Wednesday 23 October 2002

On the Subject of the Sniper

by Mike Rivero

I am watching the non-stop coverage of the sniper, and frankly, the whole thing reads like a bad "B" movie story line. By this point it is clear that this is not a terrorist act. Terrorists (real ones, not the fakes created by spook shops) always identify themselves and take credit for their actions. Otherwise, there is no linkage between the terror and the terrorists' socio-political intent. So, rule out terrorists. However, from the latest "communication" implying the targeting of children, it is clear that maximizing fear is the intent, with the media fanning the fear as hard as they can. The numerical reality is that more people, children included, will die today in car accidents than from the sniper. Fear is the goal of the sniper and the media.

The most likely explanation is that this is a staged government incident to justify a gun ban. Columbine on a national scale if you will. Certainly the timing with the release of "Bowling For Columbine", Michael Moore's anti-gun epic, is almost too close to be a coincidence. Other reasons to be suspicious of the official story is the manner in which suspects have been released almost immediately, and the strange handling of the phone number story.

But the most damning reason to suspect that the Sniper is a covert operation targeting the Second Amendment is that there are already systems in existence which could locate the sniper in seconds!

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