Thursday 29 August 2002

WWIII Looks Imminent

This is a wakeup call to the Nintendo Generation; our so-called leaders are leading us down a path of self-destruction, the question isn't IF it's WHEN. What we need to do is work out what the rest of us are going to do when the nukes start going off... This is going beyond scary, we have Cheney on TV basically with a trumpet encouraging the drummers to start the drum roll for war. There is so much evil shit going on here that it's become all pervasive, the lies have been told so many times suddenly it's accepted as fact. Are we seeing the destruction of humanity enfold before our eyes?

The Latest SCARY Headlines:

France speaks out at US war plan

Al-Qaeda 'poised to strike again'

Muslim World Virtually United Against US - Pressure Grows

US General Tells Israelis War Will Start By Late November

US Envoy Calls N. Korea World's Top Missile Peddler

Iraq Defiant, Arabs Alarmed By New Bush War Talk

Iraqi Foreign MInister Receives China Support