Wednesday 31 July 2002

The UN is an illusion :-(

Check dis right, da UN done han hinvestigation into de bomin wot is supposed to ave killed loadsa afghanistanian peoples, but de findings of da report is not wot da US wanna ere so derefore we'sa not gonna get to see it. An them can do wotever dem like to anyone any nobody can say shit about it!

World dominhation me tink!

UN keeps damning report on Afghan massacre secret
Source: The Independent

The United Nations went into abrupt reverse yesterday and said it no longer intended to release a report compiled by a team of UN officials who visited the site where a US warplane attacked a wedding party in Afghanistan on 1 July.

The change of tack by the UN was apparently the result of pressure from within its own hierarchy, particularly in Afghanistan itself, and from the US not to release the report that allegedly contradicts claims made by the US about the circumstances of the attack.