Wednesday 6 September 2023

New UK Military Hardware

Our new Defence Secretary has been testing the UK's latest military equipment, soon to be headed to the frontlines in Ukraine
Jetty McJetFace

Challenger 3 (codename: Mk 1 Putinator)


Friday 25 August 2023

He's Back

In a piece of breaking news, Vlad has decided that The Donald needs a safer way to get around than an easily explodable aircraft. Piotr the Pterodactyl volunteered and so we now have a new Dream Team. 

Friday 18 August 2023

Friday 11 November 2022

Daily Vlad - 11 October 2022

Friday morning and Vlad has buggered off to his compound next to the Mologa river for the weekend. Mrs Vlad insisted on it because of how stressed Vlad has been recently. She's taken his mobile phone off him and gave Piotr strict instructions to go nowhere near the Kremlin on his way here. She's cooking his favourite Borscht for dinner and one of the buildings in the compound is a craft vodka distillery so the Vlads will be getting bladdered tonight

Sunday 6 November 2022

Daily Vlad - 6 October 2022

Sunday morning and Vlad is with Piotr the Pterodactyl taking a flight over Russia's Golden Ring. That also happens to be the name of a new haemorrhoid medication that Vlad's mad scientists have cooked up in their underground lab 

Friday 4 November 2022

Daily Vlad - 4 October 2022

Friday morning and Vlad is taking an early morning flight with Rasputin the Bald Eagle over the Vuoksi River. Vlad needed to get out for a bit this morning because his stress levels are ridiculously high, he finds it cathartic watching Rasputin catch fish and then tear them to pieces with his talons before eating them. Vlad can think of a few people he'd like to do that to

Thursday 3 November 2022

Daily Vlad - 3 November 2022

Thursday morning and Vlad is inspecting his troops in Kamchatka with Stanislav the Stegosaurus. Stan is a recent addition to Vlad's stable and is very useful when Vlad needs to travel over rough terrain. He also uses Stan to enforce discipline among the troops, the threat of being eaten by a Stegosaurus is enough to make anyone (except Justin the Blackfaced Emu) do what they are told. Vlad is hoping to train up an entire battalion of Stegosauruses for military use