Wednesday 30 October 2002

LaRouche - Moonies Are Target Too Big To Be Missed

This article appears in the Nov. 1, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

by Jeffrey Steinberg

During an Oct. 19 webcast with Democratic candidates, Lyndon LaRouche responded to a question about how to force a purge of the lunatic neo-conservative and Christian Zionist apparatus from the Bush Administration, and, thus, stop the pending U.S. imperial military mis-adventure against Iraq. LaRouche's response undoubtedly shocked most among the 300-plus participants in the Internet broadcast:

"I think, if you wanted to clean up the snake-pit," LaRouche began, "what you'd do is, you'd hit it on the flank.... The place to hit, is the Moonies. The most important, and most significant nut-factor, which is a serious threat to our political order, inside the United States, is the Moonies." Reverend Moon bought up Jerry Falwell, Richard Viguerie, the whole racist far right in the country, LaRouche said, and now Moon is buying up many African-Americans. "You pull that out, and I guarantee you, the biggest factor of loose, religious, and other kinds of nuts, in the United States, will scamper. And the rest of the mess will be cleaned up."

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