Tuesday, 22 October 2002

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How Is Bush Going To Protect Us From Terrorists When He Can't Even Protect Us From His Oil Company Buddies?

by voxfux

Solar and wind energy production is ready - now - to solve many of our problems, but this truth is being systematically wiped out by an oil industry, keeping close tabs on the "alternative" energy models. Turns out that solar Isn't "Alternative" at all. In fact it's potentially our primary source. But this fact threatens to imperil the fortunes, privileges and destiny of our industrial oligarchy... and they are fighting to keep their hands on power - their fingers wrapped around our necks.

Time for a paradigm shift A new Manhattan Project. The goal - Complete energy self sufficiency in five years. We could do it with the money this Bush nitwit will waste pursuing another desert boondoggle, another oil war. The Technology is here now for free clean energy forever - All it takes is leadership...

But don’t expect it from the Bush cabal, soaked in oil and cowering under the petrochemical industry juggernaut, they can barely think beyond their usual profiteering and looting of the US treasury to set us on the right track towards free and clean energy self sufficiency. (In fact they make a big effort to assure that these technologies will not come to light.)

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