Wednesday 20 July 2005

The London Conspiracy-Theories: Here We Go Again

I am so sick of this newspeak! The whole meaning of "conspiracy theory" has been twisted like the meaning of "anti-semitism" now means "anything We disagree with or think is dangerous". Sorry guys, but if it was the four Muslim guys then we still have a "conspiracy theory" we just have a good "conspiracy theory" so it's called "truth".

People like this author seem to want to blindly accept the official stories no matter how self-contradictory and weird they get. But that's not unlike a lot of other people I've talked to. The brainwashing is complete, the signals are all coming in to their brains in the exact way necessary to generate the conclusions the system wants them to generate. The conclusions that the questions lead to fundamentally alter the shape of most people's Universe, so they simply ignore the frightening questions in favour of a less-frightening official "truth". They don't see that those of us in the "judeo/christian" camp are being manipulated into thinking that "muslims" are all potential wife-beaters, child-rapists and suicide bombers. While those in the "muslim" camp are becoming more and more radicalised and see the j/c camp as being secular decandent perverts thus fanning the flames of their hatred.

Can't you people see where this is going? Can't you see that the only outcome of this insanity is a global war between the j/c and the m camps? World War 3 with high-tech weapons and mega-tonne nukes, am I the only person here that thinks it would be a really bad idea? But, the media has them all so brainwashed that people can write unquestioning, neo-fascist, anti-intellectual, Zionist crap like the article below. She doesn't answer one question she just uses the tired tactic of trying to smear opponents of the official line.

This is not about "conspiracy theories" this is about manipulation, you can dismiss me as a kook, you can dismiss this website as weird. What you can't do is detract from the fact that I am asking valid questions that have not been answered. You can't simply ignore the fact that terrorist drills were happening at the exact same time in the exact same stations as the bombs and yet everyone is. That fact has been buried along with a lot of others we know about and more we don't. The fact that the bombers look and feel and smell like patsies doesn't mean they're seen as patsies, no, it's simply taken as a sign of how insipid these nastymuslimcrazypeople have become, now it could be anyone!

I can almost hear Orwell on the other side saying "I told you so!"

by Cinnamon Stillwell

The dust hadn’t even settled after the terrorist atrocities in London and already the conspiracy-theories and self-recrimination had begun. Unwilling to blame the actual perpetrators, members of the perennially paranoid among the Western left, the Muslim world, and even the mainstream media had to find someone, anyone else, to blame.

Websites such as,, and Al-Jazeera were filled with rumors that all was not as it seemed. Meanwhile, leftist groups accused “imperialist governments” of using the attacks to justify the war in Iraq and insisted on referring to the “so-called” war on terror even as the victims of suicide bombings lay entombed in a London subway.

Whether it be the Israeli conference attendees who were falsely accused of having foreknowledge of the attacks, or the idea that Western powers, by engaging the Islamic terrorists with which they are at war, had brought it on themselves, denial was running high.

Ever adept at promoting conspiracy-theories throughout the Muslim world, Al-Jazeera was quick to come up with plausible denial. Turning to the statement put out by the “The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe” claiming responsibility for the attacks, they set their sites on the alleged errors in the Koranic verses it cited. Based on observations made by MSNBC translator Jacob Keryakes, Al-Jazeera wasted no time in labeling the document “phony.”

Since translations are hardly foolproof, this claim was premature to say the least. As we now know, the perpetrators were indeed British Muslims of Pakistani descent. The Al-Qaeda connection is still under investigation, but the link with worldwide Islamic terrorism is undeniable. The attacks in what has become known in recent years as “Londonistan“ may have been the unfortunate wake-up call that Britain needed to address the growing radicalism in their own backyard.

At the heart of Al-Jazeera’s denials is a larger issue: the inability of the Muslim World to take responsibility for its own actions. Whenever terrorism rears its ugly head, blame is laid elsewhere. Having read the various statements put out by Islamic clerics in the days following the attacks defending them as “blessed acts“ and “just desserts” for their enemies, it would seem that the shoe fits. Not to mention the usual celebrating among the Palestinians whenever Westerners are slaughtered indiscriminately. But, of course, the London suicide bombers couldn’t have been Muslims. As the director of London’s Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies Dr. Hani Al-Siba’i put it: “We do not rule out the possibility that it was done by the intelligence agency of another Western country hostile to Britain…or some Zionist Americans who wanted to overshadow the G-8 summit.”

While other Muslim organizations, leaders and individuals did condemn the bombings, trust has become a major issue for Western audiences in such instances. Also, these proclamations tend to focus more on concern for a real or imagined “backlash” against their own communities and less on concern for the victims of terrorism. Whether or not the London bombings will lead to the much-anticipated rejection of radicalism from within remains to be seen. In any case, only when the Muslim masses are able to withstand self-criticism will their dependency on conspiracy-theories disappear.

The other conspiracy-theory circulating the very day of the London attacks took the ubiquitous “Blame the Jews” angle. Sure enough, along came the accusation that the Israeli embassy and in particular Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in town for a conference aimed at supporting investment in Israel, had been warned beforehand of the attack. Actually, the attendees were told by British Intelligence to stay in their hotel after the first blast. They were staying at the Great Eastern hotel near the Liverpool Street subway station, one of the stations hit in the attacks. If anything, the Israelis may have been among the intended targets of the attack, but instead they were treated as if they were perpetrators.

Lest it be thought that such conspiracy theories emanated solely from the Muslim world or the fringe left, the Drudge Report featured a blood red headline on the morning of the attacks: “Netanyahu Was Warned!” The headline referred to an Associated Press article, which erroneously claimed that the warning was given before and not after the first bombing. AP later issued not a correction, but rather another article headlined, “Israel ‘not warned’ about London attacks.” Instead of removing the link to the incorrect story or replacing it with a correction, Drudge featured it prominently at the top of his homepage for the entire day.

To add insult to injury, AP soon generated another faulty story by misquoting Tony Blair as saying that the “easing the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians” is one of the “very deep roots” of terrorism. This article was later retracted. For anyone who still thinks wire services such as AP and Reuters (known as “Al-Reuters” in the blogosphere) and the mainstream media in general are immune to pushing conspiracy-theories, all of this was further proof otherwise.

Media outlets such as the BBC and Reuters that refuse to use the word “terrorism“ when referring to acts perpetrated against Israelis and sometimes Americans, but have no qualms when the victims are British, European or anyone else, bespeaks an agenda that goes far beyond conspiracy-theories. This too was exposed in the aftermath of the London attacks, when all of a sudden the BBC discovered the T-word. Perhaps recognizing their own hypocrisy, they have since stopped using the term in their London reporting. Now it’s just called “bombing” or “bombers” as if such acts occur without any evil intentions.

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