Tuesday 25 September 2007

Machiavelli at work in the Mainstream Media

Excellent article by Curt Maynard on how the mainstream media is used to brainwash and decieve the populations of pretty much every country on Earth. Worth sending to anyone you know who still believes that the TV "news" tells them what's going on in the world.

Want to understand how the media is misused to assassinate the character of good men, while at the same time advancing the agenda of a small elite group of criminals intent on keeping us as ignorant as possible? All you need do is watch the television with a critical eye - bear in mind that it is a propaganda device and your entertainment is NOT its primary purpose.

Concepts like "right wing," "left wing," "liberal," "conservative," no longer have any relevance - the media has essentially hijacked the role as spokesperson for these issues and uses them only to keep us divided into relatively small groups that are of no threat to it and the established order. How does this work?

The CBC reported a year or so ago in bold headlines, "Canadian Jewish groups happy about Zundel charges, waiting for conviction."

So what is Ernst Zundel guilty of according to German prosecutors? Zundel according to Germany’s Injustice Ministry is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene." Yep – that’s the best they can do. Apparently the German prosecutors haven’t been paying attention to their own leftist rhetoric, as America’s Neo-Cons are in fact the "leaders of the right-wing scene" these days, and the neo-con’s are no friends of Ernst Zundel.

According to Joseph Stromberg, the Neo-Cons have been the "leaders" of the "right wing" since "mid fifties onward." Jeffrey Steinberg refers to the Neo-Cons as "leaders" of the right wing," as does Jim Lobe, who even goes so far as to refer to the neo-cons as representative of the "extreme right." George Bush is the president of the United States of America; so we could, despite appearances, call him a "leader," if we wanted to and just about every Democrat in this country refers to Bush as "right wing." So the question is, with friends and associates like this, what in the world is Ernst Zundel doing in prison then?

The answer of course is that the aforementioned Zionists are no friends of Ernst Zundel, in fact he wouldn’t be caught dead associating with such undesirables. One of the problems here of course is that the American right was hijacked by the left years ago; a transition that never occurred in Germany, leaving us with this inconsistent legacy and the Germans with a bit of explaining to do. Several years ago, as if in recognition of the fact that neoconservativism was a "right wing" phenomenon; the American and European left became the bad guy, the anti-Semites, the traitors, etc… etc… ad infinitum. This of course amounts to nothing less that a complete and total reversal from the position taken by the media less than twenty years ago, when it was fashionable to blame "right wing nuts," for every anti-Semitic incident or innuendo.
The reality of the situation is, and perhaps we should look at it from this perspective, the German nation suffers from an acute form of mass schizophrenia brought on by being subjected to contradictory and inconsistent forms of disinformation since WWII. How could I say that? Let me put it as delicately as I can, "Germany just sentenced a man to five years in prison because he believes that the official version of the holocaust has been distorted for nefarious purposes." Is that what a modern democracy should do?

Consider the following words, "Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Throughout history, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma."

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