declared: "And still others become the catalyst for further collection efforts and eventually for action political, diplomatic, or military." While he did not indicate what ones had been involved in military follow-ups, he did give this operational scope to them: "Satellities search for signs of new nuclear reactors or missile deployment in countries that buy arms and nuclear technology from China, including Algeria, Iran, Palestine, Saudia Arabia and Syria."

It did not take a space scientist to figure out that this country was the apex of the growing axis of evil, and that Washington may well have taken counter action against its increasing threats - what the Chinese, unlike the Iraqis who laid fiber optics cables to protect the security of their messages, using micro wave communications had made crystal clear.

Richelson concluded his article by surprisingly discounting the effectiveness of digital-imaging reconnaissance vehicles in countries which had very cloudly weather, very secretive regimes, and took effective countermeasures against their intrusions, making one wonder why the NSA was going for broke with the new LACROSSE program when China was the only regime which presented these problems.

The answer was supplied, it seems, by an obscure Chinese chemist Zhonghoa Shou working for the Hangzhou Quality Control Institute, and investigating the effects of climate change on its fishing when the deadly earthquake struck. Shou predicted it 18 hours before it happened, though the area had no history of such quakes. He based his prediction upon the unexpected cloud which developed from the eventual epicenter, and the consequent fracturing of the surface which developed from it. It seemed as if some huge rock was being stressed by external forces, causing the cloud to steadily appear, and as the process intensified, the geoeruption commenced, ultimately resulting in the devastating earthquake.

The only problem left to be explained was the source of the external forces, as the area was not known for having volcanoes either. Were they the energy caused by tectonic plates scrapping across one another, a new volcano suddenly appearing, or man-made rays steadily burning a hole through the earth's crust at Hangzhou? The last seemed the only possible explanation as techtonic plates do not meet there, and there were no signs of a new volcano.

To head off Shou's claims from becoming widely known, he was allowed to come to California in May 1993, and while he was studying the history and evidence of its earthquakes - thanks to the assistance his daughter Wenying, an accomplished biologist, supplied from her grants - the Clinton administration became involved in its own program of earthquake-making, as I explained in my last article. By this time Studeman had taken over the actual running of the CIA, having become its Deputy Director, and was anxious to come up with something big - what the President wanted too because of his growing domestic scandals - to neutralize the expected fallout from the unfolding Ames spying scandal.

Studeman apparently made the arrangements for the test quake in Australia's Great Victoria Desert in 1993 from the US Navy station on the North Cape - what American Secretary of Defense William Cohen did for real in Turkey on August 17, 1999. Clinton had to be shown that quakes could be controlled - not having been introduced to what the Soviet and Americans had done for fear of difficult complications - before he agreed to the attack in the Straits of Mamara. Cohen had done everything he could to deflect suspicion from Washington for having caused the Izmit disaster by claiming that it was something one could only expect from unknown terrorists.

In August 2000, after NSA had yet postponed again its launch of its latest LACROSSE satellite from Vandenberg Air Base - neither the National Reconnaissance Office, its manufacturer, nor the Air Force discussing its 66-foot nose cone and its orbit in any way - the NRO did issue a shoulder patch to commenorate all its orbiters in a most menacing way. It was entitled - "National Reconnaissance Office - We Own the Night", and represented by an Owl's face - and underneath it were the four vehicles transversing the globe, with two going along a line from Africa to Russia, and the others crossing the Middle East towards China - striking back with boomerangs.

A boomerang is an Australian native instrument which recoils on its user with deadly consequences - a most telling depiction of what the Americans had been up to in Down Under's desert, and were handing back to the axis of evil with devastating results. One of the obiters had a black boomerang - the LACROSSE one launched in 1988 - while the others were white, indicating that it was the one which applied the deadly payback in Hangzhou and Izmet. Within the Owl's face above the obiting satellites was a white covered mesh, hiding apparently a black stinging antenna.

By this time, Shou had gotten photographs from EUMETSAT's meteorological satellites, and was explaining past earthquakes in terms of his hypotheses, and making highly accurate predictions about new ones, based upon them. IndoEX, a European agency examining the weather in the Indian Ocean area had been much more forthcoming with its photographs of various earthquake sites than the Pentagon's Defense Meteorological Satellite Program had been with its.

Shou predicted on December 22, 2003 an earthquake in Bam within 60 days - a city which had not apparently experienced a serious one in 2,500 years, and did not have any active volcanoes in the area - because of the emerging, unexplained cloud along a growing fault. The earthquakes struck early in the morning of the 26th, 2003, killing 26,271, injuring another 20,000, and leaving 60,000 homeless. The citadel was first struck with a 4.4 earthquake at just after 4 a. m., causing all the residents to flee their homes, but they then went back to bed and the deadly quake struck an hour and a half later - just the time required for the obiter to go around the globe. The 6.6 quake melted all the clay houses on the surface, causing them to collapse completely around its victims, preventing them from breathing.

Of course, the Indian Ocean tsunami was caused by an unprecedented, undersea earthquake - what was triggered again, it seems, from the US Navy Base on Australia's North Cape, so there was apparently no cloud for Shou to base a prediction upon, so he missed its coming.

But Shou was back in business just before the one in Pakistan occurred, predicting accurately yet another one, but "...everyone," according to scientific sources, "ignored his mail as 'not significant'." The earthquake took place in an area where one was hardly expected, and shook the area with unprecedented consequences, causing the seismic zoning to be changed to a major threat area. It occurred later in the morning than the Bam one, at 8.52 a.m., while people were up and preparing to go to work, and taking them completely by surprise. "I've never seen such devastation before," remarked Jan Egeland, the UN's relief coordinator.

By this time, the fourth and fifth LACROSSE satellites had been launched, the fourth on September 9, 2003 to replace the first deadly one, and then the fifth one on April 27, 2005 - on a course between the ones which went over Russia and those over China. This apparently put it right over the North Frontier of Pakistan when the earthquake struck.

Little wonder that Senator Jay Rockefeller, the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (SIC), hit the overhead when he heard about its launch in April. He thought that Congress had killed the program after the fourth one had finally been launched, but the House and Senate Appropriations Committees had continued funding its construction behind the back of the SIC in order to satisfy the employment demands of constituents. The program, Rockefeller angrily declared, "is totally unjustified and very wasteful and dangerous to national security."

Of course, he did not explain how and why an apparent intelligence satellite could be dangerous to national security. In the past, no one ever considered their role dangerous, whether it had been answering the question of the alleged "missile gap" with the Soviets during the 'sixties, eavesdropping upon them during the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the buildup of Saddam's forces on the Kuwaiti border in preparation for its invasion in 1990, and the like. A dangerous satellite can only be an offensive weapon of war.

And one can well imagine why the scientific community did not take Shou's predictions seriously. If taken seriously, scientists would be probbing the skies to see where the LACROSSE satellites are going, and where earthquakes may well be developing so that appropriate countermeasures could be taken - like shooting them down, and warning the populations threatened.

Is the scientific community ever going to give up its chorus of denial when it comes to what Washington is up to?

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Neo-con/fascist provocateurs behind French riots?

by Wayne Madsen

As is the case with other European countries where fascist and Islamist fundamentalist forces have joined forces, there is increasing evidence that the riots that have swept France for a week and a half have been far more than spontaneous reactions to the electrocution at a Paris electrical sub-station of two Muslim teens who were escaping police.

With an ailing President Jacques Chirac stepping down in 2007, the battle lines have been drawn between two conservative presidential candidates - Interior Minister Nicolas Sarzoky (nicknamed "Sarko"), a confirmed neo-con in the tradition of fellow travelers in Italy, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, and Spain, and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin.

Sarkozy has inflamed Muslims and other minorities in France by describing ghetto youths in broad pejorative terms such as "riff-raff" and "scum." While Sarkozy has inflamed the situation with his anti-immigrant rhetoric, de Villepin has sought to mollify the situation by not wanting to overreact and create more turmoil.

However, with rioting spreading beyond Paris to the north and south of the country and extending beyond young Muslims to unemployed African, Afro-Caribbean, and white young people, the situation is being used by Sarkozy to blame "Jihadist conspiracists" for coordinating the rioting.

Sarkozy has strong links to the Likud Party in Israel and the neo-cons in the Bush administration and the Blair government in London.

The neo-con media conglomerates such as Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and the Hollinger Group are blaming the violence on France's relative tolerance of its large Muslim population.

The neo-con media is also playing up reports that French rioters are proclaiming that they are turning Paris into "Baghdad."

The always reprehensible neo-con racist Mark Steyn, who pens his vile hate-filled garbage for the Chicago Sun Times and other neo-con rags, writes that the rioting youths are not really French but Arabs taking advantage of Jacques Chirac's "weakness" on Iraq.

Funny, but this editor never met too many Arabs from Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Basse-Terre, Abidjan, Antananarivo, Porto Novo, or Brazzaville. Too bad about the neo-cons, geography and history don't seem to be their strong points. Racist talking points, on the other hand, are their stock in trade.

Neo-con game plan? Turning Paris into Baghdad

What is happening in France has all the signs of yet another possible neo-con "false flag" operation in the same category as the Niger fraudulent uranium documents, the provocative actions of Israeli agents in New Jersey who were dressed up as Arabs during the morning of 9-11, unexplained Spanish and British government activities surrounding the train bombings in Madrid and London, and recent deadly bombings in Delhi during Hindu and Muslim holidays attributed to a previously unknown Kashmiri group.

The neo-cons have been unhappy about India's Congress government (a government the neo-cons are trying to link to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal), which unlike the previous Hindu nationalist government, is making peace overtures to neighboring Pakistan.

As with France, India immediately suspected closely coordinated planning in the bombings and sought to analyze intercepts of thousands of cell phone calls placed in the Indian capital shortly before the bombings.

The French politician who benefits the most from this explosion of violence in a country where Muslim citizens constitute a significant minority is Sarkozy.

The losers stand to be de Villepin's faction of the Gaullist RPR party and a newly-resurgent Socialist Party, which rejects the neo-con international agenda.

It is not coincidental that the rioting is mainly plaguing cities and towns governed by Socialist and Communist mayors -- leaders who are now caught between addressing the social problems that helped spark the violence and responding to calls for a return to law and order.

The Socialists, Greens, and Communists are charging Sarkozy with inciting greater violence and then failing to respond to it adequately, thus ensuring the rioting would spread beyond mainly Muslim areas in Paris to wealthier Parisian neighborhoods and beyond Paris to Rouen, Lille, Nice, Dijon, Strasbourg, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes, Pau, Orleans, and Toulouse.

Later, the closely coordinated rioting spread further to Lyon, Roubaix, Avignon, Saint-Dizier, Drancy, Evreux, Nantes, Dunkirk, Montpellier, Valenciennes, Cannes, and Tourcoing.

As in Italy, Britain, Switzerland, and Germany, there are strong links in France between Islamist fundamentalist provocateurs and neo-Nazis.

For example, French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is close to Achmed Huber, formerly of Al Taqwa, a Swiss and Italian financial group linked by the United States Treasury Department to Al Qaeda.

Informed sources in Germany and the United States have also linked Huber to the activities of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega during the Iran-Contra covert operations conducted by the Reagan-Bush administration.

Interestingly, French intelligence and law enforcement are reporting that the riots in France involve international narcotics smugglers.

The possibility that neo-cons and their fascist allies are manipulating the violence in France to their own advantage has the net result of bringing France into the neo-cons' oft-stated goal of a "Clash of Civilizations" between the West and the Muslim world.

The likes of Mark Steyn are already insidiously referring to the Frankish-Muslim 732 Battle of Tours between a Moorish army and the forces of Charles Martel.

Other neo-con propaganda outlets are echoing the words "Vichy" for the French government.

It is all very transparent who is behind instigating the violence now sweeping France.

Reasonable political leaders in France should realize that the riots in France are being used to ratchet up tensions in Europe and distract attention away from recent reports of US secret prison camps and torture centers in Eastern Europe and additional proof that the neo-cons conspired to push the United States into a disastrous war in Iraq.

Already, the neo-con media is blaming the violence in France on Islamic terrorists -- a stock phrase for the neo-cons in Washington, London, Jerusalem, Rome, and the French Interior Ministry allies of Sarkozy.

However, most of the rioters, mostly from North Africa and Western Africa, are not even practicing Muslims, making the possibility of "Fifth Column" provocateurs being behind the violence all the more likely.

French officials are increasingly suggesting that the violence has been closely coordinated and that the primary targets -- trains, police stations, youth centers, banks, libraries, post offices, municipal buildings, schools -- have all been connected to the French government and not to ethnic or religious groups.

Muslim rioting has also spread to Arhus, Denmark and police in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods in Brussels are on full alert.

The Danish rioting conveniently broke out as a parliamentary inquiry is due to get underway on the lying by the neo-con influenced government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen on bogus Iraqi WMD intelligence.

Neo-con media organs in Europe and North America are suspiciously blaming the Muslim violence on Europe's "welfare state."

The National Security Agency and other signals intelligence agencies that monitor French communications are likely in possession of intercepts that would point to interesting outside interference in coordinating and promoting the French violence and the resultant counter-actions by Sarkozy.

It would be interesting to read the transcripts of Sarkozy's recent telephone conversations with his co-ideologists in Washington, London, Brussels, Jerusalem, and Rome.

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Thursday 3 November 2005

"Natural" Disasters?

by Trowbridge H. Ford

Bertrand Russell concluded A History of Western Philosophy on this optimistic note: "In the welter of conflicting fanaticisms, one of the few unifying forces is scientific truthfulness, by which I mean the habit of basing our beliefs upon observations and inference as impersonal, and as much divested of local and temperamental bias, as is possible for human beings. To have insisted upon the introduction of this virtue into philosophy, and to have invented a powerful method by which it can be rendered fruitful, are the chief merits of the philosophical school of which I am a member....In abandoning a part of its dogmatic pretensions, philosophy does not cease to suggest and inspire a way of life." (p. 836)

For the first time since the classical Greek philosophers, according to Russell, philosophy, thanks to what has happened in science since Copernicus, had a proper method, modern analytical empiricism, by which it can slowly build up a theory of the nature world - what had traditionally been corrupted by the preconceptions and aims of moral and political thinkers. Coupled with quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, physics was putting its house finally in order, and philosophy was following suit, promising a world where liberalism would hold sway, and mankind would flourish.

Russell never revised and updated his tome, though he lived another quarter century, and the reason for it is not difficult to determine - the development of atomic weapons, and the possibility of mankind's annihilation increasingly occupied his thoughts and actions. While the philosopher did not object to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - apparently because they shortened the war with Japan - he became alarmed about their possibilities, once the Soviets demonstrated that they too had the bomb. Russell never had any sympathy either in theory or practice with the Soviet Union, considering it only to be the latest and most virulent form of fanaticism.

As Russell grew older, he became angrier as his more traditional betes noirs, adherence to traditional religion and their secular counterparts, ideologies, were replaced by the spiraling arms race between the superpowers and the chances of wars like in the one in Vietnam setting off their use for real. The Korean War became Russell's alarm call as it showed the Soviet Union and Red China coming together in ways which could trigger nuclear annihilation. To stem the tide, Russell enlisted the dying Einstein in 1957 to join the Pugwash movement - an organization of scientists worldwide to force their governments to renounce nuclear weapons. Its conferences attempted to put on an institutional basis what Dr. Joseph Rotblat, a refugee Polish physicist in the Manhattan Project did - resigned - when he learned that Hitler's Germany was not pursuing its own bomb to win WWII.

The American intervention in the Vietnamese civil war turned Russell's opposition to it increasingly into nearly hysterical outbursts, as Alan Ryan has written in Bertrand Russell: A Politcal Life, but there was no reason in his concerns that Ryan was willing to admit. In 1961, Russell wrote Has Man a Future?, elaborating upon the threat because of the willingness of scientists to put their expertise to harmful uses. The Russian atomic scientists, led by Igor Kurchatov, had successfully exploded a hydrogen bomb of their own design on November 22, 1955. Then the Soviets produced a fusion reactor which had all kinds of military uses, especially being able to create massive amounts of neutrons on demand, and what could be directed on a target anywhere with the proper accelerator. And, of course, the USSR was well ahead of the West in the development of missiles for the delivery of atomic bombs.

In this pressure-cooker atmosphere, the aims of Russell's Pugswash movement had little chance of recruiting Soviet scientists until Stalin had departed the scene, and some kind of détente was achieved with Washington. When the Soviet Union felt comfortable enough about its situation to sign the Helsinki Accords on Security and Co-operation in Europe, its privileged scientists, notably Andrei Sakharovn who designed its thermonuclear bomb and fusion reactor, were increasingly
inclined to tell Moscow what should be done across the board to make sure the country was strong enough to ensure peace. Only by all Soviet citizens being able to speak their minds could the country be assured of reasonable policies in science and politics at home and abroad.

Sakharov's leadership of dissent brought all kinds critics, especially other scientists like P. L. Kapitsa, Lev Landau, Vladimir Bukovsky, and Yuri Orlov, of Soviet policy, to the fore. With the Helsinki Accords in place, the USSR promised to establish an environment where truths of all kinds could flourish instead of one where Moscow relied upon borrowed ideas, one way or another, from the West regarding accelerators, atomic energy, shortwave technology, jet propulsion and the like. The turning point had occurred when Kapitsa challenged the new leader Khurshchev in January 1955 on the way Moscow managed the whole scientific enterprise, starting with the revival of the study of genetics.

The attitude of main-line Soviet scientists, though, was still best captured when Kurchatov was queried at a 1956 lecture in Britain about the chances of exchanging information on the possible peacetime uses of nuclear energy. Kurchatov had played catch-up too long with the West in the field - and would never have caught up if it had not been for the spying for Moscow by 'K' apparently aka SCOTT and Peter Wright, as I have written about him in the Trowbridge Archive - for too long to take the proposal too seriously: "Kurchatov considered privately that the conception of science overstepping national frontiers," his interpreter Malcolm Mackintosh related, "was inadmissible at the monent. He himself was a Russian first and a scientist second." (Quoted from David Holloway, Stalin and the Bomb, p. 362.)

Of course, the Americans were equally involved in developing the use of the whole spectrum of atomic waves for military purposes - everything from thermonuclear weapons to tabletop-sized, nuclear explosions, thanks to what lasers and accelerators could provide. American scientists became more and more America Firsters, though, as the process went on because of the fallout from the McCarthy era, and the deciphering of Soviet coded cables during WWII by the Venona Project. Thanks to what happened to scientists J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, Theodore Hall, Clarence Hiskey,Giovanni Lomanitz, Joseph Weinberg, Martin Kamen, David Bohm, Hyman Goldsmith, Morris Perelman, William Perl and many others - rightly or wrongly - the American scientific community learned the hard way to do whatever its employers asked, whether public or private, and never ask the reason why or to complain to others.

While the development of missiles and atomic bombs took the world to the brink of annihilation, as the Cuban Missile Crisis played itself out in October 1962, the threat of it realizing what the policy, mutually assured destruction (MAD), was intended to prevent led the superpowers to seek other weapons systems. While the covert operations against Cuba to precipitate a showdown with the Castro regime - making it look like it shot down John Glenn's risky obiting the globe if the mission went belly up, like it attacked the American base at Guantanamo to expel the colonial power from the island, and the like - have been previously emphasized, Washington's manipulation of Cuba's weather - what it had been working on since 1947 when it was unsuccessful in diverting a hurricane from hitting Savannah - especially increasing the power of hurricanes and tropical storms, was much more devastating.

During the 1960s, the Atlantic Basin experienced a rising tide of hurricanes, with 6 occurring in 1961, 5 in 1964, and 3 in 1966. There were only 18 such storms during the 25-year period from 1944 to 1969. The timing of these waves of hurricanes is just too politically convenient for them not to have been deliberately made by covert government in Washington - right after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the assassination of JFK which gave the green light to everything covert government could muster, and right after it become completely bogged down militarily in Vietnam. This is not to say that Washington created the tropical storms in the first place. It only intensified ones which suited its agenda, and guided them as best it could over Cuba.

And there is no doubt that America had the capability to do these things if it wanted, and could have had the power to create earthquakes if it had so chosen. As Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden belatedly remarked at the 1981 US Psychotronics Association, all one had to do to make a tropical storm into a hurricane was to dephase the frequency of standing electromagnetic waves - what powerful lasers could do with new accelerators - into the air it was passing through.

Psychotronics is broad program to direct people, objects or equipment through various software to do things contrary to their own programming. It was increasingly interested in hypnotizing operators from a remote distance instead of developing Nikola Tesla's hardware, and Bearden was informing the public of what needed to be done while American inventors and operators were catching up with Moscow in the field.

As go-for-broke Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald of UCLA's Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics explained 15 years before in his paper, "How to Wreck The Environment," for a volume provocatively entitled Unless Peace Comes: "The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy." This knowledge and capability could result in engineering earthquakes, melting the polar ice cap, depleting the ozone layer, weather manipulation, climate modification, ocean wave control, and even brain wave manipulation of whole populations.

Unfortunately, as Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen have indicated in The 60 Greatest Conspiracies, America chose MacDonald's program in remote viewing instead of the other options. "In this way," the mad Doctor explained, "one could develop a system that could seriously impair the brain peformance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period....No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages, to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades." (Quoted from p. 435.)

To give cover to the making of these hurricanes, and to come up with a means of preventing them if the need arose, Washington carried out Operation Stormfury, starting in 1962 - the project to seed storms with silver iodide, lead, and dry ice in the hope that they would prevent hurricanes from forming by breaking storms up by, on occasion, man-made tornadoes. The whole project was like many others in the scientific field where finding a remedy for something terrible - like stopping cults - necessitated the need of creating them for studying and testing correctives.

When it came necessary to use the project in Vietnam to stop Vietcong transport on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and to attack targets with greater cloud protection, the Air Force hid its transfer of the expensive capability from the Gulf by causing a great cloud to develop over Hispaniola, causing the inhabitants of Haita and the Dominican Republic to run in terror, fearing the end of the world.

The effects of climate change by the superpowers were evident by the 1960s for all to see if only one had taken the time to look. The polar ice gaps and the ozone layers were starting to diminish - what would quicken when they, especially the Soviets, began attacking the areas with electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies, causing standing waves of devastating proportions.
While scientists would belatedly claim that this was the result of using choroflurohyrocarbons, it was essentially the result of human rayguns which cooked up a dangerous mixture of waves, sea water and sunlight, creating deadly side products of bromine and chlorine which degraded the ozone layers.

The reason for these efforts was not just for immediate tactical success but also long-term
strategic advantage. The US Navy, for example, helped melt down the ice cap over the North Pole so that Russian submarines of all types would have few places to hide in a Cold War showdown. Little wonder that it is now looking at an ice-free Northwest Passage in the near future, and wondering how to defend it. The USSR's program Woodpecker has so warmed up Siberia, making its vast mineral deposits accessible, but the process has left Russia with the western part increasingly contaminated with methane, and the eastern part drying up like a desert. And they both have been monkeying around with the weather at the South Pole in the hope of gaining new resources - what only degraded further its ice cap and ozone layers.

While this whole reckless process was going on, the Soviets, it seems, decided to increase its geo-political position by chopping down Mao Zedong's China a peg with its new earthquake-making capability. No sooner had America withdrawn from South Vietnam than China's leaderhip was confronted with the growing possibility of encirclement - the domino effect in reverse. While the Vietnamese were taking the measure of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Leonid Brezhnev and KGB Chief Yuri Andropov settled scores with China's Cultural Revolution, helping finish off its Old Guard in the process.

The scene was set for the showdown when the Norwegians decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Sakharov right after Moscow had agreed to the Helsinki Accords - though he was prevented from leaving to country to accept it just to be on the safe side. The Krelimin decided that in making a big stink over giving it to the noted scientist and human rights worker, it could create a smokescreen for a crippling attack on its upstart neighbor. By branding Skaharov as "Public Enemy Number One", and taking the most crude measures to silence him and his supporters, especially his wife Elena Bonner, scientist Yuri Orlov, and Peter Wright's one-time handler Vladimir Bukovsky, the Soviet leadership fixed the world's attention on apparently another series of show trials, reminscent of Stalin's more paranoid days. (For a most ill-conceived analysis of the process, see Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, The Sword and the Shield, p. 322ff.)

With the world's attention fixed on whether Sakharov would too be tried, and Orlov, a leading candidate for another peace laureate, would soon follow, the Soviets apparently caused an 8.2 earthquake during the early morning of July 28, 1976 in the city of Tangshan, southwest of Peking, destroying nearly all of it, and half of its one million inhabitants. The earthquake came without any tremors, and at a time when all the preparations to render some disaster less destructive were useless because all the people were sleeping. Scientists did not think that such a powerful earthquake was possible for another century, given the area's previous history.

While Western scientists considered the quake a matter of nature simply taking its course, Chinese official were much more suspicious about its cause, though they too predicted the possibility of a moderate one occurring at the time. On the night before, people noticed strange lights -so-called 'earthquake lights' ("Tesla Effect") - animals, fowl and fish were behaving in all kinds of strange ways, and underground water temperatures were completely abnormal. The earth was literally shaking, with intermitant flashes of light, before the quake finally struck.

Sino-Soviet relations immediately began to improve after the terrible disaster. The "Curse of 1976" was followed two months later by Mao's death. Zhou Enlai and Zhu De had died a few months before the quake, and Mao's followers, The Gang of Four, were badly embarrassed by not visiting the stricken site while charging Deng Xiaoping with having sabotated relief efforts. Mao's titular successor Hua Guofeng and Chen Yonggui, who had made a personal visit to Tangshan on August 4th to survey the damage, then saw to the end of The Gang of Four and China's isolation.

In the January 1978 edition of Specula magazine, when the smoke from the disaster had settled, Andrija Puharich - an American doctor and lawyer deeply involved in the remote viewing program at his home, Turkey Farm, in Ossining, New York - published an article, entitled "Global Magnetic Warfare - A Layman's View of Certain Artifically Induced Unusual Effects on the Planet Earth During 1976 and 1977," charging that the Soviets had done it. "By interferometer techniques, giant standing waves," he explained, "can be combined to produce a focused beam of very great energy."

Given Puharich's close connections to the Agency, everyone apparently assumed that this was just some of its black propaganda, hiding perhaps what Washington had really done, and the CIA did what it could to bolster the claim by, it seems, burning down the Turkey Farm, targeting him for assassination on several occasion, and even killing him in 1995 apparently when the Clinton administration decided to go into the weather manipulation business big time. Until then, Washington was afraid to admit how far behind it was in the earthquake-making business for fear of terrorizing its citizens. Soviet defector Oleg Kalugin, for example, claimed in 1993 that the Soviets had tried to achieve the same results by attempting to plant nuclear weapons off America's and exploding them to create devastating results

It would have been a far different matter if Yuri Orlov, the Soviets' expert on its particle accelerator projects, had been running around the world, talking about them in order to improve his credentials for the Nobel Peace Prize. Orlov was a troublemaking genius. The high energy physicist had formed the Moscow chapter of Amnesty International in 1973, causing his dismissal from Moscow's Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism in 1976.

While in "soft exile" in Armenia, he became such an important player in its particle accelerator projects at Yerevan that he was brought back to Moscow. There, instead of causing more trouble, though, he was soon arrested in February 1977, held in communicado for months, tried and sentenced to Siberia in May 1978, and only released in 1986 by Gorbachev after the showdown with America had passed without Armageddon.

The only important thing which happened in this area in the interim was the buildup of the capability so what Washington could cause earthquakes on demand if the Cold War called for it - what was in the offing after Sweden's statsminister Olof Palme was assassinated at the end of February 1986 in Stockholm. An Anglo-American conspiracy hoped that this would trigger a final showdown with Moscow, once its attack submarines started sinking Soviet nuclear ones when they hurriedly went on line after the surprise. Washington and London planned to start the air and land attack with America's Operation Eagle joining NATO's Anchor Express Exercise in an assault on the Kola Pennisula to convince Moscow that the gig was up, and if the Krelimin continued the hopeless struggle to follow up the assaults with massive earthquakes around the USSR. (See my articles about various aspect of this most complicated conspiracy in the Trowbridge Archive.)

In 1993, Clinton's White House agreed to testing its equipment by having an experimental one in Australia's Great Victoria Desert. As Bill Bryson explained four years later in The New York Times: "The seismographic traces didn't fit the profile of an earthquake or mining explosion, and anyway the blast was 170 times more powerful than the most powerful mining explosion ever recorded in Western Australia." Bryson was most inclined to blame the explosion on a bomb built by the Japanese terrorists, the Aum Shinrikyo, since they conveniently owned property near the center of the explosion, though there was apparently no evidence of radiation.

Bryson's apparent disinformation induced Jason Jeffrey to write an article, "Earthquakes: Natural or Man-Made?", for a 1999 issue of New Dawn magazine, taking issue with the claim that the Aum Shinrikyo group probably did it. By this time, America, it seems, had used the equipment for real, causing a 6.7 or greater earthquake in Izmit, Turkey on August 17, 1999 - a country paralyzed by no effective government, and not knowing where to turn. As with the one in China, experts had recently predicted that there was only a 12% of one happening like this in the next 30 years. To add to the unreality of the analysis of the disaster, the US Geodetic Survey quoted from Ammianus Marcellines's account of Izmit's destruction by an earthquake in 358 A.D.

As in the tragedy in Tangshan, Jeffrey described the piezolectric effect aka "Tesla Effect" just before it struck. Two days before it happened, fish and crustaceans in large amounts
were found floating dead in the water, and nets and rocks were burned. "Furthermore," Jeffrey added," just before the quake, the bottom of the sea in Izmit went red and sea temperature went up to 40-45 degrees C. However, there are no underwater volcanoes in the Sea of Marmara."

About the test in the Australian desert, Jeffrey agreed with Harry Mason's 19-page report - what was later published too in New Dawn magazine. Witnesses told him that "they saw the sky ablaze, heard loud explosions and felt the ground shake, in one case knocking beer cans off a table." Mason was in no doubt that it was caused by "a very advanced eletromagnetic weapons system." As for whose it could be, Jeffry added: "And most worrying is mounting evidence that the US military now has the ability to create earthquakes - the ultimate weapon of war."

In the 21st century, the Pentagon has let it all hang out, as I have described in previous articles about the earthquakes in Bam, the Indian Ocean, and Pakistan, and hurricane Katrina - what Clinton too started with a new cycle on hurricanes for strategic purposes in 1995 - just when the Norwegians had finally recognized the efforts by Rotblat and the Pugwash movement for peace by awarding them the prize in 1999. In the period 1990-2004, there have been 269 hurricanes
worldwide, an increase of over 50% from the previous 15-year period.

Of course, I am not saying or implying that it has caused them all or even many of the devastating earthquakes and hurricanes, but it has caused enough to help bring on a period of violent weather whose conclusion no one can easily predict. And it will do no good to back away from what is happening, as Jeffrey did when he updated his thoughts about who or what was causing them after the Asian tsunami in December 2004 in a recent issue of New Dawn magazine. But it won't be pretty, and the American government has much to answer for helping make it happen.

Wednesday 2 November 2005

Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up

by Steve Watson

One of the suicide bombers who attacked London on 7 July was filmed arguing with a cashier about being shortchanged hours before he blew himself up, The London Independent reported yesterday.

A Metropolitan Police counter terrorist expert also told a seminar that the four terrorists - Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, Germaine Lindsay, 19, and Hasib Hussain, 18, - did not fit the preconceived terrorist profile.

The official told the seminar held in Preston, Lancashire two weeks ago: "This is not the behaviour of a terrorist - you'd think this is normal.

"Tanweer also played a game of cricket the night before he traveled down to London - now are these the actions of someone who is going to blow themselves up the next day?

"I've seen the CCTV footage of these people. They do not appear to be on their way to commit any crime at all. The Russell Square bomber [Hasib Hussain] is actually seen going into shops and bumping into people [prior to his attack]." The expert said.

An image taken from closed-circuit TV footage shows Shehzad Tanweer (left) and Germaine Lindsay at King’s Cross Underground station in central London.

These revelations are yet more evidence to suggest that the so called "suicide bombers" had little or no idea that they were going to die on 7/7.

Recapping the evidence
1. The bombers bought round-trip train tickets and paid for long-term parking -- According to experts who have been briefed by police, they parked a rental car outside the train station and paid to park for seven days, then purchased round-trip tickets to London.

2. Bombs were left in the car, If you were going to use four bombs in four locations, blowing yourself up in the process, why would you leave extra bombs in your hire car for the police to find? Also one of the bombers had spent a lot recently repairing his car.

3. No suicide notes or videotaped messages for their families have surfaced as has happened in attacks elsewhere.

4. Filmed by the closed-circuit cameras at the station, the four men looked, the police said, like "happy hikers", laughing and joking and carrying heavy bags. - London Independent | July 17 2005

5. Cash cards and a driving license belonging to Hasib Hussain were found among the ruins of the No 30 bus. Documents belonging to his named friends were also discovered at the Underground bomb sites. Why would suicide bombers carry personal documents?Were they under the impression they would be traveling elsewhere after they blew themselves up? Plus how is it that paper documents can survive bomb blasts that rip apart steel and people?

6. Why did Hasib Hussain's bomb detonate later and why was he on a bus? His chosen route was closed but he could have simply got on another tube line. There were reports of a man on the number 30 bus rummaging frantically in his bag just before the explosion. Did Hussain hear about the other explosions and panic? It was also revealed that he stopped off for a Big Mac. A portrait of a really hard-core Muslim fundamentalist who hates Western values, visiting McDonald's before 'blowing himself up'.

7. How very convenient that all of the suspected patsies should have been blown up in their own attacks even though the last word was that the attacks were not suicide bombings, but synchronized, timed bombings.

8. Tube survivor Bruce Lait told local media the bomb was UNDER the train - "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said.

Another credible source, Guardian journalist Mark Honigsbaum, talked to eyewitnesses at the Edgware Road bombing, who essentially described the same thing. Eyewitnesses told Honigsbaum that "tiles, the covers on the floor of the train, suddenly flew up, raised up." Click here to hear the audio.

9. The claim from an "Al Qaeda group" that the bombers were working for them was proven to be a hoax.

10. The bombers have been described as four "nice lads", "normal kids who played basketball and kicked a ball around" , one was the son of a fish n chip shop owner, one was a primary teacher. Their immediate family of one of the bombers, the 22 year old sports science graduate, have been quoted as saying they "could not comprehend why he had become a mass murderer."


The Frame up
There have been multiple in depth reports on the fact that these men do not fit the profile of hard-core terrorists and were actually likable people that had everything to live for. See the reports below:



When a video tape of Mohammad Sidique Khan was released showing him in Arab garb and talking about committing bombings, his former friends and locals who knew him were adamant that the tape was fake. "A lot of people loved him round here. I have known him all my life, he was a friend to everyone," said one man. "I know people can change in a second, but I can't say he is one of them. He taught my son, he was a very good teacher. He was never hard-line - no one could say he was an extremist - he was peaceful and dedicated to the children. They all loved him."

The familes of the bombers to this day still remain "mystified" as to why they would do such a thing.

Similarly when a suspect of the failed 21/7 bombings was captured in Rome, people who knew him were "shocked" that he would have even considered such activities. These people are patsies that believe they are taking part in exercises or drills and when the events actually go live they are either blown up or grabbed as the culprits and linked with phony Al Qaeda groups.

In the case of the Madrid bombers they were cornered in a hotel and then they blew themselves up. Mmmmm how convenient. It was later revealed that two of them were police informants and they were linked with the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad.

We have extensively documented how drills of bombs on tube trains were being run in the same locations at the same time on 7/7. The same thing happened on 9/11. These drills are used as cover so to dupe those involved and also slow down or halt reactions of emergency services and the like in the immediate aftermath.

The Government can then use the excuse of the terror attack to crack down on the population and instigate draconian legislation and restrict freedom, thus empowering itself tenfold whilst claiming it is merely protecting its people. We have seen this with new terror laws, free speech areas and ID card legislation being tabled in the UK.

The final nail in the coffin regarding inside involvement emerged when it was admitted that the so-called mastermind of both the 7/7 and 7/21 attacks, Haroon Rashid Aswat, is a British Intelligence Asset.

Terror expert John Loftus told Fox News,

"Back in 1999 he came to America. The Justice Department wanted to indict him in Seattle because him and his buddy were trying to set up a terrorist training school in Oregon... we've just learned that the headquarters of the US Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch Aswat... , apparently Aswat was working for British intelligence."

The Independent on Sunday reveled that one of the bombers, Khan, did have links - including telephone contact - with Aswat. A security source revealed that MI5 was so overstretched at the time that it had to ask for agents from its sister force, MI6, to be recalled from abroad to help keep track of suspects. Although Khan's name came up during the course of inquiries, he was not questioned.

Khan was well known to and had been filmed by British Intelligence.

The mastermind of the London bombings was under the direction and protection of MI6. The lead London Bomber was in contact with Aswat days beforehand. How much more obvious does it need to be that criminal elements of the intelligence agencies were involved in this attack?

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