Wednesday 23 October 2002

CNN Involved in Jesus Box Hoax

News service is major pipeline for Illuminati propaganda

by voxfux

Now, when these Illuminati, New World Order, types want to inject a lie directly into the brains of billions of people simultaneously - CNN is one stop shopping.

The flags went up along time ago and point to a chilling conclusion - That indeed the CIA has full operational control of CNN news operations and has transformed the news organization into an instrument of the high religious orders and billionaires they (CIA) currently answer to.

A few months back, this religious order needed to build a stronger case against Osama Bin Laden, (to temporarily prop up their flagging puppet Bush, so what did they do? Through CNN they "Discovered us" some juicy dog gassing murder tapes just in time to distract us from what a dismal world it has become since this agent for the illuminati religious order, George Bush, seized the reigns of power.

This month, it’s the Jesus Box!

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