Wednesday 23 October 2002

Subjugation - The Plain Truth

Obey! History bears witness that many individuals seek extraordinary power and wealth at the expense of others. For those who are the most aggressive, government provides the consummate vehicle to maximize an egregious rise to power, and an unmerited accumulation of fortune.

When the lusts of organized power mature into stifling oppression, opposition ripens as well. Invariably the grumblings of the people fall upon deaf ears. In response, secret political organizations and militias form to combat this institutionalized parasitism and represent the interests of the people with greater legitimacy.

The French Revolution of 1789, is a classic example of the people releasing themselves from bondage as they simultaneously hold the privileged tyrants accountable. The French people, in an orchestration of unmitigated rage, summarily converted their overlords into myriad feasts for the eaters of carrion.

This, and other revolutions remind us, that there are limits to governmental authority, and that justice resolutely stalks the practitioners of tyrannical excess.

Rogue politicians cultivate enhanced power, elitist privileges, and wealth. It is readily understood that knowledge is power, and power money, by considering the vast riches that are within easy grasp to insiders who operate on “Federal Reserve” ¹ interest rate tips and “presciently” play the option market. But, tyrants must remain cautious. GOVERNMENT GAINS (taxation), must remain balanced by the SERVICE that is provided, in conjunction with the PROPAGANDA, CONCEALMENT and FORCE necessitated when taxation is exploitative. Control of the masses, i.e., oppression, a.k.a. “law and order,” must be judiciously applied lest the sleeping masses be roused.

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