Wednesday 28 August 2002

Are we heading for WWIII?

Arab nations warn Bush over Iraq attack
From Richard Wallace Us Editor In New York

AN attack on Iraq could lead to all-out international war, President Bush was told by Egypt and Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Warning of Middle East meltdown, the Arab world's two most powerful nations said the region's leaders would be un- able to contain their people's anger at an unprovoked US assault on Baghdad while the Palestinian crisis still raged.

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said: "We fear disorder and chaos in the region." Mr Bush got a similar warning during a summit meeting with Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

On Monday US Vice President Dick Cheney warned of the danger of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and said: "The risk of inaction is far greater than the risk of action."

But Mr Mubarak claimed there was no excuse for a US attack on Iraq "because of one or two individuals". If a strike went ahead no Arab ruler would be able to curb "popular sentiments". The president said in Alexandria: "Many innocent citizens will be killed. We already have killing in the Palestinian issue. The issue must be dealt with wisely.''

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