Tuesday 8 April 2003

Is This The Beginning of World War IV?

Former CIA Director James Woolsey thinks so.

Is this the start of the next World War?

The last century saw the Great War of 1914-18; the Second World War of 1939-45 and the Cold War, effectively a third world war that lasted from 1945 to 1990. Many analysts, including the former CIA Director James Woolsey, believe that the Iraq campaign is really just the start of the 4th World War and one that will undoubtedly last for decades. Woolsey in a speech made to University students in California last week confirmed the rumours coming out of Washington that an occupied Iraq will act as a strategic jumping off area for further wars against Syria and Iran.

As the new Bush doctrine unfolds it will apparently become clearer that Pakistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Burma, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and possibly even China itself are also to one degree or another targets in this new world wide conflict. The American assault on hostile regimes will be multi-faceted; in will include the use of diplomacy, economic pressure, covert intelligence, psychological, disinformation and propaganda operations and if all else fails military action ranging from the highly sophisticated use of special forces up to and including full scale war.

As part of the preparations for a new World War the CIA has embarked on a massive recruitment campaign in foreign countries. Elements that would normally have been avoided because of extremist, racialist or criminal connections are now considered acceptable allies, while the NSA and FBI have been ordered to get their operational readiness quickly into order and markedly increase their analytical capability as well. This has so far been largely hidden by constant references to the requirements demanded by the War on Terrorism, however this is now clearly only a second front in a much larger conflict. Indeed evidence would seem to suggest that it was only the intervention of Tony Blair that persuaded Washington to attack Al Qa'ida and the Taliban in Afghanistan first in the aftermath of 9-11, rather than initiate an immediate assault on Iraq as many in The Whitehouse and the Pentagon originally intended.

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