Wednesday 14 March 2007

The Voice of the White House - 12 March 2007

Anti-Jewish? No! Anti-Israel? YES! Here's why.

Washington, D.C.,: “We are rapidly approaching a major confrontation here yet very few people are aware of it. The military has told Bush that to “retake” Baghdad” i.e., kick out the insurgents and, most important, secure the city against a return, the U.S. will need ca 50,000 new troops!

Bush wouldn’t dare risk a public explosion on top of the growing medical lack-of-care- scandal so he is shipping men over in small increments. He won’t stop until he had reached the 50,000 goal. The same military estimates that with luck, they can “fully secure” Baghdad within four months and then establish iron control over it to prevent any return of the insurgents.

Not only were an officially-recognized 21,000 sent over, most without proper weapons, no body armor of any kind or any serious urban warfare training, but an additional 4,000+ were also shipped over as “support troops” which are not considered combat troops.

Today, I learn that Bush is sending over another 7,000 men and in the end, the remainder will be send in small batches, the press told to keep this under wraps for “national security” reasons. On top of this, there are not any more armored Humvees, no body armor currently in stock and the ammunition is very low. Bush does not care about this but he does care about the rapidly collapsing on the Unknown Front, Afghanistan.

He stripped our troops out, leaving the British and other to confront a growing Taliban which is slowly, and viciously, retaking much of northern Afghanistan, killing anyone who is suspected of helping the U.S.

Now why is Bush doing this?

Some say the oil ,and Iraq has huge oil reserves, but this is not the real reason for the coming and obvious disasters.

The real reason are the frantic demands of Israel for the U.S. to remain in Iraq as a buffer to protect them. Bush, as is well-known here, is fanatically pro-Israel and the Jewish lobby and diplomatic corps here has been fiercely lobbying their co-religionists in Congress to support them by any means.

This is a terrible thing to say but I must say it: Every dead and mangled GI is the direct fault of Israeli demands. We are not bringing democracy to Iraq but security for Israel and there is no other explanation.

Any Congressman, and there are a growing number, who dares to oppose the wishes of Israel runs the very real risk of immediate reprisal from the Israeli lobby and, most especially, by the heavily pro-Israeli American media.

The Army has been tapping phones and DISA systems here and all of this sickening business is a fact, not some idiot blogger rantings.

It used to be said that the Voice of the People was the Voice of God but in 2007 Washington, it is the Voice of Israel that has become the Official Voice of Jehovah.

Bush, and Congress, hear and they obey.

I, and many, many others, think the time has come for the American public, not the politicians, to become aware of this ugly business and express their views in very loud and determined voices or the death and maiming tolls of their children, fathers and lovers will continue to soar.

Israel is buying her security with the blood of America’s youth, and neither Bush nor Israel care.”

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