Friday 30 August 2002

No Jaw Jaw, Only War War

Just a few snippets collected off the wires just so's we don't forget who it is that's a warmonger. Messers Sharon and Bush, two men who never met a treaty they didn't feel like violating. Saddam is a bad dude for sure, but don't forget it was the Shrub and his mates who put the bastard there in the first place! So now the lives of innocent American kids, innocent British kids and yet MOOR poor Iraqis are going to be lost in order to pay for the mistakes of their fathers and tyrants. In war it is ALWAYS the young who make the ultimate sacrifice while the rich fat fucks who started it sit in their nuke-proof bunkers and count the body bags as they roll off the areoplanes. How much blood has to flow this time before the people of the world wake up and realise that we need to find a better way!?! Israel is arming everyone regardless of whether they "sponsor terrorism", nothing new there... Remember the Sri Lanka thing with the Tamil Tigers, we'll the lovely Israelis were arming and training both sides in the conflict. Talk about taking a vacation from morality!

Israeli arms shipment caught on way to Iran
German authorities who intercepted two container loads of Israeli-made tank parts bound for Iran sent the mysterious cargo back on Thursday on the next Israel-bound freighter. Why P.Ad, an Israeli firm, was shipping military gear to Iran, one of the Jewish state's bitterest enemies, has yet to be explained. Iran denied on Thursday doing business with Israel, and the Israeli defence ministry claims it has called police to discover how the deal was set up.
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Sharon backs Ya'alon remarks on `cancerous Palestinian threat'
IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon's controversial remarks earlier this week were "true and correct" and described "the situation as it is," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday.
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Family of four killed by flechette fire from IDF tank
An IDF tank firing flechettes at what soldiers believed to be a cell of terrorists trying to infiltrate Netzarim in the Gaza Strip killed four people, including a 55-year-old woman, her two sons, and their cousin late Wednesday night.
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Israel Pledges US Full Assistance For Attack On Iraq
"If the Americans do not do this now," said Israeli Deputy Defense Minister and Labor Party member Weizman Shiry on Wednesday, "it will be harder to do it in the future. In a year or two, Saddam Hussein will be further along in developing weapons of mass destruction. It is a world interest, but especially an American interest to attack Iraq."
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