Friday 18 July 2003

Concern as MoD 'mole' reported missing

The sun is up, but it's still dark as hell on this planet of ours. I hope for his sake and the sake of his family that David Kelly turns up alive and well and this proves to be a hoax. But nothing would suprise me any more.

An official adviser on Iraqi arms named as the possible "mole" for a BBC report claiming the Government "sexed up" its dossier on weapons of mass destruction has been reported missing by his family, police said today.

Dr David Kelly, 59, went missing from his home near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, at around 3pm yesterday after telling his wife he was going for a walk, Thames Valley Police said.

The family called police when he had failed to return by 11.45pm last night.

Dr Kelly faced a grilling on Tuesday by MPs on the Foreign Affairs Committee about what he told BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan, who filed the original report claiming the Government had "sexed up" the weapons dossier.

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