Thursday 29 August 2002

Did They Let 9-11 Happen on Purpose?

This has appeared before on but it's a wonderfully incisive and well-researched article. It deals with those in the US Government who had possible warnings of the events of 9-11, the evidence is extensive and I haven't found any better analysis of the events. Certainly it seems as if none of those useless bastards we elected can come up with anything simillar, they just want to play with their guns and send other people's children off to die. Make no mistake, that's where we're headed unless everyone wakes up! We are being lied to and manipulated so that a tiny minority of rich fat bankers can get even richer and even fatter! Look at this "Earth Summit" lots of useless corrupt morally bankrupt politicians with no balls to speak of, tucking in to Fois Gras, Champagne and Oysters.

They Let it Happen

1 - Jerome "Jerry" Hauer, Human Health Institute
2 - Dr. Thomas Inglesby, Johns Hopkins Institute
3 - Stephen Hatfill – Anthrax Prime Suspect
4 - Dale Watson, FBIHQ
5 - Thomas Pickard, Bristol Myers Squibb
6 - James Woolsey (Shea & Gardner, CFR, ex-CIA)
7 - Richard Clarke (CSG chief and Cyber Security Task Force)
8 - Richard Perle, Head of the Defense Policy Board
9 - Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense
10 - Henry H. Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
11 - Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State
12 - George Tenet, CIA
13 - General Mahmud Ahmad , former Pakistan Secret Service ISI
14 - Tommy Thompson, National Institute of Health
15 - CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
16 - ANSER
17 - Department of Defense
18 - Frank Carlucci, Carlyle Group
19 - Abdullah Noman
20 - Philip A. Odeen

Read the evidence against them now...