Wednesday 28 November 2007

Rival students clash as Holocaust denier turns up for Oxford debate

Talk about brown-shirted jack-booted fascists! Wasn't it Voltaire that said "I may not agree with what you say, but to your death I will defend your right to say it" well that applies to this. Why is it so dangerous to ask questions or have an opinion? Is this freedom? Is this liberty? Is this a just society? Of course this post will probably provoke the usual mindless comments from the Internet Brown Shirt Brigade but who cares, at least they can't spit on me!

Students attacked and jeered others who turned up to a freedom of speech debate at the University of Oxford last night that was to be addressed by David Irving, the controversial writer, and Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party.

Undergraduates with tickets to the event endured chants of “Nazi scum” and “shame on you” from hundreds of protesters from Oxford colleges and the Unite Against Fascism campaign group in a narrow street in central Oxford. Some protesters brandished placards and hit students who were trying to get into the debating chamber.

As ticketholders fought their way through, protesters broke into the chamber and one tried to attack a member of the debating society’s staff. About 30 people sat in the debating hall singing protest songs.

Police fought to bring the situation under control while nervous students waited in the bar for the debate to begin. The trouble forced Mr Irving and Mr Griffin to hold separate debates, starting at about 10pm. Only 250 of the audience – half the expected turn-out – managed to attend.

Mr Irving talked about his conviction in Austria for Holocaust denial and denied being antiSemitic, while, in another chamber, Mr Griffin spoke about immigration, libel laws and the public perception of the BNP. He said they were regarded as “working-class plebs”. On the protesters outside, he said: “This is a mob which would kill. I have seen them beat old men and women and try to kill them. Had they grown up in Nazi Germany they would have made splendid Nazis.”

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Friday 23 November 2007

Bush press man: we lied, and lied, and lied

Well, we all know they are lying bastards but now one of them is breaking ranks and admitting to being a lying bastard. I wonder how long it will be before he gets into a plane that accidentally falls out of the sky?

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan (right) is ready to blow the lid off the Bush administration with an astonishing admission that not only did he lie for his masters, but was told to do so by President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Bush chief of staff Andrew Card, chief political adviser Karl Rove and Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libby. That's a potential Royal Flush in terms of Washington scandal.

The allegation comes in an extract from a memoir McClellan is writing for the publisher PublicAffairs, and posted as a teaser on the publisher's website yesterday. "I had unknowingly passed along false information," McClellan writes. "And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so."

At issue was the White House role in illegally exposing the identity of a clandestine CIA officer, Valerie Plame. Libby was sentenced to 30 months in jail after being found guilty of lying and obstruction of justice. The core of the scandal was about who in the White House gave Plame's identity to the right-wing columnist Robert Novak, a move which was part of the Bush campaign to convince Americans that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

For months, McClellan did his job by denying all. In one press briefing in 2003, he deflected allegations over the roles of Rove and Libby by telling reporters: "They're good individuals, they're important members of our White House team, and that's why I spoke with them, so that I could come to you and tell you that they were not involved."

Now he writes: "There was one problem. It was not true." Frustratingly the book, What Happened, is not due out until next April. No details have been released on what McClellan will reveal of who knew what when as the White House smear campaign against Plame unfolded. The response from the White House yesterday was predictable. McClellan's latest poker-faced replacement, Dana Perino told reporters: "The president has not and would not ask his spokespeople to pass on false information." No?

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American elites and their fascist terrorists are beginning to realize that the internet is their ultimate enemy

Utterly superb article, I think it reflects what an awful lot of us think. 14 years ago I wrote my final undergrad dissertation on the effects on the Internet on International Relations, the academics thought I was a bit crazy back then and I didn't get the grade I wanted. Oh well, nice to be proven right anyway!

Over the centuries and millennia, the "Have's" controlled and enslaved the "Have Not's", not only with police terrorism, but also by keeping the peasants, peons, serfs, etc. (i.e., US!) propagandized into impotent stupor. And how absurd to call this a Class War. This is like saying a class war exists between cattle and the factories that butcher them.

This point is infinitely important! Elite terrorism has NEVER been enough to permit the 1% to enslave the 99%. This has always been the paradox of history. How can Greek God like elites (the 1%) so abjectly subjugate all the rest of the human race (the 99%)?

The answer is obvious. The pig, pig rich have always been masters of propaganda. They have contrived thousands of different ways to convince the rest of the human planet that “being a slave” is not only normal but pathologically moral.

Extreme examples of this stand out like: "Divine Right" or "survival of the fittest" (political/social, not scientific), "Manifest Destiny" (a sadistic fairy tale of American elites), and on and on.

The point is, WITHOUT this brainwashing and basically totally lack of communication among the "lower and middle classes" (shall we say it like that?); the pitiful 1% would be eaten alive, sadistic goose steppers, or no sadistic goose steppers.

But now, the internet! And FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY the suckers and slaves are communicating among ourselves in the millions.

Very rarely in human history has some event or technology "quantum jumped" the human race into a different dimension. Certainly atomic energy would be a candidate, but far less spectacularly, so has the internet.

There's probably no human being alive who comprehends even a TENTH of how the internet is mutating the human condition.

Communication is power. May we say that again? Communication is power and the internet is communication gone ballistic. The only mathematical model equal to the challenge is exponential growth, and probably the communication change between now and five years from now will be a hundred times greater than the change between five years ago and now.

In short, in the language of calculus, the rate of change is itself changing. That's the difference between velocity (first derivative) and acceleration (second derivative). It's not just that communication keeps growing; it's that communication change is ACCELERATING.

Of course the Devil's Advocate would say, so what, who cares? Well, let's just hope that retarded Devil's Advocate continues to influence the international "secret society" of the planet's vampire elites, because, again for the first time in human history, dynamics are at now work which are declaring unconditional war on the fascist Police State and the Earth's astronomically rich.

There's JUST NO WAY the Earth's vampire elites can continue to murder Mother Nature, literally millions of "Have Not" children, and all the world's Democratic Republics and get away with it, since the world's 99% is getting closer and closer to some version of "Take this job and shove it!”

In other words, "we're finding ourselves" and realizing that we don't HAVE to be butchered in cattle factories.

So to HELL with this "lower class" crap and "Have Not" crap, and yes even "middle class" crap.

We're all children of the universe and we have a God given and constitutionally given birthright to SHARE THE WEALTH EQUALLY WITH the entire human species. And this applies to Africans, ghetto victims, those wretched New Orleans families Bush seems to hate so much, Independents, Democrats, Republicans (all those nonsense political names), our neighbors, diverse religious groups, atheists, homosexuals, and people with and without facial hair.

NOTHING SHORT OF THIS is humanly acceptable. These's so much wealth on this planet that EVERYONE should be living fulfilling, creative, and healthy lives.

So why aren't we?

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Tuesday 20 November 2007

The Voice of the White House - November 19, 2007

What we have in Pakistan is a Keystone Cop drama being played out by the grossly incompetent CIA agents there (Hello Mr. Mason!) that would have you rolling around on the floor screaming with laughter if it weren’t so pathetic and, eventually, very dangerous. The Bush people are scared shitless that the Taliban will take over the government in Pakistan, after blowing the other side to bits, and then get their hands on Pakistan’s formidable nuclear arsenal. Bush knows he can’t do anything with the Pakis so the next step under discussion is to locate all the weapons caches, bring in U.S. troops (as new Embassy employees and aid groups), make lightening raids on the depositories and whisk them off to several targeted airfields where U.S. aircraft will be ready and waiting to fly up and away from the evil ragheads. Given the gross incompetence of the CIA, whose people have been blabbing to all and sundry about this, the bombs will no doubt be misdelivered to the Tamal Tigers or perhaps the Zapatistas in Mexico. Not only are our Blessed Leaders now making pant loads, the Israelis are also screeching with terror lest the Taliban drop something nasty on them (which it is now believed they are planning to do) Will Dudley Doright succeed? Will Justice be done? Bush picked the wrong horse over there like he always does but this time, if the steely-jawed Saviors of Democracy can take time out from waterboarding old men and cripples but are not successful in even one raid, there will be fallout all over the Gulf. Or the San Fernando valley. Of course the Taliban could nuke India as a second choice which would shut down the very many American businesses who have all moved there. That will teach them to throw Americans out of work, won’t it?

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Tuesday 6 November 2007

The Voice of the White House - November 4, 2007

Some interesting comments about the Bush family's financial holdings and also some news about a new "secret weapon" or other that the US has in the pipeline. Anything's possible, we'll see whether it materialises or not.

Some helpful soul has dug up the financial holdings of the Bush family, to include stock and real estate assets, overseas and domestic accounts and other such information. Why, one wonders, does this patriotic American family have so many assets outside the United States?

And we have a new, very funny, story concerning the latest clown act concocted by the Bush people. A story, now being polished, will soon be released to the effect that the United States now has developed a New and Deadly Defense Weapon that will radically alter the balance of power in its favor! Yes, a real revelation! This will consist of a powerful laser weapon that can bring down enemy bombers or incoming missiles at any altitude.

This new and deadly weapon is to be mounted on the foredeck of a U.S. Naval vessel which will have as honored guests, a number of American media members from, say, the New York Times, the Washington Post and, naturally, the Bush-worshipping but otherwise useless Fox people. And of course a compliment of top military brass.

Off they will go from a Seattle navy base, up into the northern Pacific to observe a test of the New and Deadly Defense Weapon. Comfortable quarters and all the amenities of a first class hotel will be provide for the guests, as well as state-of-the-art communications for the media people to send accounts back to their outlets. They will heave to at a point south of the Aleutians and wait for the exercise to begin. Three, count them children, three aircraft, loaded with high explosives and radio controlled will take off from an Alaskan military airfield, headed south east.

On the ship, tensions will run high as the officers and their guests await the Great Moment. Suddenly, radar reports the approach of the radio-controlled flight; a large and impressive device is uncovered, screens are flashing the paths of the oncoming planes when a senior officer gives the signal to fire. A burst of red light shoots up from the New and Deadly Defense Weapon, high into the sky. A moment later, someone in a secluded part of the ship, off limits to the press, pushes a button and one of the planes, high up in the sky, suddenly erupts into a ball of fire with bits and pieces falling down towards the ocean below in a very dramatic and photogenic manner.

An admiral gives the order to fire again and again, the red light shoots upwards, another button is pressed and a second plane explodes. After the third explosion, champagne is passed out while jubilant senior officers are seen by the media expressing their joy at the success of the New and Deadly Defense Weapon. Members of the media are then escorted to the communications center where their TV footage and copy are sent back to their papers and television stations.

In Washington, our Beloved President steps up to the rostrum in the White House to reveal to the world that America has just successfully tested a New and Deadly Defense Weapon. There will be film clips shown on all the major television stations to accompany the President’s awe-inspiring speech.

One assumes that this dog and pony show will not be for the benefit of either North Korea or Iran who do not have long-range bombers, but to humble and awe none other than the dread Vladimir Putin. Will it work? As Putin is no fool, it won’t, but the reporters can savor their champagne and the networks have Pleased the President once again!

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Friday 2 November 2007

UK police guilty in Brazilian's death

As the late Steve Biko said, "The System will never convict The System" and it's as true in Blairite Britain as it was in Apartheid South Africa. My *opinion* has always been that elements within the police and intelligence services knew exactly what they were doing. The police have basically been found guilty of endangering the public and contravening our draconian Health and Safety laws, not murdering an innocent man on the Underground. British Justice hasn't stirred from the coma it's in.

London's police force was found guilty Thursday of endangering the public during a frantic manhunt for four failed suicide bombers that led to the killing of an innocent Brazilian man on a subway train.

Police had staked out an address belonging to two of the failed bombers at dawn on July 22, 2005. It was less than 24 hours after the attackers' devices failed to ignite on three subway cars and a double-decker bus. Police feared they were set on trying to strike again.

The manhunt unfolded with the British capital already on edge after four suicide bombers killed 52 commuters two weeks earlier.

The officers watching the building trailed Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, out of the apartments, suspecting he was one of the bombers. They followed him onto two buses, into a subway station and finally into a train. There, officers, believing he was a bomber, shot him seven times at close range in front of morning commuters.

On Thursday, a jury found police guilty of breaking health and safety laws. Judge Richard Henriques ordered the Metropolitan Police to pay a total of $1.16 million for breakdowns in the operation.

"One person died and many others were placed in potential danger," Henriques said after the verdict.

The judge acknowledged the manhunt had been "a unique and difficult operation."

"This was very much an isolated breach brought about by quite extraordinary circumstances," he said.

The force had denied the charge, saying the killing was an error, not a crime. Outside London's Central Criminal Court, police chief Ian Blair expressed "my deep regret" over de Menezes' death.

"No police officer set out on that day to shoot an innocent man," he said. "I am certain that this death was the culmination of actions by many hands, all of whom were doing their best to handle a terrible threat facing London on that day — a race against time to find the failed suicide bombers of the day before."

Blair said he had no intention of resigning after the verdict. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he had "full confidence" in the police chief, despite opposition calls for Blair to step down.

Blair did not rule out an appeal.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying the government doesn't consider that the decision closes the case.

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