Thursday 1 September 2005

Was Joe Vialls Really Ari Ben-Menashe?

Nothing would suprise me! Especially not about the late and very mysterious Mr Vialls. This article makes a lot of sense and asks some important questions.

Vialls was an investigative reporter that specialized in Israeli 'Black Ops'. If there was an major incident, and other sources started questioning Israeli involvement, Vialls soon appeared as 'Johnny on the spot', ready to lend his expertise.

When he barged in on the Port Arthur Massacre investigation, others that were investigating became suspicious, and referred to him as a disinformation agent. They claim that Vialls just seemed to fog up any creditable theories, and made everyone look like conspiracy nuts.

Ben-Manashe was an Iranian Jew, born in 1944, who was educated in Israel, was a former Israeli government employee, and worked for the Israeli intelligence services. Mr. Ben-Menashe has made a career out of advancing conspiracy theories, and claims to have been a ‘super-spy', privy to a multitude of secrets.

He first appeared, in Sydney, Australia in 1992. In approximately 2002, Ari moved to Canada, and he is now Chairman of Dickens and Madson.

He first came to notice in Australia more than ten years ago, with claims that arms shipped by the US to Iran as part of the Iran-Contra affair were shipped via Western Australia. The letter then catalogued various findings of Mr Ben-Menashe’s untruthfulness by numerous journalists and official enquiries he has dealt with, including a US Joint Congressional Task Force.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), denied he planned to assassinate Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean President. Tsvangirai told a Harare High Court that he never had any discussions about a coup with Ari Ben-Menashe, a political consultant.

Joe Vialls has published a number of books and web sites. Vialls' published books include: - Deadly Deception at Port Arthur, The Murder of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher and Lockerbie and the Bombing of Pan Am 103. According to his Australian website, which ran from 1992 till 2005, he is a private investigator.

Vialls would blather on and on about the 'Iraqi resistance', remnants of the dreaded Republican Guard, who would heroically defy the invaders in cities, and then melt away to their sanctuaries like Haditha and Fallujah. In reality, a psycho, General Natonski, let his troops flatten the town of Fallujah, and kill an estimated 6,000, of which 80% were civilians who were decimated in indiscriminate air strikes and artillery barrages.

The Pentagon sent US officers to Israel to 'observe' urban warfare techniques (bulldozing houses and shooting kids). Now, you have IDF officers in Iraq, 'advising' our Marine command on how to carry out counter-insurgency operations. Vialls often forgot to comment on how a great many of the sophisticated ambushes of US troops required inside Intelligence, and would prove, under real scrutiny, to be obvious Israeli special forces false-flag provocations.

Vialls never mentioned in his articles, about how a Mossad bomb making facility blew up in Kirkuk, when a bomb prematurely exploded during manufacture.

You have General Tommy Franks, who is a Zionist Jew of Russian descent, and you have General Natonski who flattened Fallujah, who is a Zionist Jew of Polish descent, and Abazaid.

There are 25,000 mercenaries operating in Iraq, hired through such Israeli-connected companies like CACI, Titan, Zapata, and Triple Canopy. Mercenaries working for Zapata, a firm that handles bomb disposal, were caught and detained, after ambushing Marines in Fallujah.

The mercenaries are $200,000-a-year killers, that are led by $350,000-a-year Israeli military veterans.

As long as the rebel 'Internet Iconoclasts' fly the same path, and avoid disclosing obvious Israeli operations, then everything is fine, and they all get to keep their credibility. Vialls wrote that France, Germany, and Russia carried out 9/11, but the truth is obvious that it was an Israeli intelligence false-flag terror operation.

Vialls fed his internet audience pablum, while key events, like those above, were overlooked.

Vialls seemed to mix 90% fact with 10% fiction, the hallmark of a true disinformation artist. He seemed to have way too much information on certain events, that only an insider would have. Details on London Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher's murder, the Bali attack, the near shoot-down of an Israel-bound Boeing 757 over Kenya, and so on.

Ari Ben-Menashe and Vialls had the same interests from Iran, assassinations, Israel, and Islam, to earthquakes and tsunamis.

Viall's detailed piece about Wall Street using nukes to create the Aceh tsunami, was a little too close to Ben-Menashe's writings.

The Port Arthur Massacre has been a nagging question in Australia for years. Many Australians, as well as people worldwide, believe that there was a conspiracy, and many folks said that Israeli intelligence was involved, but no hard evidence of it ever appeared to come forth.

If Vialls was Ari Ben-Menashe, then it ties Australian Zionists, gun control, and John Howard, together.

If Joe Vialls is Ari Ben-Menashe, and the character of Vialls was terminated, there must be a reason. There is a void of writers willing to examine the bogus assassinations, suspicious Iraqi bombs and ambushes, and other acts that the facts of them only point to Israeli intelligence perpetrating them.

It makes you wonder if there is an Israel False-Flag terror operation, of monstrous proportions in the works, and Tel Aviv wants absolutely zero linkage that could expose it?

It's a developing story, and there may be some confirming details to come forth.

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