Wednesday 31 July 2002

Axis of Dipshits

I think it's time to cut to the chase and "tell it like it is" what we have in the world is a lot of severe dipshits who haven't learned that violence won't actually ever get us anywhere... Ghandi said: "An eye for an eye and soon we'll all be blind."

The more we focus on religion and the differences that exist between us, the less time we have to focus on the similarities. There are too many of those for us to ignore, underneath all of the trappings of race, we're all the same basic creatures. We have the same needs, fears, hopes and dreams; we are one. Any "religion" that tries to proclaim differently is quite simply mistaken, as Bill Hicks said; "You're wrong, get over it." we can shoot, bomb, rape, hurt and damage eachother until there are none of us left on the planet, and where is the point in that??

"My god's better than your god!"
Yeah right! sort your life out mate, try a night out, some good choons and a few disco biscuits, it'll help; trust me!

I think we should make all the world leaders get together in one room and do an E, I can guarantee you we'll have a better world in six months!!!!

The Rip-Off Continues

Gee, thanks, so now it's official, we can get ripped-off left right and center, blatantly and no-one, not even our largest supermarket can do squat to stop the rampage of capitalist bulls across the earth.

Tesco loses cheap jeans fight
Source: Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - Tesco has conceded defeat in its long-running battle with Levi Strauss over whether it can source cut-price jeans from outside Europe. Tesco, fighting alongside privately owned discount retailer Costco, threw in the towel on its four-year battle on Wednesday after the High Court backed a decision by the European Court of Justice last November that retailers need the permission of the trademark owner to go shopping outside European Economic Area.

The ruling spelt victory for brand owners seeking to control the distribution of their products through authorised dealers to prop up prices. "It is the end of the legal road for us," Tesco told Reuters. "It was our last opportunity to challenge the European Court's ruling." Tesco had bought Levi products from wholesalers and manufacturers in the U.S. without Levi's permission, what is known as the "grey market". It argued that the ban on purchasing jeans outside Europe was an infringement of human rights, leading to consumers being ripped off.

The chain is currently selling Levi 501s in its stores for 32.99 pounds, compared with a recommended retail price of around 50 pounds. It has obtained those jeans along with sportswear and designer fragrance from within the EU and will continue to do so, but if it had been allowed to buy grey market products it reckons it could have reduced the price to customers to around 25 pounds and doubled its supply.

The Consumers' Association expressed "deep disappointment" with the ruling and congratulated Tesco on becoming the consumers champion in a case that will have far reaching consequences for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

"The real loser is the consumer," said the organisation's Principal Policy Adviser Phil Evans. "The European Commission has to decide if it is happy to allow brands to rip off consumers or if it wants consumers to benefit from freer trade and greater competition."

The Andrex Puppy

Imagine the Andrex puppy with a HUGE chip on its shoulder and command of the world's 5th most powerful military, then think of Ariel "The Butcher" Sharon.

I don't care what anyone says, the man is an unlimited liability!

From butcher to 'Lion' to Prime Minister of Israel
Source: The Guardian

At about eight o'clock on a warm autumn evening Ahmed al-Badoui was standing guard in a grove of olive trees on a rocky slope just beneath his village of Qibya. It was dusk and people were settling down for the night. Moonlight picked out the jagged limestone crags typical of the rolling hills and valleys north of Jerusalem. The city itself was only about 10 miles away but could not be seen. The first warning came when al-Badoui saw a dark shape flicker across the rocks at the edge of the olive field.
At first, he thought it was someone trying to steal olives. He gripped his wooden cudgel tightly and shouted a challenge. His answer came in a hail of bullets. One smashed into his wrist, another into his side. The impact of the heavy rounds knocked 22-year-old al-Badoui, a strapping 6ft farmer, into the dusty earth.

As he staggered to his feet he screamed to wake his village: 'The Jews are coming, the Jews are coming.'

It was mid-October 1953. Within eight hours al-Badoui's home was rubble. By dawn the next morning Israeli special forces would have dynamited much of the village and killed 69 people. Their leader was Ariel Sharon, the man who, unless the polls are outrageously inaccurate, seems certain to be Israel's Prime Minister by the middle of this week.

The attack was a typical Sharon operation. It was thorough, violent, ruthless, attention-grabbing and deeply controversial. His style has changed little from his first battles in the years after Israel's independence to the debacle in Lebanon that led to the deaths of hundreds of Israeli soldiers and more than 1,000 Palestinian civilians at the hands of Christian militiamen in 1982.

Sharon's motto has been the same - always escalate...

Two other little-known incidents from Sharon's early career have also surfaced. Earlier in 1953, Sharon led another punitive raid against an Egyptian-run refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Interviews with participants reveal that even some of his own soldiers were uneasy at his ruthlessness and objected to the plan. But the attack went ahead and 15 people were killed.

His television advertisements have shown Sharon, 72, play up to what one aide said was the old warrior's 'Andrex image' - soft and strong...

Good Source of News

I've got to plug a great source for news both in this world and in some of the others too, particularly good if you're into tracking evidence of ETs etc.... There's also a lot of conventional news from all over the place, well worth a gander :-)

The Contollers

Don't you just hate the idea that there are groups of people around the world with a common agenda to extract as much wealth as they can from the planet, and as much power as they can from us - power which we willingly give them! These people are secretive and very cunning, they're also prepared to wait a very long time to achieve their goals. But who are they? Below is a list I've compiled of groups/individuals who weild enormous power, try a google search on one or any combination and you'll immediately see what I mean!

M.A. Rothschild
Cecil Rhodes
The Round Table
The Royal Institute for International Affairs
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Bilderberg Group
The Trilateral Commission
The Skull and Bones Club

The only thing that will stop them is if everyone knows about them and starts asking questions, so write to your MP/Congresscritter and tell them what you think!

Book Plug

If you have any interest at all in the world around us and who our rulers are, check out the following book:

The New Rulers of the World
by John Pilger

In "The New Rulers of the World" the award-winning journalist John Pilger selects from his recent "Guardian" and "New Statesman" essays on power, its secrets and illusions. The title is from his television film about the mythology of globalization; in which he revealed how General Suharto's bloody seizure of power in Indonesia in the 1960s was part of a Western design that was the beginning of globalization in Asia. In this book, John Pilger discloses more of Indonesia's secret history, as well as describing the price paid by the people of Iraq for the West's decade-long embargo. The author also contemplates the September 11th terrorist attacks on America and the causes.

The UN is an illusion :-(

Check dis right, da UN done han hinvestigation into de bomin wot is supposed to ave killed loadsa afghanistanian peoples, but de findings of da report is not wot da US wanna ere so derefore we'sa not gonna get to see it. An them can do wotever dem like to anyone any nobody can say shit about it!

World dominhation me tink!

UN keeps damning report on Afghan massacre secret
Source: The Independent

The United Nations went into abrupt reverse yesterday and said it no longer intended to release a report compiled by a team of UN officials who visited the site where a US warplane attacked a wedding party in Afghanistan on 1 July.

The change of tack by the UN was apparently the result of pressure from within its own hierarchy, particularly in Afghanistan itself, and from the US not to release the report that allegedly contradicts claims made by the US about the circumstances of the attack.

The Millenium Dome Fiasco

Oooh look! more dodgy deals, with greedy, fat, selfish, unpleasant, Hoegstrateneske wankers lining their own pockets while millions of us "little" people see our pensions and investments dissapear into their pockets, these people make me sick and I think we should bring back the stocks. I'd love to see a new politico-corporate corruption law where the punishment for these arseholes is to be put in stocks at the Tower and have Japanese tourists throw rotten tomatoes at them! Think of the millions of squid in tourist revenue we'd earn!!!! I think I may have to write to my MP about this one...

Dome owner in £1bn scandal over shares sale
Source: The Independent

The right-wing American tycoon who took control of the Millennium Dome in a controversial deal with the Government made a $1.5bn (£929m) windfall selling his own stock when the company of which he was chairman was exaggerating its profits.

It was revealed yesterday that Phillip Anschutz received the money after selling 33 million shares in Qwest Communications International, the telecommunications company in Colorado of which he was the main shareholder and founder.

In the latest accounting scandal to rock the United States' corporate world, Qwest is at the centre of investigations by the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after it admitted having exaggerated its profits and using improper accounting procedures.

British Government Hypocriscy and War Mongering

In the latest developments in the Sub-continent we wonderfully peaceful Brits are still at it, selling weapons to India (probably to Pakistan as well!) just like we sell them to Israel and Lord only knows where else. It makes me ashamed to have to call myself British!

Isn't it nice; Tony, acting in the interests of our people-killing-arms-manufacturers, personally intervened and said "look we'll sell you the planes but Pretty-Please-with-a-Cherry-on-Top don't use them against your neighbours" just like Israel was asked to not bomb innocent Palestinian civilians with HUD systems built by us.

It's like the whole world can go to hell as long as the bastard weapons have "Made in the United Kingdom" stamped on them!

India agrees price for UK jets
Source: BBC News Online

Official British policy is not to sell arms to countries that might use them against their neighbours. The deal will need Indian cabinet approval. Several members of parliament have said sales to both India and Pakistan should be suspended given the heightened tension between them. But Delhi badly needs new jet fighter and trainer aircraft to reduce the high rate of flying accidents in its air force.

There had been reports that it would opt for a Czech-built plane, considerably cheaper than the Hawk. It is thought here that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, helped push the Hawk deal through during a recent visit to India.

Guess who paid for the Florida Recount?

And they tried to impeach slick willie for getting his dick out, compared to the shrub, willie was a phucking Saint!

Florida Recount Funded by Enron/Halliburton - The Bush Family's Made Men
The Bush/Cheney 2000 campaign waited until the last day - July 15, 2002 - to file papers showing just who paid for the Florida recount efforts that landed them in the White House. Americans now know that two corporate scofflaws, Enron and Halliburton, played key roles in the Bush/Cheney victory. And, in Florida it seems another Jeb Bush business deal has surfaced - and it ain't pretty.
Read more at the

Will the War Mongers Never Stop????

Ok, now this is getting really scary! Why is this world moving closer and closer towards war. Why can't people bear in mind that WAR IS NOT FUN! Guns are just an extension of the primitive male ego, like fast cars and other "boy's toys", war should not be seen as a legitimate form of nation-state interactions. Is it going to take WWIII before this species realises it?!?!?!?!?!?

Taken from:

...Chinese leaders believe that, "despite overwhelming U.S. military and technological superiority, China can still defeat the United States by transforming its weakness into strength and exploiting U.S. vulnerabilities through asymmetric warfare, assassin's-mace weapons, deception, surprise and pre-emptive strikes."

The Bush administration's ambiguous China policy got a kick in the pants recently when the Pentagon and the bipartisan, congressionally chartered U.S.-China Security Review Commission issued separate reports describing Beijing's looming military threat to U.S. national interests. Both reports - mandated by Congress at the end of the Clinton era to evaluate China's growing military power - ratified the long-stated views of U.S. national-security analysts that Beijing has been using cash from American consumers and investors to bankroll an ambitious military buildup that ultimately may be used to attack the United States.

Both reports begin by warning that the United States has a poor understanding of the Chinese military and Beijing's intentions because intelligence and analysis on China is sketchy. And that alone is sending shock waves through the foreign-policy, defense and intelligence establishments.

Dangers Of Milk

Here's one I just don't know what to do with at all.... I mean I love a glass of milk but the article below is just plain scary!


Cow's milk is an unhealthy fluid from diseased animals that contains a wide range of dangerous and disease-causing substances that have a cumulative negative effect on all who consume it... All cow's milk (regular and 'organic') has 59 active hormones, scores of allergens, fat and cholesterol... Most cow's milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52 powerful antibiotics (perhaps 53, with LS-50), blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses. (Cow's milk can have traces of anything the cow ate... including such things as radioactive fallout from nuke testing ... (the 50's strontium-90 problem).

If any farmers reading this; I need some reassurance here!

The Inquest Of Princess Diana's Death

Now I'm no believer in a lot of the Diana conspiracy stuff but if there's no dodgyness going on the WHY WAS SHE UNDER SUCH CLOSE SURVEILANCE????

The NSA tapes are believed to contain evidence to support Diana's constant concern about land-mines - and how she planned to mobilize world leaders to support her in having them banned.

Dodi's father, Mohammed al-Fayed, the millionaire owner of Harrods, has waged an unsuccessful battle in the US courts to obtain copies of the tapes.

He believes they also contain evidence that his son and Diana planned to marry - and that she may even have been pregnant before her death.

These claims may also be examined at the Royal Coronerís inquest.

But equally explosive could be the revelations about the intelligence web that electronically enshrouded the Princess in the last weeks of her life.

Israel's Mossad has never denied it had recruited Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and Paul died.

He was deputy head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. It is owned by Mohammed al-Fayed. It was there that former Tory government minister, Jonathan Aitken has admitted he met with Arab arms dealers.

"Given that, it is logical that we would want our own man on the inside," Meir Amit, the former director-general of Mossad has said.

Former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has claimed the service was "actively involved in tracking Diana."

He has said that MI6 were helped by NSA satellite surveillance to maintain watch on Diana and Dodi al-Fayed as they sailed around the Mediterranean on his father's yacht, the Jonikal, in the weeks before Diana died.

The NSA tapes are also said to contain details of the fate of the mysterious white Fiat Uno seen racing away from the scene of the death crash.

Excerpted from:

US Image Abroad

The US definitely has an image problem; They need to all buy big world maps and start learning where all da widdle countwies are, if that woman from the Diplomacy Task Force is anything to go buy; "Some 60% of the people - even among our allies in the Middle East like Jordan, South Africa and Pakistan - had an unfavourable opinion of the US," said Kathy Bloomgarden, who helped compile the report. Could someone please tell Ms. Bloomgarden that South Africa and Paistan are NOT IN THE MIDDLE EAST! They all need geography lessons!

See this news report for the full article.

Tuesday 30 July 2002

Milosevic war-crimes trial

Just found something very interesting on the Net, it's a report from the Milosevic war-crimes trial, the prosecution called Rade Markovic (former head of the Department of State Security of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior) to testify. He was "their" witness. That is, for some reason they expected him to testify in their favor. And yet, he testified against them... He talks of torture, blackmail and phuck knows what else being done to him while in jail in Yugoslavia... And we thought we were the good guys!

See the full report published on

The BIG question I have is why I have yet to see mention of this -seemingly important- story in any BBC or ITN news reports?????????

Do I hate America?

Not really a question that's worth answering; OF COURSE NOT! How could I hate a country which gave us The Constitution, House Music, Tim Leary, Star Trek, Star Wars or any of the things I love about America. The sense of individuality, the "can do" mentality, the idea of individual liberty, all of those things should be classed as great. But something seems to have gone a bit pear-shaped, we now have an American government that seems hell bent on settling old scores and releasing lots of pent up frustration that built up over the cold war. I can't say I've got any respect for Bush, Cheney or any of the others, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz and Bolton positively scare the shit out of me! I mean, how the hell can you even think that covering up some stone titties could be something that an FBI director should be thinking about?!? As for war on Iraq, well if they are stupid enough to do that then they deserve to be overthrown! I quite like Michael Moore's idea of UN intervention, then again, I'm only a Limey and you guys kicked us out so who the hell am I to say anything at all!

The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl Harbor

Some proof that not only did Roosvelt allow Pearl Harbour to happen, this memo shows that they were actively encouraging the Japanese to strike US forces in the pacific... also reports: US prisoners claim Roosevelt left them in Philippines deliberately

Hawaiian activists want U.S. out

Here's a good one, did you know that there are native people in Hawaii who believe that the US presence there constitutes military occupation!

News Report
Hawaii is not legally a state!

Milosevic war-crimes trial

Just found something very interesting on the Net, it's a report from the Milosevic war-crimes trial, the prosecution called Rade Markovic (former head of the Department of State Security of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior) to testify. He was "their" witness. That is, for some reason they expected him to testify in their favor. And yet, he testified against them... He talks of torture, blackmail and phuck knows what else being done to him while in jail in Yugoslavia... And we thought we were the good guys! See the full report published on

The BIG question I have is why I have yet to see mention of this -seemingly important- story in any BBC or ITN news reports?????????
"Our strength is that darkness does not have to disappear first before light comes. We create light and darkness goes away. We create peace and the warmongers disappear. We create groups in every country and that is how we will build up harmony in world consciousness and end all these destructive practices, which could bring the world to ashes."

-= Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Pet Hate

Ok, I'm not a violent person at all but there's one thing that does make me red round the ears: those annoying flash/dhtml internal pop-ups. You know the ones I mean, you surf to a page and suddenly you have the latest Audi 500 zooming in at you on the page, it takes a minute during which time you can't do anything at all to stop it or read the page you want to! Why do they need them? Who knows, a combination of over-zealous designers and over-carnivorous advertisers. Well, for them is reserved the third place in the Codshit files "Evilist Person of the World" List!

In case you're wondering, Geedubya is number 2 and Arik "The Butcher of Gaza" Sharon is number 1.
Would you believe that human being could learn a thing or two about humanity from monkeys (not apes!):

Monkeys Lay Siege To Police Station - Rescue Monkey Inside
From: Orange

Monkeys rescued an orphaned member of their troop from an Indian police station after its mother was shot dead.

The female langur was feeding on a tree when an orchard owner brought her down with an airgun in Murshidabad.

The man was arrested by police for shooting a protected species, but the baby wouldn't let go of its dead mother.

Police took the body to their station, where the baby continued to suckle its mother.

Officers allowed it to stay the night, but around 30 monkeys laid siege to the station - gathering outside and on the roof.

Officers were surprised when some monkeys managed to sneak into the station and quietly take the baby away with them.

Inspector Prabir Dutta told newspaper Pragati: "What we saw was absolutely touching. It was as if the monkeys had made up their minds to take charge of the orphan. One of the females in the group held it close to its chest and even offered its teats to be sucked.

"The monkeys behaved in an exemplary fashion and impressed us with their show of solidarity. Human beings have a lot to learn from them."

Later hundreds of local people carried the body of the monkey in a procession, chanting the name of Hindu monkey god Hanuman, before burying it on the banks of a river.

The orchard owner Syed Raza, who was released on bail, said: "I feel terrible. I had no intention of killing the monkey. I was just trying to scare it away from the trees and the gun went off."

Moments of Moments

Sometimes the Universe throws us into moments in which we are forced to stop and contemplate events so significant that the world itself seems to catch its breath. September 11 was one such moment, I can still remember everyone moving from being glued to the television to talking frenetically about what we were seeing. Everyone knew that something big had happened, all of us holding our collective breathe to see "what would happen next".

Although events are still unfolding and will continue to do so even when the frenzied media attention given to messrs bin laden, mullah omar, bush and blair has died down. The problem is the events that are unfolding seem to get more alarming every day. The threat of another building being blown up by suicidal fanatics hasn't dimished, it's increasing on a daily basis. New suicide bombers are being created by the 100's due to the suicidal policy of the Israeli government backed by the blind faith of Bible-Bashing America. The hippocracy has given way to outright militarism, the powerful preservers of the Status Quo have bribed, begged, borrowed and stolen their way into government and now we're going to pay the price for it. This so-called "war on terror" seems like nothing more than a method of subverting the very democracy that most of us "civilised nations" take for granted. Nothing is sacred anymore, even so hallowed a document as the US Constitution isn't immune from the attempts at subversion which are being justified by the attacks of september 11.

The collapse of the Dirty Giant Enron and the tentacles of corruption that emanate from it into the corridors of power all over the world is a testament to how scary this world is becoming. The idea that big businesses will become more powerful a force than governments elected by the citizens of a country isn't only scary, it's the most terrifying thing I've heard of since Hitler tried to take over Europe! In fact, faced with global dominance by Coca-Cola or General Motors, I'd rather move to Cuba!