Tuesday 29 October 2002

Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated by Covert US Terror Group Linked To Bush

Although it originally appeared on Sunday, I'm keeping this posting current for the time being because it's important and I'm adding updated links as I find them.

This case is not unlike the John F. Kennedy Jr and Ron Brown crashes, both of which involved planes already descending towards landing that suddenly wandered off the approach path and crashed. In all three cases, radio contact appears to have been cut off while the planes were still in the air, indicating total electrical failures on board coincident with the event that drove them off course.

by voxfux

The eerie resemblance to an identical Senator assassination two years ago goes completely unmentioned in the media.

America is gripped in a protracted, internal power seizure - this much is certain. The whole world is united against the policies of this shadow American government. Yet it appears that each and every violent act since 911 and including 911 has been perpetrated by Americans, NOT Muslims.

And now, Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone is the latest victim of this clandestine assassination group, racing to consolidate total power in the hands of George Bush.

In my May 25th Article of 2001, I laid out an explicit warning that a Democratic Senator would meet an untimely death by either an Anthrax hit or in a plane crash. (Click here for the article which predicted Wellstone's assassination) This article was written four months prior to the Sept 11th attacks and six months before the anthrax letters to Daschle and Foley.

Wellstone was assassinated under the exact same circumstances as Mel Carnahan, two years ago. Carnahan the Democrat was beating John Ashcroft, but with just two weeks remaining before election day, Carnahans plane conveniently crashes. It is still not enough for the widely un-popular Ashcroft - When the voters considered the prospects of another six years with this Ashcroft, the voters voted for the deceased Carnahan anyway (actually his wife) rather than have Ashcroft for another term!

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