Thursday 1 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans

My heart goes out to the people of New Orleans, it's one of those places I'd always wanted to visit but never got round to, now I won't get the chance and that is sad. This post may seem insensitive and it may offend some, if it does then I regret that. The thing is that very little is REALLY known about what's REALLY going on so I think that all possibilities should be considered. If you're interested in this "Scalar" material I recommend you do a web search for "HAARP Alaska". I would honestly like to think that the scale of this disaster was more due to Bush's war diverting funds away from levees rather than some deliberate weather control. But, in this messed-up banker-infested world ANYTHING is possible!! If you think weather modification is something out of Star Trek then think again. The US is even making laws to make weather-modification legal! Wake the fuck up people! Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US "Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board" to officially commence operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly free and beautiful land called America. Maybe the chemtrails, HAARP and Katrina are linked?

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

The Bush Jr. regime is a hair’s breadth away from collapsing in chaos, infamy and insanity as the truth radio is about to break the story how G. W. Bushfraud bribed his way into the White House in late 2000. See separate news coverage coming soon.

What happens in such situations is: News diversions are orchestrated in order to take away the public’s attention from the homespun disasters. Such as, a whale strands in the arctic and all the oil-soaked spy-riddled mainstream media babble about stranded whales for days or even weeks until the news about the actual catastrophe at home is forgotten and, for practical purposes, suppressed.

This well-known routine is happening again. As the to-be-covered-up news event (Bush bribed his way into the White House) is so huge, the cover-up ploy is also huge: A scalar-engineered hurricane named Katrina. The shadow government has decided to sacrifice an entire city, New Orleans, to cover up the coming news of bribery and in order to further rig the price of oil.

Weather engineering includes the blow-up of small hurricanes into large ones. The technology is zealously denied by so-called meterologists and physicists, but it exists anyhow. It has been described, for example, by veteran Pentagon scientist and scalar researcher Col. Tom Bearden at his huge web site,

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