Friday 25 October 2002

The milky bars are on me!

"The weekend has landed. All that exists now is dubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man ... I'm gonna blow steam out of my head like a screaming kettle. I'm gonna talk codshit to strangers all night. I'm gonna lose the plot on the dance floor. The free radicals inside me are freaking, man! Tonight i'm Jip Travolta, i'm Peter Popper - I'm goin' to Never Never Land with my chosen family man. We're gonna get more spaced out then Neil Armstrong ever did. Anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life! I've got 73 quid in my backburner, i'm gonna wax the lot, man! The milky bars are on me! YEAH!" ::: Jip, Human Traffic

Once again that time has come, the time to put the seriousness of the world to one side and blow steam out of your ears like a screaming kettle! Fabric awaits and a night of merriment with my chosen family. As a result this blog will be dormant for a few days but there's a lot of stuff here so have a look through the archives.

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