Sunday, 25 September 2022

Daily Vlad - 25 September 2022

The London Embassy hasn't posted a good morning picture since September 8th so I'm having to do them. I do find it disturbing that they haven't started again. Anyway, Sunday morning finds Vlad and Pasha the Parrot surveying the oil fields and gulags of Eastern Siberia. It's a bit cold for Pasha because he's a tropical parrot, but Vlad gives him a good drink of vodka and some borscht to keep him warm.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Finger on the Button


Ice-cream Lady

Would you like a chocolate-flavoured cricket flake with that cockroach milk ice cream?

Daily Vlad - 24 September 2022

Saturday morning and Vlad the Submersible is atop Wasilei the Whale, training his fleet of nuclear boomers under the Baltic Sea. It is not commonly known in the West that Vlad can breathe underwater, he has gills behind his ears like Kevin Costner's character in that really shit film from the 90s. Vlad asked me to assure everyone that he has no desire to blow you all up and you are more likely to meet your doom at the hands of demented old pants-shitter in the White House, or for that matter the bat-shit crazy warmongering loon now in 10 Downing Street

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Daily Vlad - 22 September 2022

Thursday morning and Vlad is with Ganya the Goanna getting away from it all in the Karelia region of Russia. Vlad likes it here because it's nice and peaceful which gives him time to contemplate his plans for world domination. Ganya just likes it because there are loads of yummy flies and other creepy-crawlies to eat

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Daily Vlad - 21 September 2022

Wednesday morning and Vlad is with Piotr the Pterodactyl flying over Khamovniki, Vlad likes to survey his fiefdom to make sure that everything is working smoothly. He is always gratified to see Russian industry hard at work whilst his opponents in the West allow the Motherweffers to shut down their industries and make them eat bugs. Vlad will never make Russians eat crickets because they are unhealthy and disgusting

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Coming soon...

The latest in EU handy-dandy money wheelbarrows, currently in production in Poland under orders from Ursula von der Lyin. Kindly sponsored by Klaus Schwab and the WEF, naturally. You vill own nussing und be happy 😬👇

Daily Vlad - 20 September 2022

Tuesday morning finds Vlad and Kazimir the Kangaroo guarding over his precious flock in Moscow's Kolomenskoye park. Vlad always emphasises the importance of exercise to his people and tells them if they are diligent that they will have the same strapping, manly, physique as him. Russians always feel safe knowing Vlad is around. Did you know that Kazimir can hop so high that he's able to punch an F35 right out of the sky? He defected from Alcatralia not so long ago to get away from Dictator Dan.

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Daily Vlad - 18 September 2022

Sunday morning sees Vlad the Shirtless taking Justin the Vile Blackfaced Emu for some morning exercise in the Khibiny Mountains near Murmansk. Vlad has to keep Justin in the most remote regions of Russia and far away from decent people. The Emu is evil, nasty, dangerous and very smelly. Count yourself lucky that Vlad is taking one on the chin for us by keeping this evil creature in chains. You're also lucky that you can't smell it, Vlad has to use nose-plugs soaked in Vodka to ride it 

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Daily Vlad - 17 September 2022

Saturday finds Vlad the Airborne taking Piotr the Pterodactyl for an early morning flight around St. Petersburg. Vlad likes to survey his Empire before anybody wakes up to make sure that everything is under control