Thursday 22 August 2002

Is the Empire About Oil?

Aug. 8, 2002, 1630 hrs. (FTW) - I have refrained from entering into the oil vs. containment debate because I felt that an argument about motive would detract from the focus upon U.S. government culpability in the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent "War on Terrorism." However, I cannot hold my tongue now that it has been implied war-for-oil proponents are all "a loyal opposition set up to control the alternative narrative and keep people distracted," according to one critic. As a testimony to my own unremitting opposition to the government and the elite it serves, I refer the reader to a piece I wrote titled "My Country Tis of Thee." This article is a scalding indictment demonstrating that the U.S. government has never been about the values of democracy and human rights, and the myth of the U.S. is very far from the truth. I am nobody's puppet.


As a scientist, I am always interested in looking at evidence that might disprove any hypothesis upon which I might be working. In this case, I have looked at all the arguments against the oil motive and have found that none of them, separately or in total, are sufficient to disprove this hypothesis. Furthermore, the energy depletion scenario is based upon exhaustive scientific studies, which have in fact been reviled by the U.S. government, the elite, and leading economists. This is a scenario that they do not want the public to know about.

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