Wednesday 21 August 2002

I'm Hiding Something and it's Big!

by voxfux

I'm hiding something - BIG! Clandestine forms of organization are the principle cause of suffering on the planet today. They are quantifiable, real and deadly. The US spends over $400 Billion a year to clandestinely "Fuck Over" the free people of the world. This is why the people of the world unanimously hate us. If the US simply took HALF the $400 billion we normally spend to "fuck over" the people of the world and instead simply GAVE it to them, the US would be the most loved country and people of the world in all of an instant. Terrorism would vanish overnight. And guess what we could do with the remaining $200 Billion? Split it up and put it right back in the pockets of the American people where it belongs - where it came from - who they stole it from in the first place.

Mr George Bush Sr, sitting on the board of the largest arms manufacturer in the world "The Carlyle Group" is involving the peoples of the world in his Vesuvian conflict of interest. He has only a vested interest in WAR and war alone. He will NOT reap a vast personal fortunes if the world is in a state of peace. And so what do you think our President's father is going to tell his son to do? - Seek peace and reap no personal profits or start a world crusade and become fabulously wealthy. Think about it. What ever happened to the concept of being weary of issues of conflict of interest?
There needs to be a global set of international treaties in place to assure these conflicts of interest don't endanger the families and children of the world and cause vast suffering, simply because a group of cunning Republican operatives in Texas can hire the most ruthless and dangerous campaign managers like Karl Rove. It's these immoral lying pigs which are causing so much trouble in the world today.