Friday 18 July 2003

Body found in Iraq expert search

Looks like the worst has happened... I don't want to jump to conclusions here but it's a bit hard not too... Another life sacrificed for greed, lies, power and money - damn all who seek to keep the truth from We the People!

Police searching for the weapons expert named as the possible source for a BBC story on Iraq say they have discovered a body.

The body was found at Harrow Down Hill, near Farringdon, Oxfordshire, but has not yet been identified.

Government adviser David Kelly, 59, went missing from his home in Southmoor, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, at about 1500 BST on Thursday.

The body was found at 0920 BST On Friday.

Acting superintendant Dave Purnell said: "At this stage the identity of the person has not been established.

"What I would ask is because of the considerable amount of media interest is that the family are treated with respect and are not contacted at this time.

"We haven't ruled anything out yet. Clearly there are people at the scene now and there is no further information as to the body that has been found apart from to say it is a male.

"This is clearly a sensitive inquiry at the moment. The family of Dr David Kelly have been aware of what the police have been doing in relation to the search for him."

Earlier, police appealed help from the public to help find Dr Kelly and the police helicopter is being used in the search.

His family contacted the police when he failed to return by 2345 BST.

Earlier this week, Dr Kelly denied being the BBC's main source for a story claiming Downing Street had "sexed up" a dossier about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

He appeared before the Commons foreign affairs committee on Tuesday.

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