Tuesday 30 July 2002

Moments of Moments

Sometimes the Universe throws us into moments in which we are forced to stop and contemplate events so significant that the world itself seems to catch its breath. September 11 was one such moment, I can still remember everyone moving from being glued to the television to talking frenetically about what we were seeing. Everyone knew that something big had happened, all of us holding our collective breathe to see "what would happen next".

Although events are still unfolding and will continue to do so even when the frenzied media attention given to messrs bin laden, mullah omar, bush and blair has died down. The problem is the events that are unfolding seem to get more alarming every day. The threat of another building being blown up by suicidal fanatics hasn't dimished, it's increasing on a daily basis. New suicide bombers are being created by the 100's due to the suicidal policy of the Israeli government backed by the blind faith of Bible-Bashing America. The hippocracy has given way to outright militarism, the powerful preservers of the Status Quo have bribed, begged, borrowed and stolen their way into government and now we're going to pay the price for it. This so-called "war on terror" seems like nothing more than a method of subverting the very democracy that most of us "civilised nations" take for granted. Nothing is sacred anymore, even so hallowed a document as the US Constitution isn't immune from the attempts at subversion which are being justified by the attacks of september 11.

The collapse of the Dirty Giant Enron and the tentacles of corruption that emanate from it into the corridors of power all over the world is a testament to how scary this world is becoming. The idea that big businesses will become more powerful a force than governments elected by the citizens of a country isn't only scary, it's the most terrifying thing I've heard of since Hitler tried to take over Europe! In fact, faced with global dominance by Coca-Cola or General Motors, I'd rather move to Cuba!