Thursday 24 October 2002

Wolfowitz: The Israeli Zionist Wolf in the Whitehouse

Wolf by name, Hawk by nature...

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz occupies the 2nd highest position in our Defense Dept. And his pal Richard Perle is the chairman of Pentagon's advisory Defense Policy Board,a group of outside-the-Pentagon military advisors to the Department ofDefense. Paul Wolfowitz/ Richard Perle are both on Board of Advisors of "Washington Institute For Near East Policy" which was founded bythe most feared, most ferocious ISRAELI Lobby AIPAC in Washington .

They both are the MOST DANGEROUS people in the world and themost Hawkish of the Hawks according to many reports. A letter fromJude Wanniski to Secretary of Defense : "Richard Perle and his palPaul Wolfowitz have been calling all their friends in the press corps, urging them to beat the drums for WAR WITH IRAQ. ".

There is no counterbalance to the influence of Paul Wolfowitz in the Department of Defense, Richard Haass in the National Security Council, or Richard Perle in
the Department of State, to name a few.

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