Wednesday 31 July 2002

British Government Hypocriscy and War Mongering

In the latest developments in the Sub-continent we wonderfully peaceful Brits are still at it, selling weapons to India (probably to Pakistan as well!) just like we sell them to Israel and Lord only knows where else. It makes me ashamed to have to call myself British!

Isn't it nice; Tony, acting in the interests of our people-killing-arms-manufacturers, personally intervened and said "look we'll sell you the planes but Pretty-Please-with-a-Cherry-on-Top don't use them against your neighbours" just like Israel was asked to not bomb innocent Palestinian civilians with HUD systems built by us.

It's like the whole world can go to hell as long as the bastard weapons have "Made in the United Kingdom" stamped on them!

India agrees price for UK jets
Source: BBC News Online

Official British policy is not to sell arms to countries that might use them against their neighbours. The deal will need Indian cabinet approval. Several members of parliament have said sales to both India and Pakistan should be suspended given the heightened tension between them. But Delhi badly needs new jet fighter and trainer aircraft to reduce the high rate of flying accidents in its air force.

There had been reports that it would opt for a Czech-built plane, considerably cheaper than the Hawk. It is thought here that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, helped push the Hawk deal through during a recent visit to India.