Wednesday 31 July 2002

Axis of Dipshits

I think it's time to cut to the chase and "tell it like it is" what we have in the world is a lot of severe dipshits who haven't learned that violence won't actually ever get us anywhere... Ghandi said: "An eye for an eye and soon we'll all be blind."

The more we focus on religion and the differences that exist between us, the less time we have to focus on the similarities. There are too many of those for us to ignore, underneath all of the trappings of race, we're all the same basic creatures. We have the same needs, fears, hopes and dreams; we are one. Any "religion" that tries to proclaim differently is quite simply mistaken, as Bill Hicks said; "You're wrong, get over it." we can shoot, bomb, rape, hurt and damage eachother until there are none of us left on the planet, and where is the point in that??

"My god's better than your god!"
Yeah right! sort your life out mate, try a night out, some good choons and a few disco biscuits, it'll help; trust me!

I think we should make all the world leaders get together in one room and do an E, I can guarantee you we'll have a better world in six months!!!!