Wednesday 31 July 2002

The Inquest Of Princess Diana's Death

Now I'm no believer in a lot of the Diana conspiracy stuff but if there's no dodgyness going on the WHY WAS SHE UNDER SUCH CLOSE SURVEILANCE????

The NSA tapes are believed to contain evidence to support Diana's constant concern about land-mines - and how she planned to mobilize world leaders to support her in having them banned.

Dodi's father, Mohammed al-Fayed, the millionaire owner of Harrods, has waged an unsuccessful battle in the US courts to obtain copies of the tapes.

He believes they also contain evidence that his son and Diana planned to marry - and that she may even have been pregnant before her death.

These claims may also be examined at the Royal Coronerís inquest.

But equally explosive could be the revelations about the intelligence web that electronically enshrouded the Princess in the last weeks of her life.

Israel's Mossad has never denied it had recruited Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and Paul died.

He was deputy head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. It is owned by Mohammed al-Fayed. It was there that former Tory government minister, Jonathan Aitken has admitted he met with Arab arms dealers.

"Given that, it is logical that we would want our own man on the inside," Meir Amit, the former director-general of Mossad has said.

Former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has claimed the service was "actively involved in tracking Diana."

He has said that MI6 were helped by NSA satellite surveillance to maintain watch on Diana and Dodi al-Fayed as they sailed around the Mediterranean on his father's yacht, the Jonikal, in the weeks before Diana died.

The NSA tapes are also said to contain details of the fate of the mysterious white Fiat Uno seen racing away from the scene of the death crash.

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