Friday 18 July 2003

Body 'matches' Iraq expert

Looks like it's true, another innocent man murdered for doing the right thing and speaking up against murderous liars. His name will be added to a long list of heroes who have been killed by the Forces of Evil for doing the right thing. If there were more people like him in government then maybe this country wouldn't be run so badly. It emphasises and proves that this government hides it's true face behind secrets and lies.

Now here's an interesting tidbit, a google search for Harrowdown Hill (where the body was found) shows that the site lies on an interesting line which passes through Dorchester Abbey, the Big Rings, a causewayed ring ditch on the cursus, Windmill Hill, a church by a holy well in Oxford, and two cross-tracks further north. A further line passes through the multi-junction at Berrick Salome, the wood henge on the cursus, the Big Rings, a church in Abingdon and one in Tubney, and Harrowdown Hill, which looks from the map to be a spectacular clump. The name also implies prehistoric associations. More occult symbolism at work, or just my over-actve imagination. I'll let you be the judge of that one!

Police searching for the weapons expert suggested by the government as the possible source for a BBC story on Iraq say the body they have found matches Dr David Kelly's appearance.

The body was found at 0920 BST by a member of the police team searching for Dr Kelly in a wooded area at Harrowdown Hill, near Faringdon, Oxfordshire.

Government adviser Dr Kelly, 59, went missing from his home in Southmoor, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, at about 1500 BST on Thursday.

The body was found lying on the ground, a police spokeswoman said.

She said items had been removed from Dr Kelly's house as they would in any missing person's inquiry.

The body was found around five miles from Dr Kelly's home.

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