Thursday 22 August 2002

An Open Letter to World Leaders

Dear Shitheads,

You are the biggest bunch of lying scumbag vermin ever to infest planet earth. You are a disgrace to your office, your people and yourself. You preach tolerance and understanding and caring, and at the same time you allow your financial backers to run rough-shod over people's lives. You people are in more need of a spliff than anyone in history!

How can you honestly expect to recieve any respect from anyone? Everybody knows you're full of shit, everybody knows that the Bilderberg meetings are where policy is really decided, not an "Earth Summit". You don't want real democracy you basically just want us all to shut-up and consume. This whole "Earth Summit" thing is just another part of your blatant corporatist propaganda. Nothing will change as a result of anything anyone of you two-faced twats will do because YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PLANET, for that matter, you don't seem to care about us or anyone else except yourselves and your rich mates.

The majority of the population may not be on to you but here at we're dedicated to expose and report the news that your media poodles obediently shred. The Internet is awash with information about your nefarious deeds and you have created a monster that you cannot control!

Long Live the Power of the Internet!!!