Wednesday 28 August 2002

Who Really Murdered Holly and Jessica?

Map showing where the girls were found click to enlarge

For those of you doubting the story about US service personnel possibly being involved in the murder of the two girls, below are some interesting searches you can do:

BBC News Online (82 results last count)

Google (1,370 results last count)

Vivisimo Clustered Search (173 results last count)

The vivisimo search is particularly good because it'll return results from a lot of different sources. I should point out that a lot of these attacks happened in Japan so it's not confined to "third-world" countries!

Call me a conspiracy nut if you want but why are there so few REAL questions being asked and how can we justify such a flagrant abuse of human rights as has been inflicted upon the accused! REMEMBER HABEUS CORPUS?

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