Friday 21 September 2007

Who's in charge - Bush, Cheney, or israel?

Who’s in charge of managing the Iraq war -- Cheney or the zio-cons? Do they work together, or is one of them on top?

Greg Palast’s book Armed Madhouse suggests they’re BOTH in charge. Sometimes the oil companies and the zionists cooperate. Sometimes they compete.

The oil companies did not write the "Project for a New American Century.” Indeed they checkmated part of the neocons’ plans. Palast says the oil companies wanted to work with OPEC to hold down production and boost prices so they could all get richer.

By contrast, the zio-cons wanted to break up OPEC and use Iraq’s oil to topple Arabia so they could begin their “war of civilizations.”

Consider this: we know that Saddam got into trouble because he switched to euros. However, Saddam also got into trouble because one moment he would cut oil production to support the Palestinians, and the next moment he would pump the maximum allowed. Saddam was messing with the oil companies’ plan to hold down production and ratchet up oil prices. Even OPEC did not like this, since up and down movements in prices destabilize the oil industry. Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse says a Council on Foreign Relations report concludes: Saddam is a "destabilizing influence to the flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East."

Cheney wanted a war to remove Saddam, and to control oil production. He wanted the U.S. and OPEC economies to remain pegged to each another.

The zio-cons wanted a war because love to see the Goyim fight.

"Christian" evangelicals wanted a war because they are insane.

The oil companies are forced to work with zionists because zionists control most of the USA, and have their claws in the central banks. What a mess.

Some Jews blame the oil companies, since Jews are always "victims." Alan Greenspan in his memoirs says the war is about oil, not WMDs.

Chomsky, an admitted zionist, blames everything on U.S. corporate imperialism. He says U.S. oil companies and weapons makers run the Iraq war. He says the israel lobby is not important. He fears an anti-zionist backlash that will "victimize" Jews. He ignores the fact that the israel lobby is insane (although he sometimes criticizes israel itself).

Thus, I see Bush sitting between the two forces. On one side are oil companies, which don’t want to attack Iran, because they don’t want to destabilize oil profits.

On the other side are zionists and their “Christian” evangelical stooges, who insist on attacking Iran so they can trigger a world war.

Bush is the empty space between them all. One day he pleases the zionists and “Christian” warmongers by threatening Iran. The next day he pleases the oil companies by merely talking about sanctions. He grovels at AIPAC functions, but he also has Cheney on his shoulder, plus “Christian” warmongers scurrying around the room, talking of "Christ's love" and howling for murder.

Anti-zionists ignore the role of corporatism and the oil companies. The anti-war crowd ignores the role of the zionists. “Evangelicals” ignore the role of their own evil and stupidity. All of them ignore the role of private central banks.


In one sense the central banks are above them all. In another sense, the banks are dependent on them all, since nothing happens without human energy.

Meanwhile the rug has been pulled out from under all of them. The catastrophic race to the bottom (off-shoring and the quest for ever-cheaper labor) has caused a trade deficit that is destroying the dollar’s value and its reserve currency status.

No country that offshores its own production can have balanced trade. Americans have survived this long because the dollar has been the world’s reserve currency. To buy and sell oil, one must have dollars. But now Arabia has disconnected. Petrodollar hegemony is disappearing. Even with control of oil, the dollar's reserve currency status is eroded by trade deficits and budget deficits. Plus, we have endlessly mounting war debts.

Babylon is dying. Shorn of industry, dependent on offshored manufactured goods and services, and deprived of the dollar as reserve currency, the US will quickly become a “third world country.” Already, college graduates must drive cabs and flip burgers.

Even if the government magically woke up, it could not re-acquire the manufacturing capability it has given away to other countries. (But I still think we’d survive if we ended the war and took control of our banking and currency.)

As the dollar loses its reserve currency status, the Fed will have to “magically” move from an $800 billion trade deficit to a trade surplus, so the US can earn enough Euros to pay for its continued imports of oil and goods. That is, the central banks will play games to buy us a little more time, but this will be a temporary fix at best.

Meanwhile there’s the ever-rising mountain of consumer debt.

The way I see it, the USA will have to go to war no matter what. War will stimulate the economy and buy more time, but it too is a temporary fix.

The “North American Union” already exists (as Claymoremind notes, Canada’s dollar is now worth the same as the U.S. dollar). How can a “North American Union” address our trade deficit,our budget deficits, and our overall debt to the banks? How can it save us from zionist Jews? How can it get rid of israel, so we can work with Muslims?

The first thing we must do, no matter what, is end the war. That would leave the oil companies in charge, and we would have high fuel prices, but it would buy us some time, and the oil companies would cooperate with OPEC. Also the oil companies won't crash the US economy, since they need Americans to buy oil.

Finally, I'm curious to see what will happen to israel when the USA dies.

Will the USA be like ancient Rome, which finally had to destroy Judea?

That’s a scary question.

If the USA threatens to cut israel loose, israel will nuke the USA (false flag) in order to trigger a war. It’s part of their “Samson option.” Even if the israeli public and government opposed a nuclear strike, there are plenty of factions in israel that are insane. And if they don’t do it, the neocons in the USA will. And if the neocons don’t do it, “Christian evangelicals” will perpetrate a false flag. Our asylum is well-stocked with lunatics of all stripes.

Or how about this…suppose we get into a world war and we LOSE (which is quite possible, given our weakness).

Would it be our worst nightmare?

Or would it be the best thing that could happen to us?

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