Friday 30 August 2002

The Coming Firestorm

Bush's Rhetoric Sounds Like the Crazed Videotapes of Osama bin Laden
by Robert Fisk

So now Osama bin Laden is Hitler. And Saddam Hussein is Hitler. And George Bush is fighting the Nazis. Not since Menachem Begin fantasized to President Reagan that he felt he was attacking Hitler in Berlin - his Israeli army was actually besieging Beirut, killing thousands of civilians, "Hitler" being the pathetic Arafat - have we had to listen to claptrap like this. But the fact that we Europeans had to do so in the Bundestag on Thursday - and, for the most part, in respectful silence - was extraordinary.

I'm reminded of the Israeli columnist who, tired of the wearying invocation of the Second World War to justify yet more Israeli brutality, began an article with the words: "Mr Prime Minister, Hitler is dead." Must we, forever, live under the shadow of a war that was fought and won before most of us were born? Do we have to live forever with living, diminutive politicians playing Churchill (Thatcher and, of course, Blair) or Roosevelt? "He's a dictator who gassed his own people," Mr Bush reminded us for the two thousandth time, omitting as always to mention that the Kurds whom Saddam viciously gassed were fighting for Iran and that the United States, at the time, was on Saddam's side.

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A Prayer

All this talk of war and death and Bush is making me depressed, time for something light-hearted!

Our future, which art within us,
Hallowed is our aim
Thy gateway come
Thy downloads done
As Earth be worthy of heavens.
Give us this day our daily bandwidth.
And protect our addresses,
as we forgive those
who spam against us.
Lead us not into frustration,
but deliver us from Microsoft:
For thine is the client,
The server and the protocol
forever and ever.

No Jaw Jaw, Only War War

Just a few snippets collected off the wires just so's we don't forget who it is that's a warmonger. Messers Sharon and Bush, two men who never met a treaty they didn't feel like violating. Saddam is a bad dude for sure, but don't forget it was the Shrub and his mates who put the bastard there in the first place! So now the lives of innocent American kids, innocent British kids and yet MOOR poor Iraqis are going to be lost in order to pay for the mistakes of their fathers and tyrants. In war it is ALWAYS the young who make the ultimate sacrifice while the rich fat fucks who started it sit in their nuke-proof bunkers and count the body bags as they roll off the areoplanes. How much blood has to flow this time before the people of the world wake up and realise that we need to find a better way!?! Israel is arming everyone regardless of whether they "sponsor terrorism", nothing new there... Remember the Sri Lanka thing with the Tamil Tigers, we'll the lovely Israelis were arming and training both sides in the conflict. Talk about taking a vacation from morality!

Israeli arms shipment caught on way to Iran
German authorities who intercepted two container loads of Israeli-made tank parts bound for Iran sent the mysterious cargo back on Thursday on the next Israel-bound freighter. Why P.Ad, an Israeli firm, was shipping military gear to Iran, one of the Jewish state's bitterest enemies, has yet to be explained. Iran denied on Thursday doing business with Israel, and the Israeli defence ministry claims it has called police to discover how the deal was set up.
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Sharon backs Ya'alon remarks on `cancerous Palestinian threat'
IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon's controversial remarks earlier this week were "true and correct" and described "the situation as it is," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday.
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Family of four killed by flechette fire from IDF tank
An IDF tank firing flechettes at what soldiers believed to be a cell of terrorists trying to infiltrate Netzarim in the Gaza Strip killed four people, including a 55-year-old woman, her two sons, and their cousin late Wednesday night.
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Israel Pledges US Full Assistance For Attack On Iraq
"If the Americans do not do this now," said Israeli Deputy Defense Minister and Labor Party member Weizman Shiry on Wednesday, "it will be harder to do it in the future. In a year or two, Saddam Hussein will be further along in developing weapons of mass destruction. It is a world interest, but especially an American interest to attack Iraq."
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Thursday 29 August 2002

WWIII Looks Imminent

This is a wakeup call to the Nintendo Generation; our so-called leaders are leading us down a path of self-destruction, the question isn't IF it's WHEN. What we need to do is work out what the rest of us are going to do when the nukes start going off... This is going beyond scary, we have Cheney on TV basically with a trumpet encouraging the drummers to start the drum roll for war. There is so much evil shit going on here that it's become all pervasive, the lies have been told so many times suddenly it's accepted as fact. Are we seeing the destruction of humanity enfold before our eyes?

The Latest SCARY Headlines:

France speaks out at US war plan

Al-Qaeda 'poised to strike again'

Muslim World Virtually United Against US - Pressure Grows

US General Tells Israelis War Will Start By Late November

US Envoy Calls N. Korea World's Top Missile Peddler

Iraq Defiant, Arabs Alarmed By New Bush War Talk

Iraqi Foreign MInister Receives China Support

By way of deception, thou shalt do war

Yuval Steinetz, chairman of the Knesset subcommittee on military doctrine, said, "Iraq is the key but not the last stop [in the U.S. effort],". "It is the first stop. After that there will be massive [U.S.] pressure on Syria and Iran to halt weapons of mass destruction programs and Syria's occupation of Lebanon." Okay, if Israel thinks this war is such a good idea, why isn't Israel letting the US use Israel's bases for the attacks? All this talk about getting Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Qatar to allow the attacks to launch from their soil (and their reasonable refusal to do so) masks the fact that the one nation in the region that approves of this war is markedly silent on the issue of allowing the US attack to launch from their lands. If Israel approves of this war then they should allow the US to launch the attack from their own soil. If Israel really thinks this war is both just and necessary, they should be willing to help carry the cost of the war and share the risks of losing. That they have not only proves that Israel survives by tricking other nations into fighting its wars for it. "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" -- Motto of the Mossad.

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Wag the WTC

This is absolutely superb, there's no other word for it. I strongly recommend you read the whole thing.

FACT: The contractor whose people were the first on the WTC collapse scene --to cart away the rubble that remains-- is the same contractor who demolished and hauled away the shell of the bombed Oklahoma City Murrah building. The name of the contractor is Controlled Demolition! Their WTC cleanup contract is worth over $7 Billion. Are you getting the picture?

FACT: The expert widely reported as certain the WTC was demolished --who later changed his mind-- is a demolition explosives specialist from New Mexico Tech Institute. That's precisely where the people first on the Pentagon crash scene were trained. Tech was also a hot tip to get the contract for training the new Federal Air Marshals. Are you getting the picture?

FACT: Most of the World Trade Center changed hands in a $3.2 billion, 99-year lease deal that was concluded only seven weeks before the attack; with a sweetheart tax deal and new insurance covering buildings and rents -payable to new beneficiaries. Are you getting the picture?

Let's all hold on to our emotional hats. Let's stop reacting and stop overreacting.

We are MEANT to react in shock. The whole purpose of the audacious World Trade Center attack was to psych us out.

Does the WTC attack feel like a movie? It does? Well of course it does! It has been specifically written as a movie script. Are you getting the picture?

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Why the World Hates America

A problem for US State Department of State think about

It is an open secret that anti-American attitudes are gaining steam all over the world. They are quite evidently caused by Washington's pushy foreign policy.

The world, probably except for radical Islamic extremists, felt sympathetic toward the USA after the Sept. 11 tragedy. As a result of this sympathy, the White House won incredible support for its plans for a "war on terrorism." This made for such a rapid offensive against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Due to Washington's universal support, countries neighboring Afghanistan agreed to accept contingents of the USA and its NATO allies on their territories. Ruling regimes of these countries expected to receive assistance from the USA and support in their struggle against local radicals, which pose a great threat to the ruling regimes. In fact, the US Army given strong support to authoritarian regimes in the countries neighboring Afghanistan.

As the USA proceeds with its anti-terrorism struggle, anti-American attitudes are ever gaining steam. Attempts of Washington to deal with disagreeable countries under the guise of a war against bin Laden and al-Qaeda have caused a strong wave of criticism toward America's policies. Such attitudes are strong, not only in "pariah" countries (this definition is very insulting by the way), but even among America's allies in NATO. The White House often tries to settle its political and economic problems under the guise of "fighting terrorism." The situation in Iraq can serve an example in this case: Iraq is off limits for US companies seeking Iraqi oil. If Hussein is overthrown, the situation is likely to change drastically. However, oil producing companies from other countries will have to leave Iraq in this case (Russia).

The rest of the world dislikes the fact that the USA enjoys the status of the world's sole superpower and makes decisions contradicting the norms of international law. Even the opinions of the America's allies are often ignored at that; they are just presented with a fait accompli. However, the White House and the US State Department criticize domestic policies of other countries and become angry when the same is done towards the USA. What is strange is that the US media, which are bragging so much about their "freedom," support the same line as the White House and the US State Department. Popular American TV channels will hardly show unbiased videos about victims of bombings in Afghanistan. Even if some of this footage is shown, the number of the Sept. 11 tragedy victims is sure to be mentioned as well. This is nonsense! Are American pilots who bomb peaceful Afghan settlements better than al-Qaeda terrorists who bring down skyscrapers? Innocent people are victims in both cases.

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I Call It Treason

by Doug McIntosh

You have to hand it to Mr. Magoo. I'll give him an A for chutzpah, that's for sure. The man is nothing but a common criminal of the white collar type. I openly and publicly call the FED chief a traitor, a coward and a common white collar criminal. The system is beyond accountability and I have a bad feeling this will end in blood. "Strike for Liberty and Honor" was the battle cry of our Revolutionary War, the Irish and also Bonnie Prince Charlie's cry at Culloden. Our criminal leaders have to go to jail on treason charges and there is no beating around the bush, pun intended.

Alan Greenspan did conspire, manipulate and commit "high crimes and felonies" by forcing state pension funds to bail out the stock market on July 24th, 2002. Quite honestly, for this alone Mr. Greenspan should be tried and executed for treason. In fact, what's left of America is headed towards a racial, economic and cultural civil war. The system is collapsing a little more every day. As for Mr. Magoo, he used his position to jawbone the pension funds to reverse the nearly 20% freefall in both Citibank and JP Morgan stock. Each one point of the DOW represents around one billion United States fiat dollars. The 1000 point swing since late July represents a staggering ONE TRILLION dollars of investment, or mal investment. Even the mainstream press admitted that the "little guy" sat this one out and the money came from pension funds, insurance companies and the like. In other words, the FED had the system bail out the system. Talk about economic incest. What the FED did is to loot the retirement plans of public employees. The government has already looted the private retirement plan called Social Security. The looting is done. The money is gone. What cynical, arrogant whores these people are. Common criminals posing as upholders of the law.

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Making The World Safe... For Bankers

In one of his most dramatic and insightful pieces to date, World-Class Author Henry Makow Ph.D. puts our current reality into perspective.

International bankers live in fear.

Not of starvation, disease or war. These are the concerns of children in the Third World.

Bankers are terrified we might object to paying them billions each year in interest for money they create out of nothing, guaranteed by our taxes. (The Federal Reserve Board, a private cartel of mostly foreign banks, finagled this monopoly in 1913.)

The bankers are frightened that, like the homeless man's dog, we might say
"I can do this myself."

They are scared the government might go even further and "default" on trillions of make-believe "debt."

They are frightened of losing "control."

In order to sleep more soundly, the bankers have taken "steps."

These precautions help us to understand the world we live in, why it is becoming safer for bankers but less safe and more bizarre for everyone else.

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Government ministers in corporate influence shocker

America would you please stop trying to foist your nasty genetically modified crap on us we don't want it, ok? Just get over it and stop trying to pressure us into ruining our environment the way you lot are ruining yours!!!!

If we needed further proof that the governments of Europe are under pressure from US biotechnology corporations to embrace GM technology, then it came in the shape of statements from two government ministers this week.

Elliot Morley, Countryside Minister, admitted that "There is enormous international pressure to allow GM crops and seeds in this country from the biotech companies. They are going through national governments and the WTO and pressurising the EU."

The Environment Minister, Michael Meacher, also stated that Britain was being pressed by the US to allow commercial planting. However, the Environment minister insisted he was "sceptical" of the benefits of GM and insisted: "We are not going to be bounced into this by the Americans."

Article in the Guardian

Article in the Independent

Did They Let 9-11 Happen on Purpose?

This has appeared before on but it's a wonderfully incisive and well-researched article. It deals with those in the US Government who had possible warnings of the events of 9-11, the evidence is extensive and I haven't found any better analysis of the events. Certainly it seems as if none of those useless bastards we elected can come up with anything simillar, they just want to play with their guns and send other people's children off to die. Make no mistake, that's where we're headed unless everyone wakes up! We are being lied to and manipulated so that a tiny minority of rich fat bankers can get even richer and even fatter! Look at this "Earth Summit" lots of useless corrupt morally bankrupt politicians with no balls to speak of, tucking in to Fois Gras, Champagne and Oysters.

They Let it Happen

1 - Jerome "Jerry" Hauer, Human Health Institute
2 - Dr. Thomas Inglesby, Johns Hopkins Institute
3 - Stephen Hatfill – Anthrax Prime Suspect
4 - Dale Watson, FBIHQ
5 - Thomas Pickard, Bristol Myers Squibb
6 - James Woolsey (Shea & Gardner, CFR, ex-CIA)
7 - Richard Clarke (CSG chief and Cyber Security Task Force)
8 - Richard Perle, Head of the Defense Policy Board
9 - Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense
10 - Henry H. Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
11 - Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State
12 - George Tenet, CIA
13 - General Mahmud Ahmad , former Pakistan Secret Service ISI
14 - Tommy Thompson, National Institute of Health
15 - CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
16 - ANSER
17 - Department of Defense
18 - Frank Carlucci, Carlyle Group
19 - Abdullah Noman
20 - Philip A. Odeen

Read the evidence against them now...

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Really An Alien

The Appalling Deception

A fantastic bit of work on translating the French book L'effroyable imposture (The Appalling Deception)

Well worth a read! Nice one Chris!

President of the French leftist organization Reseau Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan, is rising to world-wide recognition as the auteur one of France’s best-selling books: L’Effroyable Imposture (The Frightening Deception). Meyssan claims that the destruction at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, was not caused by the impact of hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, but rather a truck bomb. He alleges that the U.S. government covered up this fact from the world as part of a larger scheme by the U.S military-industrial complex to covertly orchestrate the September 11th massacres in order to justify the campaign in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East.

According to an April 3, 2002, commentary in the Guardian (UK), the French daily Liberation cited weekly sales of L’Effroyable Imposture at 100,000 copies. Although sales have been brisk, it is uncertain how many French readers actually buy into Meyssan’s claims. He jump-started the book’s popularity in an appearance on the French TV infotainment program “Tout le Monde en Parle” (“Everybody’s Talking About It”). However, the more respectable French media have been unforgiving in their criticism. According to the weekly journal Le Nouvel Observateur, “The theory suits everyone - there are no Islamic extremists and everyone is happy. It eliminates reality.” Liberation renamed the book “A Frightening Confidence Trick” and called it “a tissue of wild and irresponsible allegations, entirely without foundation.”

For reasons of protecting information against government hackers, the link below points to my mirror of the site, to visit the actual website, click here.

Read the book here!

History 101 - The Dream Is Dead

By John Brand, D.Min., J.D. Columnist (US)

"One age misunderstands another; and an age without vision misunderstands all others in its own nasty way." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"When the legends die, the dreams end. When the dreams end, there is no more greatness." - T.S. Eliot

America's problems, screaming at us from the headlines of the daily papers, are endless. What is our country's underlying disease? Is it terrorism? Is it our balance of trade deficit running into the billions? Is it a President who does not even think twice about shredding the Bill of Rights? Is it the millions upon millions whose credit card debts are staggering? Is it corporate executives who have no sense of morality? Is it the declining stock market?

None of the above are the substantive issues confronting our nation. They are merely symptomatic of our fundamental disorder. Our President desires to take our nation into a senseless war. It seems that neither he nor his clones have any real ideas about the disastrous consequences of such a venture. Yet, not even this Vietnam-like insanity is our basic problem. What is it then?

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Dancing With The Devil

Rumsfeld's Four Lies About Iraq
by David Smith-Ferri

Some things you thought you could count on: the prevailing westerlies, temperatures according to the season. Forget it. Washington now controls the weather. That chill you ve felt in your bones despite the calendar is a cold wind blowing east to west. It is the breath of war. It carries the message, "Prepare for war." Yes, the Bush administration really intends an unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Yes, our government has actually come to talk openly of plans for overthrowing foreign governments, and to do so without stirring immediate public outrage, without sounding alarms in the media, alarms in the universities. But the fire burns, nonetheless, with or without the alarms.

85 years ago, D.H. Lawrence philosophized: "If people lived without accepting lies, they would ripen like apples," a metaphor for living full, satisfying lives. Lawrence, of course, wasn t writing about foreign policy, but about the Victorian values that still bound English attitudes and behaviors. He saw the ropes cutting the skin; he saw the blood. Military and foreign policy planners pushing for an invasion of Iraq are no less aware of the ropes that bind American minds today, and they are intent on tightening the bonds.

If the devil really is the great deceiver, then the Bush administration is one of his most fervent disciples. Consider four major lies of the present public relations campaign. First, the lie of clear and present danger. Condoleeza Rice told it in typical fairy tale imagery on August 15th, "If Saddam Hussein is left in power doing the things he s doing now, he ll wreak havoc again. This is a threat that will emerge in a very great way. History is littered with cases where inaction has come back" to haunt people. The message here is quite clear: "An enormous threat looms on the horizon. As we go out to meet the challenge, don t hamper our efforts to disarm it." It is a code language written in condensed symbols. It is not meant to be considered thoughtfully; it is meant to evoke an habituated response.

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Wednesday 28 August 2002

September 11 - US Government accused

A Portugal-based investigative journalist has presented THE NEWS with version of the September 11th attacks that has to date failed to attract the attention of the international press. The report, compiled by an independent inquiry into the September 11th, World Trade Centre attack, warns the American public that the government’s official version of events does not stand up to scrutiny.

A group of military and civilian US pilots, under the chairmanship of Colonel Donn de Grand, after deliberating non-stop for 72 hours, has concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners, involved in the September 11th tragedy, had no control over their aircraft.

In a detailed press communiqué the inquiry stated: “The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation carried out against the USA, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.”

The report seriously questions whether or not the suspect hijackers, supposedly trained on Cessna light aircraft, could have located a target dead-on 200 miles from take off point. It further throws into doubt their ability to master the intricacies of the instrument flight rules (IFR) in the 45 minutes from take off to the point of impact. Colonel de Grand said that it would be impossible for novices to have taken control of the four aircraft and orchestrated such a terrible act requiring military precision of the highest order.

A member of the inquiry team, a US Air Force officer who flew over 100 sorties during the Vietnam war, told the press conference: “Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being manoeuvred by remote control.”

In evidence given to the enquiry, Captain Kent Hill (retd.) of the US Air Force, and friend of Chic Burlingame, the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, stated that the US had on several occasions flown an unmanned aircraft, similar in size to a Boeing 737, across the Pacific from Edwards Air Force base in California to South Australia. According to Hill it had flown on a pre programmed flight path under the control of a pilot in an outside station.

Hill also quoted Bob Ayling, former British Airways boss, in an interview given to the London Economist on September 20th, 2001. Ayling admitted that it was now possible to control an aircraft in flight from either the ground or in the air. This was confirmed by expert witnesses at the inquiry who testified that airliners could be controlled by electro-magnetic pulse or radio frequency instrumentation from command and control platforms based either in the air or at ground level.

All members of the inquiry team agreed that even if guns were held to their heads none of them would fly a plane into a building. Their reaction would be to ditch the plane into a river or a field, thereby safeguarding the lives of those on the ground.

A further question raised by the inquiry was why none of the pilots concerned had alerted ground control. It stated that all pilots are trained to punch a four-digit code into the flight control’s transponder to warn ground control crews of a hijacking - but this did not happen.

During the press conference Captain Hill maintained that the four airliners must have been choreographed by an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). This system can engage several aircraft simultaneously by knocking out their on-board flight controls. He said that all the evidence points to the fact that the pilots and their crews had not taken any evasive action to resist the supposed hijackers. They had not attempted any sudden changes in flight path or nose-dive procedures - which led him to believe that they had no control over their aircraft.

THE NEWS, in an attempt to further substantiate the potential veracity of these findings, spoke to an Algarve-based airline pilot, who has more than 20 years of experience in flying passenger planes, to seek his views. Captain Colin McHattie, currently flying with Cathay Pacific, agreed with the independent commission’s findings. However, he explained that while it is possible to fly a plane from the ground, the installation of the necessary equipment is a time-consuming process, and needs extensive planning. THE NEWS will publish a full interview with Captain McHattie in next week’s edition.

The FBI also came in for criticism for the various pieces of contradictory evidence it has published regarding the suspects. Questions are now being asked as to how incorrect information was given out regarding the ID cards of the suspects, and the seat numbers they supposedly occupied after boarding the flights.

None of the suspects named by the FBI appeared on any of the official passenger lists. A further point was how the FBI had managed to retrieve the passport of one of the suspects amid the molten and twisted remains of thousands of tons of steel and rubble brought about by the Twin Towers collapse.

Dr. Paul Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, and presently Senior Research Fellow at Stamford University, has lent his support to the independent inquiry findings. He also claims that Osama Bin Laden was not responsible for September 11th. The doctor has challenged President Bush to make public the so-called “irrefutable evidence” incriminating Bin Laden.

Colonel Donn de Grand said that if President Bush is lying it would not be the first time that the American people had been mislead by its government. He cited the recently published official government archives describing President Roosevelt’s duplicity in deceiving Americans about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, which triggered the US entry into WWll.

He also highlighted the role of the country’s government in misleading its citizens in respect of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, and the events that brought about the Spanish American war in the late 19th, century. “Whilst considering who committed this act of war on September 11th,” he said, “albeit Russia, China, an Islamic country or NATO, we must also consider that the enemy may well be within the gates.

“Not for the first time the American public might be being mislead, by those with ulterior motives, into lending its support to a war, this time against Iraq, that has no bearing whatsoever on the interests of the people of the USA.”

So far the mainstream American news media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. Similarly, the White House, whilst having received a copy of the report, has remained silent on its findings.

Source: The Portugal News

Hardliners condemn Sacks over Israel stance

Behold the warmongers for they shall destroy the earth, with the blood of innocents on their hands. And they call themselves men and women of God...

Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, was yesterday on the receiving end of fierce criticism from sections of the Jewish community after his strong warning to Israel about its conduct in the Middle East crisis.

A hardline Israeli rabbi said Dr Sacks had become "irrelevant" in the world Jewish community because of his comments. But other Jewish leaders applauded the chief rabbi for speaking out and claimed his words would find sympathy with many Jews.

Professor Sacks launched his unprecedentedly strong warning to Israel in an interview with the Guardian yesterday. "I regard the current situation as nothing less than tragic. It is forcing Israel into postures that are incompatible in the long run with our deepest ideals," he said.

"There is no question that this kind of prolonged conflict, together with the absence of hope, generates hatreds and insensitivities that in the long run are corrupting to a culture," added Dr Sacks, who during his 11-year tenure as head of the Jewish community in the UK and the Commonwealth has previously steered clear of commenting on Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The fiercest of his critics yesterday was Rabbi Shalom Gold, dean of Jerusalem college for adults, who told BBC Radio 4's The World at One: "We who are living here day in and day out, our perspective is the one that really counts. I have a great deal of respect for the chief rabbi and therefore it is extremely sad for me to hear him make comments of such a nature which for all intents and purposes will now make him irrelevant in the world Jewish community."

But Rabbi Charles Middleburgh, executive director of the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, applauded the chief rabbi for his courage in speaking out. "It is incredibly important when someone says something controversial at a difficult time for people to think not just about what they have said but why they have said it. This is a man who rarely comes off the fence but this time, to his great credit, he has."

The chief rabbi also received support from Paul Usiskin, chairman of British Friends of Peace Now. "I share, with many Jews and Zionists, the chief rabbi's anguish at Israel's conduct and I welcome his desire to find dialogue to help resolve the Middle East conflict," he said in a letter to the Guardian.

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The War on Terrorism's Gravy Train

Cheney's Former Company Wins Afghanistan War Contracts

By Pratap Chatterjee
Special to CorpWatch

Queenstown, Vogaria, West Africa -- On July 16, 2000, United States Army scrambled to deploy troops at the request of the embattled Vogarian government in a top secret mission code named Operation Restore Order.

Political and economic instability, factional fighting outside the capital of Queenstown created large numbers of displaced civilians. Large-scale famine and disease were feared. In five days the U.S. Army teamed up with a private company in Texas to deploy and assemble a military camp out of a pre-fabricated kit known as Force Provider to assist the Vogarians.

Vogaria, of course, is a fictional country but the military exercise -- which took place at Fort McPherson, Georgia and the Diamond Reserve Center in Louisiana -- could not be more real. The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program's War Fighter Exercise 2000 was the first ever Department of Defense simulation of civilian contractors assisting the army in rapid response assembly of military bases in a war situation.

The U.S. military has always relied on private contractors to provide some basic services such as construction, dating back as far as the Civil War. But today as much as 10% of the emergency U.S. army operations overseas are contracted out to private companies run by former government and military officials. These private companies operate with no public oversight despite the fact that these contractors work just behind the battle lines. The companies are allowed to make up to nine percent in profit out of these war support efforts. And experience so far has shown that the companies are not above skimming more profits off the top if they can.

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Good use of our money...

At the rate we're going, we're headed for a revolution. These politicians are so blatant, they have the money, power, guns and bombs and so the rest of us just have to shut-up and do as we're told. We're a bankrupt society headed for ecological oblivion and it's going to arrive an awful lot sooner than we think, all the while those useless bastards we elected are tucking in to Fois Gras and telling eachother how important they all are. I hope they all choke on it!

SA Earth Summit Attendees Feast On Lobster And Caviar
By Neil Syson, The Sun

The sickening champagne and caviar lifestyle being enjoyed by Earth Summit delegates was exposed yesterday.

They are gorging on mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak at the Johannesburg conference - aimed at ending FAMINE.

As the summit began yesterday, desperate kids in nearby shanty towns queued for water at standpipes.

Bigwig politicians among the 60,000 delegates, including Deputy PM John Prescott, also get vintage bubbly and brandy.

Taxpayers are footing the £500,000 bill for the 70-strong British party. Friends of the Earth called the extravagance "deplorable".

The head chef of the swanky hotel hosting Earth Summit bigwigs described the mountains of posh food he is laying on for their pleasure.

The chef is in charge of meals at Johannesburg,s five-star Michelangelo Hotel, where world leaders and other VIP delegates are staying during the "save the planet" conference, which opened yesterday.

While people are going hungry at shanty towns just a couple of miles away, Mr Morgan told how he had stocked up with an extraordinary array of delicacies and fine wines.

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Who Really Murdered Holly and Jessica?

Map showing where the girls were found click to enlarge

For those of you doubting the story about US service personnel possibly being involved in the murder of the two girls, below are some interesting searches you can do:

BBC News Online (82 results last count)

Google (1,370 results last count)

Vivisimo Clustered Search (173 results last count)

The vivisimo search is particularly good because it'll return results from a lot of different sources. I should point out that a lot of these attacks happened in Japan so it's not confined to "third-world" countries!

Call me a conspiracy nut if you want but why are there so few REAL questions being asked and how can we justify such a flagrant abuse of human rights as has been inflicted upon the accused! REMEMBER HABEUS CORPUS?

Read the alternative version of events surrounding the murder of Holly and Jessica

The Architecture of Global Conquest

Step one.... Terrorize Americans
by voxfux

The plan was clear 20 years ago. The central struggle for the domination of the planet Earth would have it's locus in Eurasia (3/4 of the worlds resources and people are there). Bad luck for the people and cultures who currently inhabit Eurasia. The US military industrial juggernaut rampaging towards them is the most cunning, bloodthirsty and ruthless force seen since Adolf Hitler. But before this evil force takes over the world they have to take over America, for only if you have the complicity of the American People do you control the military engine for the imposition of this global Pax Americana.

But Americans have no thirst for global conquest.

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We Are Not The Enemy!

The image is chilling. A middle-aged woman, plainly dressed, with a puff of auburn hair, is clutched in a hammer-lock by a Portland police officer dressed in full riot gear. His riot baton is jammed high under her chin. Around her, three more armor-clad police officers swarm in, face-masks down. The woman's face is contorted in terror. In her hand is a sign protesting George W. Bush.

Police State?

A recent protest against the Shrub in Portland, Oregon. Plod started using pepper spray on women and children. All hail the bastion of democracy! Click on the photo for more images.

Dining out on Despair

I even saw Zambian green beans in Waitrose, interesting that, the country is in a food crisis but they can still export green beans which of course get used to pay of foreign debt so that the bastards running our international financial system get richer while millions of Zambians get ready to starve to death, sick or what!

VOTERS have never had such a low opinion of politicians.

But they have no one to blame but themselves when they flagrantly wallow in excess at public expense.

The Earth Summit has thousands of politicians and officials from around the world living off the fat of the land.

The greatest obscenity is that they parade their opulence next to desperately poor shanty towns.

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Are we heading for WWIII?

Arab nations warn Bush over Iraq attack
From Richard Wallace Us Editor In New York

AN attack on Iraq could lead to all-out international war, President Bush was told by Egypt and Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Warning of Middle East meltdown, the Arab world's two most powerful nations said the region's leaders would be un- able to contain their people's anger at an unprovoked US assault on Baghdad while the Palestinian crisis still raged.

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said: "We fear disorder and chaos in the region." Mr Bush got a similar warning during a summit meeting with Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

On Monday US Vice President Dick Cheney warned of the danger of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and said: "The risk of inaction is far greater than the risk of action."

But Mr Mubarak claimed there was no excuse for a US attack on Iraq "because of one or two individuals". If a strike went ahead no Arab ruler would be able to curb "popular sentiments". The president said in Alexandria: "Many innocent citizens will be killed. We already have killing in the Palestinian issue. The issue must be dealt with wisely.''

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Tuesday 27 August 2002

Fabric ::: Quite Possibly the Best Club in the UK

What a night! Never been to Fabric before, I'd heard it was good but I didn't imagine it would be that good... It was.

If you like clubbing then go to Fabric, it will change how you look at every other club you've been to!

Friday 23 August 2002

The milky bars are on me!

"The weekend has landed. All that exists now is dubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man ... I'm gonna blow steam out of my head like a screaming kettle. I'm gonna talk codshit to strangers all night. I'm gonna lose the plot on the dance floor. The free radicals inside me are freaking, man! Tonight i'm Jip Travolta, i'm Peter Popper - I'm goin' to Never Never Land with my chosen family man. We're gonna get more spaced out then Neil Armstrong ever did. Anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life! I've got 73 quid in my backburner, i'm gonna wax the lot, man! The milky bars are on me! YEAH!" ::: Jip, Human Traffic

Off to Fabric for mash-up tonight with my chosen family. This blog will be dormant for a few days so take some time to browse the codshit archives. pLuR

Colloidal Silver

Disclaimer: Please note that the information is provided for educational purposes only and must not be construed as medical advice. A qualified medical practitioner should always be consulted in the case of serious illness.

What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal Silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventer against infections.Acting as a catalyst,it reportedly disables enzymes that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry.The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body.

Colloidal silver consists of ultra-fine particles of silver suspended in water,the particles are typically 0.01 to 0.001 of a micron in diameter.these particles have an electrical charge which keeps them suspended ( Colloidal) for greater detail please see Links to CS info page for the Book by Zane Baranowski

Ingesting Colloidal Silver
Taken orally ,the silver solution is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream, and transported quickly to the body cells,swishing under the tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing should result in faster absorption ,silver is eliminated from the body daily.

Topical Uses
May be applied to cuts scratches, burns, abrasions .It may also be used as an underarm deodorant, since bacteria breaking down substances released by the sweat glands cause most underarm odour!

What is Colloidal Silver Used For?
It has been used in the treatment of: allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete's foot, bladder inflammation, boils, bubonic plague, burns, cancer, eczema, candidas, cholera, colitis, cystitis, indigestion, pneumonia, pleurisy, staph infections, septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, strep infections, tonsillitis, toxaemia, dermatitis, all forms of viruses, stomach ulcer.

[Ref. Report: Colloidal silver p.34, Vol.15, No.4 Health Consciousness] ("Note: colloidal silver is also applicable for infectious disorders relating to pets including cats, dog, birds and horses.")

[Ref. P.14 Colloidal Silver by Zane Baranowski]

Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which colloidal silver has been used successfully, here is a tiny sample; acne; allergies; appendicitis; arthritis; blood parasites; bubonic plague; burns (it is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive); cancer; cholera; cold sores; colitis; cystitis; conjunctivitis; atopic dermatitis (a/k/a cradle cap); diabetes; dysentery; ear "affections"; eczema; gastritis; gonorrhoea; impetigo; influenza; hay fever; herpes; leprosy; leukaemia; lupus; lymphangitis; Lyme disease; malaria;' meningitis; parasitic infections. both viral and fungal; pneumonia; pneumococci; psoriasis; prostatitis; rheumatism; rhinitis; ringworm; scarlet fever; septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat; salmonella; septicemia; shingles; skin cancer; staph infections; strep infections; syphilis; tonsillitis; toxaemia; trench foot; all forms of viruses; warts and stomach ulcers; yeast infections.

In addition, it has veterinary uses, such as for canine parvovirus.

You'll also find colloidal silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted colloidal silver on the leaves and add to soil water.

What Doesn't Colloidal Silver Do?
"It doesn't interact with any other medications. It doesn't up set the stomach, and in fact, is a digestion aid. It does not sting the eyes.

Medical journal reports and documented studies spanning the past 100 years indicate no known side effects from oral or IV administration of colloidal silver in animal or human testing. Colloidal silver has been used with good results under the most demanding health care circumstances."

Without overstating the case, it may be time to recognise colloidal silver as not only the safest medicine on Earth, but also the most powerful! [Ref. Healing Spiral p.37 by Mark Metcalf.]

Medical Research has proven that Silver promotes rapid healing, with less scar tissue, even in the case of severe burns. Silver aids the developing foetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery. [Ref. Report: Colloidal Silver", Health Consciousness, P. 34 Vol.15, No.4

20 People Most in Need of Ethnic Cleansing

20. Yoko Ono
19. Britney Spears
18. Keanu Reeves
17. Julia Roberts
16. Halle Berry/Russell Crowe
15. John Walker Lindh/Cast of Survivor
14. Born Again Christians
13. Born Again Virgins
12. Cast of Big Brother
11. Martha Stewart
10. Matt Damon/Ben Affleck
9. N'Sync
8. Al Sharpton
7. Ariel Sharon
6. Yasir Arafat
5. Osama Bin Laden
4. Ashley Olsen
2. Mary-Kate Olsen
1. Michael Jackson

Now here's someone who understands! This is an absolutely hillarious site, check it out:

Bob from Accounting

America - A Nation Of Monsters

Never mind that earth-friendly technology already exists to once and for all end dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy from huge, out-of-control utilities and corporations. You would rather pay through the nose for your insecure comforts, wouldn't you America, and make others pay with their blood...

Full story...

Blair 'can't be trusted to oversee ethics'

By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent

A new committee should be set up to oversee ethical standards in government because Tony Blair cannot be trusted to do it, say the Conservatives.

David Davis said yesterday that No 10's refusal to comply with a request from the committee on standards in public life showed the need for a new watchdog.

As Prime Minister, Mr Blair is in charge of ensuring that ministers comply with the ministerial code, the rulebook of government behaviour. Mr Davis, a senior shadow cabinet figure, said a tribunal consisting of privy counsellors and probably a law lord should do the job.

"It is the inability of the Prime Minister to distinguish between what is politically expedient for the Labour Party and what is proper for the government of the country that highlights the need for an independent external scrutiny of both ministers and special advisers," he said.

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Iraq: Milk and Sugar Considered WMD by USA

A group of foreign journalists were taken to the factory in Taji on Tuesday, which the Washington Times had quoted US Secret Service sources as considering a biological arms plant.What they found was milk and baby food.

An Iraqi spokesperson leading the group declared that although the US administration was constantly spying on Iraq with satellites, “a satellite cannot tell what is real information” and added that “It is nonsense to say that milk and baby food are weapons of mass destruction”.

The Secret Service report appears to be based on satellite photographs showing 60 trucks surrounding the plant last week. However, it transpires that these were transporting consignments of powdered milk and food for new-born babies which has arrived from Yemen, Vietnam, Tunisia and Indonesia and sugar from Egypt and India.

The Iraqi spokesperson claimed that this operation is carried out every two months to supply the shops in the neighbouring provinces and stated that the number of trucks was 187 and not 60.


Cheney and Rumsfeld Linked to "Murder of CIA Scientist"

by Gordon Thomas

Secret documents have revealed that Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld are “linked to the murder” of a former senior CIA scientist.

In 1953 Frank Olson, who was a key member of the CIAs secret brainwashing programme MK-ULTRA, was sent plunging from a New York hotel window.

He had threatened to reveal the CIA involvement in “terminal experiments” in post-war Germany and in Korea during the Korean War.

For almost half a century his son, Eric, a psychologist, has insisted his father was murdered “on orders from the highest level”.

Now a California history professor, Kathryn Olmstead, revealed she had discovered at the Gerald Ford library documents written by Cheney and Rumsfeld at the time of Frank Olson’s death.

They show how far the White House went to conceal information about Olson’s death – and his role in preparing anthrax and other biological weapons. Part of his work had been at Britain’s Porton Down Chemical-Bio Research Centre.

Cheney and Rumsfeld were given the task of covering up the details of Frank Olson’s death. At the time, Rumsfeld was White House Chief of Staff to President Gerald Ford. Dick Cheney was a senior White House assistant.

The documents uncovered by Professor Olmstead include one that states “Dr Olson’s job was so sensitive that it is highly unlikely that we would submit relevant evidence”.

Full story...

Thursday 22 August 2002

When Puppies Die

On Animal Abuse, Al-Qaeda's Got Nothin' on the US Military
by Jeremy Sapienza
August 22, 2002

Just in case there were a few of you left who aren't biting the "al-Qaeda is the most evil group of people to exist in the history of the world" bit, along comes the "they kill puppies!" tapes. Let's set aside for a moment the fact that, wait – do they even have yellow labs in Afghanistan? And in a place where people are lucky to find scraps to eat, how is it that this dog looks like a just-out-of-the-washing-machine teddy bear? But I digress.

Assuming these tapes weren't made in Studio City, how is what al-Qaeda did with a few dogs worse than what the United States and other governments do all the time? Now, I'm no PETA fan, but they do make some interesting points. For example:

"No matter where you stand on international conflicts, it is a painful fact that the Israeli army has also blown up unanesthetized pigs with Scud missile explosives and conducted other painful experiments on dogs, monkeys, doves, mice, toads, and guinea pigs. An article in the March 17, 2000, issue of Ha'aretz, Israel’s most respected daily newspaper, reported that experiments carried out by the Israel Defense Forces on animals were so horrific that the soldiers forced to conduct the experiments had to seek psychological counseling."

Full story...

World Bank Predicts Catastrophic Global Future

By Larry Elliott

New York City in 2022. Half the 40 million people in the swarming metropolis are unemployed, the air is thick with pollution, food and water are as precious as jewels. This was the world of the future as envisaged in the sci-fi thriller, Soylent Green, in 1973. Now, according to the World Bank, it could come true unless there are dramatic and immediate changes to the way we live.

Unlike the Charlton Heston movie, the Bank does not suggest that we will be making food from dead bodies in 20 years' time. But its warning of an increasingly dysfunctional global society, with enormous pressure on basic resources such as water, energy and health, is remarkably similar.

Looking into its crystal ball, the Bank sees a world of nine billion people by mid-century generating a global GDP of $140 trillion a year. This staggering fourfold increase in the size of the world economy would be enough to guarantee a large-scale reduction in the 1.2 billion people living on less than a dollar a day, but the Bank argues that the price will be environmental catastrophe, social breakdown and lower living standards for everyone if policies remain unchanged.

Full story...

The American Red Double-Cross

By Dr. Len Horowitz

SANDPOINT, Idaho -- The American Red Cross (ARC) is widely considered a great American institution. It is generally thought of as among the world's premier humanitarian organizations. Clearly, almost everyone thinks of it as a life-saving agency. Most people know this non-governmental organization (NGO) to be heavily dependant upon the blood and currency generously donated by the American people. But, what if all of the above is untrue? What if everything you think you know about the American Red Cross is a ghastly nauseating lie?


An Open Letter to World Leaders

Dear Shitheads,

You are the biggest bunch of lying scumbag vermin ever to infest planet earth. You are a disgrace to your office, your people and yourself. You preach tolerance and understanding and caring, and at the same time you allow your financial backers to run rough-shod over people's lives. You people are in more need of a spliff than anyone in history!

How can you honestly expect to recieve any respect from anyone? Everybody knows you're full of shit, everybody knows that the Bilderberg meetings are where policy is really decided, not an "Earth Summit". You don't want real democracy you basically just want us all to shut-up and consume. This whole "Earth Summit" thing is just another part of your blatant corporatist propaganda. Nothing will change as a result of anything anyone of you two-faced twats will do because YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PLANET, for that matter, you don't seem to care about us or anyone else except yourselves and your rich mates.

The majority of the population may not be on to you but here at we're dedicated to expose and report the news that your media poodles obediently shred. The Internet is awash with information about your nefarious deeds and you have created a monster that you cannot control!

Long Live the Power of the Internet!!!



John Ashcroft may face subpoena for spying on Americans

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is threatening to subpoena US Attorney General John Ashcroft because the US Justice Department has rejected a committee request to reveal how it is using new so-called "antiterrorism powers" to monitor Americans. In a letter sent to the Judiciary Committee last week, Bush administration officials refused to detail how often they have used the new powers under the USA Patriot Act. Justice Department spokeswoman Barbara Comstock said Tuesday the information would be sent to the House Intelligence Committee and that other House members would have access to it.

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Cynthia McKinney Looses Georgia Primary :-(

by Alexander Cockburn

One less radical black voice in Congress. One less champion of labor. One less brave soul unafraid to jump the traces of political orthodoxy. Cynthia McKinney, five-term US rep from Georgia's Fourth District, was beaten in Tuesday's Democratic primary by Denise Majette, also black, a former judge, put in with the help of lots of money from American-Jewish groups and by a hefty Republican cross-over in Georgia's open primary.

Don't you think that if Arab-American groups or African-American groups targeted an incumbent white liberal, maybe Jewish, congressperson, and shipped in money by the truckload to oust the incumbent, the rafters would shake with bellows of outrage.

Yet when a torrent of money from out of state American Jewish organizations smashed Earl Hilliard, first elected black congressperson in Alabama since Reconstruction, you could have heard a mouse cough. Hilliard had made the fatal error of calling for some measure of even-handedness in the Middle East. So he was targeted by AIPAC and the others. Down he went, defeated in the Democratic primary by Artur Davis, a black lawyer who obediently sang for his supper of the topic of Israel.

Full story...

The Dark Face of International Finance

by David Guyatt

Ever since the Nugan Hand Bank affair of the late seventies, bank crashes have followed a slick and familiar template. Narcotics trafficking, gun running, CIA covert ops., money laundering and fraud on a massive scale are just some of the ingredients that have sent bank after bank crashing to its knees. Once the smoke clears bank depositors and shareholders are left picking up the tab.

With a spate of billion dollar financial scandals hitting the headlines, 1995 hasn't been such a good year for harassed bank regulators and shareholders. Calls for tougher regulation of the burgeoning financial markets in the wake of the Daiwa, Barings' and other debacles is little more than a PR palliative designed to calm the nerves of a cynical public who still form the hard backbone of bank depositors. With the best will in the world regulators can't keep pace with an evolving and sophisticated money-machine that daily shuffles upwards of twenty four billion E-bucks around the globe in the blink of an eye1.

Yet tough regulation even when emplaced are easily and regularly evaded. Banking and crime are Cimmerian hand-maidens for the simple reason that banks are where the money is. Having access to the money and being "connected" is the name of the game where the stakes are other people's money. This is the dark side of the financial community, a hidden face that largely goes unreported until, that is, a major banking scandal hits the front pages. Squirming under the glare of public attention successive bank disclosures have revealed the sinister connections that leading banks have with organised crime and the intelligence community. The money-shuffler's of spooksville need "black" funds to finance covert operations and appear happy to exchange guns and military hardware for dope that is, in turn, peddled for dollars used to finance other black operations. This happy-go-lucky "Ferris wheel" approach to money-raising on the part of the intelligence community reveals a long history of entanglements with the Mafia.

Full story...

Is the Empire About Oil?

Aug. 8, 2002, 1630 hrs. (FTW) - I have refrained from entering into the oil vs. containment debate because I felt that an argument about motive would detract from the focus upon U.S. government culpability in the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent "War on Terrorism." However, I cannot hold my tongue now that it has been implied war-for-oil proponents are all "a loyal opposition set up to control the alternative narrative and keep people distracted," according to one critic. As a testimony to my own unremitting opposition to the government and the elite it serves, I refer the reader to a piece I wrote titled "My Country Tis of Thee." This article is a scalding indictment demonstrating that the U.S. government has never been about the values of democracy and human rights, and the myth of the U.S. is very far from the truth. I am nobody's puppet.


As a scientist, I am always interested in looking at evidence that might disprove any hypothesis upon which I might be working. In this case, I have looked at all the arguments against the oil motive and have found that none of them, separately or in total, are sufficient to disprove this hypothesis. Furthermore, the energy depletion scenario is based upon exhaustive scientific studies, which have in fact been reviled by the U.S. government, the elite, and leading economists. This is a scenario that they do not want the public to know about.

Full story...

The Biggest Secrets (Part 1)

by Sherman Skolnick

What are among the biggest secrets in America, if not worldwide?

In the midst of the downfall of huge corrupt entities, the Federal Reserve siphoned off billions and billions of dollars from them.

America's secretive PRIVATE central bank stole huge funds from Enron (where 60 billion dollars disappeared), from Global Crossing, from WorldCom, from AOL-Time-Warner-CNN (where 56 billion dollars is gone), and others.

Was it a mere coincidence that a top official of Enron, Jeff Skilling, was also a Director of the Federal Reserve District Bank in Houston?

Owned and formed principally by European families , known as major swindlers, the Federal Reserve used hocus-pocus, called derivatives, and other book-cooking black magic, to multiply these funds as monstrous book entries, in the trillions of dollars.

Assisting the Fed have been J.P. Morgan, Citigroup (Rockefeller), and Goldman Sachs, themselves having a history of massive treason and


Wednesday 21 August 2002

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Sick society...

I know that the abduction and murder of two innocent little girls is about the most heinous thing that any person could do short of genocide. But it really troubles me that so-called civilised people feel the need to abuse the ALLEGED perpetrators before they have even been tried! I thought someone was innocent until proven guilty?? I mean talk about lowering oneself to the moral standards of a lynch mob! What if it turns out that these accused people never did anything wrong, then what? There are so many cases of people being locked up for crimes they didn't commit and this sort of hysterical behaviour only serves to ensure that the likelihood of a mis-trial is increased. The police and courts find themselves under unbearable pressure to make an arrest and so there's a possibility that mistakes will be made in the haste to bring the case to trial.

Our whole justice system is topsy turvey, we spend all our time being outraged that this sort of thing can happen. But at the same time it's perfectly acceptible to turn a young not-alltogether-uncute teenager like Brittney Spears into a sex-symbol and get her to wiggle her arse on stage so that it increases the sales of records. Am I the only one who see's something wrong with that...? I think we should stop abusing people who have yet to be convicted of anything and look to our own society and what we can do to make sure that things like this don't happen. Simply locking them up (or even murdering them through some state-sanctioned form of brutality) is NOT THE ANSWER and it will not stop this from happening again!

For all you ITV Digital subscribers out there...

Murdoch Security Chief Linked to Anti-Competitive Actions
by John Cassy, David Leigh and Kevin Maguire
The Guardian, March 14, 2002

Evidence in the hands of the Guardian suggests that a former Scotland Yard commander who represents two of Rupert Murdoch's companies provided funds to a website that enabled counterfeiters to produce forged smart cards used to defraud ITV Digital, a principal rival in the pay TV market.

Ray Adams, who is the head of security at NDS, a company controlled by Mr Murdoch's News Corporation, had a working relationship with the website, which has now been closed down and whose founder, Lee Gibling, has gone missing. According to emails in the possession of the Guardian, Mr Gibling was in contact with Mr Adams and received several thousand pounds from NDS paid directly into his personal bank account.

As a representative of NDS and BSkyB, News Corporation's British TV business, Mr Adams is a board member of AEPOC, a European industry action group set up to combat piracy.

Questions about Mr Adams's role have emerged following a legal action begun in California on Monday. Canal Plus, the French media company, is claiming $1bn (£700m) in damages from NDS, alleging it used a laboratory in Israel to crack the secret codes on Canal Plus's own pay TV smart cards. The information was then made available to counterfeiters around the world through favoured websites. ITV Digital, in fierce competition with BSkyB, uses the Canal Plus access system and claims that piracy in the business has cost it at least £100m.

Full story...

I'm Hiding Something and it's Big!

by voxfux

I'm hiding something - BIG! Clandestine forms of organization are the principle cause of suffering on the planet today. They are quantifiable, real and deadly. The US spends over $400 Billion a year to clandestinely "Fuck Over" the free people of the world. This is why the people of the world unanimously hate us. If the US simply took HALF the $400 billion we normally spend to "fuck over" the people of the world and instead simply GAVE it to them, the US would be the most loved country and people of the world in all of an instant. Terrorism would vanish overnight. And guess what we could do with the remaining $200 Billion? Split it up and put it right back in the pockets of the American people where it belongs - where it came from - who they stole it from in the first place.

Mr George Bush Sr, sitting on the board of the largest arms manufacturer in the world "The Carlyle Group" is involving the peoples of the world in his Vesuvian conflict of interest. He has only a vested interest in WAR and war alone. He will NOT reap a vast personal fortunes if the world is in a state of peace. And so what do you think our President's father is going to tell his son to do? - Seek peace and reap no personal profits or start a world crusade and become fabulously wealthy. Think about it. What ever happened to the concept of being weary of issues of conflict of interest?
There needs to be a global set of international treaties in place to assure these conflicts of interest don't endanger the families and children of the world and cause vast suffering, simply because a group of cunning Republican operatives in Texas can hire the most ruthless and dangerous campaign managers like Karl Rove. It's these immoral lying pigs which are causing so much trouble in the world today.

uh oh, I feel a rant coming...

The sick thing about all this is that of all of the crap that we ingest, the worst stuff is the additives and stuff put in by the companies like Lever who have such a complete monopoly that they can do anything they like! They try to brainwash us (and a lot of times succeed!) into thinking that if we buy product X, Y or Z it's going to make us better looking, more sexy, healthier, richer or some other damn thing! Companies get more and more rights and we humans get less. Our "elected" political "representatives" are all beholden to their rich backers and no-one else.

They couch it up in terms that make it seem like the whole thing will benefit the rest of us; "trickle-down economics", "wealth-creation", "market liberalisation". The reason Adam Smith called the hand "invisible" was because IT DOESN'T, DIDN'T AND CAN'T EXIST it was a theory based on the idea that in a society where there was PERFECT INFORMATION the market would function to regulate itself. That simple term "perfect information" negates -to a large extent- the whole theory! Why? Because there is no such thing as "perfect", it's an entirely ethereal concept that was taken seriously when the human race was even more self-assuradly arrogant than it is now. You can't assume that everyone knows everything, especially not in a society where the majority of the population are so inured and distracted by trinkets and meaningless nonsense that they may as well be duracell batteries! But still the thrust of "modern" economics pushes us towards ever greater exploitation and abuse, and couches it in terms of "development" or "progress".

The problem is not individuals, if any of us were offered the kind of money David Beckham is offered, would we say no? I don't think so! The problem is not that he says yes or no, the problem is the culture that we all exist it which says that it's ok for one person in society to live in squalour on £20 a week, while 20 miles up the road lives another individual who gives spending a monkey no more thought than they would to wiping their arse! And they wonder why 14 year old kids are getting addicted to heroine...?

Poisoning America

Not content to poison the rest of us with their CO2 emissions and misguided warlike political ideologies, the USA is poisoning it's own inhabitants at an even greater rate. Talk about capitalism run amock!

Raw Human Sewage Pouring Into America's Lakes And Streams

By Tom Vanden Brook, USAToday

SSO 700 is an unremarkable spot. Just a pipe, hidden by trees and brush, emptying into Mill Creek near downtown Cincinnati.

''It just gushes, even in dry weather,'' says Mike Fremont, president of the Ohio environmental group Rivers Unlimited. ''If you know what it is, you keep your distance.''

What it is, is human waste -- hundreds of gallons of it at a time flowing untreated from toilets into the creek. Sanitary Sewer Overflow 700 is not only disgusting, it is illegal. But the city won't shut it off because plugging SSO 700 and more than 100 pipes like it all over Cincinnati would require raising sewer rates about 1,500%.

''It would bankrupt us,'' says Patrick Karney, director of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. ''It would be, last one out, turn out the lights. Cincinnati would just be another wide spot on I-75.''

Dozens of cities like Cincinnati, some with sewer pipes laid in the 1800s, are dumping raw human waste into streams and lakes. The practice is generally illegal under the 1972 Clean Water Act. Yet it continues an estimated 40,000 times every year because cities balk at the enormous expense of modernizing and expanding their sewage systems.

But if taking care of the problem is costly, so, too, is doing nothing, environmental activists say. Raw sewage in the water is a primary factor in the sickening of 1 million people a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It poisons shellfish, closes beaches and endangers supplies of drinking water.

''Raw sewage is a health concern,'' says Mike Cook, director of wastewater management for the Environmental Protection Agency. ''Beach contamination is a concern. Human exposure to harmful microorganisms is a concern.''

Full story...

Copyright © 2002 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.

Tuesday 20 August 2002

Diet Coke is Dangerous!

The Aspartame/NutraSweet Fiasco
by James S. Turner

Many health-conscious people believe that avoiding aspartame, found in over 5000 products under brand names such as Equal and NutraSweet, can improve their quality of life. The history of this synthetic sweetener's approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including a long record of consumer complaints and the agency's demonstrated insensitivity to public concern, suggests they're right.

In October 1980 the Public Board of Inquiry (PBOI) impaneled by the FDA to evaluate aspartame safety found that the chemical caused an unacceptable level of brain tumors in animal testing. Based on this fact, the PBOI ruled that aspartame should not be added to the food supply.

This ruling capped 15 years of regulatory ineptitude, chicanery and deception by the FDA and the Searle drug company, aspartame's discoverer and manufacturer (acquired by Monsanto in 1985), and kicked off another two decades of maneuvering, manipulating and dissembling by FDA, Searle and Monsanto.

Full story...

U.S. Army 'Psyops' Specialists worked for CNN


WASHINGTON, ATLANTA - For a short time last year, CNN employed military specialists in 'psychological operations' (psyops). This was confirmed to Trouw by a spokesman of the U.S. Army. The military could have influenced CNN's news reports about the crisis in Kosovo.

"Psyops personnel, soldiers and officers, have been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta through our program 'Training With Industry,'" said Major Thomas Collins of the U.S. Army Information Service in a telephone interview last Friday. "They worked as regular employees of CNN. Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of news.''

Full story...

Princess Diana - What really happened?

by HRH Prince Michael of Albany

Some believe it was an accident, others that it was murder. Still others remain shocked and confused by the whole affair, desperately wanting to believe in the 'accident' theory yet, in truth, unable to discount the possibility of assassination. Others, of course, simply wish to forget the incident, as though it never happened.

But whatever one's own personal standpoint regarding the death of Princess Diana, one thing remains clear: in life she was sheer mystique. Not only did she become a threat to the very heritage she represented, she possessed a charisma beyond definitions, as well. She was both constrained and wild, compassionate and sexy, a saint to the underprivileged yet at the same time an icon to the world of fashion, glamour and glitz -- the world inhabited by the rich and the famous alike, many of whom she befriended, all of whom she outshone, at one time or another. And because of this unrivalled star quality, her much-publicized campaigns on behalf of AIDS sufferers and victims of anti-personnel landmines drew more attention, and gained more success, than perhaps any other humanitarian campaigns of the twentieth century.

Simply put, enough was never enough to satisfy the immense public appetite for Diana. But even though she used her unprecedented fame to the benefit of others, perhaps in the end it proved her own fatal attraction, too.

But that said, what of the woman behind the mask? What of her blood, her history, her heritage? Is there any possible reason why the British Royal Establishment should have wanted her out of the way?

Genealogically, of course, Diana was a Stuart; in her veins flowed the blood of Britain's ancient Royal Family, and this in itself was a problem. Indeed, for this reason alone Diana was always perceived as a threat by the Establishment, as well as by Britain's current Royal Family, the Windsor Dynasty (otherwise known as 'The Firm'). While her marriage to Prince Charles Windsor was of course a political marriage, serving to reintroduce the Stuart strain into the Windsor bloodline -- and thus, in an historical context at least, further justify the Windsor reign -- her marriage into The Firm was virtually unique in British history. In fact Diana was only the second truly British-born 'outsider' to marry into the German Hanover-Windsor Dynasty in all of its 300-year reign. And she paid a very dear price for the privilege. Her close relationship with her two boys, William and Harry, of course, and the fact that she actively protected them from the stifling, predictable future The Firm had in store for them, only added to the tensions that always existed between the upstart Stuart Princess and the uptight Windsor Household. In short, so far as the Windsors were concerned, Diana was a necessary bane.

To make matters worse, less than a year after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana flew in the face of British convention and fell in love with an Egyptian Muslim, Dodi Fayed, the son of billionaire businessman and long-term adversary of the British Royal Establishment, Mohamed Al Fayed. The fact is that Diana's proposed marriage to Mohamed Al Fayed's playboy son would have proved more than simply another thorn in the side of the British Royal Establishment: it would have rocked the Establishment to its foundations. The reactionary dinosaur that is the British Royal Establishment simply could not have tolerated the future King William of Britain boasting a Muslim stepfather, much less a Muslim mother. And neither could it have tolerated the future Queen Mother, Diana, bearing Dodi's Muslim children.

But as we all now know, before her proposed marriage to Dodi Fayed could take place Diana somewhat conveniently and tragically died. And when she did the British Royal Establishment breathed an almighty sigh of relief.

But now, more than three years after the tragedy, should we still be pursuing evidence of her assassination? Should we not simply allow Dianato rest in peace?

Moreover, do we really need yet another book about Diana -- the girl who freed herself from the shackles of royal convention, and paid the ultimate price?

Well the authors certainly think so, and as this book is a genuine and respectful attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Diana's death, I must admit that I agree with them. Even I am not altogether happy with what we have been told about Diana's death, the 'official story'. Even I am not altogether happy with the 'accident' theory. For one thing, the so-called 'accident' was far too convenient. And for another, there are simply too many unanswered questions regarding the actual circumstances in which Diana died. At the same time too many very real motives for her death have yet to be explored, and too many prime suspects have yet to be interrogated.

We know, for example, that Mohammed Al Fayed is convinced his son and future daughter-in-law were murdered by a conspiracy involving the CIA, MI6 and various members of the Royal Family. He explicitly reiterated this belief in court during a libel case brought against him by ex-MP Neil Hamilton in December 1999, a case that Mr Al Fayed won. While the involvement of the CIA and MI6 is yet to be proven, we do know that the CIA are in possession of an extensive facts file on Diana, and that these files were passed on to British Intelligence (MI6) at some time prior to the 'accident' (it should be noted that, at the time of this writing, Mr Al Fayed is pursuing the release of these CIA files via the Freedom Of Information Act). We also know that, as you will discover in the pages of this book, it was a CIA contract agent assigned to MI6 who -- one week prior to the Paris car crash -- forewarned the authors of the princess's imminent demise. So far as I am concerned, the possible involvement of the CIA and MI6 in Diana's death should be investigated at the highest level.

The precise circumstances surrounding Diana's death, of course, like that of President John F Kennedy, will probably never be known. Certainly the doubts surrounding the manner in which she died will never go away. But the fact that Diana died in a way that was seen by many as highly suspicious, and no less convenient, simply cannot be ignored. And neither can the fact that the last few minutes of her life remain shrouded in complete mystery and controversy. To my mind, far too many questions remain unanswered.

In this uncompromising and ground-breaking book, authors Jon King and John Beveridge endeavour with some vigour to find answers to those questions, and many will no doubt be challenged by the disclosure of their findings. The idea that our intelligence services can plot, organize and execute assassination operations right under the noses of democratically elected governments is not something most people would want even to consider, much less accept. But the simple fact is that certain people, and certain institutions, possess more power even than our elected governments, and they enjoy more freedom to achieve their own sordid agendas than most of us would ever believe. This situation exists today because, as the authors rightly point out, 'democracy' has been effectively hijacked by big business.

In the final analysis this book challenges not only the official theory that Diana's death was an accident, but the very concept of democracy itself, however defined, by whatever government. To my mind, challenging this concept of democracy -- wherein elected governments are effectively underwritten by the wealth and power of a relative few -- is something Diana herself would have supported. And if only for the sake of Liberty and Justice, the pillars of true Democracy, it is certainly something that I support, too.

Indeed, for these same reasons I also support the courageous investigation undertaken by the authors in researching and compiling the 'hidden evidence' revealed in this book. Even if the authorities remain intent on covering up the truth behind Diana's death, the reader, I feel certain, will support the authors in their endeavour to expose that cover-up and force an independent inquiry into the incident. I for one will do all I can to support this endeavour. Indeed, anything less would surely be to disregard Democracy altogether, and that would not only undermine my own integrity. It would undermine everything Diana ever stood for, as well.

As the authors themselves state, if we truly want Diana to rest in peace, then surely we must first uncover the truth regarding the highly suspicious circumstances in which she died. And the only way to successfully achieve that is by open and independent inquiry -- something that, as yet, the British and US intelligence agencies indicted in this case have so deplorably managed to avoid.

Hidden Evidence

Who We Need Fear – - What is Global Hawk?

by Jim Condit Jr., Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The sinister propaganda coming hot and heavy over the Major TV Networks causes me to feel the need to point you towards the most important pockets of suppressed information – even if that means giving away some of the punch lines right now before my article is fully ready. As many as possible need to see what’s happening -- right now. Here are numbered clues as to what is the real picture. I am not able to provide all the documentation for why I am making some of these conclusions – much comes from watching Big Media propaganda and picking up the clues. The following are NOT in time sequence, but in order of importance (kind of).

1. BIO-WARFARE ATTACK? The propaganda coming out over the Major TV Networks leads me to believe that the dark side of the Ruling Elite’s Intelligence Agencies (i.e., the dark side of the CIA, FBI, BATF, FEMA, etc.) in conjunction with the dark side of Israel’s Mossad are planning a biological/germ warfare attack on a U.S. population center. This may be anthrax – it may be something else. The Big TV networks and the Guv have been telling us that there is a 100% chance of a biological attack! 100% !! The Ruling Elite’s Big Media will immediately blame this on a guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. It is POSSIBLE that the guy hiding in the cave will be responsible – but I don’t believe it. Why do I say this?

2. CONTRIVED FRENZY. The Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution (Zionism in alliance with Anglo-Freemasonry) wants to whip Americans into a frenzy to a) send their sons and daughters over the sands of the Mid-east to fight Moslems – the Big Media has been telling us since 9-11 to expect HEAVY CASUALTIES; b) support the use of tactical (?) nuclear weapons against Moslem countries so as to both knock out all of Israel’s potential threats AND to force the Moslem countries into the Free Trade / Usury system of the Ruling Elite’s hoped-for coming New World Order government; c) give up one constitutional freedom after another to the new Office of Homeland Security. (George Orwell would love that one – but he would have probably called it the MINISTRY of Homeland Security.)

3. WE MUST BE CONVINCED. The 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon were the beginning. Next, from the Big Media clues I am picking up – the Ruling Elite is planning a serious biological / germ warfare attack on a major US population center. I do not believe it will be New York City again. The “heartland” must be convinced that this is “our” war. As I am writing this, Zionist mouthpiece Bill Maher (Jewish) on his Politically Incorrect TV show is raising the issue of how many deaths by biological warfare in the USA would cause us to use nuclear weapons against Moslem countries. Which brings up the point –

4. WARMONGERS ON MEDIA. Since the 9-11 attack I have seen almost every media-displayed, former doping smoking, former anti-establishment, former anti-military. sixties-era Jew -- SCREAMING for WAR! WAR! WAR! These include Dick Morris on FOX Cable Channel, Geraldo Rivera on CNBC, Laura Schlesinger on radio everywhere, Michael (Weiner) Savage on radio some places, Al Franken formerly of Saturday Night Live, Joan Rivers, David Brenner, comedian Larry Miller -- and a cast of thousands more.

5. FANATICAL MESSAGE. These pro-war media showcased Jews all exude the same fanatical message: a) BOMB ‘EM! (Who? Anything Arab or Moslem.); b) I love the military, I back the military 1000% no matter what – a complete reversal from the Vietnam era for reasons too long to go into here; c) we have to be ready to give away our constitutional rights, I love the new office of Homeland Security! (tear in the eye); d) get out your flags and wave them all you want! It’s OK – you can be patriotic now and we in the Media will SUPPORT YOU! Get whipped up into a real frenzy because we need your children’s bodies to go to the Mideast and fight for Israel and our New World Order Free Trade Monetary System; e) even our atheistic Jewish led organization, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) will not interfere with you singing “God Bless America” at baseball games. GO AHEAD – GET WORKED UP REAL GOOD – we need your sons’ and daughters’ bodies to fight the Moslems in the Mid-east. NOWWWWW!!!!!! (In the meantime, various reliable investigators on the internet are reporting that their friends in the Army recruiting offices tell them that next to ZERO Jews are enlisting to go do the front line fighting themselves.)

6. HIRELINGS. Of course, non-Jewish hirelings at the Big Radio and TV Networks are doing the same thing – but with not quite the frantic intensity.

7. SENSIBLE VOICES. Also, keep in mind that Noam Chomsky of MIT, those at the website, Mark Brudinsky of the MER (Middle East Realities) website and other Jews not subservient to the dominant Zionist leadership are in the vanguard speaking out for reason and sanity – rather than lusting after an endless World War III bloodbath.

8. BLAIR AND BUSH. Now let’s look at the Anglo-Masonic side of the Permanent Revolution. What was British Prime Minister Tony Blair doing over here sitting next to Laura Bush during President G.W. Bush’s address to Congress? What is Tony Blair doing in the middle of everything about this “anti-terrorist” campaign? What is he doing leading the call for declaring war? (First of all, Tony Blair is the type of low life “leader” you get when background manipulators rule a nation. He looks like a street urchin who’s grown up and made a trip to the Men’s Warehouse – a chimney sweep made good – or an interchangeable comedian who could move in and out of the Monty Python comic group.) Apparently the Permanent Revolution Elites trust Fabian Tony Blair to articulate their program better and quicker than G.W. Bush is doing – Bush -- who was, and maybe is, dragging his feet under reported conflicting advice from the Richard Perle faction (Nuke em) and the Colin Powell faction (caution).

9. OIL IN THE CASPIAN BASIN. What is the goal of the Anglo-Freemasonry section of the Permanent Revolution? There is enough oil in the Caspian Sea Basin to run the world at current oil consumption levels for 500 years. To get that oil out, the Permanent Revolution Elites need cooperating governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Almost all the Moslem countries are against usury. Most of them are against Free Trade. The destruction of the WTC in New York City has opened the way to begin a Permanent War in the Mideast to achieve all of the above goals.

10. WHO DECLARED WAR? Have you noticed that the Big Media declared war from DAY ONE – and announced that it would be at least a Ten Year War (!). In the meantime, the US Government has not declared war at all. We just (again) are sending massive force against sovereign nations. I am not suggesting that those who made the attacks on the World Trade Center should not be retaliated against if they can be found – but who was it? The evidence produced by the US and British governments that the guy hiding in the cave, Bin Laden, did the evil deed -- is basically nothing at this point. They say they won’t produce anything for the public, as it’s classified. Who did do it?

11. BUT WAIT. I don’t know --- but when the entire Media-Government complex is telling us we must go waving flags and smiling into World War III – then it seems to me that ALL possibilities must be examined.

12. VALENTINE RESEARCH. Who did this anyway? There is an ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL analysis of ANOTHER POSSIBILITY -- other than the official story of Moslem Suicide bombers. This analysis is by the intrepid internet investigator Carol Valentine – it is called: “Operation 911 – No Suicide Pilots” and it can be found at – then click on part 1 or part 2 – and then go down to the article by Valentine. More on the Valentine research as we go.

13. WRONG TOWER FELL FIRST. Incidentally, we had received the Valentine article by email, and only later found it at – after good friend Anna Wilson pointed us there. The Part 1 and Part II on “Wag the WTC” -- which is the main feature on that eionews website -- is also essential reading. It documents the embarrassing fact that the 2nd Trade Tower hit (which was hit with only half the jet fuel) – FELL FIRST. How did that happen? They suggest planted explosives. But it is a GOOD question: how did the tower hit 18 minutes later – and with only half the fuel going into the building because of the near miss --- collapse 20 minutes faster? They also raise the question on why EITHER building would collapse, and give a good case that it could not possibly have been from the Jet Fuel. But the real blackbuster –

14. GLOBAL HAWK. All of Carol Valentine’s research is worth reading – it is one info bombshell after another – BUT the big breakthrough which documents for sure what I was only suspecting – is the technology called Global Hawk!

15. REMOTE CONTROL? You can research Global Hawk on the search engine – or other search engines (we think google is the best search engine). Numerous articles testify to the fact that on April 24, 2001 the US flew a plane with Global Hawk technology from California to Australia. -- Global Hawk technology means NO HUMAN PILOT – the plane is run by remote control.

16. POSSIBILITY. The unavoidable conclusion here is that for the first time in human history, it is possible – POSSIBLE I SAY – that the planes which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 – were being powered by remote control – leaving the pilots, the hijackers, and everybody on board – helpless once the Global Hawk technology kicked in. . . . Do you mean?

17. WHAT? Yes, I mean that there may have been suicide hijackers on those planes – and there may not have been. ---- And I mean – if there were suicide hijackers on those planes -- that they may have succeeded in taking over the planes, and they may not have. Read the Valentine article on – or wait for my summary of that and other things coming soon. But next – a REWIND –

18. INCREDIBLE NEW REPORTS. On Saturday September 29, 2001 I was driving in my car and monitoring talk radio – 700 WLW, the 50,000 watt station in Cincinnati – and I – COULD – NOT – BELIEVE – MY – EARS! The national newscast – I believe from CBS – reported that Attorney General John Ashcroft had announced that the PASSPORT of one of the suicide hijackers – had been found --- 8 blocks from the WTC Twin Tower clean-up site. --- Now, let me get this straight. The planes that crashed into the Twin Towers blew up, burned up, and were incinerated – along with everyone on board -- BUT – as a last act, one of the Arabic kamikaze hijackers took his passport from his pocket and frisbeed it out the --- out the WHAT? . . . no window was open as the plane crashed into the steel structured office building.

19. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. The same “newscast” said that LETTERS written in Arabic had been found at both the Pennsylvania crash site and the Pentagon crash site – each from Arabic suicide hijackers – tying them all together in a conspiracy. ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) Well, it was convenient that Lee Harvey Oswald left a diary explaining why he shot JFK, and James Earl Ray left a diary telling why he shot MLK, and Sirhan Sirhan left a diary explaining why he shot RFK, and Arthur Bremer left a diary explaining why he shot George Wallace in 1972 --- but this was both convenient and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. On four plane flights which crashed so violently that we are told the steel encased BLACK BOXES were ruined – and beyond use – a passport and 2 paper letters survived – in tact -- “proving” that Arabic / Moslem suicide bombers did this!

20. MORE. These “finds” were so unbelievable – that somebody must have told Ashcroft to pull them back – I haven’t heard about them since. – However --- after alerting Carol Valentine, she found a CNN story about the supposedly “found” passport which is in her updated article. I haven’t heard anymore about the letters. And how about the fact that supposedly one of the Moslem hijackers’ luggage did not make it to the plane in Boston, and the FBI found it the next day at Boston airport with all kinds of “incriminating evidence” in it? And how about that rental car left by the hijackers at Boston airport --- pointed out to the FBI by a person unknown – which had a manual on how to fly a plane written in Arabic. What were the hi-jackers doing? Cramming for the test on the way to the airport?

21. CHANGE OF MIND. I had swallowed the Arabic flight manual in the rental car, because in the days following the attack I reminded my conspiracy minded (read alert) friends around the country that in this case the planes HAD to be flown by Moslems willing to commit suicide for their cause. You just couldn’t hire members of the CIA or the Mossad to give THAT much for “the company.” But once I heard that preposterous report on WLW of the “surviving letters” and the “surviving passports” from the suicide bombers – I began to work backwords, and I remembered that the fedgov had admitted that the plane lost over Afghanistan recently was piloted by remote control – without a human pilot. And then I received Carol Valentine’s dynamic email on Global Hawk Technology.

22. WHAT DO WE KNOW? At that point, I began to reason backwards: what did we know for sure? What did we know for sure – independent of announcements from the government and the Big Media? We knew the buildings crashed. We knew the Pentagon was hit. What did we know about what happened on the planes which crashed? Everything we knew was from the alleged cell phone calls. Which of these phone calls is documented for sure from impeccable sources? I cannot name one at this moment – can anyone help me? Where are the black boxes – it’s not credible that they all were destroyed? Where are the always taped conversations between the pilots and the air traffic controllers? One snippet was released of a few seconds of a struggle – but this could have been faked in a studio, in any case it was only a few seconds of what could have been one of the real struggles – but told us nothing.. Outside of that brief audio -- only a brief “transcript” of supposed conversations on that flight were released by the FBI – who showed up within minutes at the Boston airport and impounded all the tapes, all the evidence, all the passenger lists – everything. If we are to go into World War III over this – we need to hear the full voice transcripts of these cockpit conversations / struggles, etc. And – since the fedguv is talking about putting all of us under cameras and all kinds of surveillance – we need VOICE PRINTS from the home videos of these pilots to verify that they are the ones on the tapes – to guard against the real possibility at this late hour of doctored tapes.

23. SEE NO EVIL. Of course, not one of the hirelings on talk radio or working for the Ruling Elites news media has thought to ask any of these questions. But BOY have they been all over the tapes of emergency calls at the scene of the WTC crash and meltdowns – the tapes of victims that are supposed to inflame us into rushing headlong into World War III willingly without thinking.

24. WHERE ARE THE TAPES? Why would the black boxes and the audio tapes of the air traffic controller conversations be kept from the public? Because these tapes will show that the pilots were telling the air traffic controllers – “We have lost control of the plane – we’re going off course and our instruments are not responding.” Fantastic? Let the Fedguv PROVE it’s fantastic by releasing the tapes. In this case – on the verge of World War III – we HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW !

25. MADE TO TAKE PUNISHMENT. Incidentally --- another analysis we will cover makes the case that the four black boxes should be in tact at all three crash sites based on the punishment these black boxes are designed to take.

26. FLIGHT OVER PA. What happened in Pennsylvania? Carol Valentine surmises that the Global Hawk technology failed and that fighter bombers were ordered to shoot it down lest the pilots landed and told that something had taken over their plane for awhile – which was beyond their control. She insists, and produces impressive evidence, that the plane which went down over Pennsylvania – was shot down by US fighter pilots.

27. FLYING ACES – NOT! Carol Valentine further documents the abysmal flying abilities of the designated Moslem hi-jackers – carried in the major media newspapers from the testimony of the flight instructors at the various flight schools where the designated hi-jackers went for lessons – which articles appeared on September 12 and 13 in such papers as the Washington Post.

28. FAKE ID? The fedgov, also circa September 29th, fudged the whole suicide bomber story by saying that all the kamikaze bombers had used FAKE IDENTIFICATION. This after one of those designated suicide bombers reportedly showed up alive in Egypt.

29. KAMIKAZES. Now let’s be clear --- without the documented and well known existence of Moslem suicide bombers – such as the ones who routinely blow themselves up in Pizza parlors in Israel in order to take a few Israelis with them – this 9-11 kamikaze plane attacks would not have been credible. The widespread hatred against the USA is for one reason: we have let our government be taken over by the Permanent Revolution / Zionist Elites and have backed the little artificial state of Israel against the Palestinians and the Arabs for 53 years. As one Moslem said on TV, “When a missile rips through our home, it has ‘made in USA’ printed on it.” In other words, we have unstintingly backed the persecutors of the Palestinians and the Moslem world (the Khazar “Jews” running Israel) – and therefore these Moslems have become our enemies. Due to our blind, ungodly subservience to the little anti-Christ state, which on its books makes the passing out of the New Testament a felony, -- we have now made 1 billion enemies of varying degrees in the Moslem world. This will be covered more in my major article. Those interested in this angle may want to visit Michael A. Hoffman’s website an

30. BIG VOICES. Within one hour of the attacks, Kissinger employee Lawrence Eagleburger was on the tube saying we’d better getting ready to give up our constitutional rights for security. And Kissinger himself stated that those who did this should come to the same end as those who attacked Pearl Harbor – a clear reference to using nuclear weapons against Arab countries.

31. GET AT IRAN. Two years ago an astute friend on the west coast told me that the worldwide Zionist lobby had been trying to figure out how to draw Iran and Syria into something so that they could attack and weaken those countries like we are continually attacking the people of Iraq under the guise of opposing Saddam. And everyday you will hear the Media Mouthpieces preparing the American mind for the “reality” that we will start dealing with other countries after we’re done with Afghanistan.

32. WHAT NEW DAY? In other words, what I am suggesting is what Carol Valentine suggests: the 9-11 disasters were MADE TO ORDER for the Ruling Elite – as soon as it happened the World War III plan kicked in, as well as the end-the-Constitution plan. All the moron-hirelings on the mass media began screaming, “It’s a New Day.” – “It’s a new world.” – “We must change our thinking.” – “We must be unified.” – This is all code talk for – STOP THINKING – WE’ll do it for you! Just get real emotionally hyped up and follow our Leaders into World War III and into an end to Constitutional freedoms. The eionews folks correctly stated: this is psychological warfare at it’s best. The Twin Towers crash/disappearance was meant to shock, paralyze and CHANGE the thinking of Americans. Millions are now ready to go to World War III – the perpetual war for perpetual peace – are now ready to nuke whole cities of totally innocent Moslems who had NOTHING to do with the 9-11 attacks – even if Bin Laden was behind it. BUT –

33. OUR VOTE AT THIS HOUR. Everything’s working out so perfectly, that we cast our vote at this hour that this was masterminded by the Permanent Revolution Ruling Elites – using Global Hawk technology. Why trust such a potentially world-changing project to amateur pilots?

34. DUAL LOYALISTS. We need not fear the few Moslems who are willing to commit suicide to get back at the USA for backing their persecutors (Israeli government) for the past 53 years – we need to fear the dual-loyalist Jews and Anglo-Masons who are running our media, our money system, and our government right here in the USA. The dual-loyalists reserve their primary loyalty for the Zionist state of Israel in some cases, and for their hoped-for New World Order government in others – or both. Those of us loyal to the USA need to throw off these Super Criminals, re-adjust mideast policy to protect the helpless civilians of all nations, but to be fair to all the factions. Only in this way, I fear, can we avert the coming World War III, which, according to all the information I have on my desk, will get out of hand.

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