Tuesday 19 July 2005

London blasts boost Bush and Blair

Written the day of the bombings, I missed this one along the way but it's still a very good article.

The question who profits? concerning the Madrid-like 9/11 scenes in London, where bomb blasts tore apart a bus and rocked five subways, will not be heard for a while. And also not heard nor seen for a while in all mainstream media will be the valid protests against the US government's lies surrounding the 9/11 disaster and the illegal neocon wars fomented by many of the criminal heads of state, which also are present at the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland.

The explosions silenced many more than intended, and from that point of view, the criminals who did this must be the stupidest terrorists around; boosting Bush and Blair's bad image at a time when opinion polls had them in the gutter and they needed it most.

Because that is the immediate effect, apart from some hundreds of millions of profit in blood money made in the stock markets.

But also the protest movement has partly been wounded and is blasted away for a while, meaning the G8's Bilderberg-agenda with it's fake 'help' for Africa* can be accepted without further criticism or ado. And again for some time, nobody will dare to criticize the permanent crimes against humanity in the neocon's War of Terror by the US and it's criminal allies, which is one of the main reasons for global resistance which is called terror.

Bush backing Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who is a 'Christian' neocon shame for the country, said on Dutch State TV during a press conference: ''that attention was heightened, especially at the borders," like in other European countries and even in the US. The spineless Netherlands government is an abject, sorry example of an American 'Lapdog of War.'

As this is written some hours after the blasts, according to the BBC and, of course, CNN, there is a new 'Arab' group with a 'terror claim': 'on a web site which also is used by al Qaida.' The terror in London is thus said to be claimed by 'a secret European branch of Al Qaida' nobody ever heard about before. Have a look: What's Al Qaida?

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