Monday 17 September 2007

The Voice of the White House - September 13, 2007

On the weekend, I had a social get-together with friends of the family. One of the guests, who is with the U.S. military here in the D.C. area, got to talking with me about work his sigint unit was engaged in. Since he did not have any objections to my “discussing it” with others, provided his name and unit designation was not used, I am giving you a brief outline of a very fascinating subject.

It seems that the Army, the Navy, the CIA, the DHS and the FBI all are engaged in various counter-intelligence activities. None of them share information with each other and none of them ever forward information to Bush that he might object to reading because it might contradict his fantasies.

The Army discovered, quite by accident it seems, an international cell-phone circuit that has proven to be most interesting. The speakers, all Arabic, are apparently Saudis from their speech patterns. They are located in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Germany and Spain. From a constant 24/7 surveillance of their activities, my contact told me that the military intelligence people here are positive that some kind of a very major attack on Israel is now in progress.

They are certain that rockets or standard military units are not in the picture. It appears that a radical and very well funded Islamic group, probably based in Saudi Arabia (don’t forget, most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis and we are certain that the Saudis are supplying their Sunni friends in Iraq with bombs and other equipment of death) and that they are preparing to launch some kind of a deadly attack on Israel. Army specialists have considered BW/CW and explosive scenarios but have tended to rule out the former because of the probability that fellow-Arabs would die in large numbers.

Rockets have been ruled out because it would be possible to track them, if not intercept them, and the Israelis would retaliate with aerial attacks at the very least or, more likely, get the U.S. to attack for them. When I asked if this was commonly known, my source replied that it was absolutely not.

Apparently, the senior leadership of our military loathes Bush and believes that Israel has too great an influence on him. They have said, and will say, nothing about their surveillance efforts because, to be frank, the Army brass hopes it will succeed and we will be finally rid of what my source said was ‘the Spanish Fly in Mid-Eastern politics.’ A neutralized Israel would relieve the United States military of fighting their regional wars for them and peace, they believe, would descend on the volatile region.

I asked him when they felt such a serious attack would happen and he said they did not know to a certainty but the increase in phone traffic and the growing urgency of the coded messages lent strong belief to imminent action on the part of the plotters.

I am not at all surprised by either the fury of the Muslims or the attitudes of the senior military people but there is a certain inevitability about the whole matter. Ten years ago, I would have thought this was fantasy and nonsense but not now.

I did ask if the sigint people or the higher brass felt that an attack would be directed against us (After all, my family lives in this area) but it seems that this does not appear to be any part of the projected and on-going action.

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