Tuesday 19 July 2005

London Bombings - Unanswered Questions

I want some proper answers to these questions and until I get them I will continue to believe that there is a cover-up involved here. This list is not yet comprehensive but I hope to make it so in time, it will grow as more unanswered questions emerge. If you want to add to it leave a comment at the end. The list is not in any particular order.

by ewar

1. What was Visor consulting doing on the morning of 7/7 and who hired them? Why is this not being reported in the media?

2. Why did the bombers buy return tickets and leave enough of a trail that police could find them within days?

3. Why did the bus cctv cameras not work when the systems are checked at least twice a week by the bus company?

4. Why didn't the bombers wear suicide vests that are much less hassle on the tube and easier to conceal?

5. Why were there no shouts of "Allah Akhbar" which are a hallmark of suicide bombers and habitual expressions of religious fervour for fanatical Muslims?

6. How can ID documents from one bomber be found in both Aldgate and Edgeware road?

7. What truth is there in the report that only the number 30 bus was diverted on the morning of the bombings?

8. Was Israeli finance minister Netanyahu warned, when and by whom?

9. Why would men who's wives were expecting babies or had recently had them decide to kill themselves?

10. Why is the government refusing to accept a link between the bombings and Iraq when even Chatham House is saying there's a link?

11. Why did the bus bomber blow himself up at the top and rear of the bus rather than the bottom middle where he would have killed more people?

12. Why aren't more people dead on the underground? These guys had the chance to kill a LOT more people than they did, why didn't they?

13. Why was the number 30 bus the only one that was diverted and is it true the driver was asking for instructions when the bomb went off?

14. Was anyone shot by the police as reported by a New Zealand newspaper and why were 8,000 people in the HSBC Tower ordered to not look outside their windows for six hours?

15. Who exactly is "Richard Jones" the witness to the bus bomber and one of the people saying it was a suicide attack? Why has his story changed so many times?

16. How is it that paper documents can survive bomb blasts that rip apart steel and people?

17. If you were going to use four bombs in four locations, blowing yourself up in the process, why would you leave extra bombs in your hire car for the police to find?

18. How could the police talk about timers one minute and suicide bombers the next, where did they get the evidence about timers from?

19. What evidence is there that proves 100% that these were suicide bombers?

20. Did passenger Bruce Lait actually see a hole in the floor of his carriage with the metal blown upwards, if so how does this fit with the official story?