Tuesday 20 August 2002

Who We Need Fear – - What is Global Hawk?

by Jim Condit Jr., Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The sinister propaganda coming hot and heavy over the Major TV Networks causes me to feel the need to point you towards the most important pockets of suppressed information – even if that means giving away some of the punch lines right now before my article is fully ready. As many as possible need to see what’s happening -- right now. Here are numbered clues as to what is the real picture. I am not able to provide all the documentation for why I am making some of these conclusions – much comes from watching Big Media propaganda and picking up the clues. The following are NOT in time sequence, but in order of importance (kind of).

1. BIO-WARFARE ATTACK? The propaganda coming out over the Major TV Networks leads me to believe that the dark side of the Ruling Elite’s Intelligence Agencies (i.e., the dark side of the CIA, FBI, BATF, FEMA, etc.) in conjunction with the dark side of Israel’s Mossad are planning a biological/germ warfare attack on a U.S. population center. This may be anthrax – it may be something else. The Big TV networks and the Guv have been telling us that there is a 100% chance of a biological attack! 100% !! The Ruling Elite’s Big Media will immediately blame this on a guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. It is POSSIBLE that the guy hiding in the cave will be responsible – but I don’t believe it. Why do I say this?

2. CONTRIVED FRENZY. The Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution (Zionism in alliance with Anglo-Freemasonry) wants to whip Americans into a frenzy to a) send their sons and daughters over the sands of the Mid-east to fight Moslems – the Big Media has been telling us since 9-11 to expect HEAVY CASUALTIES; b) support the use of tactical (?) nuclear weapons against Moslem countries so as to both knock out all of Israel’s potential threats AND to force the Moslem countries into the Free Trade / Usury system of the Ruling Elite’s hoped-for coming New World Order government; c) give up one constitutional freedom after another to the new Office of Homeland Security. (George Orwell would love that one – but he would have probably called it the MINISTRY of Homeland Security.)

3. WE MUST BE CONVINCED. The 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon were the beginning. Next, from the Big Media clues I am picking up – the Ruling Elite is planning a serious biological / germ warfare attack on a major US population center. I do not believe it will be New York City again. The “heartland” must be convinced that this is “our” war. As I am writing this, Zionist mouthpiece Bill Maher (Jewish) on his Politically Incorrect TV show is raising the issue of how many deaths by biological warfare in the USA would cause us to use nuclear weapons against Moslem countries. Which brings up the point –

4. WARMONGERS ON MEDIA. Since the 9-11 attack I have seen almost every media-displayed, former doping smoking, former anti-establishment, former anti-military. sixties-era Jew -- SCREAMING for WAR! WAR! WAR! These include Dick Morris on FOX Cable Channel, Geraldo Rivera on CNBC, Laura Schlesinger on radio everywhere, Michael (Weiner) Savage on radio some places, Al Franken formerly of Saturday Night Live, Joan Rivers, David Brenner, comedian Larry Miller -- and a cast of thousands more.

5. FANATICAL MESSAGE. These pro-war media showcased Jews all exude the same fanatical message: a) BOMB ‘EM! (Who? Anything Arab or Moslem.); b) I love the military, I back the military 1000% no matter what – a complete reversal from the Vietnam era for reasons too long to go into here; c) we have to be ready to give away our constitutional rights, I love the new office of Homeland Security! (tear in the eye); d) get out your flags and wave them all you want! It’s OK – you can be patriotic now and we in the Media will SUPPORT YOU! Get whipped up into a real frenzy because we need your children’s bodies to go to the Mideast and fight for Israel and our New World Order Free Trade Monetary System; e) even our atheistic Jewish led organization, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) will not interfere with you singing “God Bless America” at baseball games. GO AHEAD – GET WORKED UP REAL GOOD – we need your sons’ and daughters’ bodies to fight the Moslems in the Mid-east. NOWWWWW!!!!!! (In the meantime, various reliable investigators on the internet are reporting that their friends in the Army recruiting offices tell them that next to ZERO Jews are enlisting to go do the front line fighting themselves.)

6. HIRELINGS. Of course, non-Jewish hirelings at the Big Radio and TV Networks are doing the same thing – but with not quite the frantic intensity.

7. SENSIBLE VOICES. Also, keep in mind that Noam Chomsky of MIT, those at the website jewsnotzionists.org, Mark Brudinsky of the MER (Middle East Realities) website and other Jews not subservient to the dominant Zionist leadership are in the vanguard speaking out for reason and sanity – rather than lusting after an endless World War III bloodbath.

8. BLAIR AND BUSH. Now let’s look at the Anglo-Masonic side of the Permanent Revolution. What was British Prime Minister Tony Blair doing over here sitting next to Laura Bush during President G.W. Bush’s address to Congress? What is Tony Blair doing in the middle of everything about this “anti-terrorist” campaign? What is he doing leading the call for declaring war? (First of all, Tony Blair is the type of low life “leader” you get when background manipulators rule a nation. He looks like a street urchin who’s grown up and made a trip to the Men’s Warehouse – a chimney sweep made good – or an interchangeable comedian who could move in and out of the Monty Python comic group.) Apparently the Permanent Revolution Elites trust Fabian Tony Blair to articulate their program better and quicker than G.W. Bush is doing – Bush -- who was, and maybe is, dragging his feet under reported conflicting advice from the Richard Perle faction (Nuke em) and the Colin Powell faction (caution).

9. OIL IN THE CASPIAN BASIN. What is the goal of the Anglo-Freemasonry section of the Permanent Revolution? There is enough oil in the Caspian Sea Basin to run the world at current oil consumption levels for 500 years. To get that oil out, the Permanent Revolution Elites need cooperating governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Almost all the Moslem countries are against usury. Most of them are against Free Trade. The destruction of the WTC in New York City has opened the way to begin a Permanent War in the Mideast to achieve all of the above goals.

10. WHO DECLARED WAR? Have you noticed that the Big Media declared war from DAY ONE – and announced that it would be at least a Ten Year War (!). In the meantime, the US Government has not declared war at all. We just (again) are sending massive force against sovereign nations. I am not suggesting that those who made the attacks on the World Trade Center should not be retaliated against if they can be found – but who was it? The evidence produced by the US and British governments that the guy hiding in the cave, Bin Laden, did the evil deed -- is basically nothing at this point. They say they won’t produce anything for the public, as it’s classified. Who did do it?

11. BUT WAIT. I don’t know --- but when the entire Media-Government complex is telling us we must go waving flags and smiling into World War III – then it seems to me that ALL possibilities must be examined.

12. VALENTINE RESEARCH. Who did this anyway? There is an ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL analysis of ANOTHER POSSIBILITY -- other than the official story of Moslem Suicide bombers. This analysis is by the intrepid internet investigator Carol Valentine – it is called: “Operation 911 – No Suicide Pilots” and it can be found at eionews.com – then click on part 1 or part 2 – and then go down to the article by Valentine. More on the Valentine research as we go.

13. WRONG TOWER FELL FIRST. Incidentally, we had received the Valentine article by email, and only later found it at eionews.com – after good friend Anna Wilson pointed us there. The Part 1 and Part II on “Wag the WTC” -- which is the main feature on that eionews website -- is also essential reading. It documents the embarrassing fact that the 2nd Trade Tower hit (which was hit with only half the jet fuel) – FELL FIRST. How did that happen? They suggest planted explosives. But it is a GOOD question: how did the tower hit 18 minutes later – and with only half the fuel going into the building because of the near miss --- collapse 20 minutes faster? They also raise the question on why EITHER building would collapse, and give a good case that it could not possibly have been from the Jet Fuel. But the real blackbuster –

14. GLOBAL HAWK. All of Carol Valentine’s research is worth reading – it is one info bombshell after another – BUT the big breakthrough which documents for sure what I was only suspecting – is the technology called Global Hawk!

15. REMOTE CONTROL? You can research Global Hawk on the search engine google.com – or other search engines (we think google is the best search engine). Numerous articles testify to the fact that on April 24, 2001 the US flew a plane with Global Hawk technology from California to Australia. -- Global Hawk technology means NO HUMAN PILOT – the plane is run by remote control.

16. POSSIBILITY. The unavoidable conclusion here is that for the first time in human history, it is possible – POSSIBLE I SAY – that the planes which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 – were being powered by remote control – leaving the pilots, the hijackers, and everybody on board – helpless once the Global Hawk technology kicked in. . . . Do you mean?

17. WHAT? Yes, I mean that there may have been suicide hijackers on those planes – and there may not have been. ---- And I mean – if there were suicide hijackers on those planes -- that they may have succeeded in taking over the planes, and they may not have. Read the Valentine article on eionews.com – or wait for my summary of that and other things coming soon. But next – a REWIND –

18. INCREDIBLE NEW REPORTS. On Saturday September 29, 2001 I was driving in my car and monitoring talk radio – 700 WLW, the 50,000 watt station in Cincinnati – and I – COULD – NOT – BELIEVE – MY – EARS! The national newscast – I believe from CBS – reported that Attorney General John Ashcroft had announced that the PASSPORT of one of the suicide hijackers – had been found --- 8 blocks from the WTC Twin Tower clean-up site. --- Now, let me get this straight. The planes that crashed into the Twin Towers blew up, burned up, and were incinerated – along with everyone on board -- BUT – as a last act, one of the Arabic kamikaze hijackers took his passport from his pocket and frisbeed it out the --- out the WHAT? . . . no window was open as the plane crashed into the steel structured office building.

19. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. The same “newscast” said that LETTERS written in Arabic had been found at both the Pennsylvania crash site and the Pentagon crash site – each from Arabic suicide hijackers – tying them all together in a conspiracy. ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) Well, it was convenient that Lee Harvey Oswald left a diary explaining why he shot JFK, and James Earl Ray left a diary telling why he shot MLK, and Sirhan Sirhan left a diary explaining why he shot RFK, and Arthur Bremer left a diary explaining why he shot George Wallace in 1972 --- but this was both convenient and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. On four plane flights which crashed so violently that we are told the steel encased BLACK BOXES were ruined – and beyond use – a passport and 2 paper letters survived – in tact -- “proving” that Arabic / Moslem suicide bombers did this!

20. MORE. These “finds” were so unbelievable – that somebody must have told Ashcroft to pull them back – I haven’t heard about them since. – However --- after alerting Carol Valentine, she found a CNN story about the supposedly “found” passport which is in her updated article. I haven’t heard anymore about the letters. And how about the fact that supposedly one of the Moslem hijackers’ luggage did not make it to the plane in Boston, and the FBI found it the next day at Boston airport with all kinds of “incriminating evidence” in it? And how about that rental car left by the hijackers at Boston airport --- pointed out to the FBI by a person unknown – which had a manual on how to fly a plane written in Arabic. What were the hi-jackers doing? Cramming for the test on the way to the airport?

21. CHANGE OF MIND. I had swallowed the Arabic flight manual in the rental car, because in the days following the attack I reminded my conspiracy minded (read alert) friends around the country that in this case the planes HAD to be flown by Moslems willing to commit suicide for their cause. You just couldn’t hire members of the CIA or the Mossad to give THAT much for “the company.” But once I heard that preposterous report on WLW of the “surviving letters” and the “surviving passports” from the suicide bombers – I began to work backwords, and I remembered that the fedgov had admitted that the plane lost over Afghanistan recently was piloted by remote control – without a human pilot. And then I received Carol Valentine’s dynamic email on Global Hawk Technology.

22. WHAT DO WE KNOW? At that point, I began to reason backwards: what did we know for sure? What did we know for sure – independent of announcements from the government and the Big Media? We knew the buildings crashed. We knew the Pentagon was hit. What did we know about what happened on the planes which crashed? Everything we knew was from the alleged cell phone calls. Which of these phone calls is documented for sure from impeccable sources? I cannot name one at this moment – can anyone help me? Where are the black boxes – it’s not credible that they all were destroyed? Where are the always taped conversations between the pilots and the air traffic controllers? One snippet was released of a few seconds of a struggle – but this could have been faked in a studio, in any case it was only a few seconds of what could have been one of the real struggles – but told us nothing.. Outside of that brief audio -- only a brief “transcript” of supposed conversations on that flight were released by the FBI – who showed up within minutes at the Boston airport and impounded all the tapes, all the evidence, all the passenger lists – everything. If we are to go into World War III over this – we need to hear the full voice transcripts of these cockpit conversations / struggles, etc. And – since the fedguv is talking about putting all of us under cameras and all kinds of surveillance – we need VOICE PRINTS from the home videos of these pilots to verify that they are the ones on the tapes – to guard against the real possibility at this late hour of doctored tapes.

23. SEE NO EVIL. Of course, not one of the hirelings on talk radio or working for the Ruling Elites news media has thought to ask any of these questions. But BOY have they been all over the tapes of emergency calls at the scene of the WTC crash and meltdowns – the tapes of victims that are supposed to inflame us into rushing headlong into World War III willingly without thinking.

24. WHERE ARE THE TAPES? Why would the black boxes and the audio tapes of the air traffic controller conversations be kept from the public? Because these tapes will show that the pilots were telling the air traffic controllers – “We have lost control of the plane – we’re going off course and our instruments are not responding.” Fantastic? Let the Fedguv PROVE it’s fantastic by releasing the tapes. In this case – on the verge of World War III – we HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW !

25. MADE TO TAKE PUNISHMENT. Incidentally --- another analysis we will cover makes the case that the four black boxes should be in tact at all three crash sites based on the punishment these black boxes are designed to take.

26. FLIGHT OVER PA. What happened in Pennsylvania? Carol Valentine surmises that the Global Hawk technology failed and that fighter bombers were ordered to shoot it down lest the pilots landed and told that something had taken over their plane for awhile – which was beyond their control. She insists, and produces impressive evidence, that the plane which went down over Pennsylvania – was shot down by US fighter pilots.

27. FLYING ACES – NOT! Carol Valentine further documents the abysmal flying abilities of the designated Moslem hi-jackers – carried in the major media newspapers from the testimony of the flight instructors at the various flight schools where the designated hi-jackers went for lessons – which articles appeared on September 12 and 13 in such papers as the Washington Post.

28. FAKE ID? The fedgov, also circa September 29th, fudged the whole suicide bomber story by saying that all the kamikaze bombers had used FAKE IDENTIFICATION. This after one of those designated suicide bombers reportedly showed up alive in Egypt.

29. KAMIKAZES. Now let’s be clear --- without the documented and well known existence of Moslem suicide bombers – such as the ones who routinely blow themselves up in Pizza parlors in Israel in order to take a few Israelis with them – this 9-11 kamikaze plane attacks would not have been credible. The widespread hatred against the USA is for one reason: we have let our government be taken over by the Permanent Revolution / Zionist Elites and have backed the little artificial state of Israel against the Palestinians and the Arabs for 53 years. As one Moslem said on TV, “When a missile rips through our home, it has ‘made in USA’ printed on it.” In other words, we have unstintingly backed the persecutors of the Palestinians and the Moslem world (the Khazar “Jews” running Israel) – and therefore these Moslems have become our enemies. Due to our blind, ungodly subservience to the little anti-Christ state, which on its books makes the passing out of the New Testament a felony, -- we have now made 1 billion enemies of varying degrees in the Moslem world. This will be covered more in my major article. Those interested in this angle may want to visit Michael A. Hoffman’s website an hoffman-info.com.

30. BIG VOICES. Within one hour of the attacks, Kissinger employee Lawrence Eagleburger was on the tube saying we’d better getting ready to give up our constitutional rights for security. And Kissinger himself stated that those who did this should come to the same end as those who attacked Pearl Harbor – a clear reference to using nuclear weapons against Arab countries.

31. GET AT IRAN. Two years ago an astute friend on the west coast told me that the worldwide Zionist lobby had been trying to figure out how to draw Iran and Syria into something so that they could attack and weaken those countries like we are continually attacking the people of Iraq under the guise of opposing Saddam. And everyday you will hear the Media Mouthpieces preparing the American mind for the “reality” that we will start dealing with other countries after we’re done with Afghanistan.

32. WHAT NEW DAY? In other words, what I am suggesting is what Carol Valentine suggests: the 9-11 disasters were MADE TO ORDER for the Ruling Elite – as soon as it happened the World War III plan kicked in, as well as the end-the-Constitution plan. All the moron-hirelings on the mass media began screaming, “It’s a New Day.” – “It’s a new world.” – “We must change our thinking.” – “We must be unified.” – This is all code talk for – STOP THINKING – WE’ll do it for you! Just get real emotionally hyped up and follow our Leaders into World War III and into an end to Constitutional freedoms. The eionews folks correctly stated: this is psychological warfare at it’s best. The Twin Towers crash/disappearance was meant to shock, paralyze and CHANGE the thinking of Americans. Millions are now ready to go to World War III – the perpetual war for perpetual peace – are now ready to nuke whole cities of totally innocent Moslems who had NOTHING to do with the 9-11 attacks – even if Bin Laden was behind it. BUT –

33. OUR VOTE AT THIS HOUR. Everything’s working out so perfectly, that we cast our vote at this hour that this was masterminded by the Permanent Revolution Ruling Elites – using Global Hawk technology. Why trust such a potentially world-changing project to amateur pilots?

34. DUAL LOYALISTS. We need not fear the few Moslems who are willing to commit suicide to get back at the USA for backing their persecutors (Israeli government) for the past 53 years – we need to fear the dual-loyalist Jews and Anglo-Masons who are running our media, our money system, and our government right here in the USA. The dual-loyalists reserve their primary loyalty for the Zionist state of Israel in some cases, and for their hoped-for New World Order government in others – or both. Those of us loyal to the USA need to throw off these Super Criminals, re-adjust mideast policy to protect the helpless civilians of all nations, but to be fair to all the factions. Only in this way, I fear, can we avert the coming World War III, which, according to all the information I have on my desk, will get out of hand.

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