Thursday 29 August 2002

Government ministers in corporate influence shocker

America would you please stop trying to foist your nasty genetically modified crap on us we don't want it, ok? Just get over it and stop trying to pressure us into ruining our environment the way you lot are ruining yours!!!!

If we needed further proof that the governments of Europe are under pressure from US biotechnology corporations to embrace GM technology, then it came in the shape of statements from two government ministers this week.

Elliot Morley, Countryside Minister, admitted that "There is enormous international pressure to allow GM crops and seeds in this country from the biotech companies. They are going through national governments and the WTO and pressurising the EU."

The Environment Minister, Michael Meacher, also stated that Britain was being pressed by the US to allow commercial planting. However, the Environment minister insisted he was "sceptical" of the benefits of GM and insisted: "We are not going to be bounced into this by the Americans."

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