Friday 28 September 2007

British School Girls Beat Classmate’s Face ‘Beyond Recognition’

If this is where our civilisation is at then I want nothing to do with it. This is just sick. How can anyone do this to another human being? Somehow I don't think it's the girls who did it that are to blame but the society which created them. Yes, they are responsible for their actions, but evil creatures like this are not born from the abyss, they have parents and teachers and friends. Like the rest of us. Is there a solution to any of this? Who knows? :-( :-( Sometimes I think we are justifiably fucked beyond all recognition.

The appalling injuries inflicted on the 15-year-old are shocking enough. But what is more horrifying is that they were the work of two teenage girls.

This photo of Bethany was taken in hospital by her mother, Tracey James, who said: 'The picture is shocking. I want people to know what the reality of bullying means.'

Bethany had been tormented by bullies at her school in Bradford, West Yorkshire, for four years – including being subjected to a torrent of insults and abusive text and internet messages.

But it was as she was leaving a video shop near her home in Undercliffe with friends on September 7 that she was beaten up.

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Jewish community in Iran slams US protest against Ahmadinejad's visit

Utterly brilliant! Exposing the drive towards yet another war for Israel! See, it's not Jews we have an issue with - it's the Zionists that are the problem. They are NOT the same thing.

The Jewish community in Iran published a statement Wednesday, slamming the disrespect shown to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by human rights and freedom activists on his recent visit to the United States.

The Iranian president visited the US earlier this week, where he attended a forum at Columbia University and addressed the United Nation's General Assembly.

"Mr President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator," said Columbia President Lee Bollinger to loud applause, as he invited Ahmadinejad to take the stage.

"The constant disrespect and disturbance demonstrated (during Ahmadinejad's speech at Colombia) prove once more that those claiming to be peace loving people have no real grasp of the concept," said the statement.

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Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Problems are My Holocaust Problems

From Michael Santomauro, another great article following the Zundel theme. One of my most enjoyable extracurricular activities is putting people straight on what the President of Iran actually said. "The Imam said the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the pages of time." not "we must wipe Israel off the map". The Zionist Scum fears one thing above all others - that their lies will be exposed to the majority of humanity. Even the majority of Jews do not understand the truth, they are as much victims as anyone else. The ZioFasicsts think they are secure in their control of everything people see and hear, that's why there is this movement to create Internet2. They must control the flow of information because their story is so full of holes that it cannot handle scrutiny. Anyway, regardless of anything that happened in history, the treatment of Palestinians TODAY is an affront to humanity and not justifiable under any circumstances. Blowing innocent Palestinian babies up with an Apache gunship or F16 jet is not a defensive act, nor by the way is bulldozing their house while they are still in it!

The Holocaust consists of three basic elements: (1) Approximately six million Jews were deliberately killed. (2) These killings were part of a state sponsored program on the part of the Third Reich whose ultimate goal was the total eradication of the Jewish people. (3) The bulk of these murders took place in special death camps where the principal mechanism of execution was the homicidal gas chamber that utilized Zyclon B, a commercial pesticide whose active ingredient was hydrogen cyanide.

That the Third Reich possessed the technological and administrative means to carry out such a vast amount of killing there is little doubt. The Soviet Union with significantly inferior assets in these areas was able to kill far greater numbers of human beings. Furthermore, the armies of the Third Reich succeeded in killing at least ten million of its heavily armed military opponents in the course of World War II. Hence the killing of six million unarmed civilians should not have presented any unique problems to such an industrially advanced and bureaucratically efficient state as Nazi Germany, on the contrary, it would have been far easier.

My doubts about the Holocaust are not centered on whether it could have happened but whether it did happen. In fact many of the doubts that I have are a direct consequence of the fact that I have no doubt that it actually could have happened...but certainly not in the ways that have been described thus far in the ''official'' literature.

It is part of the Western tradition in legal, scientific and intellectual matters that those asserting something have the burden of proof and that those who disagree are not required to provide evidence. This tradition however has been turned on its head regarding the Holocaust since the ''historical truth'' of the Holocaust has been posited in advance. Furthermore, even to express doubts can result in criminal penalties in at least 11 so-called democratic countries and the ruining of lives and careers in numerous others.

Listed below are some of the ''problems '' I have with the Holocaust. Should these be cleared up it would go a long way toward my accepting it �they are in no particular order.

1) Why did Elie Wiesel and countless other Jews survive the Holocaust if it was the intention of the Third Reich to eliminate every Jew they got there hands on? Elie was a prisoner for several years; other Jews survived even longer. Most of these ''survivors'' were ordinary people who did not have any unique expertise that the Germans could have exploited for their war effort. There was no logical reason for them to be kept alive. The very existence of more than a million survivors even today, some sixty years later, contradicts one of the basic components of the Holocaust i.e. that the Germans had a policy to eliminate every Jew they got their hands on.

2) Why is their no mention of the Holocaust in Churchill's six volume History of the Second World War or the wartime memoirs of either De Gaulle or Eisenhower or any of the other lesser luminaries who wrote about the Second World War. Keep in mind all these were written years after the war ended and thus after the Holocaust had been allegedly proven by the Nuremberg Trials? With regard to the Holocaust, the silence of these " cognoscenti " is deafening!

3) What was an inmate infirmary (and a brothel) doing in Auschwitz if in fact it was a death camp?

4) Why would the Germans round up Jews from their far flung empire, thereby tying up large numbers of personnel and rolling stock, while fighting a world war on two fronts to deliver people to ''death camps'' hundreds of miles away who were then executed upon arrival�wouldn't a bullet on the spot have appealed to legendary German sense of efficiency?

5) Why after sixty years have historians been unable to come up with a single German document that points to a Holocaust? Should we believe the likes of Raul Hilberg that in the place of written orders there was an "incredible meeting of the minds" by the literally tens of thousands of people who would have had to coordinate their actions in order to carry out an undertaking of this magnitude.

Prof. Hilberg's exact quote:

"But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. They [these measures] were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus � mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy."

Let us note again those final words: "an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus � mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy."

6) How come it is still insisted upon that six million Jews were killed when the official Jewish death toll at Auschwitz, the flagship of the Holocaust gulag, has been reduced from an immediate post war figure of 3 million, to a figure of somewhat less than one million? Why do many respond to this observation by saying, " what's the difference whether it's six million or one million''. The answer is that the difference is five million. Another difference is that saying so can get you three years in an Austrian jail...just ask British historian David Irving!

7) All of Germany's wartime codes were compromised including the one used to send daily reports from Auschwitz to Berlin. The transcripts of these messages make no mention of mass executions or even remotely suggest a genocidal program in progress. Furthermore it has been insisted that the Germans used a kind of euphemistic code when discussing their extermination program of the Jews e.g. final solution, special treatment, resettlement, etc. Why was it necessary for them to use such coded euphemisms when talking to one another unless they thought their codes had been cracked by the Allies?

8) The water table at Auschwitz lies a mere 18 inches below the surface which makes claims of huge burning pits for the disposal of tens of thousands of victims untenable.

9) Initially claims were made that mass executions in homicidal gas chambers had taken place in camps located within the boundaries of the old Reich e.g. Dachau, Bergen-Belsen. ''Evidence'' to that effect was every bit as compelling as what was offered for other camps, located in occupied Poland, yet without explanation in the early sixties we were told that this was not the case and that all the ''death camps'' were located in the East i.e. Poland outside (some would say conveniently) of the probing eyes of western scholars.

10) No one has been able to reconcile the eyewitness accounts that personnel entered the gas chambers after twenty minutes without any protective gear and the fact that Zyclon B was a "time release" fumigant that would have had a lethal capability for at least another twenty-four hours. And that even after twenty-four hours the corpses would have themselves remained sufficiently contaminated by the hydrogen cyanide gas that they would have had the capacity to kill anyone who touched them who were not wearing protective gear.

11) Why do we no longer hear claims that the Germans manufactured soap, lamp shades and riding britches from the bodies of dead Jews�could it be that in the light of modern forensics and DNA knowledge these claims are totally untenable?

12) Why do we no longer hear claims that huge numbers of Jews were exterminated in massive steam chambers or electrocuted on special grids�''evidence'' of this was presented at Nuremberg�evidence that sent men to the gallows.

14) Elie Wiesel has been described as "the Apostle of Remembrance" yet in his memoir, �Night� which deals with his stay at Auschwitz he makes no mention of the now infamous homicidal gas chambers. Isn't this a bit like one of the Gospels making no mention of the Cross?

15) Virtually every survivor who was examined at Auschwitz says that he or she was examined by the infamous Dr. Mengele.

16) According to survivor testimony, hundreds of thousands of Jews were executed at Treblinka and then buried in mass graves in the surrounding area. Why is it that extensive sonar probing of these burial grounds reveals that this alleged final resting place for Holocaust victims has remained undisturbed since at least the last ice age?

17) ''Proof'' of the Holocaust rest primarily on survivor testimony; there's little if any hard evidence. The best of this has been described by Jean Claude Pressac as merely ''criminal traces''. Even Judge Grey who presided at the Irving-Lipstadt Trial commented that he was surprised the evidence pointing to the Holocaust was "extremely thin". To paraphrase Prof. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, ''a crime of this magnitude would have left a mountain of evidence''�where is it? There was more hard evidence against OJ Simpson at his trial and he was FOUND INNOCENT!

18) Why has Holocaust Revisionism been criminalized in at least eleven countries�what other historic truth needs the threat of prison or the destruction of one's career to maintain itself. Should someone be sent to prison for expressing skepticism about the official Chinese claim that they suffered thirty-five million dead in World War II.

19) Why do the court historians insist that "denying the Holocaust" is like denying slavery or saying the earth is flat when it is nothing of the sort. The leading Revisionists are first rate scholars who hold advanced degrees from the world's leading universities. Is there anyone comparable among those who say the world is flat or that slavery never existed?

20) Promoters of the Holocaust have expressed concerns about the remembering the Holocaust once the last survivors die. Why haven't Civil War historians expressed similar concerns since the last survivor of that conflict died in 1959?

21) Survivors of the Holocaust have testified that smoke billowed from the crematoriums as they consumed the bodies of murdered victims - some eyewitnesses even claimed they could detect national origins by the color of the smoke. How can this be reconciled with the fact that properly operating crematoriums do not produce smoke of any color?

22) According to the official version of the Holocaust hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were rounded up in mid 1944 and sent to Auschwitz where most were gassed immediately upon arrival and their bodies were disposed of by burning in huge open air pits using railroad ties and gasoline. Why is that there is no evidence of these huge funerary pyres in the high resolution surveillance photos taken by Allied aircraft who were over flying the camp on a daily basis during this time period. Furthermore, why have no remains been found, since open pit burning, even when gasoline is used, generates insufficient heat to totally consume a body?

23) All of the liberated camps were littered with corpses; is there a single autopsy report or any other forensic evidence that shows that even a single one of these deaths was a consequence of poison gas?

24) The death toll for the Holocaust relies exclusively on population statistics provided by Jewish sources; has any independent demographic study been produced that shows that approximately six million Jews were "missing" at the end of the war? ANSWER: Yes and No! WHY? You can go to jail in Israel and 11 European nations if you do such research and have a different answer. I am not kidding! Ask the Max Planck scientist Germar Rudolf. (Do Google search for imprisoned THOUGHT CRIMINAL Germar Rudolf).

25) Why do the wartime inspection reports of camps made by the International Red Cross contain no references to mass executions - it strains credulity that such monumental crimes could be hidden. The only explanations are that either these crimes were not occurring or that the Red Cross was complicit in a cover up.

26) Why has there been no effort to respond to the Leuchter Report?

27) "The Holocaust was technologically possible because it happened ". Why is this intellectually bankrupt argument, which turns scholarship on its head, considered by the promoters of the Holocaust as historical truth, considered a sufficient response to the mounting Revisionist evidence to the contrary?

Note for item 27: "34 reputable historians" in 1979 paid and published an advertisement in Le Monde one of the most monumental pieces of nonsense of French academic life:

"It is not necessary to ask oneself how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible because it happened."

28) What other historical truths rely to the extent that the Holocaust does on so-called "eye witness" testimony-and why have none of these witnesses ever been cross examined?

29) According to the official version of the Holocaust, the Jews remained ignorant of their fate until the very end so skillful were their Nazis murderers in deceiving their victims. How can this ignorance be reconciled with the fact that the Jews have historically been as a group, the most literate and highly informed people on the planet with legendary access to the highest echelons of government.

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Wednesday 26 September 2007

Why I admire Ernst Zundel

Just for the record, and given the storm of comments this post has provoked, the title was taken from the original posting. I do admire anyone who stands up to orthodoxy, I admire Copernicus for the same reason, but I do not necessarily agree with Zundel or all of the post I've reprinted below - same goes for everything on this crazy website! Jebus, if I believed all this stuff I would be in a loony-bin, and I'm not! Why don't people understand that? The words reprinted below are those of the author, my intention is to inform and deliberately flaunt the incarceration of this man, he wrote a book, he didn't try and take over the world. He simply wants to express his opinion.

Some more on the Zundel story, it never ceases to amaze me how such a blatant violation of everything we in "democratic" societies hold dear can occur under the very noses of all of us. This story puts us all to shame. None of the cowards in the mainstream media dare speak of the influence of the Zionist Scum for fear of being sacked and labeled an "anti-semite" well guess what? I do! If loathing the vile, racist, violent, bloodthirsty, hateful and corrupt state of Israel, or opposing the imprisonment of anyone for expressing an OPINION is anti-semitism then, by gum, I am an anti-semite and bloody well proud of it! The ignorance in this world will be the fuel by which hundreds of thousands of innocents burn. Our "civilisation" is nothing of the kind, we are a primitive, barbaric child-race not much different to a bunch of baboons!

How could anyone admire a man that publicly admits admiration for Adolf Hitler, that openly acknowledges himself to be a "Holocaust skeptic," and who never apologizes for his political incorrectness and nonconformist views? Who could possibly approve of a man who has put his personal freedom and indeed life on the line countless times in order to do nothing more than bring the world’s attention to what he believes to be an honest, albeit alternative view of history? Who could appreciate anyone bold enough to literally carry a cross on his own back, on behalf of all the world’s Germans for no other reason than to at least partially exonerate them of the collective guilt forced upon them after the Second World War?

Who could possibly admire a man that has sustained nothing but continuous persecution from society at large, who has been the victim of an ongoing smear campaigns launched more than three decades ago, who has suffered from every conceivable attack on his character, finances, family and even on his life? Who could think highly of man who despite all these things, and despite the fact that he is in prison at this very moment, not for a crime, no…no…. but because he questions certain aspects of the holocaust story?

Again, I ask, who could ever appreciate a man who for the last several decades has devoted himself to bringing forth the unpopular views of hard working academics, who were it not for Ernst Zundel, may be unknown today, and their work tossed into the sea of forgettable historiography, not based upon its undeniable merit, but based upon the fact that it didn’t sit well with mainstream and politically acceptable views?

How could anyone possibly hold a man like this in high regard, when there are so many other courageous individuals out there willing to stand up for their views, heroes that wouldn’t consider apologizing for their beliefs, like American politicians? For instance, when Jim Moran boldly exclaimed the obvious fact that Israel stood the most to gain from a U.S. war in Iraq, and in fact was influencing American foreign policy by way of a few well placed American Zionist officials. What about Trent Lott, who stated at a GOP function that the United States would have been, better off today had Strom Thurmond become president back in the 1950s. What about the daring exploits of Howard Dean, the Democratic parties best bet in 2004, a man unafraid to take a stand on an issue he can apologize for later. Yes, America is full of courageous people, people unafraid to throw their neighbor to the crocodile, in hopes of being the last eaten.
If I were interested in apologists and hesitant stands on ambiguous issues, I’d have plenty of heroes to admire, right here in the United States. Being an academic, I could seek out other academics to idolize and/or admire, there are so many courageous examples, although I can’t think of one right now. Some of you might shout, "Hey, what about Noam Chomsky?" I’d just say, been there done that, and found the esteemed professor "sympathetic" to Ernst Zundel’s plight, "outrageous," he even exclaimed, but in the end, he felt that it wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests, if he were to speak out too vocally on Ernst’s behalf. Academic cowardice?

What about all the gutsy journalists working for the prestigious networks and newspapers? Certainly, these bold "defenders" of truth and justice would write an article on the illegal nature in which Ernst was deported from the United States to Canada, where he was subsequently thrown quietly into a solitary confinement cell in the Toronto West detention Center, in Toronto Canada. Or how in 2005 he was quietly deported from Canada to his native Germany where he now sits more than a year later after numerous trial delays initiated by his persecutors. These brave journalists would definitely be interested in an expose on how the new terrorism laws are already being abused to silence dissent.

The idea that Mr. Zundel is a threat to any nations national Security is ridiculous, the man hasn’t committed a violent crime in his entire life and has never been convicted of a crime that wasn’t later overturned in Canada’s highest court. The brave and courageous purveyor’s of "fair and balanced" news haven’t written an article yet, that even approached an equitable portrayal of Mr. Zundel. Ernst Zundel’s crime is that he is politically incorrect, a nonconformist and no matter what the powers that be throw at him, he just won’t apologize and prostrate himself in feigned humility like so many of our illustrious leaders. He is dangerous only to the status quo, and they know it, that in fact is why he currently languishes in prison, not because he actually represents a danger to society.

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Tuesday 25 September 2007

Machiavelli at work in the Mainstream Media

Excellent article by Curt Maynard on how the mainstream media is used to brainwash and decieve the populations of pretty much every country on Earth. Worth sending to anyone you know who still believes that the TV "news" tells them what's going on in the world.

Want to understand how the media is misused to assassinate the character of good men, while at the same time advancing the agenda of a small elite group of criminals intent on keeping us as ignorant as possible? All you need do is watch the television with a critical eye - bear in mind that it is a propaganda device and your entertainment is NOT its primary purpose.

Concepts like "right wing," "left wing," "liberal," "conservative," no longer have any relevance - the media has essentially hijacked the role as spokesperson for these issues and uses them only to keep us divided into relatively small groups that are of no threat to it and the established order. How does this work?

The CBC reported a year or so ago in bold headlines, "Canadian Jewish groups happy about Zundel charges, waiting for conviction."

So what is Ernst Zundel guilty of according to German prosecutors? Zundel according to Germany’s Injustice Ministry is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene." Yep – that’s the best they can do. Apparently the German prosecutors haven’t been paying attention to their own leftist rhetoric, as America’s Neo-Cons are in fact the "leaders of the right-wing scene" these days, and the neo-con’s are no friends of Ernst Zundel.

According to Joseph Stromberg, the Neo-Cons have been the "leaders" of the "right wing" since "mid fifties onward." Jeffrey Steinberg refers to the Neo-Cons as "leaders" of the right wing," as does Jim Lobe, who even goes so far as to refer to the neo-cons as representative of the "extreme right." George Bush is the president of the United States of America; so we could, despite appearances, call him a "leader," if we wanted to and just about every Democrat in this country refers to Bush as "right wing." So the question is, with friends and associates like this, what in the world is Ernst Zundel doing in prison then?

The answer of course is that the aforementioned Zionists are no friends of Ernst Zundel, in fact he wouldn’t be caught dead associating with such undesirables. One of the problems here of course is that the American right was hijacked by the left years ago; a transition that never occurred in Germany, leaving us with this inconsistent legacy and the Germans with a bit of explaining to do. Several years ago, as if in recognition of the fact that neoconservativism was a "right wing" phenomenon; the American and European left became the bad guy, the anti-Semites, the traitors, etc… etc… ad infinitum. This of course amounts to nothing less that a complete and total reversal from the position taken by the media less than twenty years ago, when it was fashionable to blame "right wing nuts," for every anti-Semitic incident or innuendo.
The reality of the situation is, and perhaps we should look at it from this perspective, the German nation suffers from an acute form of mass schizophrenia brought on by being subjected to contradictory and inconsistent forms of disinformation since WWII. How could I say that? Let me put it as delicately as I can, "Germany just sentenced a man to five years in prison because he believes that the official version of the holocaust has been distorted for nefarious purposes." Is that what a modern democracy should do?

Consider the following words, "Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Throughout history, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma."

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Dumb Arse of the Day Award

The most powerful nation on Earth? How?

Monday 24 September 2007

MI6's Sir John Scarlett: A Career of Increasingly Dangerous Failure

by Trowbridge H. Ford

Part I - The Making of the Palme Assassination Fiasco

As intelligence agencies have grown in importance in the governance of developed states, their organization, personnel, operations, performance, and outcomes have been increasingly covered up except for the obvious comestic exercises about their very existence, and cryptic comments about their role when operations leak out to the public. Political affairs have now reached the point where there is really a inner, permanent government - where their presence and performance is paramount in whatever is attempted - and the outer democratic organization whose political complexion can be changed by the electorate without any real impact on what happens in the inner circle. It is how Western states have managed for their political elites - the people who come from the privileged classes, control the countries' ecomonic resources, and guard their destiny - to stay in power no matter what conditions seem to require, and the voters apparently demand. In short, we are now living in the aftermath of how the traditional state managed to channelize demands for self-government in ways which would only enhance its powers, not its service to its populations.

Just look, for example, for the directors of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) aka MI6. They are hardly even known by name, much less for anything about their performance, except for the fallout from the most ill-advised preventive war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Sir Colin Figures, the director during the mid-1980s, is hardly known to have existed, much less what he did, and his successors, Christopher Curwen, Colin McColl, and David Spedding, are equally most evanescent characters. The first time they are given any real attention is when they die, as their obituaries attest. The only reason we know more about Richard Dearlove, the director during the showdown with Iraq, is because of the investigations by Lords Hutton and Butler into the war's terrible consequences, big and small. And the same goes for the current director, Sir John Scarlett. The only thing we know for sure about them is that their office is in that new, ugly building on the Thames Embankment, and that they sign all official documents with the letter 'C', a symbolic recognition of its first director, Admiral Mansfield Cumming.

Stiil, researchers must provide an account of their performance if the public is ever to hold them, or better still their political bosses at the polls, accountable, though the process is made ever more difficult because of the serious misconceptions about how the system actually functions, the restraints provided by the Official Secrets Acts - what makes any leaking of official information a kind of theft - against any potential leaker, the reluctance of the courts to grant public interest immunity on what whistleblowers choose to reveal, their willingness to grant injunctions to prevent the disclosure of damning revelations, the inability of the FOIA to make up for these inadequacies, the ability of the Secretary of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee to grant so-called "D-Notices" to prevent the media from revealing information which does not suit their apparent interest, etc. Still, as time passes, more and more critics of the system, both foreign and domestic, manage to provide information, one way or another, which help provide more convincing explanations to what really happened because of failures by individuals and institutions.

John Scarlett's character was highly determined by his familial and educational background. The son of a South London physician of Scottish origin, he attended Epsom College, aka Royal Medical Benevolent College, thanks to the terms its founder, John Propert, set down in 1853 for boys in such strapped circumstances attending secondary school. Freemasonry played a prominent role in the school's establishment and development, so much so that the Old Epsomian Lodge, home of its graduates and like-minded crusaders, was recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England in 1911 as one of its lodges. In characteristic Masonic-fashion, Scarlett, a gifted student uninterested in its extensive sports program, was appointed president of its XVI Society whose existence and function are nowhere to be found on the school's website.

To impressionable minds, the Masons were the last vestige of the Knights Templars, the leading Crusaders of the Middle Ages - noted for their esoteric philosophy, heretical ceremonies, and
blasphemous and indecent initiation rites - who were eradicated, starting in 1307 by France's King Philip IV, with the connivance of Pope Clement, after Europe's princes proved unwilling to mount another crusade to recover the Outremer from the allegedly cruel Saracens. The Templars were also suspected to being too close to Moslems in their financial and military dealings, especially their dreaded Assassins Order. The Old Epsom Club even holds one of its four annual meetings in the College's Main Hall every November. The school supports the rather secretive tenets of Freemasonry - a vigorous kind of Nonconformism with highly nationalistic overtones.

This outlook was strengthened when Scarlett went on to Magdalen College, Oxford, from which he received a First Class, History Honours Degree in 1971. He was most interested in what tutors Karl Leyser and John Stoye had to offer rather than more modern stuff. Leyser was an expert on how early medieval German kingdoms became established, especially in Saxony against the rampaging Hungarians, while Stoye wrote a book about how the Austro-Hungarian empire saved Vienna from the similarly inclined Ottomans - what nicely complemented what Scarlett had already learned about the High Middle Ages. As a result, Scarlett became a firm believer of the infidel threat to Europe, whether they be religious or secular ideologues.

The College's most famous Fellow since 1938 was A. J. P. Taylor who was holding forth then most widely his anti-establishment views about how it should conduct the Cold War, making him and his ilk Scarlett's betes noires in his adult life. Taylor sounded hardly different from Cambridge's infamous Moscow spies, Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, and John Cairncross. Taylor particularly objected to British foreign policy since the French Revolution, repudiating its aims, methods, and principles. He was in favor of an alliance with the Soviets after WWII, objected to the Suez adventure in 1956, became a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament two years later, and blamed the failure of the 1968 Prague Spring on its leaders, particularlary Alexander Dubchek.

Scarlett was so upset by Taylor's 'brain-washing' of the public at large that he joined SIS immediately upon graduation. After an introductory tour of how MI6 operated in East Africa, lasting about three years, he was back in London, and he soon got badly burned by the KGB in an double agent 'dangle' despite what Oleg Gordievsky predictably claimed in David Rose's Observer about the new director, "A singular spy". Of course, one can have such a reputation much more easily if few of the relevant facts are known. This was when Anglo-American counterintelligence was in the greatest disarray because of the fallout from Watergate, and Nixon's forced retirement. The Soviets were having a field day because of the disinformation double agents Anatoliy Golitsyn and Yuri Nosenko were providing the feuding, disorganized counter spies on both sides of the Atlantic. Since former CIA CI Chief James Angleton had been sacked, they hardly knew what to make of anything, and Moscow knew it, all too well.

The 'dangle' was arranged in response to Oleg Lyalin's 1971 defection in Britain, and his over-the-top revelations about what the KGB planned to do during the next confrontation with the West - everything from poisoning its water systems to assassinating its leaders, especially Nixon and his cronies. As a result, Britain expelled every apparent Soviet intelligence agent it could imagine (Operation Foot). The KGB was forced to reorganize, and in 1975 it decided to seek revenge. The plan was to take advantage of the 'sleeper' that the Soviets had deeply implaced for such responses within the US Navy which was struggling to regain the military initiative against its sister services in the conduct of the Cold War.

In 1959, Nikoli Federovich Artamonov, a former Red Banner Fleet destroyer captain, and the current Naval Attaché in Warsaw, defected to the West via Sweden by motorboat.. While in the Polish capital, he had taken a new 'wife' - though his first one and their children still resided in the USSR - and they understandably decided that the arrangement work better in the West rather than back in Moscow. Artamonov took the name of Nick Shadrin, and became an American citizen, working for the newly formed Defense Intelligence Agency. He even testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee just before Khrushchev visited America, apparently to help it learn more secrets about the ships he arrived on, and how the new Soviet leader planned to conduct the Cold War. Soon Shadrin was teaching sailors at the Groton submarine school how to speak convincing Russian so as to avoid any chance of ending up in Lyabyanka prison after any covert mission, and how the Soviets conducted anti-submarine operations.

To reconnect with Shadrin in 1966, the KGB had Igor Kochnov, an agent in its Washingtom embassy, to volunteer to work as a double agent for the CIA. Kochnov even telephoned DCI Richard Helms at his residence on June 18th to make the offer, stating that he could improve his standing to spy if he worked with Shadrin, and Helms arranged for a joint Bureau-Agency handling of the volunteer under its new jurisdictional agreement while he worked with Shadrin, codnamed "Kittyhawk", apparently in recognition of the effort to regain supremacy for the sea from what the Wright brothers had started for the air at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina all those years ago. While Kochnov acted as if he was most interested in where defector Yuri Nosenko was being held because of the continuing questions about who really assassinated JFK, he was more interested in getting Shadrin to pass on naval secrets, even doctored ones, to the Soviets.

While the CIA and FBI continued to argue about Nosenko's bona fides, Shadrin improved his ability, it was thought, to confound Soviet naval operations by getting a Ph.D. in 1972 in strategic studies at George Washington University - what was passed along to America's NATO allies, especially Britain. Unfortunately for the West, the Soviets had a walk-on of their own, John A. Walker, Jr., a communications specialist in the Norfolk headquarters handling Western submarines in the Atlantic. "He had access to reports on submarine operations, technical manuals, and daily key lists," Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew wrote in Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, "that were used to unscramble all of the messages sent through the military's most widely used coding machines." (p. 351)

The best evidence that the containment of Soviet subs was not working, despite Shadrin's best efforts, soon occurred when either an American or British attack submarine rammed a Soviet, double-hulled boomer in the Barents on October 9, 1968 when it unexpectedly slowed down, and the trailing NATO one rammed it, causing it to seek emergency repairs in Norway. (pp. 399-400) And there were more collisions, the Soviets hoping that they could prove that the intruder had been sunk. The Americans were just trying to strike fear in their apparently cueless Soviet counterparts. It was even thought until the Cold War was finally over that the USS Gato and the Soviets' Black Lila had been sunk during these confrontations off Scandinavia's Atlantic coast.

The high point of this crazy process occurred when Captain Whitey Mack's attack sub USS Lapon was able to track the surprisingly quiet Soviet boomer sub of the new Yankee class after it sailed through the Denmark Strait which separates Greenland from Iceland in late September 1969, thanks to feedback that Kocknov, now back in Moscow, supplied Shadrin about the Red Banner Fleet's latest operation. While Sontag and Drew made out that the American sub just happened to find this apparent 'needle in a haystack' because of the skipper's lucky guess of where it might be going (p. 183ff.), it could only have been achieved by Soviet input, especially since its hunt was delayed by its getting caught in the net of deep-sea fishing trawler - what Walker then provided his Moscow's minders with Norfolk's response to. The New York Times claimed falsely in a front-page story on October 9, 1969 that the mission had been successful because the sub made all too much noise. Moscow's purpose in engaging in the whole charade was to show Washington that it could post without detection nuclear-armed IMBMs right off America's east coast - what was intended to make it get over its fixation on another surprise in Cuba, and get on with détente with the USSR.

The culmination of the whole process (Operation Ivy Bells) occurred when the USS Halibut was in the final stages of tapping the Soviet cable across the Sea of Okhotsk to the Petropavlovsk sub base on the tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula for which it was awarded four citations in five years. In 1975 when it finally was tapping the messages from Moscow to its Pacific subs - what was intended to assure Washington that there would not be any Soviet surprises there either, and what Kocknov, now being handled by MI6's Peter Brennan so that Moscow would not suspect CIA involvement in the venture, had made possible by telling Shadrin to look for the signs which showed where the cable went into Okhotsk and where it resurfaced on Kamchatka - Yuri Andropov's KGB finally decided it was time to extricate Shadrin from his exposed position.

As usual, Anglo-American intelligence played right into the KGB's hands by somehow wanting similarly to exfiltrate the long-suffering Kochnov, allegedly part of DCI William Colby's plan to recruit more new agents, though he would still seem more useful working in Moscow rather than in Washington. After a CIA agent in Moscow had arranged for a meeting between him and Shadrin in Vienna - though no one has ever explained why Shadrin needed to be there - he and his wife Ewa arriving there on December 18, 1975, he disappeared after a second unaccompanied meeting with Kochnov on the same day that Carlos the Jackal took the members of an OPEC meeting hostage, and CIA station chief in Athens Richard Welch was gunned down by similar terrorists. "Igor Kochnov," Mark Riebling casually wrote in Wedge: The Secret War Between the FBI and the CIA, "was never heard from." (p. 329)

But Shadrin apparently was. At least, that was what MI6's agent in Moscow Peter Brennan thought when he heard shortly thereafter that a "renegade Soviet Navy officer" wanted to sell secret information. When Brennan took the bait, the fat was in the fire, and before it was over, the Soviets expelled all 18 members of the British Embassy in Moscow. When relations started to improve, Scarlett was sent to the Soviet capital, and he too was soon in touch with, it seems, the "renegade officer" as there was no reason to think that Shadrin had been killed, and Soviet leader Leonid Breshnev had denied President Ford's assertion that the KBG had kidnapped him. And if Shadrin had been killed, where was his body? Scarlett was some months later recalled to London, as Rem Krasilnikov, the head of KGB CI against Britain and America at the time, wrote in 2000 in KGB against the MI-6, to avoid being exposed in the scandal.

From that moment on, Scarlett was committed to getting back at the Soviets by any means because of his humiliation. While his recall shows that he was not somewhere in East Africa at the time - throwing the other claims about where he served into the gravest doubt - he apparently served in London where he took over running Oleg Gordievsky, a KGB agent in Copenhagen - thought to be Britain's most important spy - and then in Stockholm after 1979 when Andrew Jeremy Stafford left until 1982 when he returned to London to take over the running of Gordievsky, now in the KGB rezidentura there. During this time, Scarlett did everything he could to make Scandinavia's Social Democrats, especially Sweden's Olof Palme, look like Soviet stooges, Moscow itself totally out of control, probably even planning a first strike on the West, for no reason, and Britain and America as countries which others, especially those in Scandinavia, could implicitly trust. If it had no been for the actions of others, though, especially spies Rick Ames and Robert Hanssen, and a few other unexpected surprises, it would have ended up in disaster for us all.

Scarlett's attempts to make it look as if the Social Democrats, especially, were Soviet agents of influence were completely belied by the facts. When Palme took over Sweden's government again in October 1982, he made no attempt to interfere with the Swedish Navy's operation NOTVART, an attempt to catch Soviet submarines intruding into its waters - what resulted instead in the sinking of an American submersible, killing a handfull of its sailors, and badly damaging apparently a British attack sub which had to be escorted by another one back to Britain. Still, Palme interferred in the commission he appointed to investigate it to make sure that it was not too specific in its claim about who did the offending, and he sacked his Foreign Minister, Lennart Bodström, who declined to do the same when he discussed the matter. In 1985, Sweden held the largest maneuevers since WWII in its far north, involving 22,000 troops, to show everyone that it would not allow anyone, from either East or West, to invade its territory, and on November 17th, the statsminister prevented a shipment of 80 HAWK missiles from Israel to Iran from landing on Swedish terrority to make it look as if all shipments came originallly from there.

Still, Scarlett's SIS saw fit to see to the publication of Anatoliy Golitsyn's in 1984 latest disinformation, New Lies for Old, despite the fact that David Martin's Wilderness of Mirrors, and Cleveland Cram of the CIA in his 12-volume study of operations from 1954 to 1974 had already completely destroyed his credibility - what the Agency understandably under the circumstances took another decade to acknowledge when it published his monograph, "Of Moles and Molehunters", in its in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence. Henry Hurt's book about Shadrin's disappearance, The Spy Who Never Came Back, published in 1981, "...not only revived the old Golitsyn-Nosenko controversy but also made it more current by citing the appearance of a mysterious KGB man referred to as 'Igor'." (Quoted from
Cram's article on the internet.) Scott Miler - a follower, like Golitsyn, of former Agency CI Chief Angleton, believed that Igor Kochnov was a KGB plant, and that Shadrin should never have gone to meet him without the FBI having had him under surveillance.

Now Miler had teamed up with MI6's old hands, Stephen De Mowbray and Arthur Martin, to give the "greatest importance and relevance" (p. xvi) to what Golitsyn claimed. De Mowbray and Martin, as Peter Wright has described in Spy Catcher, would follow Golisyn to the ends of the earth in looking for Moscow's moles, and now he contended that he had found the last of the rotten apples. Either
Europe would stop its fragmenting - what Palme, apparently a planted KGB agent in the leadership of its Social Democratic Party (p. 55), started with his demonstrations in favor of a North Vietnamese victory in Vietnam - or it would witnesses the fruition of the 'false flag' operations - the new Trust - which former KGB chief Alexander Shelepin had arranged in the late '50s. Golitsyn was even more suggestive that Palme was the agent when he talked about how a KGB agent in its Stockholm residency, it seems, had hoodwinked Palme in Tag Erlander's office in September 1961 to spy for the Soviets. (pp. 287-8) By the book's end, Golitsyn could hardly restrain himself any longer, announcing that Palme was working with Communist leader Adam Rapacki to achieve a nuclear-free zone in central Europe. (p. 349)

After Gordievsky's defection to Britain in July 1985, he filled in its intelligence community about Palme's being a Soviet agent of influence, explaining that it was accomplished by news company Novosti's N V. Nejland when he was working in Stockholm in the early 1970s. Then MI6's agent in Olso, E. O. 'Mack' Falkirk, was able to steal from Palme's office in October the agenda he had for his meeting with the new Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow the following April, indicating his plans to go ahead with a Nordic Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone. Falkirk had earlier recruited KGB agent Boris Yuzhin whose spying for the West had enabled the Norwegians to catch diplomat Arne Treholt the previous year with NATO plans in the Far North - what would be vital to the Soviets if NATO and the Americans pulled off any surprises there - and was now back in Moscow to report on what its responses would be to any such moves. To muddy the waters, SIS then sent Edinburgh's Professor John Erickson, who had helped organize domestic opposition to Palme by the European Workers' Party, to Stockholm to complain about his inaction against, it seemed, aggressive Soviet submarine intrusions.

In December, Falkirk said he had learned that the CIA resident in Stockholm, Jenonne Walker, had expressed her serious worries about what was afoot when she hosted a Christmas party for some Swedish officials. Two high-ranking Swedish naval officers allegedly told her that Palme was a traitor, and that something had to be done about it. This was after Palme had removed Björn Eklind - captain of the sigint intelligence ship Orian, a most important vessel since Britain's similar ship, HMS Challenger, was again inoperative because of breakdowns - who was most opposed to allowing American seaman to serve on his ship in the hope of reassuring Washington of Stockholm's seriousness in defending its territory. Ms. Walker had been so convinced about the alleged threats that she had Agency bugging specialists help a team from Säpo's Section for Company Defence (FSG) deploy listening devices in the KGB residence in Stockholm on the night of Palme's assassination in the hope of catching the Soviets committing some surprise.

To help convince others that this was the case, Gordievsky provided information about Operation RYAN, Moscow's response to apparent Western first strikes - what became the basis of 1,000 reports that Scarlett made up about the Soviets' 'darkest secrets'. In doing so, SIS pretty much left out the causes of these responses - NATO's annual exercise ABLE ARCHER, US Admiral James 'Ace' Lyons' Ocean Safari Excerise, etc. - and analyis of this information was left to the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) which was under the leaderhip of former MI6 director Sir Colin Figures. The JIC was convinced that even Gorbachev "...was a liar who shared traditional Kremlin aspirations. (Quoted from Mark Urban, UK Eyes Alpha, p. 43.)

After Palme's assassination, Scarlett arranged for Gordievsky and Cambridge history professor Christopher Andrew to publish two volumes of the KGB responses to Western provocations until the statsminister's assassination after it had passed without alarming blowback, though Andrew tastefully avoids using any of the material in his own work.

To head off the increasingly likely Cold War showdown, Vladimir Kryuchkov's FCD allowed Vitaly Yurchenko to defect shortly after it had allowed Gordievsky to escape. Gordievsky could not be allowed to stay in place in London for fear that he would compromise any countermeasures that the Soviets had for any Western surprises, and if he was simply arrested, it would oblige the West to adopt new secret plans which the Soviets would have to determine. To pacify Scarlett and his SIS associates, Yurchenko explained that Shadrin had indeed died while being kidnapped by the KGB - what would show, whether true or not, that Scarlett had not been entrapped when he became the curator of the "renegade Soviet Navy officer". To reassure the Americans that they had no more moles to worry about, Yurchenko identified that not only Agency agent Edward Lee Howard but also NSA walk-in Ronald Pelton. Thanks to spies Rick Ames and Robert Hanssen the KGB had just developed, it could afford to do without others who had outlived their usefulness.

When the false defector suddenly decided in November to go back to the USSR with false defector for the other side, Valery Martynov, as part of Yurchenko's honor guard, the KGB believed that SIS and CIA would give up on their plans, but such was not the case when Palme stopped the HAWK missile shipment on the 17th. Immediately, 'Charles Morgan' aka Felipe Vidal asked Ivan Romanov aka Jovan von Birchan in Stockholm's Continental Bistro if he was willing to assassinate Palme for $2,000,000.

While Romanov did not take the offer seriously, 'Morgan' became more insistent in January after President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive NSDD-207, giving Oliver North's Operations Sub-Group of the Terrorist Incident Working Group full powers to combat alleged terrorism as other counterterrorist organizations saw fit. Then 'Morgan' repeated the offer to Romanov, as Swedish military intelligence officer Joel Haukka reported: "It was decided that Olof Palme was going to be assassinated and you don't have to worry about any police protection. I stand firm by my offer on 2 million Dollars." (Quoted from Haukka's report: "Samtal med Jovan von Birchan 4 april 1986".) 'Morgan' supplied Romanov with detailed plans to show that the plot was serious - he then told Haukka, and called Alf Karlsson, Säpo's Chief of Anti-Terrorist Division, and police officer K. G. Olsson about the threat. Romanov even had meetings with SDP member of the Stockhom City Council, Inger Båvner, and with Olsson in February, stating that an attempt upon the statsminister's life "...was just a question of time".

SIS was not willing to take any liberties with Gordievsky after he defected - unlike the Agency with Yurchenko - for fear that he might be a similar false defector, especially since his prematurely deceased brother Vasili aka GROMOV was known to be a KGB illegal who had operated in Sweden, or that the KGB might assassinate him if it learned where he was. While Gordievsky had told Scarlett everything that SIS wanted to hear about KGB operations and its agents of influence, it still feared that he might be part of some new Trust, as Golitsyn was still claiming. This was even after MI5 had allowed Michael Bettaney - a disaffected, alcoholic Security Service officer whose experience handling agents in Northern Ireland, and working for K Branch handling Soviet counter-intelligence - to continue to work in place though colleagues were incresingly complaining about his performance, what finally induced him to spy for the Soviets.

While KGB resident in London Arkadi Guk apparently took the information supplied by Bettaney as mere Security Service provocation, and would have nothing to do with him, Gordievsky behaved as required, informing MI6 of his attempts. Bettaney was claiming that covert operations in the kingdom against Arthur Scargill's miners, the National Council for Civil Liberties, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and in Berlin with the Brixmis forces to check on Warsaw Pact military build-ups, directed especially by the Force Research Unit's Lt. Col. Gordon Kerr, were threatening world security. Bettaney was not only prosecuted for his liberties but also allowed to underline his efforts by having a prepared statement read about his efforts after his conviction. For good measure, Bettaney's former colleagues, Miranda Ingram, and Cathy Massiter, resigned in protest over his handling, and MI5's performance - what resulted in a Security Commission inquiry which ordered a complete reorganization of its personnel system.

MI5 was still not satisfied with the diversions it had engaged in to hide what Bettaney had attempted. When he was on remand in Brixton jail - after having been sentenced to twenty-three years in prison - and allowed to mix with IRA prisoners despite apparently MI5's instructions to the contrary, giving them information about FRU's counterterrorism work against them. Bettaney even let them know that an informer he had handled, apparently the famous 'Steak knife', had complained to Stella Rimington, its future director general, about his reluctance to get the British military to collude in operations against the Provisionals. MI5 became so alarmed by his disclosures, Mark Urban wrote in Big Boys' Rules, that it increased security measures, some officers even having to move their residences, (p. 99) although he, now released from prison, is still muzzled from discussing anything about the alleged caper after all these years.

The reason for the blackout is fear that he might say something about the whole can-of-worms which happened afterwards. After 'Charles Morgan' and apparently others could not recruit an assassin in Stockholm to kill Palme, other recruiters tried in London to hire former SAS soldiers and professional hitmen to do the job, but without success. Ultimately, SIS decided, it seems, to use Captain Simon Hayward, Ops Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company's South Detachment, to do the hit while he was on leave, and doing a reassessment of the statsminister's bodyguards for Major David Walker's KMS, Ltd. security firm Walker, a friend of US Navy Secretary John Lehman, Jr., had been introduced to Ollie North, and his firms were helping the Contras make trouble in Central America, especially in Nicaragua against its Sandinistas. Hayward was the ideal choice because he was already under a cloud for having apparently helped carry out the Shoot-to-Kill murders during the emergency in South Armagh in the fall of 1982 - what Greater Manchester Police's Assistant Chief Constable John Stalker was investigating - and few people knew of the Company's existence, generally confusing it with Kerr's FRU.

While Hayward was apparently preparing for his new role by setting up Francis Bradley in Toomebridge, County Londonderry, for a practice assassination in the back, once the Provos shot up the Ballygawley police station in December 1985 (for more, see Raymond Murray, The SAS in Ireland, pp. 348-65, and n. b. that the officer in charge, Soldier 'A' who fired only one shot, was attached to the 8th Infantry Brigade, and was unable to attend the inquest in March 1987), MI6 assured the Security Service in Stockholm that it had nothing to worry about from Britain, as Duncan Campbell later recounted in the New Statesman:

"All the sources agreed that the former SAS and other possible killers approached had turned down the contract, and had then passed details of the approaches to Special Branch or MI6 contacts. In turn, MI6 had passed a warning to Säpo, the Swedish secret police. One source said that the purpose of the killings was to destabilise Sweden and its powerful liberal stance on such matters as apartheid."

The sources of the reassurances were discredited Special Branch Detective Chief Inspector David Palmer-Hall, who liased directly with MI6, and former Special Branch commander Rollo Watts, who worked for Saladin whose parent company was KMS, Ltd. In sum, SIS had the Swedish Security Service looking for multiple threats against its leadership, coming from countries like South Africa and the USA.

Consequently, when the KMS reassessment party, headed it seems by Hayward, arrived in Stockholm on February 25th, setting up its monitoring operation across from the Palme apartment in its Old Town, the UK media was completely absorbed by what had happened to Bradley back in Northern Ireland. The party getting established in Stockholm showed that it was acting in an official capacity since the statsminister was far away, visiting villages around Östersund, and few citizens knew where they lived. Unofficial assassins would have been up there, trying to kill him - what was apparently happening unless they were just decoys. When the Palmes returned to their apartment, they noticed in a shack across the street the reassessors who spoke a kind of German patois over their walkie-talkies while carrying out their duties. It seemed most appropriate since threats against Palme were starting to become hot and heavy. (See, e. g., Jan Bondeson, Blood On The Snow, p. 76ff.)

While many reseachers of the assassination claim that the statsminister, fearing he might be shot, talked to all kinds of people - e. g., Iraqi Ambassador 'Baghdad Bob', former SDP Secretary Sven Aspling, and current secretary Bo Toresson - on the fatal day, and they speculate that they may have had something to do with the assassination, none have speculated that Hayward spoke to him, and arranged to test the performance of his bodyguards when he and his wife went off, unannounced, to the Grand Cinema on Sveavägen on the night of February 28th. This would explain the presence of a twosome with walkie-talkies, one aka 'Grand Man' who checked at the theatre if anyone was waiting to follow the Palmes home when the movie finished, and the gunman who caught up with them outside the Dekorima shop. Moreover, it would explain why the Palmes were apparently relieved to see him - thinking that everything was alright - only to belatedly discover that he was the actual gunman. (For more on this probability, see Gunnar Wall, Mörkläggning, pp. 925-30.)

While the assassination went off like clockwork, there were two important bits of evidence about it which escaped investigators' notice. Anders Delsborn, a taxi driver, saw the shooting:

"I heard two pistol shots from the other side of the of the street. I saw the killer standing by Palme, who suddenly collapsed. Then I saw the man's gun and smoke coming from the barrel. I heard the shots through the trafffic noise, and I could see quite clearly the man standing there, holding the pistol in his right hand. It looked like a Wild West revolver - it was so long." (Quoted from Chris Mosey, Cruel Awakening, p. 11.)

Delsborn established that the assassin was right-handed - what made attempts to pin the killing on left-handed Christer Petersson a hopeless task. Also, why would the hitman advertize a shooting so clearly by holding up the revolver so that anyone could be smoke still emerging from its long barrel? The simpliest answer is to make sure that it was not accidentally fired again as it was put in a pocket to hide it. Hayward, what he later wrote under the pseudonym James Rennie, has explained in The Operators that he suffered from "cackhandedness" (pp. 90, 102, 106, and 132-4) when firing a weapon with his right hand, but did not explain that it was because he had lost joints on its middle and ring fingers while serving in Cyprus. Rennie indicated also that he always had to worry about dealing with a weapon's safety with his right thumb - what would be the case if your middle and ring fingers were unnaturally short. In sum, Palme's assassin raised the revolver to put its safety on for fear that he might shoot himself if he put it in his pocket without doing so.

Little wonder that Bondeson made no mention of Delsborn's evidence about the hitman from Mosey's account - simply dismissing what "the London Times correspondent" (pp.33-4) wrote as just more wild fantasies by "Palme Detectives" aka "conspiracy theorists". Actually, Mosey was a correspondent for The Observer who often supplied articles about the statsminister which suited SIS's interests. (See, e. g., his article "Secret nuclear weapons row breaks in Sweden" in the April 28, 1985 issue, p. 17.) And Bondeson overlooked Mosey's earlier Swedish version of the assassination whose introduction clearly indicated that Palme had stopped the HAWK missile shipment to Iran - thanks to what Richard Reeves had written in "The Palme Obsession" in the March 1, 1987 issue of The New York Times Magazine - and that Mosey knew about the assassination before anyone in Stockholm, even calling prematurely Ann-Louise Paulsson, the police switchboard operator, to confirm the fact.

There were no calls to the bugged KGB residence in the Stockholm Embassy, though, Säpo, thanks to the initiative by CIA chief Jenonne Walker, awaiting a call from Stig Bergling in the hope of fleeing to the USSR with his new wife. KGB spies Ames and Hanssen had tipped off the KGB of such an eventuality, and Bergling had no intention then of going. The FBI was, consequently, left waiting forever for a call from 'sleeper' Sergei Motorin, announcing the Berglings' arrival in Leningrad. KGB Viktor Chebrikov even alluded to the futility of the shooting by announcing during an unprecedented press conference during the morning before the shooting that all the double agents of Operation Courtship had been rounded up. (See Christopher Walker's front-page piece in The Times the next day.)

This left the shooting - the trigger to a non-nuclear preventive war against the USSR to conclude the Cold War - without any telltale trail back to Moscow. And this was after Navy Secretary had "...sent forty-four of its fifty-four East Coast attack submarines with full weapons load on a twenty-four-hour notice rushing toward the North Atlantic." (Gregory L. Vistica, Fall From Glory, p. 214) They were to sink the Soviet boomers and their accompanying attack submarines after they hastily went on station in reaction to the surprise in Stockholm. Then a large NATO ground attack force was gathering around Narvik in preparation for an assault across its Finnmark to the Kola Pininsula where the main Soviet submarine base was located - the spearhead being led by Admiral Carl Trost's Task Force Eagle, three carrier-based assault groups, for which Marine Captain Steve Little had set up an advance party north of Tromsö. The plan would coopt the NATO forces to go along with the spearhead despite Olso's order against its holding exercises near the Soviet border.

To keep the plan going ahead despite the uncertainty about why and who killed Palme, SIS sent over an agent, most probably Scarlett's Gordievsky, to keep the myth going that Duncan Campbell had reported about South Africans planning to do so because they opposed Sweden's stand against apartheid. Three days after the shooting, MI6 called Karl-Gunnar Bäck, secretary-general of the Swedish Civil Defence League, and told him that it had vital information about the asssassination, requesting to come to Stockholm to see that it was passed on to those investigating the murder. SIS claimed that the leader of a covert company "A&J Services", apparently Major Robert Wilson, had organized it because Plame was cutting out middle-man money needed to arrange a Borfors arms deal with India - what Bondeson ends up settling for in explaining the assassination.

With the Swedish police thrown off the track yet again in catching Palme's murderer, Lehman's subs closed in on Soviet ones in the Barents, and under the Artic icepack in the hope of sinking them, but to no avail, thanks to the countermeasures Moscow had taken. NATO's Anchor Express Exercise became a nightmare when its advance forces, including some Norwegian engineers, ran into deadly avalanches in Vassdalen, killing 17 of them, and resulting in amphibious landings by Dutch and British troops on the Norwegian coast after an all-night emergency session by its leadership, including British Secretary of Defence George Younger, had cancelled the much more ambitious plan. Then Admiral Carl Trost's Task Force Eagle never showed up, the sensible seaman deciding to mutiny rather than go ahead with the most reckless venture.

While Lehman made one more attempt to revive the preventive war, it didn't succeed either, leaving Palme's assassination with no purpose, and still no paternity.

Friday 21 September 2007

Who's in charge - Bush, Cheney, or israel?

Who’s in charge of managing the Iraq war -- Cheney or the zio-cons? Do they work together, or is one of them on top?

Greg Palast’s book Armed Madhouse suggests they’re BOTH in charge. Sometimes the oil companies and the zionists cooperate. Sometimes they compete.

The oil companies did not write the "Project for a New American Century.” Indeed they checkmated part of the neocons’ plans. Palast says the oil companies wanted to work with OPEC to hold down production and boost prices so they could all get richer.

By contrast, the zio-cons wanted to break up OPEC and use Iraq’s oil to topple Arabia so they could begin their “war of civilizations.”

Consider this: we know that Saddam got into trouble because he switched to euros. However, Saddam also got into trouble because one moment he would cut oil production to support the Palestinians, and the next moment he would pump the maximum allowed. Saddam was messing with the oil companies’ plan to hold down production and ratchet up oil prices. Even OPEC did not like this, since up and down movements in prices destabilize the oil industry. Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse says a Council on Foreign Relations report concludes: Saddam is a "destabilizing influence to the flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East."

Cheney wanted a war to remove Saddam, and to control oil production. He wanted the U.S. and OPEC economies to remain pegged to each another.

The zio-cons wanted a war because love to see the Goyim fight.

"Christian" evangelicals wanted a war because they are insane.

The oil companies are forced to work with zionists because zionists control most of the USA, and have their claws in the central banks. What a mess.

Some Jews blame the oil companies, since Jews are always "victims." Alan Greenspan in his memoirs says the war is about oil, not WMDs.

Chomsky, an admitted zionist, blames everything on U.S. corporate imperialism. He says U.S. oil companies and weapons makers run the Iraq war. He says the israel lobby is not important. He fears an anti-zionist backlash that will "victimize" Jews. He ignores the fact that the israel lobby is insane (although he sometimes criticizes israel itself).

Thus, I see Bush sitting between the two forces. On one side are oil companies, which don’t want to attack Iran, because they don’t want to destabilize oil profits.

On the other side are zionists and their “Christian” evangelical stooges, who insist on attacking Iran so they can trigger a world war.

Bush is the empty space between them all. One day he pleases the zionists and “Christian” warmongers by threatening Iran. The next day he pleases the oil companies by merely talking about sanctions. He grovels at AIPAC functions, but he also has Cheney on his shoulder, plus “Christian” warmongers scurrying around the room, talking of "Christ's love" and howling for murder.

Anti-zionists ignore the role of corporatism and the oil companies. The anti-war crowd ignores the role of the zionists. “Evangelicals” ignore the role of their own evil and stupidity. All of them ignore the role of private central banks.


In one sense the central banks are above them all. In another sense, the banks are dependent on them all, since nothing happens without human energy.

Meanwhile the rug has been pulled out from under all of them. The catastrophic race to the bottom (off-shoring and the quest for ever-cheaper labor) has caused a trade deficit that is destroying the dollar’s value and its reserve currency status.

No country that offshores its own production can have balanced trade. Americans have survived this long because the dollar has been the world’s reserve currency. To buy and sell oil, one must have dollars. But now Arabia has disconnected. Petrodollar hegemony is disappearing. Even with control of oil, the dollar's reserve currency status is eroded by trade deficits and budget deficits. Plus, we have endlessly mounting war debts.

Babylon is dying. Shorn of industry, dependent on offshored manufactured goods and services, and deprived of the dollar as reserve currency, the US will quickly become a “third world country.” Already, college graduates must drive cabs and flip burgers.

Even if the government magically woke up, it could not re-acquire the manufacturing capability it has given away to other countries. (But I still think we’d survive if we ended the war and took control of our banking and currency.)

As the dollar loses its reserve currency status, the Fed will have to “magically” move from an $800 billion trade deficit to a trade surplus, so the US can earn enough Euros to pay for its continued imports of oil and goods. That is, the central banks will play games to buy us a little more time, but this will be a temporary fix at best.

Meanwhile there’s the ever-rising mountain of consumer debt.

The way I see it, the USA will have to go to war no matter what. War will stimulate the economy and buy more time, but it too is a temporary fix.

The “North American Union” already exists (as Claymoremind notes, Canada’s dollar is now worth the same as the U.S. dollar). How can a “North American Union” address our trade deficit,our budget deficits, and our overall debt to the banks? How can it save us from zionist Jews? How can it get rid of israel, so we can work with Muslims?

The first thing we must do, no matter what, is end the war. That would leave the oil companies in charge, and we would have high fuel prices, but it would buy us some time, and the oil companies would cooperate with OPEC. Also the oil companies won't crash the US economy, since they need Americans to buy oil.

Finally, I'm curious to see what will happen to israel when the USA dies.

Will the USA be like ancient Rome, which finally had to destroy Judea?

That’s a scary question.

If the USA threatens to cut israel loose, israel will nuke the USA (false flag) in order to trigger a war. It’s part of their “Samson option.” Even if the israeli public and government opposed a nuclear strike, there are plenty of factions in israel that are insane. And if they don’t do it, the neocons in the USA will. And if the neocons don’t do it, “Christian evangelicals” will perpetrate a false flag. Our asylum is well-stocked with lunatics of all stripes.

Or how about this…suppose we get into a world war and we LOSE (which is quite possible, given our weakness).

Would it be our worst nightmare?

Or would it be the best thing that could happen to us?

Full story...

It's official - Seagulls more intelligent than George W. Bush

Full story...

Thursday 20 September 2007

Bank of England doubles emergency loans available to British banks

If you or I make stupid investment or borrowing decisions and it goes bad then we have to pay the price. If it happens to a big bank then us taxpayers step in to help. If the whole system is that shaky the whole system SHOULD collapse and then maybe we could replace it with something that works to the benefit of all not just the owners of banks!

The Bank of England on Tuesday doubled the amount of emergency loans made available to British banks caught short in the global credit squeeze - curbing a surge in overnight borrowing costs but fueling criticism that the bank governor was reversing his own policy against bailouts.

The central bank lent £4.4 billion, or $8.8 billion, at its benchmark interest rate of 5.75 percent and said it would offer the same amount Thursday in seven-day loans to help strengthen confidence in the financial system.

The step followed a surge in the overnight lending rate that banks charge each other, to 6.47 percent, the highest level in four months and a sign that lenders were still unsettled by repercussions of the U.S. mortgage market turmoil and remained reluctant to lend. The overnight rate subsided to just over 6 percent.

The action was intended to protect the British economy from choking on rising borrowing costs. The economy has grown in recent years on the back of a flourishing financial services market and record consumer debt.

Pressure on the Bank of England governor, Mervyn King, to act increased after customers withdrew billions of pounds in savings from Northern Rock, a British mortgage lender that faced a liquidity shortage after credit markets had dried up. Shares of other British lenders, especially those with similar business models, also started to fall.

Full story...

Monday 17 September 2007

The Voice of the White House - September 13, 2007

On the weekend, I had a social get-together with friends of the family. One of the guests, who is with the U.S. military here in the D.C. area, got to talking with me about work his sigint unit was engaged in. Since he did not have any objections to my “discussing it” with others, provided his name and unit designation was not used, I am giving you a brief outline of a very fascinating subject.

It seems that the Army, the Navy, the CIA, the DHS and the FBI all are engaged in various counter-intelligence activities. None of them share information with each other and none of them ever forward information to Bush that he might object to reading because it might contradict his fantasies.

The Army discovered, quite by accident it seems, an international cell-phone circuit that has proven to be most interesting. The speakers, all Arabic, are apparently Saudis from their speech patterns. They are located in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Germany and Spain. From a constant 24/7 surveillance of their activities, my contact told me that the military intelligence people here are positive that some kind of a very major attack on Israel is now in progress.

They are certain that rockets or standard military units are not in the picture. It appears that a radical and very well funded Islamic group, probably based in Saudi Arabia (don’t forget, most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis and we are certain that the Saudis are supplying their Sunni friends in Iraq with bombs and other equipment of death) and that they are preparing to launch some kind of a deadly attack on Israel. Army specialists have considered BW/CW and explosive scenarios but have tended to rule out the former because of the probability that fellow-Arabs would die in large numbers.

Rockets have been ruled out because it would be possible to track them, if not intercept them, and the Israelis would retaliate with aerial attacks at the very least or, more likely, get the U.S. to attack for them. When I asked if this was commonly known, my source replied that it was absolutely not.

Apparently, the senior leadership of our military loathes Bush and believes that Israel has too great an influence on him. They have said, and will say, nothing about their surveillance efforts because, to be frank, the Army brass hopes it will succeed and we will be finally rid of what my source said was ‘the Spanish Fly in Mid-Eastern politics.’ A neutralized Israel would relieve the United States military of fighting their regional wars for them and peace, they believe, would descend on the volatile region.

I asked him when they felt such a serious attack would happen and he said they did not know to a certainty but the increase in phone traffic and the growing urgency of the coded messages lent strong belief to imminent action on the part of the plotters.

I am not at all surprised by either the fury of the Muslims or the attitudes of the senior military people but there is a certain inevitability about the whole matter. Ten years ago, I would have thought this was fantasy and nonsense but not now.

I did ask if the sigint people or the higher brass felt that an attack would be directed against us (After all, my family lives in this area) but it seems that this does not appear to be any part of the projected and on-going action.

Full story...

Friday 14 September 2007

Thursday 13 September 2007

Wired for Terror

This is a very long article but it is worth reading and represents one of the finest and most detailed explanations regarding the real events of September 11 2001. You may find it easier to print out and read on your lunch break!

On the Trail of the “Men” Who Brought Down the Towers

General Introduction and Survey of the Criminal Landscape

Dr. Lazlo Toth

August 20, 2007

“Of all the forms of murder, none is more monstrous than that committed by a state against its own citizens... The homicidal state shares one trait with the solitary killer -- like all murderers, it trips on its own egoism and drops a trail of clues which, when properly collected, preserved and analyzed are as damning as a signed confession left in the grave.”
-- Forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow, speaking before the May 1984 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"9/11 is the apparent work of a demonic consciousness associated with the pursuit of commercial profit and materialistic power.” (From ''The Execution of 9/11 Shows the Criminal Tendencies of a Nazi Clique" by Iain Mackenzie in “The Canadian,” April 26, 2007)

During an argument between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, at a well-attended cabinet meeting held on October 3, 2001, twenty-two days after the 9/11 attacks on America, Peres said that Israel’s policies of continued violence might "turn the U.S. against us." To this, Sharon retorted: "Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear – Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel; we, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (IAP News)

Although this may come as a surprise to many people, including some in the 9/11 Truth Movement itself, on September 11, 2001 there was absolutely no need for any hijackers to actually be involved in the operation. The “Arab hijackers,” Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehi, etc., were all a part of the “false flag” element of the operation. They formed a part of the “back-story,” a diversionary element used to cover the real operators and methods of the operation, and in the operation’s cover-up phase, they were used to support and give substance to the fake story of 9/11 that the perpetrators and participants within the government presented to the compliant, and at the top, complicit corporate media.

Mohamed Atta, or rather the person playing the part of “Mohamed Atta,” was in fact not a fanatical, religiously devout, suicidal, “jihadi” Muslim “terrorist.” According to research articles published just after 9/11 in such mainstream publications as The Wall Street Journal, Atta was, surprisingly, a drunk, cocaine snorting, pork-eating playboy who enjoyed visiting the strip clubs in south Florida, and loved to loudly and drunkenly brag to everyone about how he was either a commercial pilot or a CIA agent. What he actually was, as will be illustrated later in this article, is a “patsy,” a bit actor playing a role, for either American or Israeli intelligence, in a false flag terror operation that was to be officially blamed on “Muslim terrorist hijackers” working under the direction of a long-time CIA military-intelligence asset known as Usama bin Ladin.

As their U.S. flight instructors have pointed out to several journalists, Atta and his other party-boy patsy actors were incapable of even competently operating a basic, two-seater Cessna aircraft. However, the official 9/11 mythic narrative, crafted by Philip Zelikow, would have us believe that these fake Muslim, drunk-ass, doped-up party boys, working under either CIA or Mossad “handlers,” were able to commandeer Boeing 757 and 767 jumbo jets with either box cutters or plastic knives, turn off their respective plane’s transponder, and then fly and navigate these huge aircraft with trained, military pilot-like accuracy and expert handling.

These men, two of whose flight instructors used to privately refer to them as “dumb” and “dumber,” were supposedly able to consecutively hit two towers from a distance, at high speed, using large, lumbering commercial aircraft, on their very first tries, without even so much as a single simulator rehearsal. To understand the serious real-world physics vs. real-world skills problem here, think of a man, who has only thrown a football a couple of times in his life, and not very well either. Suddenly, he steps into a live pro game as the starting quarterback, and right out of the gate, he throws two back-to-back 60 yard touchdown passes, both times hitting his receivers with the ball right in their hands while running at high speed.

A few days after 9/11, a professional commercial airline pilot and instructor who later became a founder of had his already highly trained students get inside a professional Boeing 757 flight simulator for a little experiment. He loaded the New York skyline, with the twin towers visible in the distance, and had each of his students try to fly their Boeing 757s into either of the WTC towers. After ten tries each, none of them could hit either tower. They kept repeatedly missing their targets, although a couple of them came fairly close. In other words, they could not put the ball, thrown or flown from a distance, into the pass receiver’s hands.

After each of his students failed to hit the towers, the flight instructor, a man with 20 years experience as a professional, commercial pilot flying Boeing 757s, tried to hit the towers like the “Arab terrorists” with only rudimentary Cessna training did, and it took him ten tries. After each failure, he, of course, had the luxury of adjusting his pass, I mean, his flight path. On the tenth attempt, he was able to finally get a hit.

When pilots of large commercial aircraft land on an airport’s runway, they are electronically guided in, especially so in bad weather, so in the case of the WTC towers, it could be technologically assumed that for either of those two planes (AA11 or UA175), without any prior rehearsals, to be able to consecutively hit both towers dead-on, without a miss, something at the points of impact in both twin towers, or in WTC7, was sending out an electronic guidance signal, and, because no competent, suicidal Arab hijackers with Boeing 757 flying experience were on hand, it could also be technologically and operationally assumed that some type of aeronautical remote control system using pre-programmed GPS target coordinates was involved in all four “hijacked” flights on 9/11.

Later on in this article, a previous Israeli prototype of just such an operation will be briefly examined. Employing technology in such a way, as was done by the men behind the 9/11 operation, these four planes were still technically “hijacked,” but not by anyone physically on board the flight.

Although this four-part article is primarily about putting together an interrogation into the subject of who are the most likely planners, facilitators, and operators behind the controlled demolition of the “Twin Towers” and WTC7 on September 11, 2001, one of our “persons of interest” in this criminal case happens to be someone who is a colleague of some of these other gentleman involved, fully shares their geo-political agendas, and, interestingly enough, also happens to have free access to one of the most sophisticated aeronautical remote control systems on the planet. This fact, I’m sure, most likely acted as a deciding factor in his not being interviewed by the “9/11 Philip Zelikow Commission.” Zelikow had a strict policy of not bringing his friends in for interviews.

It is thus important to understand the ways in which the actual conspirators behind 9/11 are connected -- logistically, financially, and ideologically -- and that the people who handled the aeronautical remote-control aspect of 9/11 were also intimately connected to the people handling the remote controlled demolition of structures on 9/11. In the timing sequence of: (1) large sub-basement explosion followed one second later by (2) airplane crashing into the top of the tower, as experienced by 9/11 hero William Rodriguez, we see evidence of this operational coordination being executed by two separate operating groups within a single operation.

Why the understanding of the 9/11 operation as one of “controlled demolition” and “remote-controlled aircraft” is being so fiercely fought by the perpetrators through their media whores is because it completely takes down the False Flag Element (FFE) of the entire operation. The flag comes right down off the pole.

The “Ayraabz” didn’t “do 9/11.”

There were no Arabs involved in the actual terror attacks (the “Operation”). There was, however, an elite cartel of Arabs and Muslims cooperatively involved in the creation and maintenance of the “al-Qaeda Back-Story” in order to get a piece of the global pie, and that is where Saudi and Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), the Carlyle Group, the Bin Ladin family, and the Karachi pipeline deal all come into the picture.

Operationally though, what this means is that “Arab hijackers” and fake CIA/ISI-controlled terror shell-organizations like al-Qaesadilla are completely taken out of the picture. This means that someone else was financially, ideologically, and operationally behind these attacks and had worked very hard to make sure they were blamed on “al-Qaeda” and the Arab/Muslim world in general.

In this four-part article we will take a look at who that might have been. We will look at those who would benefit the most from these attacks and who would have the means and opportunities to wire for demolition three New York skyscrapers without any detection whatsoever. We will look at who would have the technological means to pull off this operation with its sophisticated digitally controlled demolitions and aeronautical remote control systems. But before we look at the means and opportunities, we must initially look at the element of “Motive” in its larger historical and documentary context, for without understanding the possible motives involved, the “modus operandi,” the nature of the operation, and the criminal logic of its true participants cannot at all be properly understood.

In this article, we will finally move beyond all the bravely and expertly confirmed and detailed scientific research into the September 11, 2001 controlled demolitions of World Trade Center buildings One, Two, and Seven, and take a look at who would actually have had the political and financial Motives, the Means, and the Opportunities to wire-for-demolition three high-security, steel-framed skyscrapers in New York City.

Professional, high-profile, Arab “jihadi” demolition crews working for the CIA/ISI military-intelligence asset known as “al-Qaeda” [“the (data)base”] can be completely ruled out of this operation for obvious reasons. The usual problems people have with adding or fitting this idea of pre-planned, controlled demolitions into their adopted views of 9/11 events is the admittedly difficult idea of imagining how some type of al-Qaeda demolition group was -- prior to the aerial events of 9/11 -- able to wire up three gigantic steel-frame skyscrapers and then remotely control the sequential timing of the demolitions throughout the day (~10:00 am, ~10:30 am, and ~5:30 pm).

If one is to admit controlled demolition as an element in the 9/11 attacks, yet at the same time continue to maintain the view that al-Qaeda operatives were involved, then you have a story truly akin to the wildest, craziest imaginings of the type of paranoid individual people usually refer to when they use the term “conspiracy theorist.”

The story then becomes -- Arab terrorists, despite proving themselves clueless, incompetent Cessna pilots, not only hijacked and expertly piloted four large commercial aircraft, hitting 75% of their targets, but also slipped through WTC security for several weeks and somehow expertly wired three World Trade Center buildings for massive demolition.

The ever-growing body of scientific and documentary evidence indicating controlled demolition as being an element of the terror plan orchestrated within the context of the 9/11 attacks is now proving to be rather difficult to further ignore, and the real conspirators behind these attacks may have to somehow creatively adopt CD into their “official story” to avoid the fate of the gallows which surely awaits the treasonous.

The difficulty, of course, in admitting the presence of controlled demolition into the official paradigmatic view that 9/11 was a “surprise attack,” planned and conducted by Arab “jihadis,” falls under two problem categories, one concerning ‘Means’, the other, that of ‘Opportunity’.

As will be evident, the element of controlled demolitions being employed as a part of the terror operations of 9/11 is the single most important signature element of the “inside job” characteristic of a “false flag” operation. The “NORAD stand-down” evidence is a timeline argument that can be argued endlessly, deceptively, and often subjectively using the old incompetence excuse. Controlled demolition involves the proof of hard physics and visual empiricism.

For the criminals involved in these false flag terror attacks against the people of the United States of America to maintain their official cover story, they must at all costs keep the masses of the general public from understanding the reality of those controlled demolitions that occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001. Controlled demolitions clearly indicate that 9/11 was an operation planned, executed, and covered up by high-level American “insiders” and their international military-intelligence “business” associates.

In order for all these men to avoid swinging from the gallows and being pelted with bags of burning dog shit by a furious citizenry in full armed revolution, the controlled demolition theory must, by every means, be collectively ridiculed and severely derided through highly managed, compliant media personalities and corrupted, often threatened, government scientists. This is because the trail of breadcrumbs that leads through the questions pertaining to who really would have the undetected means and opportunity to wire for demolition those three World Trade Center buildings, guides the researcher into areas of secrecy and investigation, the concealment of which are of the utmost concern for those who were involved in this whole affair.

This elimination of Arab demolition crews being a part of 9/11, unfortunately, leaves us with only one other logical group of suspects or “persons of interest” -- a group who most Americans naively believe to be among those counted upon as our “friends” and “allies,” although, as this article will clearly demonstrate, September 11, 2001 was certainly not the first time we have been covertly and viciously attacked by this particular political entity in order to provoke us to attack THEIR “enemies” on their behalf.

On the evening of September 11, 2001, after he was finished making clown faces and joking around off-camera before delivering an artificially solemn speech, we were told by our newly and illegitimately elected “president” that America was attacked on that horrific Tuesday morning because a group of nineteen young, crazed, suicidal Saudi Arabians, working for an old Wahabi shaykh who lived in a cave in Afghanistan, just happened to hold a deep grudge against the freedoms possessed by Americans and Westerners in general.

At that time, we were, of course, not informed by Mr. Bush that this “Muslim terror attack” would be used to legitimize an outrageously expensive, multi-trillion dollar colonial conquest of the Muslim Middle East and its natural resources; and that the primary geo-political, financial, and military beneficiary of this preemptive set of conquests would, in fact, not be the U.S., but the State of Israel, an “ally” who would, in the U.S. conquest of the Middle East, expend no lives, no money, and suffer only a minimal loss of prestige, yet reap the benefits of an oil pipeline out of Iraq to the Israeli city of Haifa.

At this point, and after that last sentence, you may begin to feel very angry with me, or fearfully apprehensive that the conclusions of six years of arduous, soul-searching research into the events of 9/11 that I will begin to present to you in this paper, seek to unfairly, and unjustly, place the blame for the 9/11 attacks on “the Jews.” I must immediately reply to you that nothing could be further from the truth. To claim that millions of innocent Jewish people are involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America is just sheer lunacy, and only a complete idiot would even contemplate making such a statement. However, to point a prima facie finger at a small, very powerful, elitist minority of fanatical, virulently racist, right-wing Israeli Zionists and their cadre of treasonous supporters working at the highest levels inside the U.S. government will, by historical and documentary evidence, be shown in this four-part article to be not as “crazy” and “irrational” as you might initially think. If I say that all the members of the Cosa Nostra are Italian or of Italian decent, does that mean that all Italians are in the Cosa Nostra, or all Italians are engaged in organized criminal activities? Please, folks, calm down...

If -- as is the case with a majority of Americans and Canadians -- one knows absolutely nothing about the history of the modern Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is wholly unfamiliar with the doctrines, development, and geopolitical agendas of the secular ideology of “Zionism,” there is no possible way to logically and rationally understand the statement that -- Behind every Dov Zakheim-connected, System Planning Corp. remote-controlled aircraft used on 9/11 to simulate an attack by “Arab hijackers,” and behind every thermate cutter-charge and piece of dynamite used to bring down, at the free-fall speed of gravity, three gigantic, steel-framed buildings in New York City, there exists the unmistakable “modus operandi” fingerprint of those intelligence operatives who swear a fanatical allegiance to the modern, apartheid State of Israel and its near century-old geo-political Middle Eastern agenda.

To make fully understandable to the general reader the “Motives” section of my circumstantial and prima facie case of high treason and mass murder charges against such figures as Lawrence Silverstein, his World Trade Center lease partner Frank Lowy, and the former chairman of the NY-NJ Port Authority, Lewis Eisenberg, it will be necessary for the reader to first understand the historical and documentary background of a utopian, socio-political ideology known as Zionism.

In the interests of fairness and justice to the innocent, it will also be necessary for the reader to understand the fundamental and diametric differences between the modern, secular, atheistic ideology of Zionism and the ancient, monotheistic religious faith of Judaism. It will also be essential for our complete comprehension of this case to be able to understand the ideological evolution of “Zionism,” from its late 19th century germination in the mind of Theodor Herzl as a plan to provide the Jewish people a utopian homeland and shelter from European anti-Semitic persecution, to its later “Jabotinskyite” development into something Dr. Albert Einstein and twenty-seven of his American Jewish colleagues in a December 2, 1948 letter to the New York Times called, the “latest manifestation of fascism.”

For the innocent, almost virginal (information-wise) Jews and non-Jews of the Western world, the information in this four-part article may come as a severe psychological, trauma-like shock, and I am truly sorry to be one of the people morally charged to reveal this to you, but as a devotee of universal divinity, truth, and justice, it is my unfortunate duty to do so at this moment in history. If you are actually a real Jew, or a real Christian, or a real Muslim, and you really care about the integrity of your people and your ancient faiths, you must help bring the psychopathic criminal minority behind the 9/11 attacks to justice. It is your moral human duty and it is your duty to this planet.

The Jews DID NOT “do 9/11”

By stating that Dr. Shyam Sunder of NIST (the National Institute for Scientific Treason) is involved in aiding and abetting the cover-up of the 9/11 crimes on behalf of the actual conspirators involved in those events, does not in any way imply that “the Indians” or “the Hindus did 9/11.”

Pointing out that Donald Rumsfeld, General Richard Myers, General Ralph Eberhard, and the Busch (Bush) family are involved in these 9/11 operations in various significant ways, likewise, does that imply that “the Germans or the Christians did 9/11.”

In the same way, by pointing out the operational involvement in the 9/11 Conspiracy of right-wing Zionists connected both to the Bush administration and certain sections of the Israeli government does not, by any stretch of the imagination, imply that “the Jews did 9/11.”

Such a statement (“the Jews did 9/11”), of course, is ludicrous, untrue, and impossible, as those who subscribe to the racist, totalitarian political ideology of Zionism are much more philosophically closer to those who advocate the views of Nazism or Fascism than they are to people of the Jewish faith. Besides, the total global population of millions of Jews, Christians, Hindus, or Muslims could not possibly take part in an operation that involved only a treasonous, miniscule minority of psychopathic criminals.

The deliberate and illegitimate conflation of Zionism with Judaism is, of course, an emotion-based propaganda tool used by defamatory scoundrels, such as the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman, to both cover-up and somehow legitimize their theft, by force of arms, of another people’s land, and their continual genocidal crimes against the Arab world in order to maintain that theft.

If I stole your car or house at gunpoint and refused to give it back, wouldn’t you fight me for it? If I then asked you to compromise with me, giving you the back seat (or the cellar) while I drive and occupy the front seat, wouldn’t you still fight me for your property? This, in a nutshell, is the real historical situation in Palestine.

The Zionist-owned, dominated, and controlled corporate media want you to think that it is a very, very complicated situation. It is not.

They are simply lying to you, as they have been for many decades now. It is real estate theft accompanied by racist apartheid and genocide, pure and simple. Period. End of story.

The Zionist power structure has very cleverly inculcated the notion amongst Jewish and non-Jewish people alike that if you criticize the real and historical human rights crimes of the “State of Israel,” you are an anti-Semitic racist or a self-hating Jew.

Again, the real meanings of the terms ‘Semite’ and ‘anti-Semite’ are also deliberately covered over by the Zionists in order to further their colonial agenda, and to deflect and shut down all criticism, analysis, and discussion of their political maneuverings and military actions over the past eighty-eight years since the end of WWI (1919-2007).

That’s right, folks, the Jews and Arabs of the Middle East have not been fighting each other for thousands of years as the historically ignorant/complicit news personalities of FOX and CNN, etc. would have you believe. In fact, it was the Muslim rulers of the Middle East who gave shelter and protection to the European Jews who were suffering from the brutal, racist pogroms of the medieval Christian Crusaders and the Catholic monarchy of Spain.

Zionism only started in 1898, and didn’t really begin to get up to speed until after the signing of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, at the close of the First World War. Thus, the original utopian idea of a Jewish State, devised by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century, had nothing to do with the later phenomenon of Hitler and Nazism, as many have been led to believe. Even the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, wrote in his memoirs, “I have already gone exhaustively into the reason for our being here, reasons that I as a pioneer of 1906 can affirm have nothing to do with the Nazis! ... Nazism and our history of martyrdom abroad do not concern our presence in Israel directly.”

Much of the original criticism of the Zionists’ philosophy and their actions did not come from the world of the Gentiles, but from orthodox Jewish rabbis, as well as from Jewish scientists and philosophers such as Albert Einstein and Martin Buber, who were both gravely concerned about the moral preservation of their religious heritage and culture as it was being co-opted by militant secularists and political extremists.

Because of the concerted efforts of the educational system and corporate mass media, the general populace of Western countries does not know that there are extreme differences between Zionism and Judaism, nor does it possess any understanding of the modern history of Palestine and the Middle East, or the fact that Zionist military organizations based in Palestine, such as LeHI and Irgun offered their armed support in 1941 to Hitler against the British during WWII, and that the World Zionist Congress aided in the concentration camp deaths of many innocent Jews.

In 1941, Hitler offered the World Zionist Congress the opportunity, via ransom of gold, to remove to Palestine all the Jews held in his detention camps. The World Zionist Congress interviewers, however, were only interested in importing European Jews to Palestine in order to swell the minority Jewish population there.

Anyone in the camps who expressed to these interviewers their desire to go to Palestine was freed, per agreement with the German Reich, and deported to Palestine. Any Jewish concentration camp prisoners who said they would rather be deported to England or the U.S. were simply left in the camps by the Zionist interviewers to die or starve.

Thus, those who know this history and its many more details understand that Zionism is the greatest enemy of Judaism and the Jewish people. The Zionist is truly a wolfowitz in sheep’s clothing and always has been.

Most people do not understand that Arabs are also a Semitic people, which means, if one advocates the systematic, genocidal eradication of the Arab peoples, as Zionism does, this makes the Zionist the greatest of all anti-Semites. Abe Foxman’s ADL, for example, will decry in a loud wail any discrimination or hatred shown towards Jews, but he and his “anti-defamation” organization have no problem whatsoever with hatred towards Arabs or their systematic, genocidal extermination as a people.

It is also not widely understood that the majority of Semitic peoples in the world are in fact Arabs, yet the Zionist propagandists want to take full possession and ownership of the ethnic designations of ‘Semite’ and ‘Semitic’ in order to further cover-up and carry out their program of slow-but-sure genocide against the Arab world.

The immense and wide-spread ignorance of all these things on the part of the so-called “educated” Western audience, both Jew and Gentile alike, is promoted, cultivated, and nourished by design, and on purpose, by the triple powers of Zionist funded, dominated, and controlled education, mass media, and government.

You have been lied to for at least a century, and post-9/11, it is high time to WAKE UP before it is too late; before the next Zionist false flag attack, which will most assuredly be blamed on the final Big Piece in their colonial “take-down” puzzle – Iran.

The Zionist Neo-Con cabal whined and screamed about Iraq for a decade, and now that that job is supposedly over, they want us to take out Iran for them. The Persian empire will not fall without a fight whose passion we can never hope to match.


The Documentary Evidence of Motive and Agenda

In response to an incredulous question by someone on as to why in the world the Israelis and their dual-national moles and sympathizers inside the U.S. government would be involved as conspirators in the operations of 9/11, we will examine in this article, through a set of public documents, the clearly stated, and long-held, Middle Eastern geo-political agenda of the Zionist state and how an event like “9/11” would be to its advantage. Some of these major documents to be examined, documents which nakedly reveal the imperial agenda and operational models upon which the 9/11 attacks were based, are as follows:

1. “The Personal Diary of Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett” (1954-55).
2. “Operation Northwoods” – L.L. Lemnitzer (1962).
3. The 1980s and 1990s writings and speeches of Binyamin Netanyahu, the father of the “War on Terror.”
4. “A Clean Break – A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” – (twice-convicted Israeli spy) Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David and Meyrav Wurmser, et al. (1996).
5. “Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transforming Event” – Philip Zelikow (Zionist myth-maker behind the bogus 9/11 Commission Report), Ashton B. Carter, and John M. Deutch (1998).
6. “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” – Paul Wolfowitz, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, I. Lewis Libby (Irving Lewis Liebowitz), William Kristol, Dan Goure, Donald, Fred, and Robert Kagen, Abram Shulsky, Eliot Cohen, et al. (2000).


Israeli False Flag Terrorists: Enemies of Britain and America

In order to understand, in the context of 9/11, the sixty-year historical precedence of Israeli false-flag terror operations (i.e., “Israeli-engineered operations where the goal is to frame the Arabs for the attack”) launched against Great Britain and America – operations executed to provoke us to attack the Arabs, i.e., those people who keep complaining about Israeli real estate theft and human rights abuses – we will examine in the third part of this four part paper a series of terror events, many involving Israeli military and intelligence organizations, such as Menachem Begin’s Irgun, Avraham Stern’s LeHI, Sayaret Matkal, Shin Bet, and Mossad, being caught “red-handed,” i.e., Israeli operatives, dressed as Arabs, apprehended while planting explosives in a commercial or government building, a synagogue, or a mosque.

As we will see, by examining only a small sampling from the history of Israeli false flag attacks launched against British and American citizens and soldiers, their favorite tactic is to blow up buildings with people inside them, and then try to blame the operation on Palestinians or Arabs.

Another favorite tactic is to either dress up as Arabs and do the job themselves, or employ Arab patsies to hijack a commercial aircraft like Air France Flight 139 in 1976, or a cruise ship, such as the Achille Lauro in 1985. Their employment of remotely controlled aircraft, however, such as in the 9/11 operation, is a relatively new variant in their modus operandi.

This wholly evil and darkly ingenious method allows the perpetrators to arrest and control in mid-flight a properly, electronically outfitted commercial aircraft, or fly such an aircraft (commercial or military) into buildings on a pre-programmed target path, using a system like Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s FTS (Flight Termination System) module, which gives these high-tech terrorists the power to create the impression, or illusion, that the attacks are being carried out by fanatically devout Muslim “suicide pilots.”

The big problem, of course, with the so-called 9/11 hijackers, aside from the fact that almost a third are still alive, is that these Mossad-controlled patsies were all revealed to be cocaine-snorting, pork-eating alcoholics who loved visiting strip clubs in Florida and Las Vegas, and getting into bar fights – not exactly what you would expect from devoutly religious “shaheedoun” or Muslim martyrs. Also, none of them possessed the skills required to even fly a paper airplane, what to speak of a huge Boeing 757 or 767. As former Mossad katsa (case officer), Victor Ostrovsky has mentioned in his book “By Way of Deception,” the Mossad hires Arab patsies to play these parts all the time, but it is hard to get truly devout Muslims to cooperatively work for Mossad, so they usually end up recruiting characters like Atta and his crew -- the “useful idiot” crowd.

To understand the behavioral patterns and historical precedence of fanatical Israeli Zionists repeatedly using false flag terror operations against us so that we will become their proxies and attack and eliminate the Arabs or Persians for them, as we do now in the bogus “War on Terror,” we will, in Part Three of this paper, look at the following highlights from the sequential history of Israeli-connected, false flag terrorist operations –

1. July 22, 1946 – The King David Hotel Attack:
The Irgun bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where British officers were headquartered during the British Mandate period. Ninety-one people lost their lives. The bombers were caught, and as would become a familiar modus operandi, they turned out to be militant, extremist Jews dressed as Arabs.

2. August 1946 – The Plot Against British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin:
The attempted assassination by Irgun of British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, who was not a big fan of the Zionist project to begin with, and who infuriated the Zionists by announcing that the British government had decided that the land dispute between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine should be decided by the United Nations.

3. June 1949 to September 1950 -- Operation Magic Carpet:
Amongst a host of tactics, Mossad-planted explosives and bombs were used to blow up synagogues in Iraq and Yemen. These attacks were, of course, blamed on Yemeni and Iraqi Arabs, and were used to inspire the Jewish populations of Iraq and Yemen to emigrate to Israel out of fear of further “Arab attacks.” The operation was quite successful.

4. July 1954 – The Lavon Affair:
Explosives and bomb attacks, some using phosphorus, directed against British and American interests in Egypt were to be blamed on Egypt and Gamal Abdel Nasser. A thirteen-member terror cell of Israeli saboteurs, engaging in what they called “Operation Susannah,” is caught red-handed by Egyptian security personnel, and Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon is forced to resign over the revelations of Israeli involvement. In 2005, Israel officially admitted responsibility for the attacks.

5. November 22, 1963 – The Kennedy Assassination:
The Meyer Lansky (Majer Suchowli?ski) Zionist crime syndicate was implicated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for his threats to shut down the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve Bank and put a halt to Israel’s nuclear weapons program, the technology for which was stolen from the U.S. through the work of Israeli espionage agents.

6. June 9, 1967 – Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty:
A vicious aerial and naval attack on an American military ship by the Israeli Air Force and Israeli torpedo boats on the fourth day of Israel’s preemptive “Six Day War.” The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was to have been blamed on Egypt if the Israelis had been able to fully sink the ship and kill all of its sailors. They were not able to finish their mission, and only 34 American sailors were killed and 171 others wounded by our psycho “friends” and “allies.”

7. June 27 to July 4, 1976 – The Entebbe Incident:
The hijacking of Air France 139, an Airbus A300, by Israeli Shin Bet-controlled Arab and German patsies. Some one hundred passengers were held for eight days by the hijackers after they landed the hijacked flight at Entebbe International Airport in General Idi Amin’s Uganda. Shin Bet’s connection to this hijacking is detailed in newly declassified British government documents as reported in the June 3, 2007 Jerusalem Post.

8. February to April 1986 -- Operation Trojan:
(As told by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky)
An operation involving the February 1986 installation of a Mossad-controlled transmitter (“the Trojan”) in Tripoli used to send out interceptable, fake Libyan intelligence communications in order to trick Ronald Reagan into bombing Libya. The April 5, 1986 bombing of a West Berlin dance club called La Belle, a popular nightspot frequented by U.S. military personnel, was blamed on Libya by the Mossad through their “Trojan” transmitter sending out fake Libyan messages about how Qaddafi ordered the nightclub bombing.

Finally, on April 14, 1986, one hundred and sixty American aircraft dropped over sixty tons of bombs on Libya. Operation Trojan, ordered by Israeli PM Shimon Peres, was an evil success, and clearly illustrates why the motto of the Mossad is – “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

9. October 7, 1985 & July 11, 1988 – The Twin Cruise Ship Attacks:
Jordanian and French intelligence, and even PLO sources, pointed out at the time, that the Abu Nidal “Palestinian” terrorist organization, responsible for over a hundred vicious attacks during the years it operated, was a completely Mossad-controlled asset.

Off the coast of Egypt on October 7, 1985, the attack on the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, where Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American in a wheelchair, was murdered by throwing him overboard to drown, was the work of the Abu Nidal organization, and was designed to portray Palestinians as terrorist animals, thugs and cut-throats.

Just over two and a half years later, on July 11, 1988, this same Mossad-directed terror group attacked the Greek cruise ship “City of Poros,” leaving nine dead and eighty wounded. This attack was seen by analysts as a move by Israel to damage the sympathetic relationship that had developed between Greece, its prime minister, Andreas Papandreou and the Palestinians. This attack damaged the Greek tourist trade and helped bring about the fall of the Papandreou government.

The October 1985 "Palestinian terrorist" hijacking of the Achille Lauro was reported to have been directly ordered and funded by the Mossad. This is detailed by former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) arms dealer Ari Ben-Menashe in his 1992 book, “Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network.”

10. February 26, 1993 – The Bombing of the World Trade Center:
Zionist-controlled, FBI-directed False Flag Attack on the WTC blamed on blind Shaykh Omar and his followers. This attack was used to set up the precedent that “Arab terrorists” had their eyes on bringing down the World Trade Center. The example of this 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, with explosives being provided by the FBI, would be used later on in 2001 to provide a fake historical targeting precedence for the “al-Qaeda-directed” 9/11 attacks.

This type of operation involves the strategy of, over several years, executing a series of attacks to set up the “back-story” for a much larger attack. Each time, the attacks are to be blamed on the Arabs, so that when the “big attack” happens, it will seem logical to the public that the “Arabs did it.”

In such operations, setting up “the enemy” is an integral part of the job, and such events as the filming and publicizing of CIA asset Usama bin Ladin’s 1998 fake “fatwa” and declaration of war against America was, likewise, strategically used to help build up and legitimize the “al-Qaeda back-story” to 9/11.

11. August 8, 1999 – The African Embassy Bombings:
U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania executed by local Mossad operatives and blamed on CIA operative and asset, Usama bin-Ladin. This Mossad operation was used to build up Bin Ladin’s and al-Qaeda’s mythic terrorist credentials in the public mind in order to set him and his organization up as the “logical perpetrator” of the next big al-Qaeda attack.

12. October 31, 1999 – Remote controlled takeover and crashing of Egypt Air 990:
Blamed on one of Egypt Air’s finest pilots, who all of a sudden, out of the blue, went “suicidal” while co-piloting Egypt Air 990, a Boeing 767, over the Atlantic. On this fateful flight were thirty-three Egyptian military officers, including two Major Generals from the Army and two Brigadier Generals from the Air Force. Many investigators look at this event and see it as a possible early test run for the same Israeli-developed remote control technology that was most probably used for the 9/11 operation -- the FTS system of Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s System Planning Corporation.

13. September 11, 2001 – The Attacks Against America:
1. Usage of remote-controlled planes to simulate multiple suicide hijacks.

Thermate cutter charges, military-grade explosives, and radio controlled bombs placed in three World Trade Center buildings to provide the illusion that the crashing of the remote-controlled planes into the buildings were the cause of their collapse. The third building, WTC7, was an “evidence hut” and had to be destroyed.

Anthrax attacks and murders by mail just after 9/11, made to appear to be the work of Arab Muslims, but ended up being discovered to actually be a project engineered by a former Fort Detrick employee, Dr. Lt. Col. Philip Zack, a rabid and devoutly racist Zionist.

All 9/11 events were blamed on Saudi Arabians working for a fake Islamic terror group called al-Qaeda, whose “top leaders” all individually work as contractors for the American CIA, Israeli Mossad, British MI6, or Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). In case you were interested to know, the full name for Israeli Intelligence is “Ha Mossad, le Modiyn ve le Tafkidim Mayuhadim” (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations).

14. October 10, 2001 – The Plot to Blow up the Mexican Parliament:
Foiled terrorist bomb plot on the Mexican Parliament building, briefly mentioned for a single second by CNN, and given front-page coverage by papers such as El Diario. Two terrorists -- a Mexican Jew named Salvador Gerson Sunke and a Mr. Sar ben Zui, discovered to be a Colonel with Israeli Special Forces -- were caught red-handed inside the Mexican Parliament building with a machine gun, nine hand grenades, and a sizable cache of C-4 plastic explosives. The terrorists were deported back to Israel with a hand slap and given pardons by a Mexican official named Jorge Gutman.

15. July 7, 2005 – The London Tube and Bus Bombings:
Most probably executed by operatives working through the Israeli-owned security company which handles security for the London Underground -- ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security), headquartered in London’s Tavistock House South. These attacks, of course, could not have been pulled off without the assistance of the British intelligence agency MI6 and moral support from former Israeli PM and Father of the “War on Terror,” Binyamin Netanyahu, who, as on the morning of 9/11 in New York, was also remarkably present in London on the morning of the London tube and bus bombings.

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Israeli Director of U.S. Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, mentioned in his warning about upcoming terror attacks on America that “the terrorists” always like to stage their attacks in the Summer? I invite you, as an interesting experiment, to go back and review the dates of the above Israeli false flag terror attacks.


Israeli or Dual-National Zionists at Every Crucial Point of Operational Influence or Control
This paper will also discuss, through a case-by-case analysis of public dossiers and government departmental org charts, many of the major and minor players, some of whom were involved in the development of the 9/11 operation over the period of nearly a decade. We will examine the operationally crucial points of influence, control, and cover-up protection that these men occupied within the operation’s structure, and the organizational influences and social connections between the major players will also be examined to understand how all of these often overlooked pieces of the 9/11 puzzle ideologically, financially, and operationally fit together.

Operationally, as a “point of control,” we will also look at the Israeli security firm and the Bush-connected security firm that handled the “security” of American Airlines, United Airlines, Boston’s Logan International Airport, Washington’s Dulles International Airport, and Newark International in New Jersey. He who handles security is one who will have the clandestine opportunity, for example, to facilitate the installation of radio remote control modules onto all the planes, or allow demolition technicians into a building at night to do their work. Thus, the security firms sit in the catbird’s seat as far as being in a position of operational control and influence.

Methods and Agents: The Operational Level

Last, but not least, we will discuss some of the hypotheses now being entertained by several demolition technicians and engineers on the nuts and bolts of the demolition operations, and the evidence which points to a wave of terror, intimidation, and espionage that was being attempted by nearly two hundred Israeli agents who were found to be operating in the continental U.S. before, during, and just after 9/11.

The nests and cells of spies and terrorists were all deported back to Israel with a slap on the wrist and a stern warning from Michael Chertoff. The Lewis Eisenberg-authorized, Port Authority-directed “wiring projects” and elevator shaft projects which were underway in the WTC towers just before 9/11 will be looked at in this paper, along with pre-9/11, Port Authority-directed shutdowns and evacuations of the World Trade Center Towers. Information concerning possible “explosive tenants” of the Twin Towers, and the New York-New Jersey activities of Mossad front-companies, such as Urban Moving Systems based in Weehawken, New Jersey, will also be examined and revisited again.

All in all, there is a lot of information and many details to be covered in this multi-part article, which could very easily be turned into a 400-page book. This is a research project that one would certainly not want to attach the word “fun” to. It is an extremely important investigation, but it is also very saddening and gravely horrifying at the same time.

As I said, “not fun.” Some people in the 9/11 Truth Movement, bless their souls, are under the impression that understanding that Bush and Cheney are involved in the 9/11 attacks is equivalent to taking the Matrix-movie “red pill.” But I must honestly say that an understanding of the real and deeper machinations behind 9/11, and this event’s connections to Israel, is the real “red pill” of 9/11 Truth.

I am afraid that after I assemble this ten thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, at the end, it will reveal a picture showing that, with the assistance of treasonous “insiders,” America was attacked on 9/11 by operatives working on behalf of one of our “allies,” a country that we, and the rest of the world’s nations, really need to reconsider the nature of our relationship with, and this “ally,” in the 9/11-generated bogus “War on Terror,” is now using our taxpayer dollars, our international prestige, whatever may be left of it, and the lives of our soldiers to have us fight, as a proxy army on their behalf, bloody wars for the furtherance of their regional “security”/colonial agendas.

We have been sold the gravest of lies by our Zionist-owned media, and we have been attacked and murdered by our own government, a government which, as Ariel Sharon pointed out, is owned and controlled by the State of Israel.

The Zionists and their puppets and moles high inside the U.S government, as they continually warn us, are now planning to do this 9/11 thing again in order to get us to drop nuclear weapons on Iran for Israel.

It is time for the people of the still-free world to digest all of this information, identify and understand the real culprits, the real terrorist enemy, and place all of them in Federal Prison on death row for national treason and mass murder.

This is our duty to men like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who founded a democratic and free republic in a new world. The traitors to this republic must be brought before Justice and before the American People to stand trial for their grave crimes against humanity and freedom.

We must bravely stand as citizens of a dying, once free nation, and tell them -- One more attack and the gloves come off for good.

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