Friday 28 September 2007

British School Girls Beat Classmate’s Face ‘Beyond Recognition’

If this is where our civilisation is at then I want nothing to do with it. This is just sick. How can anyone do this to another human being? Somehow I don't think it's the girls who did it that are to blame but the society which created them. Yes, they are responsible for their actions, but evil creatures like this are not born from the abyss, they have parents and teachers and friends. Like the rest of us. Is there a solution to any of this? Who knows? :-( :-( Sometimes I think we are justifiably fucked beyond all recognition.

The appalling injuries inflicted on the 15-year-old are shocking enough. But what is more horrifying is that they were the work of two teenage girls.

This photo of Bethany was taken in hospital by her mother, Tracey James, who said: 'The picture is shocking. I want people to know what the reality of bullying means.'

Bethany had been tormented by bullies at her school in Bradford, West Yorkshire, for four years – including being subjected to a torrent of insults and abusive text and internet messages.

But it was as she was leaving a video shop near her home in Undercliffe with friends on September 7 that she was beaten up.

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