Tuesday 30 July 2002

Do I hate America?

Not really a question that's worth answering; OF COURSE NOT! How could I hate a country which gave us The Constitution, House Music, Tim Leary, Star Trek, Star Wars or any of the things I love about America. The sense of individuality, the "can do" mentality, the idea of individual liberty, all of those things should be classed as great. But something seems to have gone a bit pear-shaped, we now have an American government that seems hell bent on settling old scores and releasing lots of pent up frustration that built up over the cold war. I can't say I've got any respect for Bush, Cheney or any of the others, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz and Bolton positively scare the shit out of me! I mean, how the hell can you even think that covering up some stone titties could be something that an FBI director should be thinking about?!? As for war on Iraq, well if they are stupid enough to do that then they deserve to be overthrown! I quite like Michael Moore's idea of UN intervention, then again, I'm only a Limey and you guys kicked us out so who the hell am I to say anything at all!