Tuesday 29 October 2002

Blair's Jaw Jaw means War War

by Mark Curtis

New Labour may talk as if it holds the high moral ground, but the reality is that Blair's policies are to protect British interests abroad, whatever the cost, says Mark Curtis

Poised for war over Iraq in a new phase of the supposed "war against terrorism", the states that profess their commitment to the highest values continue to resort to the basest of policies in practice. Current British policy towards Iraq is a microcosm of foreign policy over the past five years -- contempt for international law, support for US aggression, a gung-ho military interventionism, with the public viewed as a threat, whose opinion needs to be managed by concerted propaganda.

Never before has the public of a democratic state been subject to such a tirade of propaganda about a government's moral motives than Britain under New Labour. And never has the gulf been so vast between that message and the reality.

Britain's foreign policy under Blair is composed of five dominating facts.

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